Virgin Alicia


  With a beer in hand Alicia walked up the stone steps to the house that has been hers since the death of her mother and step father just two years ago. A sigh escapes her lips as she goes through the door and sees her 18 year old step brother asleep on the couch. He is so big now she mused at 6’2 he is strong and vital. Sadness seem to fill Alicia to her core, it will be so hard having him leave for college come this fall she knew. Alicia was the one meant to be taking care of Jarred, giving him a sense of security that was vital to every growing teen but in reality it was always the other way around , Jarrod was her rock her sense of security.
It seemed as though every one was leavening her she thought to her self feeling more alone then ever. Alicia went up stairs to her room shutting her eyes in a vain attempt to block out the afternoon’s painful memories that were coming with a gut wrenching speed. Her mind kept reliving the events to the point that seem to unfolded all around her like some spirit that just would not leave her alone in till she gives in. Stepping into her bedroom she takes off her dress, and closing her eyes she finally lets her self remember.
Clumsy wet hands running down her hips
“Come on baby you know you want it” he sneers his voice echoing in her mind
John, her boyfriend was pushing Alicia down on the bed, his rough hands began tugging at her low cut black dress. Her pink bra became the only barrier between him and the nipple that he wanted. John bit the side of her firm breast viciously ripping the thin fabric with is teeth. He’s hands pulling her thighs apart dragging down her pink lace panties. His slickly sweet breath fills the air as his mouth came down upon her sensitive nipple with such force that a cry of pain involuntary sprang from Alicia’s lips. John started tugging her nether lips forcing two fingers into her much too tight hole. The sensation of his foreign fingers viciously invading her body was more painful than she could endure.

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“What the hell are you doing?” she cried pushing her boyfriend off her and running from the bed.
He was gorgeous laying there with his arm lifting him up from the bed. At 5’9 John had the body of a pagan god that needed to be worshiped. Strong build with big muscles, strong arms and legs. Any women would kill to be in her shoes she knew and yet looking down at his perfect form did noting to her body. Alicia Clench her inner thighs and was disappointed to find that she was dry for all his perfection John did not tern her on in any way.
Maybe there is something wrong with me. she thought to her self.
“What the fuck is wrong with you? He asked looking up at her.
“We have been together for two months now I don’t care if you are a virgin. I have put up with this shit a long time, now its your turn put out or get out. ”
He went to reach for her again but the thought of his sweaty hands on her body made her slightly sick. Unconsciously Alicia backs away
“ I’m sorry baby, I know you have been patient with me but please just give me more time” Alicia pulls him to the edge of the bed and sits in between his legs. She can see his cock has all ready made a tent in his shorts. Alicia pulls his fully erect penis out.

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   Alicia had seen enough movies to know the he was not very big. She had done this before but she could never seem to like giving head. He always had an odd smell around his dick and each time it had a tasted of bitter acid but he love it and Alicia loved him. Closing her hand on the tip of the head a bead of pre cum filled its peek. Alicia already knew what John wanted taking a deep breath she lowers her head and takes him in her mouth. The taste of him made her gag
“You can’t do anything right can you” John says pushing her on the floor his dick already softening
“My God Alicia your 25 years old and you have never even had sex there is something wrong with you”
“Please baby I’m sorry I am going to get better all you have to do is show me how” she said climbing on her knees to touch him
“I ‘m not showing you anything where done now get the fuck out of my house I need to find my self a real woman”
Alicia ran out of the house as fast as her legs could carry her. Praying to get to her car before she starting crying in humiliation . She called her friends to go to a club hoping that drinking would send her into a mind numbing oblivion that she knew that would help ease her pain. But seeing their dunking frivolity did noting to ease her spirit saying good bye to her friends she went home.
Standing in her room looking at her naked body in the full length mirror staring at her refection from her hazel almond shape eyes she looks at her self from head to toe with her brown curls gently cascading down her hips. She was attractive looking, as her hands went passed her hips. Being a Latina she was blessed with a shapely body and a full D cup breast Alicia was fit and toned she knew many guys who wanted to go out with her it was the sex part that she could never seem to get right.
It was not like she was some sexless creature Alicia mused her hands trailing over her sensitive skin she closed her eyes and sighed. A picture of her boy friend came to her mind and all her sexual feelings came down do a crashing halt her eyes went back to the full beer she left by her night stand
“By this time I would be drunk out of my mind, Maybe I should of stayed with my friends”
But the thought of being in a drunken haze no longer appealed to her that was something she would do every weekend with John. Pulling the cool sheets she laid down and prayed that sleep would claim her soon.

