Wife Cuckolds Me Pt.1


I guess it is my own fault really. After all I had been after my wife for years to have a threesome, but I never imagined it would lead to where I am today. My wife and I had been married for about twenty-three years and had produced two beautiful children; my son who is 13 and our daughter who is 16, but I felt like we needed to spice up our sex life. Don’t get me wrong we had sex quite frequently, but it was the same kind of boring sex and I wanted to try new things to get the fire that we had when we first married.
One day after another ho-hum love making session I broached the idea of having a threesome to my wife. I told her I thought it would bring the spice back into our sex life. “Oh what you think we don’t have any spice,” she said. “No it’s not that hun, its just…. don’t you get tired of the same old sex we have been having” I said. “I think everything is perfectly fine and I am disgusted you would even consider that I would approve of this,” was all she said before she rolled over and went to sleep.
I brought up the topic a few more times over the next two months and every time she seemed like she was warming up to the idea, but she was still refusing full force. Finally I let the subject die but I guess my wife didn’t.
After another one of our bland sessions my wife asked me, “This threesome you want to have, if it with another girl or another guy?” “Well I would prefer another girl, but it is up to you ultimately,” was all I could say, I wasn’t going to risk her slamming the door completely on the idea now that she is bringing it up. “If, and this is a BIG if, I decide to do this I want it to be with another guy. ” Now I was a little bit hurt by this because I thought I was doing a damn good job satisfying my wife, but I did tell her it was her choice. “Ok sweetie, did you have anyone particular in mind?” I asked her, figuring she already had someone in mind, but all she did was shake her head and rolled over and fell asleep……another night with her ass facing me.

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A few weeks passed and I didn’t give the conversation much thought. One day I came home from work at the local steel mill and I was exhausted. I walked into the kitchen and heard voices. One I recognized as my wife’s but the other was unfamiliar to me. “Sweetie I’m home,” I called out. “Sweet heart I want you to meet Tyrone, he works for the city in public works. ” She said. “Nice to meet you Tyrone, what brings you by this evening?” I asked him, but my wife jumped in before he could answer. “Well dear, you wanted a threesome and I had to call public works today for the water not working and they sent Tyrone. Well we got to talking and I told him about your idea and he agreed to be our third. So let’s get our butts upstairs and get this thing going. ”
Tyrone wasn’t the kind of guy I thought my wife would go for in a million years. Christ first of f he had to be like 50 or damn close to it and he was 20 pounds overweight if he was an ounce. I didn’t know why my wife would choose him, but I would soon find out.
As we made our way upstairs Tyrone was feeling up my wife and she didn’t even mind that a guy as far as I knew she had met today was feeling her up as we walked.

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We got into our bedroom and my wife told me she wanted to do something else to spice up our sex life since I was getting my request. “Sweetie, since you are getting your wish for a threesome, I want you to give me something I want. ” I couldn’t refuse her. “Sure hun anything you want, you name it. ” I said. “Well I want you to let me tie you to the bed,” a little weird but nonetheless I agreed and we all got out of our clothing. As I lay on the bed, my wife tied my hands and feet to our bed spread eagle style and then I got the biggest shock of my life to that point. “Sweetie, I have a confession I need to make to you. You see I didn’t just meet Tyrone today, he has actually been fucking me for the past three years and I am sick of hiding it from you. I asked Tyrone to come here tonight, so you can finally see what a real man gives me, because after tonight you will be his too.
My heart nearly jumped out of my chest, my wife of twenty-three years had just admitted to be cheating on me. I tried to get free from the ropes but damn if she didn’t tie them tight. As I kept struggling my wife climbed onto the bed over my stomach giving me a perfect view of her pussy, “show this pussy how a real man fucks a woman. ” “You better watch this boy otherwise I’m going to give you a good beatin,” was all he said as he moved behind my wife. Now I must admit that even if he was near 50 his cock was damn impressive.

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   It wasn’t even fully hard yet and it was already like 8 inches.
Tyrone positioned himself behind my wife whose pussy I could see was dripping wet before he had even touched her and in one swift movement plunged his entire cock into my wife’s pussy. “AHHHH fuck yeah, you see that you little wimp this is what a real man looks like inside a woman,” she said as she began pushing back on his cock to meet his thrusts. This went on for about twenty minutes and the sounds of his balls slapping against her and the squishing sound of her soaked pussy were driving me nuts, as I looked down I noticed my cock was fully hard. She noticed this too and didn’t hesitate to ridicule me for it, “Ugh……you like…. . oooo…. . seeing another man……. . oh fuck……. . fuck your wife…. . shit baby fuck me, fuck me like this bitch can’t.

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Tyrone was slamming my wife’s pussy hard and fast, his breathing was getting faster and I could see his balls tightening, then he let out a loud groan as his cock erupted inside my wife, “AAAARRRGGGGHHHHH,” “yes baby fill my pussy, he’s going to love what’s coming next. ” He had to of shot for about a minute and I saw his cum start dripping out of my wife’s totally fucked pussy.
Tyrone pulled his cock from my wife’s pussy and what happened next was the worst yet. “Now bitch, you are going to suck all of his cum out of my cunt and eat it,” and with that she lowered to about an inch over my face and let a few drops of his cum drip out before completely dropping her pussy on my face. As I struggled to breath I couldn’t help but get his cum in my mouth. It was disgusting but at the same time I liked it.
As I was licking her pussy clean all three of us heard a voice from down stairs. “Mom? Dad? I’m home, where are you guys?” It was my daughter Nancy and I heard her coming up the stairs…….