Annie: When Lust Falls into your Lap


I deliberated like this, and we said nothing to each other, for about an hour. Finally I dared to glance in her direction as her movement caught my eye. She put her book away under the seat and leaned over against the window, closing her eyes. Now I watched, a little less fearful of being seen, as she sat there, looking so amazingly cute. I had never noticed she had a few little freckles on her cheeks, but the more I looked, the more I liked what I saw. She was wearing a plain white t-shirt and jeans, both of which seemed a little small, even for her. It was then I realized what I had to do. I was going to ask her out, then and there. I took in a deep breath and opened my mouth to speak, but what happened next shut me up pretty fast. The bus went round a tight curve, and she leaned in a little bit, then slowly slid over until her shoulder was touching my arm, and her head was on my shoulder. My eyes wide, I ever-so-slowly turned my head to look at her, and sure enough, she was still fast asleep. My heart was racing now, and I felt a mix of jubilation over the circumstances, guilt for not waking her up, and fear that she might waken suddenly and slap me silly. And so I stayed motionless, paralyzed by my racing thoughts. After a few minutes, the panic subsided, and I started to genuinely enjoy the goings-on of the bus ride. So much so, in fact, that I let my fears go for the most part, and gently lay my head on top of hers. This was so awesome! I wanted it to never end.

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   And with the bus so dark from the night, most of the others were sleeping too, and those who weren’t couldn’t see us clearly enough to tell what was going on. It was perfect! Or, so I thought. But what happened next raised the bar for perfection. Stirring a little, Annie turned a bit in her sleep. Naturally I freaked out and pulled away both as quickly and subtly as I could, hoping she wouldn’t sue me. But she didn’t sue me, or anything like it, for she was still asleep! And her stirring and my jerking away caused a little shift of position. Namely, as I watched, frozen in place, she slowly slid down past my shoulder and came to a quiet rest lying on my lap. She shifted a little once again, and there she lay, resting on my lap like I was her personal pillow. This was too much! For several minutes, I dared not move, for fear I would disturb her (and then I’d really get it!) Then slowly, I freed my right hand from underneath her back and wiped the sweat from my brow. I couldn’t believe such a seemingly untouchable goddess could be lying here in my lap like a purring kitten, but there she was! This, however, was a little farther than I thought she would have been comfortable with, so I decided what I had to do next. “Annie!” I whispered, trying to wake her. But there was no response. “Annie!” I hissed again, but still, she lay quietly. I repeated her name and gently nudged her arm, but she was out like a light. It was then that my mind started thinking some more devious thoughts.

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   Here in front of me, it said, lies the most desirable girl in my life. She is essentially out cold. I am probably never going to have another chance like this, especially seeing as how I couldn’t get up the nerve to ask her out. So, ever so gently, I lay my hand on her stomach. I timidly sat there for a minute, waiting for her to open her eyes and smack me, but nothing happened. So I moved on to the next phase. I very slowly moved my hand up, inch by inch, until it neared her breasts. My heart pounding with anticipation, I moved the hand up a little farther, making contact. They were small and firm, yet somehow not so firm, like the world’s greatest stress reliever. She was lying on her back, of course, so they were smaller than usual, but nevertheless, it was unreal. She was so warm, and her breasts were so inviting, I started to play a little, squeezing very gently, and massaging up and down. This was officially the best night of my life. After several minutes like this, and still no response from her, I decided to be a little more adventurous. I took my hand from her chest and softly lay it on her jeans, between her legs. From there, I slowly caressed her, moving my hand up her body until I reached the bottom of her shirt.

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   Lifting it a little with my finger, I moved my hand underneath it, brushing against her warm, soft skin. I kept going, up and up, past her belly button, up until I felt some more fabric. I had reached her bra. My mind was so cluttered with thoughts and emotions and conflicting feelings, that it essentially shut down, and I was controlled only by my sex drive. Moving up again, my hand cupped her left breast through the bra, and the feelings from before were back, only now they were multiplied hundreds of times over, or so it seemed. Rubbing my fingers over and around her, I felt her nipple through the bra, getting harder with each pass. With this, my passions were stoked more than ever, and I had to have more. After a little more massaging and still enjoying the hell out of myself, I moved the now-confident hand back down, pulling her shirt down with it, until I reached her waistline. There I slowly but nimbly undid the button on her pants, she wasn’t wearing a belt, and began to pull down the zipper. Light blue cotton panties greeted me with little shapes, I couldn’t quite tell what in the darkness. Getting the zipper all the way down, I pulled my hand back and, slowly as my raging hormones would allow, slipped it into her panties. I was even breathing a little hard now, and my pulse must have been through the roof, but at that moment I couldn’t have cared less. As my fingers ventured farther into the unknown darkness, I began to feel a little tuft of silky soft hair. It was barely noticeable at first, but as I neared the crotch of her pants, it grew a little thicker, enticing me to see what lay beyond. .