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Later on that night….
Something woke her from her dreamless slumber and she did not know how but she knew it was a person but Alicia could hardly see the form that had entered her room till the soft light on her night stand filled the figures face with a pale glow it was her step brother Jarred. What the hell is he doing in here she thought to her self. Probably trying to steal some money her mind answered back. Just as she was about to ask him what the hell he was doing there the look in his eyes made the words die in her throat he had the looked pure hunger.
“Ali are you up?” his whisper was low and seductive it sent tingles down Alicia’s spine. Her mind whirled in confusion this is Jarred her mind scream but her eyes could not help but look at him in a whole new perspective he was attractive in a white t-shirt and black pants but in a way she had never seen him as a man. He looked like a warrior sent to claim his prey. Maybe she was still a little drunk after all she reasoned Though hooded eyes she watches as he step closer to her bed.
“You really should stop drinking so much that fucker you go out with is no good for you, you know” Jarred walked to the night stand and turned the light to fully brighten the room. He watched her with such strong intensity the she felt as if her body was being caressed my invisible hands. Taking a deep swig of the beer he reach down and removed the covers off her body.
Jarred should not be here, in this room that he knew. His feet however kept moving to the bed were Alicia laid. Every weekend she always came back the same way, from hours of endless partying so drunk that she could never seem remember what had happened the night before.

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   Ever since then Jarred would come in to her bed room. At first it was just to look at her beautiful form laying there so peaceful so angelic but Jarred soon found that just looking at her was not enough and for about two weeks he started touching her light strokes barely skin on skin but for some reason he knew tonight he was not going to be satisfied with just that Jarred needed more he wanted to hear her cries of passion as she orgasm and know that he was the man responsible for it. It’s the only time were I can smell her, touch her, taste her and if that makes me an ass or the worse man alive then so be it. His mind reasoned.
“You really are so beautiful” Jarred whispered, his hands gliding down to pull the satin sheets to see her perfect body. Giving into the urge Jarred removed the silky strands of dark honey colored hair that covered her oval shape face. His hands slid further down to caress Alicia’s cheek her skin so soft flawless.
“As soft as rose petals” he spoke out loud.
He bent his head the scent of her body filled his senses she smelled of Jasmine and women. Jarred licked the inner shell of her ear doing it just because he could he cock hardened instantly. Alicia’s light brown colored nipple called to him begging to be sucked a hiss filled the air as lips touch skin whether if it was his voice or hers he would never know. The taste of her skin was like the strongest aphrodisiac he had ever known and the yearning to slide his throbbing dick into her silky heat hit him with such a force that he could barely restrain him self from doing just that. Cupping the neglected breast with his hand Jarred rolled the eraser size nipple between his forefinger and thump.
“I will be inside of you Alicia, one day baby there will be nothing to keep you from me” his husky whisper filled the room.
Jarrod began to massage her flat stomach running circles around her pierced bellybutton traveling down to caress her hips, firm legs and feet.

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   Kneeling on the floor he slowly spreads her thighs enjoy the feeling of her of finally being able to do what he has been so longing to do. Since the very first time he had set eyes on her at the age of 14 he craved her the sent the feel the taste. Jarrod’s body tight with passion. The need to ram into her fiery heat was overwhelming. His breathing coming out harshly he was surprised to feel that Alicia was already wet. Her nether lips swelling and glistening in welcome, moans spilling from soft lips.
“Please oh God please” Alicia cries. Body shaking her hair cascades down her face as she tosses her head from side to side her hands tightening around the tangled sheets as if it were some kind of life line.
Was Alicia dreaming of her lover? Did she even have a lover ? Does she have more than one? The thought of her dreaming of John or some other faceless man swept Jarrod with such feelings of possession that his lust quickly turned to a blinding rage that any thought of taking his time and going gently were obliterated from his mind. The need to claim her as if to bind her some how to him became so overwhelming that Jarrod’s mind screamed to him that he should leave to go back to his own room. But the call of her supple body was to powerful with a groan of surrender that escaped his lips as he grab her thighs more roughly than he intended to. Jarrod bent his head to taste her dewy folds ….
To be Continue
Please tell me what you think this is my first story so any insight you can give me I would be very gratefull thanks. myjuly96@yahoo. com

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