The Digital Aunt


My Mother’s youngest sister, Ruth, has always been my favourite Aunt. She’s 35 years old, standing at 5'7" with moderate brown highlighted hair & a bit on the plump side. I don’t like perfect women & my Aunt Ruth fits my tastes perfectly. When I was younger she would always visit my house, sometimes sleeping over, so I would see her quite often. I found myself getting attached to her, like a second Mother but with a different kind of love. There was always this air of respect that surrounded her attractive stature & her good sense of humour made it easy for anyone to feel comfortable in her presence. That’s why I liked her. She was fun to be around & nice to look at. Even after birthing a child, she has kept her beauty intact.
My Aunt Ruth called me one day asking if I could babysit while she & her Husband spent the night at a fancy hotel. I accepted the offer since I needed some extra spending money. The day finally came & I arrived at my Aunt’s doorstep with my sleeping gear. Her Husband, Rene, answered the door all dressed up & ready for his big night out. Now I know Rene is a horny bastard & I knew for a fact that this night out was just a ploy to get some action. I’ve heard a few incidents where he was caught masturbating to porn, thinking he was safely hidden behind closed doors only to have Ruth barge in to scold him. Knowing Rene’s true motives, I just smiled & stepped inside the house.

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Ruth’s son, Andrew, was busy playing with a plastic kitchen set, making noise & pretending to cook bacon & eggs at 3 in the afternoon. Andrew was excited to see me, like always, & immediately ran up to give me a hug. I knew what Andrew wanted to ask me when I saw the look of excitement in his eyes but we both knew that even mentioning the word "wrestling" would get us both in trouble. All I could give was a wink to reassure him that a thorough beating at the hands of me were on my evening’s "To Do" list. I picked Andrew up & walked into the living room where my Aunt was quickly cleaning up.
She turned to greet me as I came in. I was completely shocked at how attractive my Aunt looked wearing this stunning dark purple dress with her hair all done up & a splash of makeup. I had never seen my Aunt Ruth look so elegant & desirable.
"Wow, you look really, really good Ruth!" I stammered.
"Don’t try anything funny, she’s my Wife you know!" Rene jokingly yelled from the next room.
Ruth must have felt a bit embarrassed by the comment since she gave her usual, "Yeah, right" look & walked away. I put Andrew down & followed my Aunt into the kitchen for dinner instructions. Since my Aunt was strapped for time, see quickly ran through Andrew’s dinner & what to do when he gets fussy. I soaked in as much information as I could & tried to usher them out the door before rush hour began. Everyone exchanged their goodbyes & we went our separate ways.

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I cooked dinner around 5pm & put a movie that Andrew wanted to see on. I don’t know how kids can watch such trash. The people who act or even come up with these concepts must be clinically insane. I can’t picture a normal person writing this stuff. When the movie was finally over, to my relief, it was 7:30pm & almost Andrew’s bedtime so I took him upstairs. With a half hour to burn, we wrestled each other on his bed. It was more me picking him up & giving him body slams over & over than it was wrestling but he enjoyed it all the same. When Andrew had enough, I helped him brush his teeth & get ready for bed while telling him a story I made up about this imaginary friend I would hang out with.
All tucked in & ready for sleep, I left Andrew’s room. I stealthily snuck downstairs trying not to make to much noise. I sat down on the living room couch to plot out the rest of the evening. There wasn’t much on TV & my Uncle’s movie selection was poor. Suddenly I remembered that my Uncle had a computer hooked up in the basement & probably wouldn’t mind if I surfed the web a bit to pass time. Excited, I shut the TV off & went into the basement.
Dark, messy & stale is how I would describe my Aunt’s basement.

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   If it weren’t for the dry wall, I would have been too freaked out to stay down there. My Uncle had left the computer running so I turned the monitor on. Browsing sites & posting on a few forums I frequently visited took it’s toll & I soon found myself bored again. I entertained the thought of looking up some porn but quickly dismissed the idea. I spun around in my Uncle’s chair, taking a quick survey of his makeshift office. Absolutely nothing was in order. Papers, folders, boxes & pens all laid randomly across the ground & in some cases, up against the walls.
"I guess professionalism isn’t his forte!" I mockingly said to myself.
I turned back to the monitor & noticed that my Uncle had a digital camera. At first I thought nothing of it, then it hit me. There had to be a possibility that my Uncle had taken some amateur pictures of himself & my Aunt. The idea sent my blood pumping. To finally see my Aunt nude & possibly doing other naughty things was something I just had to see. I figured the pictures would have already been uploaded to the computer, so I started my search there. I opened up the computer’s search panel through the start menu & set it to search for any type of picture.