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  . And so I did. Though I was a little constricted by her tight-fitting jeans, my fingers found their way down far enough. At first, I just thought she was just extremely warm down there, but then I realized I had struck the gold mine. It was very soft and wet, and really warm, and it begged for greater exploration. I had been watching her face from time to time as well, but there was still no movement to indicate she would awaken. So I proceeded inside her, feeling a warm, soft, slippery tunnel that was so wet I was glad she was wearing jeans, which wouldn’t stain as easily. The jeans slid down a little on her thighs as my wrist made some room for my ever-probing fingers. I delved deeper into her, until a facial movement made me stop. But it didn’t seem that she was waking. So I began massaging again, her eyebrows tilting up a little, her lips barely parted. Her cheeks were getting flushed too, but so were mine. This was now the greatest moment of my life. My middle finger was curling up and back when I seemed to brush against something harder than the rest. As I did, she let out a barely audible sound, like a little moan, and I nearly jumped up, thinking she was awake.

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   But, to my amazement, she lay there, still as stone, even after my hand had jerked back a little in surprise. And so, after a second to collect myself, I went back to it, and in short order, found the little nub she had reacted to before. I began caressing and fondling it as best I imagined she would want, and it seemed to be going over pretty well. Her face was drawn up almost as if she was in pain, but you could see there was something more to it. And sometimes, she would raise her eyebrows a lot, and breathe really deeply for a second. My Heaven on Earth continued for about five or six minutes like this as my mind started to come back on line, telling me about how it couldn’t believe this was really happening. Soon I started to notice something strange, however. After my fingering had gone on for a while, I started to feel her exerting some pressure of her own against my hand. I thought about it, and yes, I could feel her hips pushing up against me, as if begging me for more. Strange how much the body works without one’s mind being in on it, I thought, and I decided to give her what she seemed to be asking for. With my left hand, which was currently fondling her breasts, I pushed her panties down as far as I could get them under the circumstances, and began to really lay into her with my other hand. The moans grew a little louder and more frequent, and it was then that I noticed her right hand was grabbing the seat back with all its might. That’s something I didn’t expect from a girl still deep in sleep. But, having too much fun to care, I let it go and kept on fingering her, going in and out faster and harder than ever. She was breathing really heavily now, and her eyes were clenched tight as if I was shining a bright light at her.

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   At this point, my arm was getting pretty tired, but I didn’t feel satisfied with the results yet, so I kept going. It’s a good thing no one around me was awake, because, as I began to notice, there was a pretty distinct *sclch, sclch* sound coming from our area. But as her hips pressed against me harder then ever, and her nipples stood firmer, I didn’t care in the slightest. Suddenly, there was a louder moan, her hips bucked hard against my hand, and I could feel the panties being soaked with her juice. I stopped, sensing something really good or really bad had just happened, and as I slowly removed my fingers and turned to look at her face, her eyes slowly opened and looked up at me. Oh shit!! I thought, as I quickly evacuated my hands from her supple body and tried to look like I was surprised to find her here in my lap. She slowly blinked a couple of times, and a smile spread across her lips. I noticed now that she was sweating a little too, and her bangs were sticking to her forehead. God, she’s beautiful, I thought, realizing that it might be my last thought in this world. But she didn’t bolt up or slap me, or even look surprised at the situation. She just smiled, then said, “That. . . was amazing. ” “Wh.

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  . . What?” I stammered, not sure what to make of this unexpected response. Then, “H- How long have you. . . you know, been awake. . ?” I asked. She smiled again. “Ever since we went around that curve. I woke up when I felt myself falling forward. And then I was leaning on your shoulder. I didn’t move because. .

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  . Well, it was nice. ” She looked at me with those incredible blue eyes. “And. . . Ever since then. . ?” I sputtered out. “Yep. ” She said happily. “I thought something fun might happen if I ended up in your lap, so. . . ” “You meant to do that?!” I asked, my whole world spinning off course.

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   “Mm hmm. Worked out pretty well, too, you pervert. ” She said with a smile. I could see she wasn’t mad, but still. . . “Oh, uh, sorry. ” “Don’t be sorry. ” She said with conviction, as if the idea was preposterous. “Besides. . . ” She began, grabbing my arm to look at my watch. “We still have about an hour left. ” This statement left me staring off into space, expecting an alarm to wake me up at any second.

