Virgin becomes slave, part 1


Arriving at college I found out that I was sharing an apartment style suite with 3 other girls that was also pledging to the same sorority as I was. That was the only thing about the college that bothered me. It was mandatory that every single student joined some sort of sorority or fraternity, and you had to choose one before you started classes. I had came up earlier that summer and tried my best to do my research on the most calm sorority that the college had. I believed I had found it, the one I was pledging to never had any police coming out to the parties that they had, no complaints about the parties at all, rather quiet and they didn’t even had very many. That weekend was Labor Day weekend so we had an extra day off from classes, but my sorority wasn’t allowed to go home, that was when the pledges would meet the sorority sister that would be over them. I was placed with a girl in her junior year named Caitlin. Unbeknownst to me the sorority sisters thought I was too shy and reserve so they placed me under the most outgoing sister they had. They told the pledges that they must called their big sister Mistress when they are in private, I thought that was rather odd, but figure it was something to make us more obedient to them. Also, we was also told at that first meeting, that we must do whatever our Mistresses told us to do, as long as it didn’t involve extreme pain, permeate bodily damage, or involved anything that we could contract STD’s from. I did think that was extremely odd, but figured it was just something legal they had to say. I was told to meet Mistress Caitlin that evening. Arriving at her apartment, Mistress Caitlin had me stand in the middle of the room. She walked around me, looking at me, poking at my sides with a ruler she had in her hand . “Well slave, the first thing on the agenda is to wear tighter clothing. I believe there is a descent body underneath all of that bulk.

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   Am I right slave?” I simply mumbled a yes and blushed to my hair roots. Mistress Caitlin slapped my butt with a ruler, enough to make it sting. I yelled out in pain and surprise. “Listen slave, when I ask you a question, I expect an audible answer, you understand me?” she growled at me. I nodded, then looking at her face I responded “Y-Yes mistress”“Good slave, so do you have a hot body underneath all of those clothes?”“H-hot? I don’t know. ” I stammered. By this time I was so embarrassed I was surprised that I could even talk. She slapped me again with the ruler, harder than before. “When you address me, you call me mistress!”“Y-yes mistress”“Now since you don’t know what kind of body you have, I must find out for myself. Take off your clothes slave”My eyes widen and I shook my head no, refusing to do so. I never went out for sports in high school because I didn’t want to have to take a shower in front of anyone. She slapped my butt three times with the ruler. “Remember, if you disobey, no sorority, no sorority no college. Now take off your clothes, I want to see what I have to work with. ”Whimpering, I complied, what else could I have done? I had to have that college education, my family couldn’t afford any other college since I was receiving a full ride here.

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   I slowly started to undress , first taking off my shoes and socks, then my jeans. Waiting to do my shirt last since it fairly went to my thighs anyway. I hesitated before I started to take off my shirt, my hands shaking. “Come on slave, nothing to be ashamed of, you got nice legs so far, lets see those tits of yours. ”Biting my bottom lip to keep from crying, I took off my shirt and let it fall to the floor. My arms automatically wrap themselves around my body trying to hide it. My mistress did not like that at all. She hit me with the ruler five times across my butt and hips. “No slave! For that you will have to undress fully. Take off your bra and panties. ”“Please no, don’t make me. ” I begged. With a slap that I thought should have broken the ruler, she said “Now slave! Don’t make have to tell you again!”Intimated by her, and with shaky hands I took off my bra and panties. Standing there in the middle of the living, in front of a practical stranger, naked, trying with all my might not to cover myself up with my arms again, I wonder what I had gotten myself into. “Mmm, nice slave.

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   Who would have thought you would have that kind of body. Hrmm, I just don’t like that bush of yours, too full. We must do something about that. Come with me into the bathroom. ”“Mistress?”“Now slave, I do hate to repeat myself. Try and not make me again, or I‘ll have to punish you. ”Reluctantly, I followed her into the bathroom, afraid of what she would do to me if I didn’t comply. When we entered the bathroom she ordered me to sit on the side of the bathtub, with my legs spread apart. I did this. I could feel my face go hot, knowing my whole body was blushing. I had my head turn away with my eyes closed when my mistress came up to me. Apparently my legs weren’t spread wide enough because she pushed the back forcefully, making me wince in pain. Forcing them to be parallel to the side of the tub, actually touching the side of it. “Keep them like that slave, and put your arms behind you, sit on them, I want those tits of yours to stick out!”I was whimpering and crying, I so did not want to do this, but I had no choice if I wanted to stay in school. My mistress didn’t like me crying.

