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Topic: Page title here 1Thinking of Amanda got me hard for a year. About 5-7 and perhaps 140, she has to hide her tits under baggy company polo shirts but a couple of times I'd seen what appeared to be a damn nice rack bouncing around in there and she appeared to have a very acceptable ass as well. From talking to her in the store, I found out she banged a guy in his forties when she was sixteen, fucked about twenty guys overall and even slept with a couple of girls. We talked for six months or so about going out to dinner and she kept putting me off. Then one summer night, she agreed.
We went to a casual place for pizza and talked for about an hour about all of her problems. She told me about her loser boyfriend, loser parents, loser job. . . all the usual crap nineteen-year-olds with alcoholic parents and no future complain about. Meanwhile, though, she was wearing a slightly tighter polo shirt than usual and I was treated to the sight of a set of tits straining in what had to be a 36DD bra and maybe even bigger. My dick went to major wood, especially a couple of times when she talked about different guys or girls she'd fucked and her nipples got hard and started poking through her bra and shirt.
In the car afterward we drove around awhile looking at houses and continuing our chat. I reached over and started to rub her neck and told her everything in her life would be fine. She told me what I was doing felt really good so I kept at it, even lifting her shirt out of her skirt in back and rubbing there. She leaned forward slightly, very compliant, and I rubbed all the way up to her bra strap using some lotion I kept in the glove box just in case.

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   Pretty soon I undid both hooks, holding my breath as I did and thinking she'd tell me to stop. Instead she teased me about being pretty good with one hand. . .
(Much More to Come)

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