A fun night after school with Rebecca and Libby


A fun night after school with Rebecca and her friend Libby
We were all 14 at the time and me and Rebecca had been dating for about 2 months and really liked each other and frequently visited each other’s houses.   This day after school she had a free house so we went back to hers. We got into her house made ourselves some food and put a film on.   We both cuddled up on the sofa just laying there.   Her friend came round 20 minutes into the film and asked could she watch the rest and we said no problem.
Becca adjusted herself so she was sitting on my lap to get more comfortable, then a sex scene came up in the movie, Rebecca new i was starting to get turned on so she ground her ass into my crotch making my soldier stand to attention and go up her skirt.   She knew she was getting me hard, so we laid down her ass in my crotch and i started rubbing into her turning her on.   Her friend Libby was oblivious to all this as she was intently watching the scene on the TV.   Becca noticed that her friend wasn’t watching us so she reached behind unzipped my shorts and pulled out my swollen cock, it was rock hard and 6’’ long not very long but thick.   All i knew was Becca loved it.   She started pumping her fist up and down my cock picking up her pace, i slipped my hand under her skirt and rubbed her pussy through her panties she was getting very wet, i pulled these to the side and started rubbing her swollen lips with my fingers, then pinching her clit and rubbing it in circles, i ran my fingers down her juice drenched slit into her hole and pushed two inside her making her moan a little.   At this point Libby’s attention was on us and she realised what we were doing she coughed a little sarcastic cough and we blushed and apologised.  
She said don’t apologise your tuning me on carry on.   So we thought what the hell why not so we got up and i pulled Becca’s top over her head letting her 34 c tits fall out, she wasn’t wearing a bra.   Her nipples were so nice and hard so i rand my tongue over them and then wrapped my lips around them sucking gently.   I stopped this pulled her skirt down and left her there in her thong.

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    I said to Libby it was unfair if we were naked and she wasn’t so in a flash Libby was naked in her chair with her small 32 a tits and her shaven tight cunt in full view.   She started furiously fingering herself with two fingers making her get very wet.   This turned both Rebecca and i on so i pulled her thong down and buried my mouth into her pussy, she had  a little strip of hair running from the top of her slit to show she had gone through puberty but wasn’t too hairy which i didn’t like.   I flicked my tongue over her clit sending a tingle down her body then i took her hard bud into my mouth rolling my tongue round it quickly and flicking hard over it, with my hand i put two fingers into her dripping pussy and was exploring her tight walls, i was going in and out of her very quickly while sucking on her clit hard, this drove her over the edge and with a mind blowing orgasm stream after stream of her cum came rushing into my mouth.   Her knees buckled and she fell on top of me at that point Libby sent herself into an orgasm squirting all over me.   I licked all of this off and waited for the girls to recover.
Becca was the first and as soon as she came to her sense she yanked all my clothes off and pulled my hard cock into her mouth running her tongue round my velvety crown in tiny circles then she ran her tongue down my shaft and back up again.   She then took my whole dick into her mouth touching the back of her throat making her gag and she started to bob her head up and down while sucking hard, another set of lips kissed my balls i assumed Libby had decided to join in, she took one of my balls into her mouth and sucked hard on it.   They both stopped to exchange a kiss which made my cock twinge seeing two beautiful girls kiss in front of my cock, but soon enough they were back to sucking, Becca’s pace quickened and the intensity of her sucking grew with that, i couldn’t hold back any longer i shot my cum deep into her throat but somehow she kept it all in her mouth, i pulled out and saw the girls swap my cum time after time which was a massive turn on.   In the end they both had an equal share so they swallowed together this was the hottest sight i had ever seen.
WE all sat up and rested for a while cum leaking from us all.   Becca wasn’t done yet though she still wanted my cock inside her.   She rubbed me till i got hard again then told me she wanted me to fuck her doggy style.   She told Libby to sit on the arm of the sofa and spread her legs.   Libby did as she was told and then Becca did a thing i never thought she would, she got on all fours presenting her swollen cunt to me and then buried her head between Libby’s legs and Libby started to moan.

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    I slid my cock up Becca’s swollen slit a few times then she pushed back and it slipped into her gently, she let out a little moan.   We had only had sex once so she was still very tight.   I pushed my whole cock inside her feeling her shudder as i do, i start to go in and out quickly her wet pussy lips sliding over the shaft of my cock and my engorged bell end rubbing ever nerve on her pussy walls nearing her to cumming i was pounding into her pussy as fast as i could.   Becca was sliding her tongue inside Libby and this made Libby squirt again and seeing my girlfriend lick up another girls juices was too much for me i started to tense up and at that point so did Becca all three of us were in worlds of our own in complete ecstasy both girls screaming in pure please letting their pussies leak all their juices and my cock pumping spurt after spurt into my girlfriends pussy.   We all collapsed on top of each other and Libby said shall we have a film night like this every weeks?
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