Topic: UNCLE EXPLORES SOMEMORE Uncle explores somemore.
 I suggest you read (Uncle explores) could still feel the sensation of my uncle's finger inside my knicker's and was wishing mum had gone much longer so that finger could have played somemore. I lay awake later wondering if my uncle would do as he said or may decide it was all to dangerous if mum caught us.
 I needn't have worried though as mum said a couple of days later. "Your uncle's coming to stay awhile while he has a new roof put on his place. It'll only be for a couple of days so well manage somehow. We did but here's the bit that mattered. It was suggested that we all went to the coast,but uncle said he'd rather not incase there was any building problems with his roof,he'd prefer to be on hand to respond. I jumped in with, "I'll stay to cook and stuff because uncle doesn't know where we put stuff" Mum chuckled, "and you do madam,that's one for the book that is!"
 They all went,I stayed. Impatient now. "When can we,you know. When? When? Can we now?" - "Whoa there, they've barely left the street and I've been thinking" My pounding heart stopped. - "You're not going to,you're not are? Oh! That's so unfair,I've been waiting days to and now you wont" I was going to thump him in the chest,but as I made to do so,he swept me off my feet and held me close in. "Feel that,that by your belly" I broke into a grin as my belly registered a whopping great hard cock pressing into me. - Bearing in mind the last time was the first time I'd heard uncle say fuck when he found his hand in my pants playing with my pussy, - "See,what do you think that is,it wants to fuck you,its hard as hell already and aching like fuck"
 This swearing seemed so natural, - "What,you're going to let that great big monster fuck me,its huge,it'll never go in my tiny pussy" A shiver went down my backbone, he's going to,he's going to force it inside my tiny quim. That thought sent a tingly dribble of juice from my orifice.

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   - "Want to see if it will in a bit? It might not but we can try if you let me" - "Now! Now! Come on where are we going to do it?" - "Steady,lets start in our usual way and you can tell me about the brother and sister. Have they done it some more yet" I nodded,again last evening in their house,he wanted to have a go on me. I nearly blurted out no I'm waiting for uncle to,but remembered just in time and just said,"No not available this week. You know what that mean don't you uncle" - "Of course,but you are I hope" - "Yeah,since two days ago, -I put my head down and in a low voice,I said - I'm as horny as hell though,my pussy wants doing,you know a good fucking. - there,I've said it now,I need fucking uncle" - Ok! Ok! So tell me,lets sit how we do and tell me how they start off and go on from there"
 Now in our usual positions I start telling him. - "Well, he never kisses her or that,but he does play with her tits,sometimes mine as well at the same time,you know one of each in each of his hands but soon he concentrates on her only. That's when I usually get his dick out and pull his stuff down. While this is going on he has his sister wriggling as he fingers her clitoris until she says put it up I'm cumming. Last night was one of the nights when he let me guide it up there. I hold it as she bends her knees and he presses his belly forward while I open her slit with one hand and puts his dick near the hole with the other" - Uncle moved uncomfortably. I could feel his bulge pressing right against my pussy right against the clit bit.
 "Lift a bit, - I thought he was going to spoil that feeling again, - a bit higher" My belly started to tumble with excitement,he wasn't moving his hard cock away,what he was doing was trying to move my dress away. "Undo those buttons like last time" I did and he lifted my dress up my back. As I settled again,he just put his hand inside my knicker waistband and immediately felt my clitoris,rubbing it this time inside its hood. My body quivered like a leaf on a branch as his searching fingers fumbled around my tight little groove.

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   - "Like that? is that how he was rubbing her pussy?" I nodded, "But without the knicker's in the way" - "Lift again then" - I knew what was coming, - "His fingers delftly slipped into my waistband and I felt my knickers going away from my bum cheeks and as he reached to push them down from my stomach and well down my thighs the sensation of a man's large hands touching my secret parts nearly made me pee.
 I felt such a sensation in this that I missed the other thing he done. - "Right,back down again" Weak and trembling I lowered myself back against his lap. I didn't freeze but in a vital moment the tell tell warmth along my thigh below my slit meant only one thing. His cock was out and pressing hotly against my bum groove and right down to my thighs. "Like the feel of it?" - "God its so big,I want to look at it" - "No wait a bit,let me do somemore feeling for you" I lay expectantly as his hands started again to play around all over my belly,pussy and bum cheeks.
 I responded as he pulled me up his belly some and then pressed my thighs open down over his thighs. He reached through my legs,mucking about down there and then his fingers started to work at my quim with many buttons making me jerk as he masterbated me frantically. With one tingle I closed my thighs and felt a warm sausage of hard flesh between my young girl thighs. I knew this was the piece of flesh ready to open my little pussy mush wider than anything I'd used to play myself up till now.
 I was going to cum. He must have known because he suddenly stopped fingering and said "Look down between your legs" On taking a peep,I was speechless,with my thighs open like this his penis was stood up hard and proud as though it was mine sticking up from my own loins. I turned my head to his face as he smiled back, "Still want it? do you think it would? Go in that is" I looked again then back at him, - "Its fucking huge,I can't believe that is its size,it felt smaller when you had it pressing against me. Do you think it would? Go in that is" He shrugged, "There's only one way to find out,but lets play somemore now your quim's calmed down a bit" I realised he'd talked me away from cumming to soon. "Talk while I play with you again,tell me what he does with his spunk"
 "Oh,that's easy,he shoots it inside nearly everytime" - "And on those other times?" - "She or sometimes I wank it till it shoots out everywhere.

