The Thrill Of Taboo (part 4)


The Thrill Of Taboo (Part 4)
by britneyh80@yahoo. comemails are welcome Katy and I were sitting on her bed. We took our clothes off and we were naked again. It was pushing midnight, and I am not a night person. I am usually in bed no later then ten o clock. I was a little sleepy, but Katy needed my help. I wish when I was a girl her age I had an older woman that showed me how to please myself. I believe the first time I started touching myself, I was younger than thirten years old. I didn’t really get into it though until I was about fourteen. I am pushing thirty now, and with every year, I learn even more what a gift masturbation is. Love, sex, and relationships are so complicated. We were naturally born with an instinct to find a partner, mate, and have children. The idea of what you are supposed to do is, find someone that is right for you, get married, have offspring, and spend the rest of your life with that person. That is the perfect fairy tail. I have found in my twenty eight years of existence that life is a lot more complex then a Cinderella story. I don’t think that it was ever designed to find your other glass slipper.

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   You do usually find a person that makes you happy. For a while at least. You get married, and everything seems perfect, until you come home and find an empty role of toilet paper on the rack. There is a whole pack of toilet paper under the sink. Is it so hard to replace it, when you see card board? Does he not know that there is plenty of new roles where that came from? Maybe he was never informed that a factory exists some where that makes an endless supply of toilet paper, and there is never a shortage. This may seem like a small problem, but as you go through life, these things seem to add up. There becomes more and more little problems that are just like these. You spend endless nights fighting with your one true love, about how he is not competent enough to replace a role of toilet paper. Until one day you go to the bathroom and find that it was you that forgot to replace the role. Then you find that something that interested you before annoys you now. Your career changes, your taste in music changes, you decide that you like Pepsi more then Coke. Then your sexual interests change. You want to have sex with someone that is more fit, or has a tattoo, or that doesn’t make funny noises when he eats. Then you realize that you are married and you are stuck with the same person the rest of your life. On some mornings I wake up and feel as lonely as the last piece of paper glued to the card board roll.

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   The one thing that doesn’t change is masturbation. If something no longer turns you on, then you can fantasize about something else. If you decide, that a six inch dildo is not right for you, then you throw it away and go buy an eight with no hard feelings. Your fingers, palm, or whatever you choose to do it with, will always be there for you. It won’t care if you gained ten pounds, or was too lazy to put your dirty plate in the dish washer. You will never get bored with it, and you will never out grow it. I looked at Katy’s cute face as she sat naked on the bed next to me. She was pure and innocent. Her face and body were smooth. Her breasts were just starting to grow, and her nipples were small. She had bright blue eyes and thin pretty blonde hair like her mothers. She was looking at me anxiously. I admired her young sexy body. She was sitting Indian style, and I looked at her cute little cunt slit between her legs. I was really horny and anxious myself.

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   I was going to show her how to masturbate. I was going to teach her something that she was going to use her whole life. Something that will ease her stress through tough times. It will help her deal with things such as, coming home to find out her husband is fucking her best friend, or something as small as an empty role of toilet paper. “The first thing that I do is relax, and get really comfortable. ” I said Katy looked at me, and leaned back against the wall, that her bed was against. I sat on her bed, and my back was against her bed post. I looked down at my body. My stomach was tight tonight, and I felt sexy. When I am stressed out, on my period, or dehydrated, my stomach sometimes gets bloated. This makes me feel fat and unattractive. Tonight it looked perfect though. My body was tanned, my pubes were shaved, and I felt hot. I try not to be jealous of other females. I believe you have to do the best with what god gave you.

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   Katy is thirteen, with a perfect body. It is hard to compete with someone that is half your age, but I wanted to look my best around her. She hasn’t been beaten down by life yet. She don’t have wrinkles on her face, from fighting with her husband about the toilet paper. I wanted her to know exactly what to do when life becomes too much. “Now just close your eyes and rub your body. Do whatever feels good to you. Start by running your hands up your stomach, and touching your breasts, and pinch your nipples. Your tits are the best place to start, weather you are with someone, or just by yourself. Your nipples have nerve endings in them that send messages to your brain, that stimulate you sexually. Much like a boys cock. ” I explained I finished talking and looked at Katy. She was leaned back, her legs were straight now. Her eyes were closed and her head was back. She was running her hands slowly on her stomach and breasts like I told her too.

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   I was doing the same thing she was doing as I watched her. “How do you feel Katy?” I asked She opened her eyes and looked at me. “Its feels good, but it’s turning me on even more, and I feel like there is nothing I can do about it. ” She said “That’s how it’s supposed to feel. When you are pleasing yourself you need to be teased, just like you would if you were with someone. Your pussy is very sensitive. It needs to be ready before a guy shoves his cock in you. The more you are teased, the more moist your cunt gets. It needs to be really wet before his dick goes in you. Make him kiss you and rub your nipples before he fucks you. Let him eat your cunt, and play with your clitoris first. ” “My what?” she asked “Your clitoris. ” I said. “Clit for short, It is this thing right here. ” I spread my pussy open, and my clit stuck out.

