the family


This started many years ago when I was in my childhood my farther was working in Africa he been over there for months we went to join him in the end
Me and my sister where put in a new schools which we didn't like at all I was twelve and my sister was a two years older
We had a huge house near a small town where farther worked it was more a bungalow all on one floor we had a few servants doing the house work and garden so mum had nothing to do
After a few months I was not getting on at school and was taken days off I was not very happy I had found I could get up in the roof and hide away it was my place on one knew I was there also I found I could see down into most rooms from up there with out any one knowing I was watching
As young boys are I got to watching my mother and sister in there bedrooms and taken showers which always got me very excited and I would wank like mad seeing them naked
When I started taken days off the roof space was my hiding place a it boring some times till one day I must of been half asleep I could hear voices in my parents room I got over and had a look it was mum with bathrobe on I thought dam I missed her naked
She was talking to dad she said well have you got one he said yes two out in the pickup have they done the cleaning mum said yes I told them to take the rest the day off have they gone he said I think sodidn'tsee anyof them when I came in they where talking about the sevens I thought
Mum said check and go and get them I was a bitpuzzledby this farther went off and came back with two black
kids a boy and a girl
The boy looked about my age may older and the girl a little younger they where doth bearfootmum said where
did you find them they got a hut near the township so do you know any thing about themdad said yes there farther gone off and left them alone they call him trunk mum laughed why his hung like horse they say so I thought the boy may e like his dad
The two kids looked scared as they talked about them mum asked is he safe not got any thing dad said no his clean are you sure yes so mum seemed happy with that
My farther said to the kid in the local language to take there close off they didn't seem to happy about doing that he shouted at themmum said no no your frighten themshe was sitting on the bed she indicated for them to come over to her they did and stood there looking at her mum lifted there tops tugged them up like magic they both took them off the girl had small tits with very dark nipples she didn't need a bra they weren't near bigger a nuff
Mother pulled down the girls shorts till they where on the floor she was thin looking with little wisps of heir on her crouch the boy had dropped his shortsand what seemed like a large cock hung there may be six inch's long which pleased mum a lot she had a grip of it in one hand
Dad came over to join them his shorts where gone he was naked from the wast down he was pulling on his cock it looked huge to me long and fat he pulled the foreskin back it had a large mushroom head which looked pink
He said I am going to like this on she not had a buck one one has got to her
Mum stopped him and said if she is a Virgina you can't take her she not ready mum let go of the boys cock and pushed the girl onto the bed the girl struggled a little but mum got the better of herand held her down mum tried to kiss her she would not have non of it so mum got her head over her tit and was sucking on one then the other nipple the first one was stiff the girl seemed to relax a little with this till mum got on her knees between the girls legs then she rigged but mum was holding her thighs she had both arms round themshe got her mouth over the girls pussy and lick all the way up the slit then licked the top and sucked the girl had her eyes closed till now she opened them wide staring up and wimped mum keep sucking and licking the girl responded and moaned
Mum let her legs go she stayed there not movingshe seemed to enjoy it she gasped as mum pushed a finger into her she was sucking and fingering her at the same time the girls tummy was heaving and she was pantingshe cried out loud and gasped a few times
Mum looked up and said fuck she cum she wet and ready now Dad was standing there rubbing his hard cock watch this as mum moved he when straight in there lifting the girls legs up the girl tried to pull away but he got a grip of her he pushed the end of his cock into her cunt lips the end went into her as she screamed mum was almost shouting you in there dad pushed the girl cried out he pushed ones more she really screamed this time
I could hear mum say your popped her and dad pant back yes I am right in now fuck she tight one slut this one
She was in pain to start with I could see that it seemed to ease but dad got faster he was really slamming into her he grunted and jerked then pushed real hard and jerked a few more time deep inside her
Mum said you cum he mumbled yes mum was holding the boys cockwhich was a hell of a lot biggernow
Dads cock slipped out of the girl with a load of white running out of her pussy mum said hell you did cum bet
you knocked her up
Dad pulled the girl up and took her over to a armchair put her on his lap and watched my mother with boy mum
played with his cock it got to twice the length it was and so fat her fingers wouldn't meet round it dad said hell he is like his farther a big basted she had doth hands round the bottom of it one on top of the other and there was
five or more inches sticking out mum looked over to dad and said don't know if I can take this one dad laughter
Mum put her mouth over the end the boy looked surprisedher dressing-gown had come open her bigwhite tits swung free her nipples looked stiff and hard she was licking round the knob end then tried to get it in her mouth
ended up sucking on the end as it was to big for her to get much in her mouth
Dad shouted you be careful he will cum lads cum quick at that age mum smiled at him she let go and rolled onto the bed pulling him with her so he was between her legs dad said his got the right idea mum was on her back with robe was open she was laying on it her legs wide open he mounted her she cried out as it when
in her she gasped fuck thats huge the lad pushed mum cried Jesus Christ
Dad looked very excited he asked is he right in mum chocked back fucking right his there she was panting and moaning the boy moved him self there was gasp he started riding her she was screaming my god the boy humpedaway getting faster all the time mum screaming under him the bed banged on the wall
He went stiff and shock and grunted out loud it was over mum had taken it his dick slipped out herher pussy was gapping open with spunk running out she was panting still
I spied on then lots of times

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