Sweet Marie (part 2)


Once inside Mr. Stewart’s house, he led her Marie into the kitchen for some ice cream sundaes. He grabbed a couple of bowls from the cupboard, and placed them on the table in front of Marie, and said, “So, what flavor will it be Marie? I have Chocolate, Cookie Dough, and Strawberry. ”
Marie said, “Mmmmm Cookie Dough, my favorite kind. ”
“Mine too,” said Mr. Stewart.
After he gathered all the sundae supplies, chocolate syrup, sprinkles, whip cream, and cherries, he asked Marie to start making them the best sundaes ever, while he went to the bathroom. Only he did not go to the bathroom. He went to the living room and put one of his favorite dirty movies about an old man and a little girl into the DVD-player, and turned on the television so the movie was on and playing.
When he got back to the kitchen, Marie had made them both scrumptious sundaes, and had obviously had fun doing so because the crease of her lip wore a smear of chocolate, which made Mr. Stewart want to taste her even more.
“Let’s take these delicious sundaes into the living room where we can be more comfortable,” he said.
As they walked into the living room, Marie was instantly drawn to the movie on the television. There was a pretty little red-haired girl, who had her hair in pigtails just like Marie wore. The little girl on the screen was sitting on an old man’s lap and giggling each time he would kiss her lips, and they both looked so happy.
Marie and Mr.

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   Stewart sat on the couch and began eating their ice cream. He purposely stayed quiet because he wanted to watch Marie’s reaction to the movie, and he wanted to make her feel like this was completely okay and normal so she would remain comfortable.
On the television screen, the little girl was now straddling the old man’s lap facing him, and he began to unbutton her blouse to help her off with it. Marie was drawn to the television, not sure entirely why. Finally, she asked Mr. Stewart, “What is this movie about?”
Mr. Stewart said, “It is about a man and a girl playing boyfriend and girlfriend. I thought you might like to see how much fun it can be. ”
By the time they finished their ice cream, the little girl on the screen was completely naked and was dancing around in front of the old man, teasingly. “Wow, she’s such a pretty little girl. But, I think you are prettier Marie,” said Mr. Stewart. Marie began to blush a little and snuggled up next to Mr. Stewart. Mr.

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   Stewart took this as a sign to move things forward, and he guided Marie into his lap, and kissed her cheek. She gave him a quick kiss back on his cheek and giggled. And, then he leaned right in and kissed her lips, surprisingly, Marie pressed her lips equally against his so he lingered longer, and allowed his tongue to part her lips and enter her small young mouth. He could still taste the sweet ice cream they had just finished eating, and took great delight in exploring her mouth with his tongue. Not really understanding what was happening but feeling a comfortable warmth spreading through her whole body, Marie began to mimic Mr. Stewart’s tongue movements with her own tongue. His cock was stirring beneath her bottom, and he began to move slightly against her bottom to bring his cock to full hardness.
He needed to feel her naked skin, and began to unbutton her blouse, pushing it off her small slender body, and then lifted her white lacey undershirt up and off of her. “You are beautiful Marie. ” Marie shyly turned her head slightly and smiled. He turned her head back to his and began to kiss her mouth again, and this time she was more comfortable kissing him back. Mr. Stewart brought his hands to her tiny budding mounds and began to rub her small blossoming nipples. She must have liked the feel of his hands against her exposed and naked chest, because she pressed harder against his hands, urging him on to continue his attentions. He lightly played with her nipples between his finger tips, while penetrating her innocent inexperienced mouth with his tongue.

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   Marie started feeling warm all over, and she felt warmth and moisture begin to build within her pussy, and she could not understand why, but it felt so good that she did not want it to stop.
Marie glanced at the television and without thought said, “What is she doing?” Mr. Stewart took his attention’s away from playing with Marie’s small tits, and saw that the little girl on the screen had her hand wrapped around the old man’s exposed hard cock and, and was stroking it. “Well Marie, when a girlfriend and boyfriend kiss and touch each other it makes the boys cock get hard, and he needs to take it out of his pants so his girlfriend can play with it and make him feel special all over.
Do you feel special all over when I touch you like I am?” Marie quickly said, “Oh yes, Mr. Stewart I feel so special all over my body and I feel happy. Do you want me to make you feel happy like that girl is doing in the movie?”
Mr. Stewart could not have asked for this to go any better, and without saying a thing back to her, he unzipped his pants and pushed his underpants and pants slightly down, repositioning Marie back in his lap. Having young Marie so close to his hard cock was maddening. Marie reached her small hand to his cock and wrapped her hand around it the best she could. Mr. Stewart had an average sized cock, around 7 ½ inches when fully hard. Marie liked the feel of his cock in her hand, it was soft yet hard, and it was warm, very warm. She began to stroke his cock the same way the girl in the movie did. Mr.