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   I rubbed it with my middle finger, looking at her. Katy looked between her legs, opened her pussy, and examined her own clit. “Go ahead and rub it a little. ” I instructed “It feels good. ” She said “That is the main thing that makes you orgasm. When a guy fucks you, his cock is moving in and out of your pussy, rubbing your clit over and over. This is what sends pleasure to your brain. The rest of your pussy is being massaged adding even more pleasure. Much like your mouth was adding pleasure to your brother, when you were sucking his cock earlier. When you feel enough pleasure, you feel comfortable, your emotions are right, and you are sexually exited. That is when you have an orgasm. ” I explained. Her eyes were closed again. She slowly circled her clit with her middle finger. A moment passed and her finger penetrated her cunt.

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   I played with my own pussy, as I watched Katy fuck herself. Her face tightened and she moaned in her cute young voice. “Your doing really good Katy. Does it feel good?” I asked “It feels kind of like when Kevin’s dick was in there. It felt good, but I was in so much pain, I didn’t enjoy it. ” She said “Like I said, the first time is painful. For now on, it will always feel good. Sometimes it will hurt a little, depending on how big the guy’s cock is, or how long it’s been since you been fucked last. Once you get on the pill, we will have your brother fuck you some more. Then on your next date you can let your boyfriend do it to you. Kevin and your boyfriend are both young and there dick’s are not fully grown yet. They will be good to start on. Once you get used to them, and you are comfortable, you will be able to take Tom’s cock in you. ” I said “Once I get on the pill, how long will it take before I can do this without getting pregnant?” she asked “When does your period start?” I asked “It usually starts around the third week of the month. ” She said “That is next week.

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  ” I said. “When your mother gets home we will take you to the doctor, so you can get a prescription. After that we need to wait at least a week. ” I said “That’s a long time to wait. ” She said. “I wish I could start tomorrow. ” “There is no hurry Katy. ” I said “When Kevin is through fucking your mom tomorrow, you can work on sucking cock more. When that is over, if its ok with your mother, maybe I will fuck you with the strap on. ” “Strap on?” she questioned “Yea its something that a girl puts around her waist, to hold the dildo on, so she can fuck other girls. ” I explained “What’s a dildo?” she asked “It’s an artificial cock. It is made out of soft plastic, it looks and feels like a guys dick. They come in all different sizes, and some of them vibrate to give you more pleasure. ” I said “I want to see it. ” She said “It is out in the RV, I will show you tomorrow.

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   I have a few different kinds. I have a small one that I can hook on to the strap on. It is about the size of your brothers cock. I think it will be perfect for your pussy, until it is ready to take a bigger one. ” I said “That sounds nice, but I liked the way Kevin’s cock was warm, and how I could feel the blood run through it. I just wish we were able to fuck right away. ” She said Her finger continued rubbing her pussy. I wanted to be quite, so she could concentrate on her first orgasm, but I think our conversation was turning her on. I thought for a moment. “Since you and Kevin are so eager, maybe tomorrow before you go to bed, we can have your brother try fucking you in your asshole. ” I said “My asshole?” She questioned. I had to cover my mouth to keep from laughing. She has been attending a public school for over ten years. I hardly think that this is the first time she has ever heard about anal sex. She was playing dumb, so I would have to explain everything.

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   Her eyes were closed and she was rubbing herself at a faster pace. I think she was trying to keep quite for whatever reason, but she kept making involuntary moans, as she fingered her cunt. I wanted to keep talking. The more I talked the closer she got to her first orgasm. “Yes your asshole. ” I said. “You can feel pleasure, when a cock is up your ass too. There is a wall between your ass and your pussy. When the cock is in your asshole it rubs that wall. There are nerves there as well that send pleasure to your brain. It is a different kind of pleasure when it’s in your ass as opposed to your cunt. Your asshole is different from your pussy. The vagina is designed for a cock. It naturally lubricates itself when you are horny. Your asshole however needs to be prepped before it gets fucked.


   It needs lubrication, that you can buy that is designed for it. If you don’t have it on you, you can use baby oil, lotion, shampoo, or something like that. The guy always wants to put his cock up your ass. Some guys will try to stick it in there without getting it ready. Never let him do that Katy. Always make him lick your asshole and lube it before he sticks his cock in it. ” I said I listened to myself talk, thinking I should practice what I preach. I thought about the other night, when Tom had my face forced in the toilet bowl. He was not too interested about how much lube was in my asshole as he fucked it. I thought about when I was in high school, how I let several boys fuck me up the ass at a party one night. I didn’t want them to fuck me but I was too drunk, and didn’t know how to handle myself. I have always let men use me. I guess I have a low self esteem, and I am not good at sticking up for myself. Life can be a dark place when you don’t know who you are. I didn’t want Katy to go through this.

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   I was falling in love with her, and Kevin. Katy reminded me of myself when I was her age. I don’t want her to have to deal with some of the things that I have been through. “Do guys really want to lick your asshole?” Katy asked I watched her as she kept her eyes closed and she fingered herself. She had a closed mouth smile on her face. She was alternating her movements. Her body swayed almost as if she was moving to the beat of music. She flicked, and circled her clit a few times. She put her finger deep in her pussy, then pulled it out. She rubbed her cunt lips with the palm of her hand. She looked totally happy like she entered a whole new world. I didn’t want to stop talking. I knew with every word that came out my mouth her sexual sensations grew stronger. “Yes, some guys like to lick your asshole. Never let a guy put his cock in your ass unless he is willing to lick it first.