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I let the search run for 5 minutes before I started sifting through the thousands of pictures the computer had found. Pictures from every program, web site & pretty much everything else were thrown into the mix. It took me 15 minutes before I came across anything worth looking at. I saw a lot of thumbnailed porn pics so I assumed that my Uncle forgot to delete his history before he left. I continued my search, almost giving up hope when I saw it. A nice hot, plump & hairy money shot. At first I wasn’t convinced this was my Aunt so I kept looking for a shot with more tangible evidence. A page down I found more, this time with faces in it. I opened the pics to take a closer look & in utter disbelief, not to mention sheer enjoyment, I jumped out of my seat in shock at what I had just seen. Grabbing a hold of myself, I glanced around the room to see if anyone was looking, more out of instinct then in caution, & sat back down.
I couldn’t take my eyes away. One picture had my Aunt laying down in lingerie, taking Rene’s cock deep into her pussy, while another portrayed her slobbering all over my Uncle’s erected penis. The phrase, "You’ve hit the jackpot. " described this situation perfectly. Still scanning through the pictures, I used my free hand to tease my cock.

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   I estimated there to be 18 pictures in total. My penis was already in quite a stir but begged for manual stimulation. I couldn’t take my eyes away from the computer monitor. I was stuck in a trance at the mere sight of my Aunt’s naked body. If only she knew how often I fantasized about her & how I’ve gone to great lengths to spy on her whenever she came over for a visit. To be honest, she would probably be appalled at such a notion.
The thought of telling my Aunt how I felt aroused me even more. Maybe she would be flattered that I felt that way, it’s not like anything would have to come of it. Thinking rationally, I figured it wouldn’t be the brightest idea. Such a thing would prove troublesome, deeming it best to keep my thoughts & feelings locked away. With the pictures still on the monitor, I pulled my pants down & began to rub an open hand over the bulge. This was no ordinary boner, this erection was for my Aunt. The slightest poke sent tingles through the length of my penis. I used the pictures to play out my wildest fantasies, touching & licking her normally covered body. Running my fingers through her wildly overgrown pubic hair & twisting her nipples.

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I decided to pull my cock out & masturbate for a bit. The precum made a sticky surface on my left hand’s palm as I slapped my penis against it. I spoke Ruth’s name aloud in hopes of the picture responding back but all I saw was a fantastic view my Aunt’s ass. Her ass was perfect. It had a few dimples on either side but just enough to make them edible. I flipped to another picture of her breasts. Clothes didn’t seem to do my Aunt justice since her tits in this picture were massive. They drooped down a few inches above her belly button, letting gravity do it’s work. She also had pancake nipples, which took me by surprise. I never imagined my Aunt having such big areola’s. Judging by the picture, I would say they were on par with a slice of grapefruit.
I relaxed myself back in the chair & took a firm hold of my cock. I had enough fooling around for now & wanted to put my erection to rest. Slowly, I began pumping up & down my shaft while keeping a tight hold to increase the sensation. Picture after mind-blowing picture, I continued stroking my cock, every so often increasing the rhythm to simulate the dirty thoughts playing in my mind.

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   I could almost taste my Aunt’s rock hard nipples & feel the sharp brush of her pubic hair rubbing up & down my chin. I wanted my Aunt bad. I wanted to ram my cock deep into her luscious asshole that looked so readily available. I didn’t stop pumping, I couldn’t. I was possessed by the images flashing in my head. I wanted more stimulation, this wasn’t enough. I had to finger my asshole to get the full affect.
I took my left index finger & stuck it in my mouth, lubing it up for easy insertion. Reaching
down, I gently caressed the opening of my anus. Pulses of joy surged up the shaft of my penis, causing me to moan in compliance. I fantasized that my asshole was actually my Aunt’s & that I was sliding my finger in & out of hers & not mine. If I had more hands, god knows what else I would have done. I placed myself in a position where I could imitate the motions of sex.
    I Pictured my Aunt bent over the desk, slamming my penis into her juicy cunt & fiddling with her ass at the same time. She deserved a good fuck for all the years she teased me with her stunning good looks & curvaceous figure.

