An Older Woman Teaches Me About Sex


  I was 16 years old when it happened. I had just finished my homework and was now allowed to watch televison. My mom,who was divorced at that time(she later remarried)answered the doorbell and it was our neighbor,Mrs. Linder. She was our nextdoor neighbor,divorced,and living alone. She had two older children,both married and living with their families in their own apartments which were not too far from where we lived. I had never paid much attention to her before this night. She was a blond woman who could afford to lose a few pounds but was still very attractive in the way I saw her. Not looking at those few extra pounds I saw a blonde woman with a very nice figure. She always smiled at me in a way I would soon come to understand. Usually dressed in a simple housedress when at home,I still saw a slightly older woman with very large breasts,which were still noticable even in her simple housedress. When I saw her dressed up I could then see her nicely shaped legs which I could appreciate even more when she was wearing high heels,as these tended to make her well shaped legs appear even better. I could see that she was watching her weight as she still had a small waistline which only accentuated her large tits and her still smallish hips and beautiful legs. Even with those few extra pounds she had a beautiful face with her blue eyes,straight nose and very full lips. Aware of this herself she used very little makeup which would only hide those nice facial features. Even though I was only 16 I would be lying if I didn't think how great it would be to have her as a sexual partner.

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  Little did I think that I would enjoy her in bed on that very night.
     My mom had a dinner date on this night and while I was having my dinner explained what she and Mrs. Linder were discussing earlier. It seemed that her TV was not working and could she come over to our apartment later that evening and watch Tv with me. My mom knowing what I would be watching had told her to come over later as she knew I would be watching the same shows that Mrs. Linder(Carol from this point)wouldn't interfere with what I had planned watching. As my mom was kissing me before leaving she told me what I should offer to Carol if she asked for anything to snack on or drink. When she kissed me before leaving she again reminded me to be a good host and what to offer Carol if she did ask for anything. As it turned out Carol did want something that evening,but to my delight it was not anything to eat or drink. What Carol wanted was to satisfy her needs and she decided that it would be me who she wanted and needed and would shortly have.
     The doorbell rang just as mom was leaving and as mom was walking out the door she told Carol to just go into the family room where I was sitting in my,now departed,Dad's favorite club chair and ottoman. I looked up and could see a big smile on Carol's face as she sat on the sofa and watched TV for only a few moments before asking me to join her on the sofa. I joined her and it was only moments when Carol began to hold me tight against her anxious body and with a hand on the back of my head kissed me with a passion which I returned. Our tongues were doing a dance as we continued kissing. I was already hard my cock had grown to it's very hard and slightly thick 7".

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  Carol's hand which was first on my hips as we first kissed had now moved to my crotch and she smiled when she felt my now harder cock as she was feeling it through my pants. She quickly undid my belt and unzipped my pants and her active hands reached thru my jockey briefs and withdrew my cock saying we can't let it suffocate in there and she was now holding it in her hands. Looking at me with that same smile she said that it was silly for us to stay dressed whne we both want to explore and enjoy each others body. I agreedand stood up undoing my belt and she quickly lowered my trousers to the floor where I stepped out of them. Then she carefully lowered my briefs over my now hard rigid cock. While Carol was doing this I lifted my "T" shirt over my head and now to her smiling approval stood before Carol naked. She stood up and quickly lifted her simple housedress over her head and was not wearing either a bra or panties and was now also naked. I looked at her now naked body and was not surprised to see a full dark bush which was glistening with the wetness from her pussy. While Carol was holding my cock my hands were feeling her ample breasts and her nipples had become large and hard. After feeling her tits and hard nipples I bent over to kiss her breasts and suck on her nipples and she started moaning and telling me how good it felt to have me suck on her nipples and after a minute took my hand and placed it on her wet bush. Carol was not one to say what she wanted and said as she stood up and taking my hand was leading me into my mom's bedroom,saying as I followed her. We can really enjoy each other much more on a bed than we could in the family room.
     Carol was now on her back with her legs spread wide and I took this as a signal to mount her but she stopped me saying that we would fuck each other many times that night but first we should work engage in foreplay to the point where we both were ready and wanted to fuck. She knew that up to now all I wanted was to find a willing partner my own age and fuck her,get myself off and satisfy myself with no thoughts to my partners needs. Carol was in other words going to show me how much better sex can be when you satisfy not only yourself but your partner too and how right she was.

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    She said and it was true that I enjoyed it when I was having a blowjob and that there was nothing wrong with that,but she asked me did I ever think that a woman might also enjoy oral sex. She explained that she had spread her legs to make her cunt more accessable to my mouth and tongue and that she would teach me how to perform oral sex on my female partner. She added that she often had orgasms when her man went down on her and she carefully pushed my head lower. As my head was being guided lower and lower I was licking first around her navel and then to her delight her soft flat tummy until my head was now between her opened legs. She spread her outer lips revealing it's pink walls and the inner lips and her now dripping wet cunt. I will never forget that unique female musk which I have come to love and enjoy whenever I perform oral sex on my lady of the moment. I kissed and licked the pink wet walls and then pushed my tongue into her wet pussy. As I was doing this I couldn't help but note that her white,glistening,pearl of love. . . her clit had become quite large and hard. Knowing how sensitive it was I carefully and gently licked it,causing her to start to moan and squirm. It was now so large that I began to suck it between my soft lips,this causing Carol to only moan louder and start to squirm and shake slightly. Seeing that Carol was really into it now I continued to suck her clit licking it as I did making her moaneven louderand start to shake and saying,"oh yes,yes,please don't stop now. I couldn't stop even if I wanted too because Icould sense the extreme pleasure she was having as i continued to suck and lick her clit harder and faster,this only causing her to moan even loder at times yelling my name,saying "yes,yes oh don't stop sucking and as i did she was now yelling my name even louder and telling me,"please suck it harder ,yes,yes harder now faster,please,don't stop ,don't stop.

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  . . Love I'm so close now,please don't stop. I was still suking her clit and was holding her tighter to control her shaking and knew without her telling me that she was close,so close to cumming,and as Icontinued cum she did,Carol was shaking uncontrolblywith me holding her tighter than before and to my delight andsurprise Carol was a squirter,because as she was experiencing orgasm after orgasm she started squirting her love juices into my open and waiting mouth. It was the first,but Iassure you not the last time I enjoyed a woman's cum. . her love juices kept squirting as she was experiencing multiple orgasms as women can and do when her partner gets her off as well as satisfying himself. Her juices tasted so good and were so unique and different than my cum,but I loved their taste and was swallowing them as fast as Carol was squirting them. Finally Carol's orgasms were slowing and finally they stopped. When she finally had caught her breath and could speak Carol told me that I was a fast learner and needed no more lessons from my teacher. She did add and made me promise to be there whenever she needed a man. Needless to say that living next door to each other Carol and I enjoyed each other too many times to count. Before she left me that night Carol realized that Ihad yet to get off and since I had gone down on her she reciprocated by giving me a fantastic blowjob which I won't describe at this time but only note that Carol enjoyed my cum as much as I enjoyed her love juices and when I did cum,shooting load after load of hot jism into her waiting mouth she swallowed it as fast as she could and after Ifinished cumming I looked as her and she was quite a picture with some of my cum dripping from her chin. I took my hand and fed her the few drops of cum into her open mouth. When we finally kissed before she returned to her apartment we could taste our mixed juices and they tasted so good that we decided to be together as often as the opportunity presentd itself,which it did many times.


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