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   That's usually when we say we want to see it cum" - "So what about this one,do it shoot inside or out and all over you and your clothes" - My answer was simple, - "If it wont go up me,then I'll wank it,but if it gets inside I want to feel what its like when it shoots. My friend said she can feel every spurt" He now started to work me up and I could feel lots of juice coming from his dick as he gently move in and out against my wet thighs. Each time he stopped he said, "Got a stop before I cum" and in turn I'd squeeze my thighs closed on it, "No don't it'll make me shoot off before we've tried" and I'd look and give him a mischievous grin.
 "Lets turn you round to face me" I wasn't sure about why but assumed it was because I said they done it face to face,but they were stood against a wall. - "Get the dress out the way" I did and he pulled his trousers off and opened his shirt. - "Lots of spunk and juice from you as well" he explained "better in there - as he pushed his finger in me again,making me jerk somemore,it felt the size of my friends brothers cock when I'd wanked him.  - than over our clothes" I sat across his legs now with my knees high in the air as they couldn't dangle this way round. "You really a virgin? no cock inside at all" - "Yes why?" "Well your pussy seems open" "Oh uncle,you're so nieve we sorted that with her brush handle"
 A smile of satisfaction descended on his face as I started cumming this time as his fingers went everywhere especially up inside and touched something there that made me yelp and orgasm all in a second. I clung now around his neck and like a dream he lifted my bum up and as his fingers squeezed into my soft cheeks he lowered me back down, then I felt a very large plug pressing at the entrance to my quim. I automatically wriggled and felt my pussy trying to open to the swelling,then fingers started to pull at my small labias and touch my clit again. It was oh so sensitive that I  jerked and on doing so the fat part of uncle's cock pushed up inside and then amazingly I felt the rest of his shaft opening my tight pussy tunnel as slid ever deeper almost in slow motion until I felt his pubic hairs up against my stretched gaping slit.
 "Its right up you,you took all of it,what a good girl you are. You're a natural for fucking,not a murmur as it got right in you" - I too was shocked,this was a real cock not like the one in my friend. - I measured it after our fuck,I'd took nine inches up there,would you believe. I knew what to do,I naturally bobbed up and down and in no time my uncle groaned and I felt his first sperm spurt deep up inside my belly.

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   I loved it and started bouncing even harder. The faces I was making my uncle pull was a picture until again I felt sperm spray from the fat end of his cock. - "Stop,for fucks sake stop,I feel so weak I'll fall over if I tried to stand up" - "Is that it,I thought I'd get a funny feeling as well,my friend does with her brother" - "I'm not finished,get off and lets change to another position" I climbed off of uncle and he stood.
 "Lay back across that,here's a cushion for your head,lay on your back so you can watch me fuck you as you cum" It was the table. I did as he said and I watched him as his fat still hard cock caught at my slippery hole then disappeared deep up inside me again. I moved on the table as he hit the top end of my pussy. "That's your cervix its against,when you get bigger I'll be able to push mine inside the neck of it" I had seen a picture of a cervix and felt really excited about a new feeling I could get sometime when it was opened by a dick. Now uncle got to pushing me straight into the most powerful orgasm I had ever immagined. I felt my pussy shooting juice at his thrusting dick until we exploded together in a most memorable joint orgasm.
 The sperm tried to squelch past his shaft from my tight little hole but until he finally pulled out of me most of it was still up inside. "Well clean up and go and eat somewhere" I headed for the shower,but before I went in I sat on the loo and as uncle watched glob after glob of our joint juices dropped down the pan then like two kids we looked and discussed if we thought all of the sperm had come out. I didn't get pregnant so perhaps it did. We still fuck like rabbits every chance we get and my mates brother had a try but his dick just doesn't compare to my own personal fuck machine. Old and hard is what I like!

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