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   But this was really happening! Not only was she not mad, she was offering more! Even if it was a dream, I was going to enjoy myself. And thus, with new-found gusto: “So, what should I do next?” But her reply was a tad bit unexpected. “No, no. You had your turn. It’s my turn now. ” Another statement uttered from those soft, sweet lips that hit me like a ton of bricks. She re-did the clasps on her pants, then shifted positions so that she was sitting, facing me, with one leg on either side of me, wrapped around my back. This was about the millionth time she took me by surprise. She put her arms around me and looked deep into my eyes, and I was frozen in her captivating gaze. She tilted her head a little, then leaned forward, kissing me gently on the lips. One million and one. She pulled back a bit, just enough to look me in the eye again, and see the shock and amazement registered on my face. That innocent little kiss put me into a trance, but the next one woke me up in a hurry. She leaned back in and, pulling me toward her, kissed me again, her soft tongue working its way around mine. She tasted sweet, like she smelled, sort of like fruit, but it was the greatest fruit in the world.


   A fruit so tasty it was sensual. But whatever, that kiss was amazing. After a long while, she pulled back and unwrapped her arms from me. Still figuratively licking my lips, I didn’t notice her hands grabbing the bottoms of my shirt until they pulled it up. I snapped back to reality as I felt her soft hands caressing me up and down. I hadn’t really identified the torso as an erogenous zone before, but it seemed she had the sexual version of the Midas touch. I leaned forward and kissed her again, this time wrapping my arms around her and grabbing the back of her jeans. Her little ass was firm yet supple, and I pulled it toward me, unwittingly pressing myself against her. She pulled back from the kiss and looked at me with an almost devilish grin. She slid her hands out from under my shirt and began to unfasten my belt. Catching me by surprise, she got it off before I grabbed her hands and whispered, “What are you doing?! We’ll get caught!” I let go of her hands and she just looked at me with that same smile. “But isn’t it worth it?” She whispered in my ear as she unfastened the button and zipper of the pants. I was about to contradict her again, but stopped. Through my boxers, she had grabbed my cock and was rubbing it slowly and sensually. “Okay.

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  ” I managed as I leaned forward and shot my hands up her shirt, no longer able to even come close to controlling my urges. She kept massaging as I slipped her bra up without unfastening it, and started to grope her breasts. Her little nipples got hard fast, and I lifted up her shirt to see better. Her breasts stood out from her chest, clearly underdeveloped, but beautiful anyway. I leaned forward and licked a nipple lightly as she slipped her hands inside my boxers. I began mouthing and sucking on her, my only way of letting out the amazing feelings I was getting from her hands working their magic down below. She slowed, then stopped her hands, and I looked up at her, not sure what to expect. She took my hands from her chest and put them behind her head, then pulled her bra and shirt back down and started working my boxers down a little farther. No way, I thought, that’s too good to be true. . . But it wasn’t. After getting the boxers out of the way, she brought her legs back and kneeled on the bus floor between our seat and the one in front. She gave me a big smile before she leaned in, opening her mouth and fitting it around my cock. A feeling of true sexual bliss washed over me, unlike anything I had ever experienced before.

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   Up and down she went, then licking around the top, then back in her mouth. It was warm and sensual like the rest of her, but feeling the sensuality used on me was quite a different experience. “Annie. . . ” I said, my eyes closed. “Look out. . . ” Was all my brain managed to tell my mouth to say. I won’t lie; I didn’t last long inside her sweet, succulent mouth. And when I did come, it was like all the times I had ever before combined, multiplied by a billion. I can’t express it in words, but. . .

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   Jesus Christ! “Mm!” She moaned with surprise. But I didn’t see her. My head was leaning back on the seat, and my eyes were closed. I wouldn’t have moved or cared if the lights went on and everyone came rushing up to see what was happening. I was in Heaven. She pulled my boxers back up when I was finished, and I redid the button and zipper on the pants. “Annie. . . ” I started, but she interrupted me, shaking her head. “Now we’re even. Don’t mention it. ” She came back up and sat on my lap, wrapping her legs around me again. She leaned forward and hugged me, whispering in my ear. “But I wouldn’t mind being in debt again, if you want.

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  ” I hugged back, and my hands began to range over her tight body. “That could be arranged. ” I said. “We should get together on the weekend. ” And so we made a date of it, and when the bus finally did stop, Annie and I went our separate ways, her trying to cover the dark spot on her pants with her flute case and me forgetting entirely about my jacket on the bus. On the drive home, she was all I could think about, and lying in bed, she was all that was on my mind. I still couldn’t believe it had really happened, and when I woke up the next morning, I had to call her just to make sure it wasn’t the best dream of my life. But it was real! And on the phone, we set up our next meeting at my house on Sunday when my mom was out of town. More fun was soon to come, and Saturday ended up being the longest day of my life. The EndFor more like this, and a deeper look into the life of me, Takeshi, come to: http://www. geocities. com/heikintakeshi.

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