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   Stewart groaned with delight, “Mmmmm, Marie that feels really good. ”
While Marie stroked his cock up and down slowly, He brought his mouth to her small budding tits and licked and sucked at each of the nipples. He knew he could not take too much more of this and was a few minutes from busting out a hot load of cum, but he did not want to frighten Marie by unloading it in her hand, just yet. “Marie, your hand feels really good around my cock, and when boyfriends feel this good their cocks like to show it by exploding love juice. I don’t want to get it all over you and your hand; I want you to drink it for me. ”
“How do I do that Mr. Stewart?”
“Let me show you,” said Mr. Stewart, and with that he helped Marie off his lap and to his side, explaining that she needed to lean over his cock and suck on it like an ice pop, up and down slowly, while your hand holds around the base. She was quick to do exactly what he told her to do, and his hard cock was slipping between her novice lips into her warm mouth. She licked and sucked his cock up and down, trying to take as much of his cock into her mouth as she could. “Oh that’s it, keep sucking my cock like that nice and slow. ” He held on to her head and gently helped her bob up and down on his cock, feeling his cum boiling and rising with each suck and thrust of her sweet little mouth. That familiar tightening in his balls let him know he was going to shoot his load into little Marie’s mouth. “Uhh Mmmm, Marie I’m going to cum for you, taste it and drink it for me. ” And with that, Mr.

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   Stewart let loose his strings of cum right into Marie’s young mouth. She gagged a little, but did not want to disappoint Mr. Stewart, and tried to swallow as much of the salty tasting juice he squirted into her mouth.
His cock began to shrink smaller and Marie released it from her mouth. When she looked up at Mr. Stewart she had a smear of cum to the side of her lip, and he chuckled to himself thinking back to earlier when the smear was chocolate syrup, and now was replaced by his own thick and white sort of syrup.
“Did I do it right,” Marie said eagerly searching out the approval of Mr. Stewart. “You did great, and you made me feel so special. Thank you,” Mr. Stewart said as he gathered her into his arms and kissed her lips. “I like when you kiss me Mr. Stewart. It makes me feel important. ” Mr.

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   Stewart was not done with making her feel ‘important’, not at all done.
He helped Marie straddle his lap, with one leg on either side, and he began kissing her again. While he kissed her, he began to move her hips back and forth, toward him and then away, slowly. He loved the way her panty covered crotch felt against his cock, and he loved it so much that his cock began to spring back into life, hardening.
Mr. Stewart reached behind Marie, unzipped her skirt, and lifted it up over her head and off. He noticed that the crotch of her panty’s were visibly wet, and enjoyed knowing she was being aroused by everything they were doing. Putting his hand on her crotch, he lightly rubbed against her pussy. Marie liked how this made her feel, and she was warm and tingly deep inside her pussy. She did not understand why, but she liked it and did not want the feeling to stop, and began to press her pussy against Mr. Stewart’s hand.
He knew he had to see her pussy, now. He had to see it as he touch it, he had to smell her sweet young scent, and he knew he had to taste it. Rubbing his finger up and down her panty covered slit making sure to increase pressure on her clit, she let a small moan escape her. He knew he could proceed with anything he wanted to do to her because she was enjoying this new pleasure.

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   Mr. Stewart guided her off his lap and stood Marie in front of him and reaching his hands beneath the elastic band of her panty, he slid them down her legs and she reflexively stepped out of them.
It was pure innocent beauty that appeared before his eyes. The small hairless pouts of her pussy mounds were beautiful. Her clit and pussy lips were still hidden well within the crevice of her pussy. He could smell a hint of her musky scented juices that had to be building from all the touching and kissing they were doing. Mr. Stewart drank in her picture perfect and unspoiled treasure, and then guided her back into a straddle of his lap. As he positioned her, he was able to get his first glimpse of her glistening clit and pussy lips when her legs spread to each side of his lap. It made his cock stiffen.
Mr. Stewart began to take off his shirt and undershirt. Marie giggled when he released his chubby belly and hairy white chest, and Mr. Stewart brought her into his arms and against his naked chest. His hairy chest tickled and scratched against Marie’s own naked chest, but it felt oddly good to her, and they began to kiss.

