A Fouresome with my Teacher and other Two Students


My relationship with Ms. Phillips, aka Megan, was going to take an interesting turn this time. In each homeroom at my school, there were three homeroom advisors - I was one of them, along with two girls, Samantha and Lindsay. Samantha was a short, busty Jewish girl with light brown hair, gorgeous blue eyes, and, of course, excellent-sized boobs. She had a larger nose than most, but this was always a turn on for me since I am Jewish as well and have similar characteristics on my face. Her ass was pretty tight, but not in the best of shape. It was just how she was built, I suppose. Lindsay is a whole other beast - she has slightly short natural blond hair, with even more gorgeous, more beautiful blue eyes. She is very petite, and even shorter than Samantha. She has nicely-shaped, but small breasts with perky tits that often pushed through her shirt. She has drop dead gorgeous legs and thighs, and her ass was as sweet as can be - small, but incredibly tight and sexy. She had thin lips, and a nice sharp chin and nose that made her seem above everybody else. Her skin was perfectly tan and well-treated, just like Samantha's was. Today happened to be the homeroom advisor meeting which takes place after school. The first thing Megan did when we all entered the classroom was put a piece of paper on the door's window to cover it up. She then proceeded to tell the girls, in excruciating detail, of the other day when we made passionate love.

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   I just stood in disbelief as she told the girls this with hardly a care in the world - the girls turned around, looked at me with wide eyes and strange looks. I muttered, stuttering,"M. . . Miss Phillips. . . Megan. . . what are you doing?!"This sealed the deal for the other two girls, and they proceeded to look at each other in amazement. What were two teenaged girls supposed to think when they heard that a guy had been fucking his own teacher?Ms. Phillips went on, "But girls, I think that this meeting would be an excellent opportunity for you to see why I did this. I can tell you both aren't virgins anymore, but I guarantee you girls haven't been fucked like I was before. There's something incredibly strange about his cock, and how it's shaped, that just makes it unbelievably pleasurable.

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   It's something I've never felt before. Not only is it big, but it hits the spot every time. Just one fuck from him, and you'll fall in love with him just like I did. "This is the first I had heard of this, but the girls seemed to be interested. Hormones were going nuts right about now on the part of all three of the homeroom advisors. Ms. Phillips sat with joy as the two girls pondered what this meant. Samantha exlaimed, "Oooh. . . my god. This is perfect! I've loved you for so long Andrew. . . you're soooo hot.

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  "Lindsay replied, "I like him too! He's fucking gorgeous!!"I had no idea I was this attractive! But I wasn't going to argue with what they were saying. "Samantha. . I want you - I always have since I first laid eyes on you. . . and Lindsay, you're just too sexy to live, and Megan, of course, I love you with all my heart. But I don't want to break what we have together. "Megan replied, "No, Andrew, this is good. I want to do this with you. "This was enough assurance for me. I looked hungrily at Samantha as I strolled quickly towards her. She got up from her seat at her desk, and put her arms around me. She immediately pressed her lips against mine. I proceeded to return her kiss and move my hands down to her ass.

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   I pulled her close to me, her amazing breasts rubbing against my body - I wanted her shirt off so badly. There wasn't one set of breasts I wanted to see more in the world than Samantha's. I started sucking on Samantha's lower lip as I grabbed the bottom of her shirt. I pulled it over her head, exposing a black bra underneath, along with her sexy tummy. Samantha grabbed both straps of her bra and pulled them down her arms, and then unhooked the bra from behind. She threw it aside, and her beautiful boobs dropped slightly from their position, into their natural form. Her nipples were pure, soft, and big, just waiting for me to suck on them. I was literally salivating from this site. I wanted so badly to touch them. I looked over my shoulder to find Megan and Lindsay kissing each other, with Megan's hand rubbing Lindsay's crotch. I was even more turned on, and when I looked back at Samantha's beautiful body moving closer and closer towards me, my cock turned rock hard. I cupped Samantha's left breast, and began feeling her nipples. They were turning hard fast, so I put my mouth around her nipple and sucked on it. I released it from my mouth with a loud popping sound, and moved on to the right breast. Both breasts were now hard and erect.

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   I turned Samantha around, placed my cheek right against her ass, and unzipped her jeans. I pulled them down slowly, exposing her black thong. Samantha stepped out of these jeans, and faced towards me. She moved the thong to one side so I had access to her wet, tight pussy. It was perfectly shaped from the outside, and I was eager to finger her. I slid two fingers in, the other hand grasping her boobs, and began to slide in and out of her pussy. Her vagina contracted with the touch of my fingers, and she began moaning quietly. I looked over my shoulder again to find Megan and Lindsay on top of a desk, with both their clothes off. Megan was on top of Lindsay, her much fuller body dominating Lindsay's, her breasts pushing against Lindsay's small chest with quite a bit of force. Megan's ass was high in the air as she reached down to kiss Lindsay passionately - both of them were moaning loudly, clearly enjoying the company of one another. I got up from my place and Samantha and I both walked to the desk. I slipped out of my pants and boxers, and the three girls looked my way. They were happy to see the snake unleashed from its cage, it appeared. They glanced at my cock with amazement - with unbelievable urge. I walked up to Megan, and placed my cock inside of her delicious 26 year old pussy, for the second time in my life, and began to thrust in and out, while she was still on top of Lindsay.