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   This proves that he has got a strong sex drive, and that he is deeply attracted to you. A boy knows it’s a privilege when he finds a girl that will let him fuck her up the ass. So you have to make him earn it. Don’t settle for him lightly running his tongue across your asshole. Wait till he licks it deep and sticks his tongue in it. Let him lick your cunt and your asshole a long time before he fucks you. ” I said I was on my knees in front of Katy. I had two fingers deep in my pussy as I talked to her. “I’m thinking of all the boys that I want to lick me. I can think of at least five boys at school that I wish would lick my cunt and stick there tongue up my ass, before they fucked me. ” She said softly. I felt a buzz in my head, and chills shot through my body. I felt weak and I put my left hand on the bed to stabilize myself. For hours now my pussy has been numb, teaching the kids how to fuck each other. Watching Kevin’s young cock pump semen in his sisters mouth.

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   Telling Katy about all the cock she’s going to get. I looked at her cute sexy body as she laid masturbating, with her eyes closed. Her cute smile she had on her face, as she thought about all the things we discussed, and did tonight. I didn’t want to help her. I wanted her to learn how to make herself orgasm. My mind entered another state. I looked between Katy’s open legs. She was moaning softly. Her cute tiny asshole, moved as she fingered her young smooth hairless cunt. I am going to cum, and I’m not going to have a little tiny orgasm. I am going to FUCKING CUM! I moved forward and grabbed Katy by the legs and pulled them over her head. Her shoulders were pressed against the wall at the side of the bed, and her back was arched, with her crotch in the air. I held her ankles with both hands and berried my face between her legs. I furiously licked her young cunt and asshole, as I moaned and grunted like a crazy women. She was surprised at first, then she put two fingers on her clit and rubbed it fast.

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   “ehhhh ehhhhh!” she moaned in her soft little girl voice. I felt her whole body vibrate. My body was frozen as I held back my orgasm with all my force, as I furiously pumped two fingers in my cunt. I pressed my tongue in Katy’s little pussy as far as it would go and flicked my tongue around the walls of her fuck hole, as fast as I could. Katy’s cute moan turned to a scream, as I felt her juices squirt against my tongue that penetrated deep in her cunt. I let go of Katy’s ankles, and her lower back rested on the bed again. I took a deep breath, as I stood up straight on my knees, with my two fingers fucking my own cunt. My eyes were open as wide as they would go. I laid on my back and scooted my body up quickly, and rested my head on the pillow. Katy watched and was amazed, as I screamed at the top of my lungs sending vibrations through the walls. I rubbed my pussy furiously with the palm of my hand. The muscles in my whole body locked. I felt a sensation from my ankles to my shoulders, slowly come up and down my body, until it reached my waist. I held my breath. My face was clinched up and my eyes were closed tight.

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   My back involuntarly arched, as a long stream of juice squirted out my cunt, into the air. My mouth came open and I opened my eyes wide and looked down my stomach. The muscles in my back relaxed enough that I had control again and I came back down on the bed. The muscles from my knees all the way to my lower abdomen involuntarily flexed. Shooting another stream out of my pussy with each contraction. I slowly was coming back to my normal state. My juice stopped squirting, but came out in a flood, as I rubbed my cunt slower and slower till my orgasm perished. I looked at Katy she had a completely happy look on her face. We laughed in excitement as we sat there panting like dogs. “That is called an orgasm Katy. ” I said laughing more. “That felt so awsum. ” She said catching her breath. She crawled over to me, and wrapped her arms around my shoulders. She moved her face close to mine.

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   We were both still breathing rapidly as I looked in her deep blue eyes. Her face was sweet like an angel. I looked at her soft lips that were open slightly, as she continued catching her breath. She moved closer and softly kissed me on the lips. I felt the warm air from her nostrils against my cheeks. She opened her mouth and moved her tongue in mine. I pulled her body closer to me, and rubbed her back, as we kissed passionately. Our kiss finally broke. “Are you getting tired?” I asked Her eyes were half massed, and she still had a slight smile, as she nodded her head at me. Her bed was soaked. I walked over to the closet and grabbed a fresh pair of sheets. She put her pajamas back on, as I made up her bed. She climbed in and pulled the covers over her. I leaned down and gave her a soft kiss on the lips. “Good night Katy.

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  ” I said “Good night. ” She whispered. I grabbed my pile of clothes off the floor. I walked to the door and shut off the light, as I walked out. I was still naked, as I walked down the hall way and passed Kevin’s room. I was still horny, and was tempted to go in his room and fuck his little boy cock. I resisted however, and made my way to Megan’s room. I looked at her alarm clock and it was well past eleven now. I grabbed Megan’s dildo that she kept in her under wear drawer, and, thought about the days events, as I fucked myself to sleep. To be continued…. .

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