After School Job


"All finished," Mrs. Horton," he said while knocking on the door jam to her office!!! "Come on in, Craig," she said without lifting her head from her paper work, "please take a chair, I'll be with you in a moment!!!" "Sure, no problem," he said easily while plopping down and picking up a magazine to thumb through, "sure has been nice weather we've been having, isn't it!?!" "Yes it has," she said while directing her attention towards him, "now, for the reason I wanted to see you, it seems as though you're not keeping your mind on your work!!!" Not quite sure where she was coming from, Craig asked nervously, "You aren't satisfied with the way I do my job!?!" "No, it's not that," she replied evenly, "it's just that ever since you started working for me, how shall I put this, that everytime I see you, you seem to be, ahem, sexaully aroused!!!" Craig's face immediately turned a bright shade of red as he stammered, "T-that's just not true, ma'am, I-I'm sure that you'e mistaken, I just do my job and mind my own business!!!"She looked at him impassively and asked, "Why are you lying to me, son, do you take me for an idiot!?!" "Uh, of course not," he mumbled, now very unsure of what the heck she was trying to accomplish by this line of questioning, "it's just that I don't understand what this is all about, that's all!?!" "Stand up," she said coldly!!! "What for," he asked, now fully aware of what was about to happen!?! "Just do it," she snapped, "and I mean now!!!" After taking a deep breath, Craig slowly stood up while at the same time trying to stand sideways away from Paula Hoton's ever present gaze!!! "Turn around and face me," she ordered, "and make it snappy!!!" After making an audible gulping sound, Craig slowly turned around until he was standing face to face with Paula Horton!!! "Just as I thought," she said with a slight huskiness in her voice, "your erection is clearly visible through your khakis, and although you're only eighteen, you'd think that you'd have a little more self control!!!""So," she asked, "what do you have to say for yourself, "come on now, speak up, I don't have all day!?!" "I'm very sorry, Mrs, Horton," he said while staring at the floor, "it's just that you're so, I mean you're very........" "Are you trying to blame me for your condition," she said while interupting him!?! "Oh no," he quickly replied, "it's nothing like that, I just meant that you're so pretty and all, and well, I guess I just can't help myself!!!" With the look on her face softening appreciably, she whispered huskily, "You really think that I'm pretty!?!" "Oh yes," he gushed, "you'e just about the most beautiful woman I've ever seen, and I really mean it!!!" "You're the first man that's said that to me since Frank passed away," she replied while wiping a tear from her eye, "and you don't know how good that makes a woman feel or how much it raises her self esteem!!!" "I certainly didn't mean to offend you," Craig went on, now feeling that he was pretty much out of the woods, "and from now on I'll try controlling my emotions!!!"Just when he thought everything was all right, Paula Horton replied, "I don't think you'll be able to do that Craig!!?! "Y-you'e gonna fire me," he asked nervously, "I promise I'll keep myself under control, I really will, cross my heart, please don't fire me, I really need this job!!!" "Relax, Craig," she said softly, "no one's going to fire you, but we have to do something about your constant erections, god knows who might see you and complain to the police!!!" "What can we do about it," he asked in a relieved voice, just glad that he was keeping his job!?! "Well, I have a question for you," she replied, "do you masturbate much at home!?!" "W-what," he stammered, totally stunned at her forwardness!?! "It's a simple question," she went on, "do you masturbate at home, yes or no!?!" The red instantly returned to his face, and after a moments hesitation, he softly replied, "Yes'm, everyday, at least twice!!!""Oh my," she said with a sigh, "do you ejaculate each time, I mean do you have and orgasm everytime you play with your penis!?!" "Oh yeah," he replied quickly, "each and every time without fail!!!" "That means you're ejaculating at least six to seven hundred times a year," she replied thickly, "and all for naught!!!" "For naught, ma'am," he asked quizzically, "I'm not sure what you mean!?!" "Well, she replied, "what is the purpose of and ejacualtion!?!" "Uh, to make babies, I guess," he replied thoughtfully, "is that what you mean!?!" "Exactly," she replied, "and how do you make a baby!?!" "Well," he said softly, "by having sex with a woman!!!" "That is correct," she exclaimed, "the