Tricking Kelly


It was a typical Saturday night and my daughter was spending the night at my house. I used to really look forward to these nights when she was younger, we would rent movies and spend all night just hanging out. But now that Kelly was in high school, spending the night meant we would grab a quick pizza together and then Kelly would head out for a few hours with her friends. I think one of the reasons she even spent the night was that I was more tolerant than her mother, meaning I would let her stay out until 11 pm. I really did not mind, I remember what it was like to be a teenager, I just missed the old quality time together.
This Saturday night Kelly was going to a lacrosse party at a young ladies house. The varsity team was just announced and Kelly was one of two freshmen to make the team. Kelly was pretty tiny, probably about 5 foot 4 and 100 lbs, but she was fast as lightning, which is why she made the team. She was built to run, she had long thin legs and a thin frame with little A size breasts. Kelly had a very cute face with blond shoulder length hair she often wore in a pony tail. The party was supposed to be a team bonding party and Kelly assured me that no boys were going to be at the party.
Kelly was picked up at around 8:00 by two of the older girls on the team (Ellen and Megan). God, were these two young ladies hot. Both wore short jean skirts and tight tank tops. Perhaps it was because they were three years older than Kelly, but they looked like playboy bunnies in comparision. It looked like they both had solid C chests and hour glass figures.

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    I felt like a pervert, but I kept looking at Ellens gorgeous face and imagined putting something long and hard between those soft little lips. Kelly came bouncing down the stairs to head out. She looked cute in a white mini skirt and light blue tank top, but definitely looked like a girl next to two women. I was glad Kelly came over and gave me a peck on the head, as I did not want to get up with a tent in my pants.
After the girls left I tried to watch TV, but kept thinking back how hot Ellen and Megan looked. I was thinking, am I a pervert or would most guys get that turned on by girls more than half their age? I think most guys would probably notice, but not sure if they would still be walking around with a boner over two hours later. Perhaps, I needed to get a girlfriend. I broke up with my last one because she wanted to settle down and I was pretty happy with just dating and having sex. Either way, this boner was beginning to really hurt and I was just about to head up the steps to relieve myself before Kelly returned when I heard the doorbell ring. Who the hell would be at the door at 10:30 at night, Kelly was not due back until 11 and she knew the door was unlocked.
When I opened the door and saw Ellen and Megan I became quickly worried, why were they here without Kelly? Both of the girls looked scared and were pale. Megan started talking "Mr. Duncan, we are really sorry. As part of orientation to the team the freshman were forced to dring shots of vodka and Kelly got really sick. She must not have ever drank before, it was not that many shots.

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   We did not know what to do, so we brought her home as fast as we could". I looked around and still did not see Kelly, then they pointed to the blue civic in the driveway.
I ran down to the car and could smell the puke from ten feet away. I opened the back door and Kelly was laying across the back seat. I bent over and listened to her breathing, and thankfully it sounded normal. I grabbed her shoulders and pulled her out and up into my arms. Fortunately, she is very light, because she was just dead weight at this point. I carried her in and dropped her on the couch. I asked Megan to get me a cup of cold water, which I poured slowly on Kelly's head. Kelly quickly came to and started rolling her head back and forth to avoid the water and was trying to speak, althought making no sense.
I told Megan and Ellen that it looked like she was going to be ok, and that they did the right thing in bringing her right home. They both started apologizing and begging me not to tell their parents. I told them we would discuss it at another time, but that they better go clean the car and head home. I could not be too mad at the girls. I doubted that they were the ones that forced Kelly to drink and they had brought her home.

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   I did plan on gathering more information and figuring out what to do after I took care of Kelly.
So, now here I was with my 14 year old daughter drunk on the couch. I never expected this situation. Kelly got straight A's in school and as far as I knew had never even tried drinking. I would have known from the smell if she ever did it around me. I started looking for signs of it when Kelly got to high school, since that is when I started.
I did not know what to do with her. So I lifted up her head and poured some water down her throat. She drank some of it, which I thought was a good sign, but immediately fell right back to sleep (or I guess passed back out would be a better use of words). I then picked her up and carried her up to her room. I was just about to leave her there when I thought it might be better to toss her into my king size bed. I wanted to make sure her breathing stayed the same for the next few hours and that would be a lot easier if she was laying next to me. So I carried her down to my room and layed her on the bed, turning on a few night lights so that I could still see her. I stood there and got undressed to my boxers, I knew Kelly was too passed out to notice and I wanted to be comfortable, although I threw some shorts next to the bed that I could slip on in the morning.
I looked down at Kelly and noticed that she did have some really nice legs.

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   They were thin, but were long and all muscle. I had always liked my girls to be thin and tight, which Kelly's mom was until she let herself go. Kelly's skirt had slipped up to where I could just see the bottom of her blue panties, so I could really enjoy the look of those long tan legs. Just then I noticed that my boner from earlier was back. Man, was I going to have to sleep with that all night. I was thinking of heading down to the guest room to relieve myself, but thought It might not be a good idea to leave Kelly.
I threw a sheet over Kelly and slid into bed next to her. I could hear a faint breathing sound. I thought that might be a normal sleeping sound, but was not certain since I had not snuggled like this with Kelly in several years. So, I thought I would put my hand on her chest to make sure it felt like the heart was beating nice and steady.  Actually, that might have been my boner and the few beers I had earlier thinking, but it made sense to me at the time. I reached over and according to my calculations I needed to feel right over the bra covering her left breast, which I did. I could feel a light beating, but thought it was hard to tell when I was feeling thru a tank top and padded bra.  So I decided I needed to be more professional and feel for a solid heart beart directly on skin.  I slowly slid my had up Kelly's tank top, listening for a change in breathing that never came, and under her bra.