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       No, she was worth more then that. She deserved to be fucked from every angle for hours at a time. She deserved to taste my cock while being eaten out by me, her Nephew.
    I couldn’t take much more of this illusion. I had to shoot my load before the lust drove me insane. I quickened the pace of my strokes & began tugging my asshole with every outward motion. I could feel my penis preparing itself for the most intense ejaculation I had ever felt, building with each breath.
    Caught in the moment, I slapped my ass as hard as I could screaming, "You love feeling my cock don’t you, Ruth? You’re a slut just like I always knew you were. Those eyes of yours would beg me to bust my cock out for you to feast uhhhhh!"
    Before I had a chance to finish my dirty sentence, the orgasm took centre stage. Erupting from my penis like water out of a hose, cum sprayed all over my Uncle’s keyboard & on the carpet under the desk. On the third squirt, I was hanging over the chair’s arm, trying to prop myself up. The ejaculation was so strong that it literally knocked me off my feet. I hung there, letting the blissful feeling consume me, uttering the incantations of happiness. I knew right there that I would never forget this day. Although I was certain that sex with the woman I will one day love would definitely top this moment, I felt this would have to due.

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       My gorgeous Aunt & her ever horny Husband unknowingly assisted me in reaching the next level of masturbation. I couldn’t contain my laughter at such a farce.
    Still laughing, I surveyed the damage. Looking at the keyboard, I was certain this wasn’t the first time it had been in a sticky situation. I stood up & went upstairs to grab a towel. Coming back down, I knew I had to get those pictures. Mulling for an answer, I began cleaning the carpet. I pretty much just ground my cum into the carpet, figuring nobody would ever us some sort of detective investigation kit to search for loose cum particles in the carpet directly under the computer. I was on a roll, busting ridiculous jokes that only I could hear. While shaking the humorous thoughts from my head, something on the floor caught my eye. A floppy disk. My savior came in the form of a plastic data storage unit. This was how I was going smuggle the hardcore pictures of my Aunt out of the house.
    Hastily, I wiped the cum drenched keyboard down, hoping my half-assed job would suffice. I sat back down, popped the disk into the drive & began transferring the files over.


       A disk error came up on the monitor. The pictures were too large, only 3 would fit on a floppy disk. I rummaged through Rene’s office in search of more disks. Finally, one drawer I opened seemed to house it’s fill of old & outdated floppies. Grabbing another, I put it into the drive, transferring 3 more over. When the final pictures were being transferred, I realized that I could have just emailed them to myself. "Stupidity strikes again. " I mocked.
    Excited & content with my findings, I began erasing the viewed document history from the computer. Having Rene find evidence of this affair would be rather embarrassing. I left the office, leaving nothing behind but a few remnants of semen & a couple rogue floppy disks. Walking up the basement stairs, I stubbed my toe & tripped causing the disks to go flying. The pride I had in finding the pictures, & a way to escort them out, had apparently gone to my head, clearly evident in not being able to walk up the stairs properly. Cursing all that was holy, I brushed myself off & collected the rectangular pieces of treasure. Once upstairs, I safely stuffed the disks into the bag I brought, wedging them in between a bunch of junk.


       I took a seat on the couch & flicked the TV back on. I was surprised that through all the commotion & yelling of his Mother’s name, Andrew didn’t wake up. Sleep began to take over as I began to doze off.
    The next morning I woke up at 7am to Andrew jumping on the couch. Rubbing my eyes, I signaled Andrew to stop. Ever excitable & probably hungry, Andrew hopped off the couch & ran into the kitchen. I followed him in to fix something to eat. For the rest of the morning, we watched more crazy kid oriented cartoon shows & played with his overabundance of toys.
    Around noon, my Aunt & Uncle returned home. Excited to see his parents, Andrew ran outside to greet them. Not wanting to seem like a terrible babysitter, I chased out after him.
    "How was it?" I asked while scooting down the path.
    "It was nice there. They had everything!" Ruth proclaimed.
    "They certainly did.

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      " Rene confirmed with a grin.
    I knew what he was talking about. Rene got what he wanted but then again so did I. Looking at my Aunt Ruth now didn’t seem so hard. I thought I would have trouble looking her in the eye after last night’s revelation. However, to my surprise, I felt nothing. She still looked as attractive as ever but I felt more at ease. I knew what she looked like under those clothes & now with the pictures, I could take a look any time I wanted to in the comfort of my own home. Rene handed me a suitcase, bringing me out of my daydream. We unloaded the rest of the van & went inside for lunch.
    I stayed for the rest of the afternoon & we all went out for dinner in the evening. I wasn’t paying so how could I refuse? Looking back on it now, finding those pictures of my Aunt Ruth was so much fun that I wish she, or the rest of my Aunt’s for that matter, had lots of personal things hidden around their house waiting to be found by a horny & sneaky Nephew. Maybe they do? But I guess I would have to find that out in my next visit.

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