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   She could feel his hard cock rubbing back and forth between the crevice of her pussy and that exciting warm feeling was building up again. She liked the way it felt and began to rub her pussy harder against his cock, and Mr. Stewart was delighted.
He brought his hand around to her ass and rubbed it gently before he let his fingers feel her wet little pussy from behind. He could not believe how wet her young pussy was getting. Then Marie suddenly became aware of the movie on the television when she heard the little girl on the screen moaning. Mr. Stewart saw her attention was drawn to the screen and the little girl in the movie was enjoying a good finger fucking by the old man.
Mr. Stewart helped Marie turn around on his lap, spread her legs to each side of his own, leaned her back against his chest, and rubbed her nipples as she was now watching the movie. He had hoped that her interest in the movie would continue to make her feel comfortable allowing him to touch and explore her body without resistance, and it did. He began to move his cock back and forth between her spread legs and could feel her young pussy juice bathing his cock. The heat from her pussy was intense, and Mr. Stewart brought his finger to her clit and began to rub it between his fingers.
Marie liked how this felt and she began to press her pussy against his fingers, urging him on.

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   She wanted to feel how his finger would feel inside of her, and to have him do what the man in the movie was doing to the girl. Mr. Stewart could sense from her movement against his fingers, hand and cock was a sign of urgency—of wanting more. He slid his finger up and down her pussy slit, feeling her juice build, and then slid the tip of his middle finger into her tight hole. Slowly, he began to work the tip of his finger in and out of her pussy. He did not want to push his finger in to deep and break her cherry, so slowly and gently he worked his finger in and out, in and out.
This new feeling of having something inside her private part was the best feeling Marie had up to now. The funny feeling in her stomach began to travel through her whole lower body, and she could not help but moan softly each time Mr. Stewart put his finger inside of her. She began to push against his finger and had the urge to push it in deeper than it was going.
Mr. Stewart felt her pushing harder and faster against his finger and knew she may be close to possibly cumming for him. He wanted to taste her sweet unspoiled pussy juice the first time she came for him. So, Mr. Stewart moved Marie from his lap and guided her to lie down on the floor.

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“Marie”, he said, “I want to kiss your body and make you feel really special. Do you want me to make you feel special?” She looked up at him and nodded yes.
He spread her legs wide, and knelt between them. Again, he drank in the beauty of her young innocent pussy, its small ruffling lips and budding clit glistening from Marie’s pussy juice.
    Mr. Stewart pressed his parted lips against her clit and sucked it into his mouth. Marie was startled at the first feel of Mr. Stewart’s mouth on her privates, but then she relaxed because she really did not want him to stop what he was doing. His tongue flicked against it, tasting Marie’s pussy juice. While he sucked on her clit, he fucked his finger tip in and out of her pussy, helping her build up her pleasure again. She began to push harder against his finger tip, and he desperately did not want to break her cherry with his finger and not his cock, so he removed his finger once again, but he could feel her disappointment.
    Mr. Stewart began to lick his tongue up and down her pussy drinking in her juice. Then he spread her pussy lips open with his finger and plunged his tongue into her tiny hole. He licked and lapped at her pussy enjoying her taste.


       Marie was also enjoying this new feeling and began to push her pussy hard against Mr. Stewart’s mouth. He rubbed at her clit and tongue fucked her pussy, quickening his pace, then Marie’s young body tensed up and he could feel her pussy spasm around his tongue, and she instinctively moaned with pleasure as warm juice flowed into Mr. Stewart’s hungry and waiting mouth. He kept gently licking at her pussy until she seemed to relax from her first orgasm.
    “Mr. Stewart, that felt so weird, but nice,” Marie told him.
    “I know sweetheart, I like making you feel special”, he said, and Marie smiled.
    He lay down next to her and brought her close to him, and they both watched the movie that was still playing. Mr. Stewart knelt over Marie and kissed her neck and worked his way down to her nipples, where he rubbed and suckled them in turn. Marie was so relaxed and comfortable, and she really liked the attention Mr. Stewart was giving her.
    The old man, in the movie, had the little girl sitting on his lap facing forward now with his cock rubbing between her pussy lips. She was looking down between her legs at his cock thrusting up from under her, and she would reach her hand down to tug on his cock.

