A Day with the ex


OK so this is my first teen story for you all.
WARNING:::This is non-fiction and fiction, some of this really happened with my along time ago girlfriend, and I will spice it up for you all. So please enjoy :)


It was a nice Wednesday at school. It was nearing the end of the year so we had alot of testing day's which resulted in half-days. So I made plans with my girlfriend Michelle to go over to her house and hang out. So I went through all my classes thinking about getting to her house and having a good time with her. She is a very tame girl. I was her real first boyfriend, never did anything sexual,32A (I believe, could be different now), blonde and about 5'5''. More over she was very innocent, just looking at her you can tell, but I really warmed her up good. So after four boring hours at school we we're let out. We met up and her mother took us to her place.

Once we got inside we did the normal, lounging around in her room, watched some TV with her mom and ate lunch too. Her dad worked a long time during the day so I didn't see him much, but still knew him well. So apparently after a while her mother decided she needed to go shopping for a while. She never normally left us alone but she said she would be back soon. I looked over to Michelle and kissed her on the neck, and whenever I did she tilted her head away so I have more space to do so.

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  I kissed up and down on her neck, to her cheek to her lips. We made out on the couch for about five minutes and I stopped to look at her innocent eyes and she smiled a devilish smile. "What's with that look?"She looked away and then leaned me up. "I was thinking we can go into my room and continue there?"She got up without my answer and took off. Now I was already sorta excited so I was at least so far extended to 3 inches or so, easily seen through shorts.

I got on the bed where she was waiting, her covers we're as soft as she was, like stuffed animal soft. We made out more as we laid side by side I put my hand over her body and pulled her in close. I would usually sneak my hand up the back of her shirt and rub her back or sometimes claw it, she loved that alot. After a while I slid my same hand between her legs and grabbed her ass hard. She was turned on more by this than anything else, groping her nice bubbly butt. She always got friskier too, which was a big plus. "Want to get on top of me now?"I nodded yes and attacked her neck as I rolled on top of her. She put her legs up around me and we dry-humped for a while.

"Can I ask you something babe?" I asked her. "What is it?"I stopped kissing on her.

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  "Ever wanted to go further than this?"She looked at me serious, but with a wanting look. "You want to have sex?. . . "I nodded. I laid next to her then. She looked at me. "Your not teasing me are you?""And if I am?" I jokingly said. She sighed and as she got up off the bed she said to me "You always want to start trouble don't you?"She was mad now. She hated when I was a tease, but I only joked though. Now I was wondering how am I going to get her back into the moment. She came around and stood in front of her dresser next to me. I made my sudden move.

I got up and got behind her pulling her back to my front and whispered in her ear, "What if I like getting into trouble with you. "With that I reached around to her front and slipped in my hands from the bottom of the shirt, then up and fondled her breasts.

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  So soft and bouncy, her tit's so small but so good. I wanted her now. I lifted up the shirt over her breasts exposing her body, I then leaned in and started kissing on her neck and she gasped. I then moved one hand down to her pelvis and pushed her into my cock and she felt how big I was, for I was fully turned on. "If I turn around, give myself to you, you won't use me?. . . "I stood for a moment, shocked that she asked me that of all things. "Never babe".

She spun around with her pure white body and her blue bra still lingering over her breasts, and embraced me with a powerful knock-out kiss that I felt her shake about. "Ready for this?"She pulled away and asked if I had protection. "Sorry I never found time to buy any. ""Don't cum in me?""Deal babe. "

She lifted off the rest of her shirt exposing the rest of her succulent, tender, soft, nimble body. I wanted her so bad.

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  She took off my shirt and got down on her knee's and pulled down my shorts. She saw my boxers and she slowly slid them down to expose my erect cock. She looked up at m, and I at her. I thought to myself, Is she really going to blow me. Then all of a sudden I gasped hard. She took all of me in her mouth. She slowly started sucking me down and I couldn't believe she was. "How are you doing this babe??"She stopped for a moment and told her she looked at porn just to get this right. "What else did you see that you liked babe?"She smiled.

She stood up and kissed me again. I could taste myself on her lips, didn't even care either. She undid her belt and took it off, and she unbuttoned and zipped down her pants and slid it all off. Now she told me she never shaved but, even hairy that pussy looked gorgeous. "Get on that bed right now, I'm gonna tear you UP!" She jumped on that bed and so did I. I went down and spread er legs and ate her out for at least 10 minutes, she moaned and tossed around in arousal.

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  I knew I was doing good. She told me to grab her ass as I did it too, so me being nice to her at the moment I did. "Yes YES HARDER HARDER" she started to shout. I then took this as my opportunity to start fucking my girlfriend for the first time. I got up to her face and kissed her energetically. I put my cock to her pussy and slid it in. She immediately moaned and orgasmed, get herself so wet. "Just wait 'till I really start fucking you babe,. "I went back and forth on her and kissed her breasts as I did, she moaned in pure ecstasy. "FUCK ME HARDER"As soon as I did that, I felt something different. She screamed and I couldn't help but cover mouth. "What the fuck is wrong? Why are you yelling!""I think you just took my virginity.

"What?"I'm a virgin. . .

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  are you mad?" I looked at her and said "Hmmm let's see how mad I am. "I lifted up my pelvis and slammed her hard one good time, she moaned hard and in my face. She smiled and wrapped her arms and legs around me. I fucked her for a whole half hour. Rocking that small girl back and forth as she moaned and groaned over and over getting wetter and wetter as we continued. "OK babe it's your turn on top. "She didn't object as she still held on to me I rolled on to my back and she leaned her body up and looked down on me. She smiled. "Are you ready for this you fucking magnificent man of mine?""More than ever babe. "She started going up and down, not even slow, hard and fast. Her breasts moved up and down nicely and firmly. Arching her head back and moaning out loud, her juices sprayed down onto my cock and her bed. It felt amazing she was still pounding up and down on my full 7 inches, like a trooper. I was so happy with her. After about another 15 minutes or so she slowed down and fell on me.

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  I held her close and fucked her a little more, hearing her soft moans over and over with every thrust.

We laid there for a moment and I realized I was about to cum. "Babe get off, hurry!" "why what is it?" as she lifted herself up, I looked at her body and then it just happened. I came far up inside of her and I saw the expression on her face, and she knew. I felt her pussy contract on me hard squeezing my cock i flinched. We stayed in the same position as I spurted about four more times. She got off me and ran to the bathroom. After a moment I heard the toilet flush. She came back with a little sob in her voice. "I pushed it out as much as I could. "I hated seeing her sad. "Babe get in the bed. I'm going to help you. " Confused she went to the bed and sat down. I got off the bed and got on my knees and started eating her.

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  She moaned again but Istarted sucking on her pussy. I felt some cum come out. Her pussy juices, my cum and a hint of blood went in my mouth but I didn't care. I sucked on her pussy for 5 minutes straight. "OK I think that's enough my pussy hurts!" I went up to her and made out with her and she licked the moist variables of juices on my lips and decided to go down on me one last time.

"You know we did some damage today babe, maybe we should do this again another day"She bit down on my cock and kept it bit down for a while and let go. God did that pain feel good. She licked up her lips and got up and hugged me and said "Sounds like a plan"

PART 2???

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