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   She began to moan pretty loudly, and she started to kiss Lindsay some more. Samantha then climbed on top of the desk and squatted above Lindsay's face. Lindsay took her mouth away from Megan's and began to furiously tongue Samantha's pussy - she was really excited, since I could see pussy juices dripping down from her. Lindsay, with her luxurious little mouth and small, pointed nose, attacked Samantha's pussy, as I continued to fuck Megan. I began going a little faster, her magnificent ass jiggling slightly as I picked up speed. I stopped fucking Megan, and then she moved back on the desk, saying,"I'm glad I got the big teacher's desk this year. Otherwise, we couldn't fit all of us on at once!", finishing with a chuckle. With my dick still inside her, she moved even further back, pushing my cock nearly as far as I could go inside her, so that she had better access to Lindsay's extremely small, tight pussy. Unlike Samantha, Lindsay's pussy looked shaven, whereas Samantha had her pubic hairs trimmed. I continued to fuck Megan as I wrapped my body around Megan's back and kissed her neck, licking the sweat off of her body. I began breathing very heavily on Megan's skin, feeling her beautiful boobs from behind. I placed my hands firm on the desk, right near Lindsay's legs, and started to thrust with all my might, with each thrust shoving Megan in and out of Lindsay's pussy. This made Lindsay's body vibrate, her small boobs going up and down, fighting gravity. It was the sexiest thing I had ever seen. Samantha had her face pointed up in the air, moaning and yelling so loudly, with pleasure, that spit was coming out of her mouth.

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   With one final huge push, I felt Megan was about to cum. And boy did she - just like last time, she squirted all over the place. She shot an extremely hard, fast load of her pussy juices straight onto the desk. I pulled out of her pussy and licked up the remaining juices from her pussy before it was too late. Lindsay and Samantha stopped what they were doing, and looked at what Megan had just done, astounded. "See girls?" Megan went on, "This is what he makes me do. ""Oh my goddd", they replied in unison. I went around the desk and grabbed Lindsay from the desk. I picked her up and put her on her feet. I then climbed onto the desk, and laid down, my cock facing up in the air. Lindsay climbed on top of me, her breasts and ultra-hard nipples piercing my chest, and kissed me violently, unable to control her urges. Her tongue explored my mouth quickly, hardly allowing me room to breathe - but i thought it was so sexy! I returned the favor by kissing her back in a similar fashion, and then picked her up and turned her around. She squatted right above my cock, and gently lowered herself down onto it. It was a most unbelievable feeling - she was so small and tight! What Megan had done to Lindsay's pussy served as incredible lube. I slid in with ease, as Megan stood up on the desk, her pussy facing Lindsay.

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   She sat on my cock, as I began to ram her from the desk, making the desk shake loudly with each thrust. Lindsay grabbed onto Megan's legs for support and buried her face into Megan's pussy. Samantha didn't waste much time either. She climbed onto the other side of the desk, and crouched onto my face. Her pussy was right at my mouth, and her asshole was a bit above my nose. She smelled so sweet, and I began to lick her out as I continuously rammed Lindsay with pure primal lust. I could tell that Lindsay was getting closer and closer to cumming, as she had to dig her nails into Megan's skin to stay supported. She was trembling with pleasure! Samantha started to moan as well, and I moved my hands from Lindsay's fine ass for a moment and reached up, squeezing Samantha's breasts with absolutely no care for her well being. I pulled and grabbed and tweaked her nipples with sexual fury, as I began using my teeth to reach further into her pussy. Samantha nearly began crying with absolute joy and pleasure, yelling at me "Don't stop, Andrew! Don't STOP!!"I put my hands back down onto Lindsay's ass, grabbing tightly, and started thrusting and licking in rhythm. Thrust, lick, thrust, lick - I heard the moans come one after another, with Megan continuously moaning as she pushed Lindsay's face deeper and deeper into her young pussy. Lindsay's pussy juices were running down my shaft now, and her pussy was closing in tightly around my cock - she was about ready to cum. She started to yell loudly, and her pussy grasped my cock extremely hard, and then she let out a deep moan. I proceeded to shoot my own load into Lindsay's pussy, unable to hold it any longer. Lindsay fell backwards, my cock still in her pussy - I kissed her passionately on the neck and rubbed her body.

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   We were breathing heavily in unison and were loving the moment. But we were far from done. . . <Part 2 Coming Shortly!>.
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