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       Then he spread her legs wider and she seemed to know exactly what that meant, because she took the old man’s cock and guided the tip into her small pussy and he pushed it in the rest of the way. The little girl began to move her body up and down on his cock.
    Marie’s eyes widened to this scene, and she wondered how it would feel to have Mr. Stewart do the same thing to her. Mr. Stewart watched her expressions, but did not want to talk to her and possibly scare her. He wanted her to enjoy what he was doing to her body and just let things happen without much talking. He felt she would continue to keep moving forward if her body felt good, and with that he began to finger fuck her pussy again.
    Marie lay there on the floor entranced to the feeling his finger was causing her pussy. She could not understand why it felt so good and she did not know if it was okay for her to feel good like this, but she did not want it to stop. So, she spread her little legs wider as she lay there as if she were inviting Mr. Stewart to have her young pussy. Mr. Stewart’s cock was so turned on by her spreading her legs for him. It was like her pussy was calling out to his cock and telling it to go inside.

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    He knew he had to prepare her for the possible pain his cock might cause her pussy when he first entered her, but he did not want to scare her off. So, he leaned over her mouth and began to kiss it, letting his tongue suck on her small tongue, and then he kissed her cheek working over to her ear. His finger was still working slowly in and out of her very wet pussy, and he whispered in her ear, “That girl in the movie like to have her boyfriends cock inside of her like that. They must do that all the time because she seems to be having fun. Do you want to have fun like that?”
    Marie was so into the feeling he was causing with his finger going in and out of her pussy that all she could do was nod yes. Mr. Stewart then whispered, “She is very use to his cock, and it goes in to her nicely. But you are not use to my cock and I don’t know if you will like it. ” Marie said, “I like you, so I will like it I promise. ” He said, “Sweetie, it may hurt when it goes in for the first time because it has never been inside of you, but it does not hurt for long and after that it will never hurt again and you will be just like that girl in the movie. ” Marie was a little scared now, but she did not want to make Mr. Stewart mad at her because she really liked that he wanted to spend time with her. So, she just kissed him on the cheek as if to say okay you can do it.
    Mr. Stewart continued to finger fuck her pussy, going a little deeper to feel where her resistance would begin.

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       Then he kneeled between her spread legs and allowed a wad of his spit to drizzle down to her pussy. He rubbed his spit into her pussy making it more wet than it had already been, and then he began to rub his cock between her pussy lips and concentrating more at her pussy hole.
    He pushed his cock tip into her hole gently, allowing her pussy to adjust to the size of his cock. Mr. Stewart did not want to force it in; he wanted to feel every tight inch of her pussy hole as it allowed him to pass into it. Then he began to slowly thrust the tip of his cock in and out of her pussy. Marie liked how this new feeling felt and she wanted to push against his cock each time he pushed into her, and she began to meet his short thrusts. He knew she was enjoying it and pushed deeper feeling her cherry sheath against the tip of his cock. To his surprise, Marie did not wince when he hit her cherry, she was too lost in the new feeling she was having from the fullness of his cock.
    Mr. Stewart drew back his cock and pushed deeper and her cherry ripped as he passed through it. He did not move, but looked down at Marie for a sign of pain or fear. Her eyes had welled up with tears, and she was grabbing at the rug beneath her. Mr. Stewart bent down to kiss at her lips and she kissed him back.

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       They kissed for what had to be 5 minutes without his cock moving from the position it was in. And then, Marie began slightly moving against his cock, she was moving him in and out all by herself.
    He pushed his hard cock all the way into her thrusting pussy and Marie moaned with delight—Uhhmmm. He was finally inside Marie. Slowly he began to thrust his hard cock into her tight pussy, and he could not believe how it could spread open and allow his hard cock inside because it was so incredibly tight. Marie’s pussy was literally wrapped around his throbbing cock.
    Mr. Stewart new he would not last to long and was on the brinks of exploding cum inside of her. Marie must have also been close to another orgasm because she began to quicken her thrusting rhythm as she impaled her pussy onto his cock. In and out they thrust against each other.
    He looked beneath him at this young and now sex hungry girl who was getting off on his cock inside of her, and he fucked her tenderly. Marie’s body went tense again, but this time her tight pussy clenched Mr. Stewarts cock deep inside of her and she felt a warm rush devour her pussy as it spasmmed against his cock. Mr. Stewart lost it in that moment.

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       The tightness of her pussy around his cock made him shoot rope after rope of hot cum into her pussy. They thrust against each other in pleasure. Her small pussy could barely hold his load of cum and began to seep out from around his cock. It was magnificent to watch his cum coat her pussy.
    Mr. Stewart had never had such an intense fuck in all his life. He pulled Marie snuggly into his arms and whispered into her ear, “You are such a good girlfriend. ” Marie blushed and smiled at him and told him that she liked being his girlfriend. He told her they could spend lots of time with each other, but what they were doing had to be kept a secret because no one would understand and they may get jealous and mean to her. She promised to keep it a secret.
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