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   It was a tight fit under the bra, but now that my fingers were smashed under her bra I could feel her heart beating nice and steady.
This is where the boner really kicked in and I lost control. My fingers were smashed under the bra, but I could feel there was a little more to Kelly's breast that I thought. If I was a better dad or not so damn horny I would have stopped here. However, Kelly's little tit felt so good. I thought she was pretty flat but this flesh felt so soft.
I decided to unsnap the bra and check it out. Sure enough, it felt like they had grown to solid A's and they were nice and firm. I guess under those tight sport bras I had not noticed. I kept lightly massaging her chest, listening to her breathing, and feeling her nipples harden a little. between my fingers. Her nipples were small, the smallest I had ever felt, but were getting hard. I took that as a sign that Kelly was enjoying this as much as I was. Her little tits felt good, real good. I really wanted to lick and suck on these perfect little tits, but was afraid that if Kelly woke up that would be really hard to explain.

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   Then I got an idea, a really horny dirty idea.
I decided that Kelly needed to be lying on top of me. That way if she woke up I could just say I was sleeping in bed and woke up to find her on top of me.
    I could even tell her that I put her to bed fully dressed in her room, and I don't know how or why she got into my bed. I was really taking advantage of the situation and Kelly, but I realized thais was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I was as hot and horny as I had ever been.
    I carefully rolled Kelly on top of me. She was like a rag doll, but thankfully very light. I had her head on my upper chest and spread her legs out on either side of mine. It probably did not look very lady like, but it felt great to have her crotch lying on top of my boner. I forgot all about sucking those perfect little titties, and had to grab that tight little butt. I reached down and felt the back of her legs, man were they nice and firm. I slowly worked my way up the back of her legs and could feel the begginning of her butt. I slowly slid both my hands under her panties and felt the nice soft skin. There was not much meat on the butt, it felt nice and tight like her legs, but the skin was so soft.
    I could not believe how great this felt, I could feel my cock head getting wet from pre cum, and I felt my hips pushing up into her all on there own.

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       It felt good, but it was also torture. I slowly worked one hand back down her butt and slid it under her crotch so that it was lightly massageng her whole mound. I kept very lightly massaging it, hoping to feel some juices through the panites, but could not feel any. At this point I had to relaease the little guy, and used the same hand to slide my cock out of the boxer flap. I was alternating between lightly massaging Kelly's mound with my hand and running my cock along it. I would stop and listen and was surprised to hear the same slow breathing. I would lightly lift and arm and drop it, and it would just go limp. Here I was playing with a limp passed out girl. The sick part is that it felt great.
    I knew I was going to release soon. I slowly snaked a finger under Kell't panties, and slid them to a side. Now I could lightly massage her little slit. For the first time I could feel some wetness, and I located her clit for some soft rubbing. I could not take it anymore. I slowly started rubbing my cock along her slit.

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       Between my pre cum and her wetness it was feeling so nice, wet and warm. I tried to slowly poke the head of my cock in, knowing this was going to be the moment of truth. Her mother had told me Kelly had lost her hymen from a horseback riding accident, but I still knew the feeling of a 6 inch (although thin) cock going in might stir her from groggy land.
    I kept lightly pushing, but nothing was going in. perhaps I was a little off target. I reached down and very slowly worked my index finger in. It was so tight, it took a while and I was still not in to my knuckle. At least I knew I had the right spot and slowly started to try to work my cock in again. Very slowly I could feel the tip of my cock going into the softness. I had to hold back from slamming in and just exploding. I kept working very slowly, pushing just a little and then listenting to make sure Kelly was still asleep.
    After what seemed like an hour, but was probably five minutes I was in about two or three inches. It was incredible, I would try to pull out a little and it was like I was being pulled back in, the suction was so tight. I just started pumping a little, probably only an inch out and back in. It felt better than anything I had ever done before.

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       when I would just push up a little it would actually lift her body.
    I started whispering in Kelly's ear, "that's it little girl, ride your daddy's cock. How does your little pussy feel all filled up? You are a great little fuck. " I knew Kelly did not hear me and was not actually fucking me, but it was still enough to make me lose it and shoot what  felt like a gallon inside her. I just grabbed her tight little butt and waited until the spasms finished. It felt awesome, even though I was only half way in her. Even after I was done coming and my cock finally shrank down to normal size I did not slip out of her. She was that tight.
    Thankfully, I had a vasectomy before I divorced, so that was one issue that I did not have to worry about. But I still had my 14 year old daughter passed out on top of me, with my shriveled cock in her tight little cunt. This is where plan number two came to me. It was going to be risky, but the rewards could be great.
    I slowly slid Kelly up and off of me, I was already missing her warmth. I laid her on her back and slowly worked every piece of clothing off of her. She looked so good.

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       Those long tight legs, her bright white mound and slit that looked hairless with only the night light on, her thin dark stomach and her cute little tits , with the little pink nipples on top. Her face looked like that of an angel. I was starting to get hard again, but realized I better stop while I was ahead.
    I pulled the sheet up over Kelly and thought about the conversation we would have the next morning when she woke up and found herself naked in my bed. I know I can not wait until part two of this story.   

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