Sex With a Star's Daughter


This is how it happened.   I'd been living and working in L. A. for over a year.   My job kinda sucked, but I was pretty happy for the most part.   I worked at a chain bookstore, and the nice thing about it was that I got a good discount, and it enabled me to meet a few people and make a few friends.   Hell, by that time, I'd already had sex with three of the current/former employees, so I guess I was kinda the male whore working there.   As it was, I was going through a pretty rough time.   My girlfriend and I weren't getting along very well, and I was drinking too much.   In addition to that, I just wasn't very motivated at the time to do very much with my life beyond going to work, making some people laugh, and then getting fucked up that night.   That's when Rebecca shows up.   I'd worked there long enough where I trained many of the new employees, and I was there for her first day on the job.   She was damn cute I might add.   I was usually into women a little more exotic.   Just something about those dark haired, dark eyed, dark skinned bettys that gets me going.   Little Rebecca on the other hand, while very cute, she was fair skinned, had kinda short, black punky hair, and was blue eyed.

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    So I'm training her, showing her this, showing her that, and we're getting along swimmingly.   I'm pretty funny and I just usually end up getting along with most people.   She laughed at my goofy jokes and I thought she was really pretty cool herself.   After that first day of training, I don't really think too much about her as I'm fixated on my other would-be, on again, off again girlfriend Jennifer.   Jennifer was fantastic, a total looker.   She was black, very pretty, verrrry intelligent, liked to party, and had a great body.   And boy did she like it when we'd turn on the sexy times.   But that's aside the point.   Back to me and Rebecca. . .   She'd been working at the bookstore for a couple of weeks now, and we'd shared several shifts, many times on the same floor.   We were never short of laughter and generally just got along very, very well.   I found out that she was only 18.   I was a little surprised, she didn't look quite that young, but what the hell did I know?  I was only 25 at the time, with my birthday quickly approaching.

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    She dressed kinda funky, usually wearing dickies with some vintage shirt, not altogether feminine, but pretty cool all the same.   We would talk about just about anything too.   We both smoked, so we'd try to work it out where we could both take our breaks at the same time, spend a little time with each other outside of work for a few minutes, and just chat.   I thought she was very attractive, not someone that I could see myself with in the long run, but hell, a roll in the hay never killed anyone.   Funny thing was, I was kinda hung up on her age.   I knew she was of legal consent, but I guess I just though the age gap was a little too wide.   Shit, she wasn't even out of high school yet!  Another thing I find out in our little chats, was that she was the daughter of a VERY popular, and quite wealthy television personality.   Now I know what you're gonna say.   "Why the hell would the rich daughter of some rich tv star be doing working in a bookstore?"  I really don't totally know the answer to that question.   I know her and her dad didn't really get along too well, and if memory serves, her mother didn't live in L. A. anymore.   Yes, her real parents are divorced, and yes she even has a stepmother who she doesn't really get along with very well.   And if you don't believe me, well, I can't help that, but I'll tell you this, everyone was pretty surprised when she came waltzing in one day with her famous father, introducing him around to her new colleagues at the bookstore.   So anyway.

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  . .   'Ol Rebecca and I are getting along very well.   We've worked together for a few weeks now, and I can tell she's kinda interested in me beyond the workplace.   I quash that sort of talk as quickly and diplomatically as I can.   I mean damn, after all, through all of this, she's laments her goofy boyfriends and she's always running back and forth with all of them.   She even tells me about the sex they have.   So I'm like, well, it's not like she's a virgin!  It's exciting hearing another young woman talk about their sex life, I just can't help it, it turns me on, and it makes me wanna fuck 'em!  Well, my birthday has arrived, and my friends throw me a big party.   I get way too drunk, have a couple of drunks, and almost miss her stopping by my party.   She knew it was going on, and came by a couple of times, but neither time did we get to spend much time with each other as I spend much of the time reconciling with my ex Jennifer.   I certainly appreciated it though, she even gave me a card.   Anyway, about a week or so later we're at work, and while we'd talked about getting together outside of work, we never do.   I'm always too busy doing this, or doing that, pretty much anything to avoid being with her.   Sounds stupid, but that's what I was doing.   So anyway, we're working together that night, and we finally decide to hang out after work.

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    Trouble is, we were both closing, and that meant we weren't gonna get off until close to midnight.   Also, not much we could really do since she was only 18, unless I wanted to go hang out with her and her goofy young friends.   In hindsight, damn, maybe that's what we shoulda done!  We decide to just hang out at my place and watch a bootleg copy of a cool movie out at the time.
      Nice thing about living in L. A. , all the bootlegs one can get from the studios.   Anyway, we crack a couple of beers from the fridge, whoops, my first crime, supplying a minor with alcohol!  We're watching the movie, and damn, she just keeps sitting closer, and closer, to the point where our legs are smashed against each other, and finally I just go ahead and put my arm around her.   We're watching the movie, making small talk, and then finally, she's just had it.   Out of nowhere, she just says, "so what do I have to do to make you kiss me?"  I'm dumbfounded.   But it doesn't take me long.   We start kissing passionately on the couch.   It feels so good to finally give in.   We'd become good friends by that point, and she was definitely a little hottie.   I also hadn't kissed another girl for probably a year, so this was good.   Well, it doesn't take long before we make it into the bedroom.

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        We're making out all the while, and we start getting undressed.   Her blouse comes off, and not too soon thereafter, her bra, revealing two very pretty breasts.   But I do remember thinking, wow, young breasts.   I forgot just how pretty they are.   I suckle her breasts relentlessly as we struggle out of the rest of our clothes.   I lie back on my bed as she takes my cock in her mouth.   It feels so good.   And watching her pretty young face sliding up and down on my shaft, I swear, it was heaven.   My cock isn't very long, probably only about 6. 5 inches, but it is rather thick.   And it certainly stretched her little mouth as far as it could go.   I finally can't take it anymore.   I've gotta taste her.   I grab her, and flip her on her back.   I get down between her legs and start eating her.

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        I lick that pretty little pink slit of hers up and down, before I start paying close attention to her clit, vibrating my tongue.   It isn't long until she's spasming, orgasming all over me.   Her whole body is slick with perspiration.   I push her back down on the bed, and start eating her some more, bringing her to another orgasm as she grabs my head and pulls on the sheets.   Finally, she pulls me to her.   She licks her juices from my chin and tells me to fuck her.   I happily oblige.   I slide my cock into her very tight little pink pussy hole.   Wow, that feels good.   No condem, no nothing.   It isn't long before I'm cumming like I'm in 9th grade, shooting my juices all over her stomach and breasts.   Pretty damn quick I was, but damn good all the same.   We lie in bed for a bit, and I can see in her eyes that she's falling for me.   You know that look.   She even goes so far as to say that I ate her pussy better than some of her girlfriends.

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        I'd heard her talk about her bisexuality before, but not quite THAT candidly.   Felt good.   Another week later we get together again, and it goes quite a bit further, please let me know if you'd like to hear part II. . . .