operative word being woman, so in my own mind, all of those ejaculations are wasted if they aren't being accepted by a woman's vagina, or in the least case, her mouth!!!" "I see what you mean," he replied slowly, "or at least I think that I do!!!""So," she asked, "if we are going to control your erections, do you have any idea on how we could do accomplish that goal!?!" "Uh, I could probably masturbate just before work," he replied hopefully, "that might do it, what do you think!?!" "Craig, I think you know my feelings about having a man's sperm go to waste," she replied, "and while this is highly unusual, I believe the only way to handle this situation is for me to milk your hard penis each day before and after work!!!" His head was now spinning at just the thought of Paula Horton handling his bare member, so when she called him around to the back of her desk, he didn't even remember doing it!!! "Here, let me help you with your pants," she said in barely a whisper, "there we are, oh my, you certainly are a well hung young man aren't you, Craig!?!" "I-I don't know," he moaned as her hand slid smoothly up and down his rock hard pecker, "I've never seen anyone else hard!!!" "Well," she said softly, "let me be the first to tell you that you have a magnificent erection, and I'd guess it's probably seven inches long and very very thick, just the way I like them!!!" Craig was about to thank her for the compliment, when out of the blue, she dropped her head down and with one smooth motion, took her head into her mouth and began soflty sucking his velvety head!!! "My god," he moaned as she expertly vacuumed his hard pecker, "i-if you keep doing that I'm gonna shoot it in your mouth, ohhhhhhhhhhh!!!" "She momentarily pulled her mouth off of his member, and in an almost lyrical voice replied, "That is exactly what you're suppose to do, dummy, now be a good boy and fill Paula's mouth with cum!!!" Craig's legs were growing increasingly wobblily, so he rested his hands on Paula's shoulders for balance, but just as he was about to ejaculate, he grabbed her by the back of the head and held her firmly in place as his pecker spasmed hard several times, sending a torrent of hot goo deep down her hungry throat!!! "My god, that was incredible," he gasped while holding on to the edge of the desk to keep from losing his balance, "I've never felt anything like that in my life!!!" After savoring the flavor of his young hot spunk, Paula let finally let his pecker slip from between her lips, and in a soft gentle voice replied, "Craig, you ain't seen nothing yet!!!"With his mind still spinning from her incredible blow job, Craig stood quietly reveling in his incredibly good fortune, completely unaware that at that very moment his boss was removing her work shirt, revealing a low cut lace bra that was being asked to perform the near impossible, that being to corral Paula Horton's massive chest!!! In a small sweet little girl's voice, she asked coyly, "Do you think my breasts are too large, I think they make me look like a cow!?!" Still a little groggy, Craig turned to focus on Paula's chest, and after nearly passing out in stunned awe at the incredible sight, he managed to stammer, "Y-you're crazy, they're beautiful, just beautiful, oh man, I don't believe this is happening to me!!!" "Is that good or bad," she asked shyly while thrusting her breasts out towards him, "I hope you're not mad at me for taking of my shirt, but my breasts just needed some air, do you mind if I take off my bra too, the straps are really cutting into my shoulders!?!""P-please hurry," he croaked while swallowing hard, "take it off, I've just gotta see'em!!!""You mean that you really like them," she continued to tease him, "they're so big and fat, how could anybody like breasts this large, and guess what else!?!" "What," he gasped loudly, "t-tell me, what else!?!" "It's my nipples," she replied sweetly!!! "W-what's the matter with them," he stammered!?!" "Oh darn," she sighed, "it's just that they're always hard and erect, I'm just too embarrassed to show them to you!!!" "Jesus christ," he groaned, "you're trying to drive me nuts, please, take off your bra, I can't stand it another second, just look at my pecker!!!" "It certainly is big and hard," she said softly, "that isn't because of my breasts is it!?!" Delirium at finally over taken him, and with his brain on automatic pilot, he mindlessly grabbed at her bra, desperately trying to get it off her swollen titties, but as with most men, having a more than difficult time with the hooks holding it together!!!Finally slapping his hands away, Paula scolded him for his ineptitude, and then with a grand flourish, she