The Other Room Chapter 6


  The Other Room Chapter 6
Over the next couple of months I would dance for daddy’s friends and let them kiss and touch me.    Now I would drop my skirt and dance in my underwear or teasingly strip off my top.    These sessions didn’t happen very often, only when mum was out in the evening but other times I would, for a few minutes walk into a room and sit wide legged letting men see between my legs or wearing a short skirt I would bend over just to let them have a good view.
I didn’t need to bother to look for a an excuse, in fact sometimes I would just stand next to a man while he slid his hand up my skirt and stroked my inner thighs whilst daddy sat and looked on.    I had become a willing young schoolgirl slut – and loved it!   When I came home from school I always looked into the lounge to see if daddy was with anyone – and went to tease them unashamedly. Other times the men would be unsuspecting and daddy would love to see their reaction when I “accidentally” showed more than was decent.
On those occasions when daddy had more time I knew when he suggested we should all “Go into the other room” that he wanted me to be at my naughtiest.    To exhibit myself in front of daddy and his friends in just knickers and bra would arouse me immensely and sometimes I would just sit around with them like that while they chatted and drank in between touching or kissing me or sometimes just looking and feeling their crotch.
One evening as dad was in the lounge with three men he waited while mum went out then came to my room and asked me if I had finished my homework.    I said yes and dad said that mum would be out until late and if we waited while my sister was sound asleep then I could join them for “some fun. ”   By now he had given up pretending he wanted me to be nice to clients and friends because it might be useful to him – now he just wanted me to be naughty with them.    I wondered why he wanted to be so obliging to his friends because at that point I hadn’t realised his true motives.
I agreed and thirty minutes later had picked out a little skirt to wear.    I enjoyed my role and liked it when men paid me attention so tried to dress sexy for them.    As I was stood in my panties dad came into the room.    Somehow now there was a different feeling – being undressed in front of him was certainly not unusual now – but then usually we weren’t alone!   Dad stood near and I could feel his eyes penetrating and see the lust in his eyes.

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     I was used to seeing dad smile wickedly as he watched me but usually the lust came from other men.
I blushed as he handed me a bunch of garments and I listened as he spoke in a faltering voice.
“I thought it would be interesting if you wore these – they’re your mother’s but she won’t know. ”
Two things made me excited – one that it was going to be another naughty secret – which always gave me a thrill.    The other, which also made me blush – was that he handed me black stockings and little black lacy panties so see through and flimsy that I was even more surprised when I realised that tangled up in them was also an equally flimsy bra.    This made my heart pound because clearly this was going a step further.
  I looked at daddy and thought what this meant.    This was more than letting men touch his daughter while she cavorted around in her underwear giving out kisses – naughty sexy games.    This was daddy wanting his daughter to be a filthy little slut – a fourteen year old sex toy.    As I wondered yet again why daddy should be so accommodating to his friends I didn’t know that I was about to realise something quite shocking and breathtaking.    The naïve way I had of looking and reasoning at this situation was about to be transformed.
There had been three different categories of men up to now.    The unsuspecting ones that thought it was all accidental, The ones that liked to look and just enjoy their lustful thoughts and have me sit on their knee and the close friends of daddy who didn’t pretend – the   ones that got to touch me – the ones I would dance and parade in my underwear for.    Even these though knew there was a line that they couldn’t overstep and though they ran hands over my body and kissed me sexually that’s as far as it went.    As far as I was concerned that was the limits daddy had set for them – actually I never asked or questioned it.

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The men here were the later type and as I walked into the room I knew something different was going to happen tonight.    I heard the sharp intakes of breath as the saw the dark stockings and caught glimpse of black bra under my loosely buttoned blouse.    The skirt was very short and showed just an inch of white thigh above the stocking tops when I moved.    I perched on the arm of a chair and displayed my legs then walked around giving them a “show”.    The men were already in a lustful mood and in no time I had one of them sidle up behind me and begin to gyrate his hips to the sound of the music, pressing his crotch into me.
As his hands came around my waist and rested just below my breast he remarked to daddy how good I looked and said he hoped I would be making them happy men before they left to go home.    He kissed me and right away it felt different to me, more sexual, like I was a much older woman.    I saw too that the other men sat silently watching not laughing or grinning like they normally did making lewd comments.    I blushed up a little when I saw one was already touching himself more openly than normally.
I heard gasps and swear words when the man slowly slid my skirt up my thighs and I shivered.    My stomach knotted and fluttered because unlike other times they would see much more.    My vagina was hardly covered by the lacy panties and already they had folded into my slit.    I looked at daddy expecting him to do something and realised that this is what he wanted.    As my crotch was uncovered and the men made several comments and noises my eyes never left daddy’s who looked at me as though he was trying to gauge my reaction.   
I saw his gaze then slowly fall down my body and stop at the point that was interesting the other men.

