Art Class


The six ladies who made up the Wednesday evening art class at Central High, waited patiently while Mona went into an adjoining room to bring in the subject. "Class," she said upon her return, "I would like you to meet Michael, he has been kind enough to pose for us tonight, so if you will take your place, Michael, we can get started!!!" David hopped up on a small raised platform that Mona had situated in middle of the room, and much to the complete surprise of everyone there, he dropped the robe he was wearing, and stood stark naked in front of everyone!!! Several of the women gasped audibly, and Mona Herron admonished them, "Class, please be quiet, the classic nude is one of art's basic poses, and tonight you will have a chance to paint Michael as he poses in the same manner as Michelangelo's masterpiece, David!!!" The women quickly calmed down and began filling their canvasses with paint! After a few minutes, Mona began circulating through the room, while stopping and giving pointers to her students. Michael was an experienced model, so he had no problem standing perfectly still for fifteen minutes at a time, but for the first time since he had started posing, he began to get an erection!!!A lady in the front row was the first to notice, and that only made matters worse, because she not only didn't avert her eyes in embarrassment, she was openly ogling his now semi hard member!!! When Mona finally noticed his predicament, much to his surprise, instead of giving him a break, she merely commented on how nice his erection looked, and that how the students should incorporate his excited state into their painting!!!Sweat began forming on his brow as his thickening pecker finally attained its full dimension of eight inches long, and Mona again commented on how nice it looked, while all of the women now were openly staring at his erect manhood!!! One of the students called Mona over to her easel and asked her a question that Michael couldn't quite make out, but much to his chagrin, Mona walked over to him and began touching his belly and chest, while all the time commenting about musculature and depth of field!!! Another woman called out and asked how to keep his penis in proportion to the rest of his body, and Mona replied while taking his penis in her hand, "Well, Donna, as you can see Michael has a very large erection, and unless you over do it, I think that you'll be just fine, and one other thing," she continued, "notice the head, it has a distinct separation from his shaft, and should be painted with a slightly pinker shade of skin tone," while all the time, she was squeezing and fondling his big prick, and acting for all the world like she was describing a bowl of fruit or a some other still life!!!Abbie was the first to notice it, and commented to Mona. "Look at the end of his penis, I think that he has a drop of precum hanging on the tip!!!" "I believe your right," she replied, "I wonder if his erection is about ready to ejaculate!?!" "Michael," Mona asked, "Abbie noticed that your penis has a drop of cum on its tip, are you really ready to ejaculate for us!?!" Michael made a gulp and stammered, "I-I'm sorry for the unprofessional conduct, Miss Herron, but for some reason I just can't control it!!!" "You didn't answer my question, young man," she retorted, "the ladies would like to know if you're going to cum for them!?!" "Y-y-yes," he stumbled, "I think so, very soon now!!!" "Ladies," asked Mona, "would you all like to see Michael's penis ejaculate for us?!?" The room was filled with low murmurings, the only thing which Michael could make out was a lot of soft "yeses"!!! "Well, Michael," Mona Herron responded, "everyone here, including me, would love to see you shoot you cum for us, do you have to masturbate or can you achieve orgasm just by standing naked in front of a class room full of women!?!" "I-I don't know," he replied haltingly, "I've never cum without touching it, but it feels like its really close right now!!!Mona whispered something to several of the women and then stated, "We all would like you to cum without touching it, if we showed you some pussy would that help?!?" "Oh, sweet jesus, yes," he moaned, "p-p-please show me some pussy!!!" Mona looked around the room waiting for a volunteer, and much to her surprise, Anna raised her hand and stepped to the middle of the room in front of Michael!!! She was wearing a loose fitting house dress that was covered by her painting apron, so it was no problem at all for her to lift her apron and dress above her waist, while exposing her bikini clad pussy to his hungry eyes!!! "Would you like me to remove your panties," Mona asked softly?!? "Please," Anna replied, "pull them down so that Michael can see my vagina!!!" Mona grabbed the elastic waist band, and with a quick pull, slid the white cottons down around Anna's knees!!! "Ohhhhhhhhhhh," Michael moaned when the dark vee of pubic hair came into view, "she has a beautiful pussy!!!" "Do you really think so," ask Mona nonchalantly,"from all the way up there I don't think you can see how wonderfully wet her vagina is, see how wet my finger is after I finger her a little!!!" "S-s-she's dripping isn't she," he gasped, while watching Mona finger the hot little brunette's private parts!?! "Actually," Mona replied, "I'd say she was gushing, wouldn't you Anna!?!" Even though it was really a game between Mona and Michael, coupled with the sight of his huge erection and the fingering she was receiving from Mona, Anna couldn't help herself, and with a lurch, her vagina collapsed hard around Mona's finger while an orgasm smashed through her pussy like an express train!!! "Well I guess that answers that question," Mona chuckled, as the middle aged housewife teetered back and forth on unsteady legs as her cunt muscles wrenched open and shut during her climax!!!Looking back up at Michael, Mona commented some more, "Look ladies, his pecker is getting harder and his nut sack is tightening up, I think our model about is ready to blow his load, would anyone here like to let him ejaculate in her mouth!?!" The usually quiet Kristie, practically leaped to the front of the room, took her place at Michael's feet and fairly inhaled his big pecker into her hot mouth!!! "Oh, god," Michael moaned, "suck me off, I'm so close, let me shoot it in your mouth!!!" For the next minute or so, all that could be heard was the sound of Kristie's mouth slurping up and down Michael's big shaft and head, but all at once he sensed something else going on around him!!! As he gazed out at the rest of the class, all of the women were now furiously masturbating their hot pussies, and in a display of absolute brazenness, they thrust their crotches towards him in almost an offertory symbol of submission to his huge erection!!! Through gritted teeth he growled, "I'm fucking cumming, all you cunts cum with me, now!!!" Kristie's hand was flying up and down his shaft as she masturbated his pecker into her mouth, but upon hearing he was about to shoot, she pulled her mouth away and took the thundering blasts directly onto her pretty face!!! The other women, seeing the cum splash across Kristie's cheeks and chin, convulsed as their own pussies lost control and climaxed with in a crashing rush!!!After taking few minutes to compose herself, Mona stood up and offered Kristie a towel and commented, "I'll bet Michelangelo never had a model like this!!!THE END