reached around behind her, and with one hand quickly undid the catches, allowing her huge breasts to spring free in front of him!!! It was all she could do to keep from laughing out loud as she was sure that the young man was about to have a massive heart atrtack from all the excitement, and with just a little jiggle of her shoulders, her huge boobs shimmied back and forth, drivng Craig right over the edge, as he attacked the two giant orbs with his mouth!!! "Ohhhhh, take it easy, baby," she sighed while caressing his cheek with her hand and feeding one of her big nipples into his warm wet mouth, "that's a good boy, let mama feed her big boy with her nice fat nipples!!!" For the next ten minutes you couldn't have pried Craig away from her chest with dynamite, but when she couldn't stand it for another second, she said the magic word, and he quickly came to attention!!!"Craig, honey," she cooed softly, "I have a real problem!?!" "What's that," he said between licks and pants for air!?! "It's my vagina,"she replied, "I think that it's broken!?!""Broken," he said while quickly sitting up, "how in the heck to do you break a vagina!?!" "I'm not sure," she replied sweetly, "but ever since Frank died I haven't been able to have and orgasm, and that's been a long time!!!" "Yeah, I see your point," he replied thoughtfully, "that is a long time!!!" "Do you think that you could do me a favor!?!" "Anything," he replied while continuing to play with her big boobs, "you just name it!!!" "I think the only way to be sure," she said slowly, "is if you'll put yur mouth on it and try to orally satisfy me, I think I read somewhere where that's the best way to handle something like this!?!" His eyes were again going glassy on her, and in his stunned condtion she quickly slipped out of her pants and panties, leaving her huge hairy cunt gaping and drooling directly before him!!! "Now," she ordered evenly while taking him by the arm and leading him down between her thighs, "it's mama's turn for some fun, so be a good little boy and suck her big fat pussy!!!"If Craig thought his legs were shaky before, he had no clue on how intoxicating the aroma wafting out from and aroused vagina could be, so as he hesitatingly gave a precursorary sniff of her now fully aroused organ, his whole body went limp, except of course, that is for his boner, which was now threatening to split it's seams!!! Now almost in a catatonic trance, he mindlessly pressed his mouth into her dripping hair pie, and as if by some inner command, gravitated directly to her completely stiffened clitoris!!! A long deep sigh escaped her lips while she grabbed him by the back of the head, as she gently but firmly held his mouth in the perfect sucking position!!! "Ohhhhhhhhh myyyyyy, such a good boy," she cooed softly while thrusting her hips into his face, "mama's clitty feels so nice, now be a good little boy and suck her off!!!" It was at this exact moment that the pressure she was exerting on the back of his head turned from gentle to intense as the orgasm building in her cunt slipped out of her control and directly into the head of her now straining little clitoris!!!Her climax was now rushing through her like a tornado in a wind storm, and just at the moment of truth, like many women, the desire to filled with a hard pulsating cock was so overwhelming that, with out any advance warning, Paula shoved Craig's mouth off of her exploding cunt, and then grabbing him by his erection, she quickly pulled it to her vaginal lips, and with just barely a nod of her head, signaled the young man to bury it where it most certainly belonged, deep inside of her quickly erupting cunt!!! A man just can't appreciate the feeling of having your most sensitive of organs being attacked and ravished by an invading marauder, while at the same time reveling in the all out assault it is inflicting on you, but that of course is the case, when a man rams his erection into a helpless vagina until both of them are convulsing together in the throes of brutally vicious orgasms!!! And while none of this was even so much as crossing Craig's mind, his seven inch pecker was in the process of slamming Paula's pussy into total and complete submission, that finally culminated with his body going stiff as his pecker ejaculated load after load of hot cum deep inside of Paula's now ravished pussy!!!"Good grief," he gasped while slipping to the floor, "I never realized that taking care of a woman was so much work!!!" With his fresh hot cum dripping out of her gaping slit, while caressing her own breasts, Paula said with a sigh, "But such pleasant work it is, right!?!"
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