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     As his eyes came back to meet mine a wicked smile broke on his face.    Daddy’s eyes stayed with mine as I felt my blouse being unbuttoned until the two halves could be completely separated.    The hand that rubbed over my tits may as well have been on bare flesh and I felt my nipple stiffen.    I heard the men grunt as they noticed it too and my nerves did strange things.    This was disturbing and mind boggling, I knew this was very bad, very wicked and wanton – and very exciting.
With my eyes still locked on daddy’s I felt myself being pushed gently toward the other men and I jumped a little when a hand touched my inner thigh.    With a pounding heart I quickly glanced down and saw just how much of my body was on display.    My mind was spinning at this unbelievable event – here was my father, watching it all.    I was even more stunned when a voice broke my thoughts.
“Fucking hell – what a gorgeous cunt she has!”
I blushed and gasped at the language and waited for daddy to remonstrate with the man – but he did nothing.    This was me they were talking about – his daughter.    Without warning I was pulled down on the couch but not merely to sit.    I was pulled back on to the lap of one man and looked up to face him at the same time just one my legs were lifted onto the lap of another.    With one leg remaining on the floor my skirt was over my hips and my legs were as wide as they would comfortably go.    To my shame and horror I felt my vaginal lips stretch open and knew the men could now see not just my pussy, but its red inner damp lips hardly covered by the black lace.

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I whimpered and gasped as the men talked of cunt and tits – my cunt and tits – a little scared now that I was out of my depth.    Still I was consciously aware that daddy was doing nothing, allowing it – here he was simply watching.    When a finger traced a line over my vulva and slipped into my hole I screamed out – not too loudly but with a shock and astonishment.    Then I heard a comment that freaked me out and numbed my brain.    As another hand blatantly mauled my tits delving under my bra a voice said.
“It’s OK – your daddy doesn’t mind – he knows how you like it!
Daddy had given them permission – before I had even come into the room?   Had I a choice now – could I stop it if I wanted?
For a while I lay there while daddy watched this man masturbate me – and his friend uncover my tits.    The other man not wanting to be left out sat on the carpet my by head and kissed me forcing his tongue into my mouth.    Whether it was true or not he delighted in telling the others that now I was responding, enjoying it, becoming aroused.
  What was daddy going to do now when one man asked, “Does she want more?”
Another voice asked daddy, “What do you think – is it OK?”
I struggled, trying to protest, not able to speak because of the man kissing me – only to be horrified when I heard the next comment.
“Watch how she writhes – she loves it!”
I became very aware how my wriggling was pushing my pussy against the man’s fingers and how the movement of my hips must look to the men.    The man fingering me became more active and he hit the spot that pleasured me when I was alone doing it myself.    I cried out again when the man kissing me came up for air.
“She’s making a fair bit of noise,” a voice said.
Then daddy’s voice cut through clear and crisp.
“She’s going to wake up her sister.