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   She slapped me across my thighs with the ruler and told me to stop, she wanted her slaves to be happy slaves. Not wanting any more hitting from the ruler, I tried my best to keep the tears in. “Now let’s see about that bush of yours slave, “ as she was saying this Mistress Caitlin started to run her fingers through my pubic hair. I opened my eyes and was about to protest, when Mistress pulled on my pubic hair, making me wince. “I don’t want any protests from you slave, if you say anything else tonight it had better saying you like something, you got me?” She said this while she actually pulled out some of my hair, making me whimper. All I could do is bite my bottom lip and nod. Mistress had kneeled in front of me, between my legs, she kept running her fingers through my hair, over my mound, her hot mouth brushing across my chest. To my surprise and horror my nipples started to become erect. I started to try think I was someplace else, anyplace but here. “I’ve decided, I’m going to shave you bald,” with that she grabbed a can of shaving lotion and sprayed it in her hands. She proceeded to coat my mound with the shaving lotion, thoroughly. Covering it more then it really needed. I squirmed under her ministration, which when I did Mistress would pulled on my pubic hair again, making me sit still. She applied more shaving cream to her hands and rubbed it in to my mound, sliding her fingers over my lips, once and a while a nail would slip in and graze my clit, making me jump. This was the only time my mistress would actually smile.

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   I started to get some new (at the time) feelings coming from pussy that I had never felt before. I then realized that I was getting turned on, and by a woman! I was so ashamed of myself, all I could do was look away as she was stroking my pussy. At this time I heard the front room door open and close. “Hey Cat where are you at?”, a male voice called out. “We’re in the bathroom, come on in,” then Mistress turned towards me and said “that is my live in boyfriend Vincent, you’ll be seeing a lot of him. ”“What do we have here babe?” Vincent asked. Eyes widen and in shock of a man seeing me undressed I automatically tried to close my legs and cover myself with my arms, but my mistress wouldn’t have any of that. She slapped my hard across my face and told me to get back in position. Trembling I spread my legs again and put my hands underneath my butt. “Well, it’s a slave that is about to get her bush shaved for the very first time. I was going to do it, but since she was disobedient and moved, I’ll let you do it instead. ”Whimpering and wanting to say no, but couldn’t I just sat there looking away. Vincent kneeled down in front of me rolling his shirt sleeves up. He then placed his hand on my jaw and made me look at him. “I want you to see every stroke I’m about to do, and if you turn away or close your eyes for a minute Cat here will punish you, got it?”Whimpering I nodded, taking in some relief that he couldn’t rape me since the verbal contract with the sorority wouldn’t allowed that.

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   I held still and looked at his hands. They were stroking my pussy, rubbing in the lather, even though it didn’t need it. I knew now that they were doing this for humiliation, which they were doing extremely well. Vincent continue to rub and stroke my pussy like Mistress Caitlin did, but he went further. He actually put his finger in my slit rubbing my clit over and over again. He was making me enjoy this humiliation, pushing hard on my clit, making a moan escape from my lips. He laughed at me and then grabbed the razor. He pushed my legs back against the tub, and with one hand used slow strokes up my pussy, shaving it. With the other he continued to stroke my clit, or when shaving made it impossible, tugging on my nipples. By this time I trembling not just in fear and embarrassment, but also in pleasure. Ashamed of myself of enjoying it, not wanting to. I was thinking what happen to the good little girl from back home, how could I enjoy this debasement? Vincent continued to stroke my clit even after he was done shaving my pussy, making me watch. Seeing his hands stroking my pussy and thighs was actually turning me on more. I was biting my bottom lip to keep any moans in, not wanting them to know how well I enjoyed it, when Vincent plunged his finger in side of my pussy. Laughing he said now that he knew I was enjoying it, and he pulled out his finger and I could see it coated with my juices.

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   He licked his finger cleaned and told me I tasted good. Mistress Caitlin came over at that and told him to get some more out so she can taste. He eagerly pushed his finger in my pussy, which before that night had had nothing in it, taking out more of my juices, letting her lick it off. “Mmm, that is good, put it tastes just a bit soapy, lets rinse her off. ” They took a bowl of warm water and placed it under me. Then they proceeded to take turns cupping some water up in their hands and letting it washed over my now sensitive bare pussy. I could tell it was turning them on. Vincent had a huge bulge in his pants and Mistress Caitlin kept tugging on her breasts through her shirt. I was almost afraid that they might forget about the sorority rule and go ahead and rape me. But watching them being turned on was also making me hot. I was shaking with desire when the finally had all the lather rinsed off of me. They began to plunge their fingers in me, coating them with my flowing juices, and licking their fingers clean. I must have tasted pretty good because they were feasting on the juices like they were starving. Over and over again they kept plunging their fingers in me, rubbing my clit, making me ache, until finally I let out a loud moan, almost a scream, and had my very first organism. They laughed at me and said what a good little slave I was to cum for them.

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   They told me to get dressed and come back the next morning, bright and early at 7 am. This is only half of the story, but I didn't know if I should proceed, please tell me what you think. This is my very first story I ever wrote like this. Thank you.
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