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     Take her into the other room.    No one will hear us there. ”
The fact that daddy was going to allow this to carry on shocked me – but not as much as the sight that met my eyes when I was allowed to stand.    As I threw him a quick glance before being ushered into the other room I saw what his hands were doing.    His fingers were on his fly and he was zipping up his trousers – daddy had been playing with his cock while he had watched his friends use my tits and pussy.    Sat where he was he could see right between my legs he had been able to watch every little movement.
Stunned by this I remained silent while the door was quietly closed and enjoying the extra security the little room offered the men mauled and kissed me while they discussed in lewd terms what they would like to do to me.    Again I looked for daddy’s reaction but saw no sign of reluctance or guilt.    As my legs were parted and skirt once again pulled high for hands and eyes to lust over me all I saw was daddy’s wicked smile.
It was then that I realised for the first time that all this wasn’t just because daddy liked to please his friends – and offered me, his daughter up on a plate.    It was for his perverted delight – it was for his own sexual fulfilment – his pleasure!   Daddy got great sexual satisfaction from watching me with other men – Daddy was turned on by me – my body!
  The effect on me by this sudden revelation had an amazing effect on me – one of increasing my sexual arousal and consenting to what was going to happen next.
I had to test daddy – see if I was right – watch his reaction.    For the first time I really did begin to respond.    Now I welcomed the mouth closing over my lips, now my hips really did move in an effort to increase my sexual delight.    The men loved it and whistled and swore.

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     Daddy, I could see was very hard – had a very big bulge.
Sat with body side on to the men the one behind me played with arse and tits, one sat in front fingering my hole while the third was relegated once again to sitting on the carpet holding my legs wide and kissing my thighs.    The men were going wild aroused by my willing and submissive nature and now one felt able to ask father a question.
“Let’s take her panties off – can we do that?”
I looked at daddy defiantly without any trace of fear or horror – and as he looked blankly toward me he nodded consent.    The men swore again as they couldn’t believe their luck when I assisted them by raising my hips and looking again at daddy as soon as the garment was peeled off I let my legs fall open giving all but the man behind me a full view of my open wet cunt.
Daddy must have been wondering what was going through my mind and I could see he was surprised.    Now, knowing daddy’s perverted desires I had an idea – one that would blow his mind – if he really wanted me to be a slut for him – liked to watch me with men.    Picking my time I adjusted my position and sat upright.    The men, thinking I was about call a halt sat still and silent waiting for me to stand.    Instead, I unclipped my skirt and slid it off, leaving me naked from the waist down.    As the men began to fondle me surprised by my actions I turned to let the man on my right kiss me – and slowly let my hand creep toward his crotch – and cover his bulge.
The effect was electric – all in the room were stunned and it stopped their breath.    Her I was, this fourteen year old, taking the initiative and wanting to feel a cock!   Not having to be coaxed persuaded or bribed – and in front of her daddy too!   And what about daddy?   Out of the corner of my eye I could see his jaw drop.    I was scared but excited as all went quiet – and the only thing to be heard was the sound of the man’s trousers being unzipped.
There was a chance daddy would not like me doing this.

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     Up to now he had only seen men touching me – how would he feel now about me being as outrageous as starting to take out the men’s cock’s and play with them?   I was excited and kept giving daddy little glances.    Then I went for it – I placed my hand inside the man’s pants and gripped his shaft.    There were more gasps and whistles from the others as my hand began to move.    Slowly I pulled the weapon from its cover and began to openly masturbate it.
My tits were massaged with a new intensity by another man who had become very turned on indeed as he watched.    Then the sound of other zips being undone could be heard and I fired a furtive look toward dad.    I caught my breath as I saw him following suit – he was about to take out his cock.    His face had an expression that was neither a smile nor a frown – it was one that showed he was experiencing pure perverted pleasure.
The feel of the hot stiff cock in my hand was arousing me but as I looked at daddy at the same time the sight of his hard penis – and what he was doing to it – really blew my mind.    Daddy was masturbating in front of me – and I was determined to make him so turned on that he would ejaculate – while I watched!
Amidst lewd and dirty comments my other hand was guided to a cock and for a few minutes I played with both.    Then there was a restless fidgeting and I sensed the men wanted something more.    I needed little persuasion as a hand began to guide my head down toward the man’s lap and as his cock brushed against my face I opened my mouth and still pulling on the foreskin I took it between my lips.    I noticed dad’s hand work faster on his dick and his eyes glaze over as he watched.
After that I was in a dream world as the men moved me from one penis to another and even began to return the favour as it were by licking my pussy.    Eventually I found myself lying flat on my back with a man perched over me.

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     They had become very quiet – this was it – they wanted to fuck me.    All was quiet as one man looked at dad and I just about managed to see his nod.    Carefully and slowly the man started to push his penis inside my pussy whilst his friends held me steady.    They looked for my reactions and I couldn’t help but give off little moans and cries.
With one final thrust the weapon was home and again verbal expletives filled the air as he picked up pace, fucking me hard.    Now they had decided that anything was permissible and a cock was offered to my mouth to suck.    Now with a nervous laugh they all enjoyed me with the third man settling for the feel of my hand round his dick.    He hadn’t long to wait before he could take a turn and as soon as the man fucking me satisfying his lust before his cock was replaced as fast as it was taken out.
Now I was just their sex toy to be used as they wished – and daddy watched with great pleasure.    It was the sight of sperm splashing over my lips and face that sent him over the top and I turned just in time to see the amazing sight of my own father reaching his climax and see his white sperm shoot out of his cock.
Everyone felt awkward and made inane comments as they dressed and left.    When daddy and I were alone there was no time to talk other than him remind me that it was late and mother might be home at any time.    I went off to my room with my head in turmoil – but feeling very happy.
From then on there would be little incidents when daddy would watch me being fucked and usually it was with one or more of the same three men.    Father never asked how it affected me or whether I wanted to carry on.

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     The fact that I didn’t complain was enough for him.    Never did I realise that these men and many others too, had been fucking my mother for a long time.
I became unsure when daddy started to introduce me to strange men that he began to invite to our home when mother was out or sometimes in the late afternoon when I came home from school.    I had been oblivious to any sense of guilt or reasoning and let men use me how they wished.    In fact I developed a perverted desire of my own – I wondered why daddy hadn’t yet wanted to fuck me himself – and fantasised about him doing so.    I teased and tempted him as much as I could and when we were alone looked for every opportunity to make him desire me.
On certain days when I came home from school daddy would come to my room just as I was about to get changed and always I thought that this would be the day.    He would hold me and feel my tits – sometimes I would carry on undressing while he watched, removing my panties and watch his cock grow in his pants.    It never happened though – the nearest it got was when he took out his penis and for the first time I got to feel it and play with it.
I loved every minute of it and explored every inch of it even putting my face up close to the little slit that his pee came out of – and licked it.    Daddy by now had reached the stage were he would finger my cunt and masturbate me.    Always though it fell short of him fucking me and he would whisper to me that there was a man or men downstairs that he would like me to meet before mother came home.
His favourite time was when I began to dress in my school uniform and as I started to put my panties back on he whispered for me to leave them off.    He got great pleasure from seeing me parade about in front of these men who because of my very short skirt were in no doubt about my omission.    These men were not business colleagues – or even friends of his.

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     My father had begun to invite men whose sole reason to be there was to fuck an underage girl.    Where he made contact with them I never knew.    Now when it got to the stage that Daddy suggested using the other room I knew the sex was going to be frantic and hard.    Openly, as they felt my body and undressed me they would tell daddy of their pleasure of being able to fuck a young schoolgirl in school uniform and they would utter all manner of obscenities as they pushed their cocks into my vagina or mouth.    The rougher they were the more that daddy liked it as he sat masturbating while he watched.
As with mum he began to want more and one evening when I expected daddy to “come for me” I got a surprise.    Being led downstairs wearing an impossibly short school skirt that I had long since grown out of daddy said I should go straight through to the other room and I would find a man who, for a birthday treat had been promised that one of his sexual fantasies would be fulfilled. Of course that fantasy was the experience of having sex with a schoolgirl – daddy said the man thought it would be just a woman dressed as a schoolgirl – not a real one.
Quietly he opened the door and I stepped in.    The man got a shock – and so did I – in there with him was a woman – his wife, as later became clear.    She also was in on the surprise and knew very well she was about to treat her husband to a genuine underage schoolgirl.    Over the next hour what was also very clear was that she intended to derive as much pleasure from me as her husband did!
It was the first time I experienced what it felt like to go down on another female – and it was really weird having a woman as old as my mother wanting to lick my cunt.    As her husband happily inserted his dick into my mouth he waited patiently until it was time to make his dream come true and fuck me. I was made to stay dressed in my uniform with only my knickers removed.
Daddy gave me another little shock when after it was my turn to watch him – as he fucked the man’s wife in front of us.