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They didn’t know the name of the magazine, as the cover had been torn off long ago, but what few pages remained held the girls rapt interest as they huddled together behind a tree deep in the woods of Camp Olive. On every page were scenes of a handsome naked man and an equally attractive woman. The first few pages involved oral sex, which developed into vaginal sex, and finally climaxed with the man plowing his erection into the girls tiny anus. Traci and Nikki were mesmerized, neither having seen anything like this before. Coming from strict Lutheran families, sex was still the subject of speculation by the lockers, on the playgrounds, and in the lunch room at school. Little girls whispering half truths, lies, and speculations. Suddenly, all that was behind them. Here, in their hands, was the real deal. Both girls knew they should be getting back to the cabins for the last nights roll call, but neither could move an inch. They turned the pages and wondered between themselves what exactly they were looking at. The final page, with the mans load of sperm leaking from the girls butt hole, was of particular interest. “God! What is that stuff? Is she having some sort of weird, milky period out of her butt?” Nikki wondered. Traci laughed. “No dummy! I think that’s his, you know, sperm stuff. ”“I thought boys were suppose to squirt that in our vagina’s”“That’s how you get pregnant. Maybe he put it in her butt so that wouldn’t happen.

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  ”“Wow,” Nikki mused, “That’s a pretty good idea. I bet that wouldn’t even be, like a sin or whatever. Do ya think?”“I guess not. ” Traci contemplated, “The pastor never said it was. I don’t think it counts as sex if it’s not in your pussy. ”“Oh my God, Traci!” Nikki laughed at her friends suddenly blunt language. “What!? Vagina sounds so lame. All the high schoolers call it a pussy. I didn’t know you were such a prude, Nikki!”Nikki, who’s own pussy was getting increasingly damp from the porn magazine and all the sex talk, gave her young friend a tittie twister for the remark. “I’m not a prude, Traci!”“Ow!” Traci cried out, “Don’t do that! My nipples are really hard right now and that really hurt!” As she was saying this, the little girl reached up and rubbed her sore boob. Nikki watched her friend, noticing for the first time just how erect her nipples were. She then looked at her own chest and noticed a similar reaction. “Yah, mine too. I guess we’re horny, huh?”“Sure seems like it,” Traci replied shifting around and adjusting the damp crotch of her cut-off jeans. “I’m getting.

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   . . kinda wet down there, too. ”Both girls giggled and started to rub there swollen little pussy mounds. They both fell silent for a moment, returning their attention to the magazine. Nikki, still slightly upset at the “prude” comment, was the first to voice what they had both been thinking. “Uh, have you ever, uh, masturbated before?”Traci thought for a bit, weighing her response. “Not really, I guess. I never, you know, had an orgasm or whatever. ”“Orgasm!” Nikki laughed, “Who’s the prude now!”“Well, what do you call it then!” The little blonde shot back. “It’s called a cum, Traci. When you masturbate, or have sex or stuff like that, you have a cum. ”“So, you’ve done it before?” Traci asked, started to get really worked up by now. “A couple times. Masturbated, not have sex or anything.

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  ”“Wow. ” Traci replied. Both girls fell silent once again, eyes glued on the pictures before them. Each held the magazine with one hand, while their free hands slowly rubbed their poor little enflamed clits through the material of their shorts. Nikki finally looked over at her friend. Traci’s blue eyes had a slight sheen about them, completely lost in adolescent lust. Nikki’s own green eyes sparkled with a similar appearance. “You wanna try it, Traci?”“Try what?” came a boys voice from directly behind them. Both girls jumped straight in the air, tossing the magazine onto the ground. They spun around with abject horror to see who the intruder was. It was Peter, Traci’s older brother. At 13 he was only a year her senior, but he still never let her forget that he was the eldest child. Both girls were in shocked silence, but Peter’s eyes went first down the open magazine now laying on the forest floor, then up and over the girls heaving little bodies. He noticed the slight dark patches at their crotches, especially Nikki’s wet spot on her tight Soffie shorts, and then crawled up to the nipples jutting out from their tight camp t-shirts. “Holy cow, what’s going on here?” He shouted, leaning down to pick up the magazine.

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   He flipped through it quickly. He had seen plenty of playboys before, stashed back home in the neighborhood fort, but this was something else. The girls were waiting for what was going to happen next. The sudden shock had, if anything, increased their state of arousal, but for all they knew Peter was about to turn them in to the camp pastor, who would be sure to tell their respective parents. After several seconds of unbearable silence, Nikki looked down and noticed the bulge in Peter’s jeans. She nudged Traci and nodded down to it. When she saw her brothers hard-on, Traci gasped and looked away. “Yah,” Nikki gloated, “Looks like we’re not the only ones who like this stuff. ”Peter just grunted, unable to take his eyes off the erotic banquet displayed before him. “This is something else,” He finally got out, “Where did you too get this?”He looked up, and briefly caught both girls staring at his throbbing cock bulge. Traci quickly looked away, but Nikki’s gaze lingered for a moment, then raised up to meet his. “It was just laying here in the woods. ”“Wow. It’s pretty hard core, isn’t it. I’ve never seen.

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   . . ”“Whatever Peter Jenkins!” Traci shouted at him, hands defiantly on her slim little hips, “What about all those Playboys you said you guys have stashed back home!”“Playboys not anything like this sis. The girls aren’t having sex in ‘em, just naked. This is pretty wild stuff, here. ”As he said this, his hand instinctively moved down to his crotch and adjusted his hard-on. Both girls saw his move, causing Nikki to start having ideas, and Traci to once more look away in mock disgust. “God! Quit touching yourself, Peter! You gonna jack off right in front of me, or what!?”Peter laughed at her outrage, then moved his hand down to rub his swollen balls. “Sure would feel good right now. . . ”Traci, her mind now swimming in animal lust, recovered herself a bit and crossing her arms, doing everything she could not to look. Nikki waited a moment, looking back and forth between the two siblings, then decided to make the first move. “I don’t know about you two,” she announced, moving beside Pete and putting her left hand down her shorts, “but I know I can’t make it back to camp without a cum!”With that the little brunette began to finger herself underneath her clothes, moaning contentedly and rocking her hips back and forth. Traci looked over and marveled at her friends blatant display, and then watched as her own brother popped open the buttons of his jeans and let his dick spring out.

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  It was a long dick for a thirteen year old boy, at least seven inches with a nice mushroom shaped head, but the shaft wasn’t impressively thick. It resembled a table candle in dimensions. Traci could not believe what was happening in front of her, the first real dick in her life and it was attached to her big brother. It was like the world had just turned upside down. Nikki panting like a dog and frigging herself was one thing, but her own brother, slowly stroking his hard-on right in front of her was almost too much to bare. She knew it was wrong, but couldn’t help herself from being overcome with lust. She let out a gasp as a tiny jet of girl cum squirted out into the cotton panel of her underwear. Peter looked up and saw the adorable trickle of moisture roll out of her cut-offs and down her tanned thigh. “God, Traci! Don’t fricken watch me beat off! That’s incest, ya know!”“No it’s not!” Nikki interjected. “It’s only incest if you do something that could make your sister pregnant. The Pastor told me so. ”The last bit was a lie, but for the most part she herself believed what she was saying, and it was making quite a bit of sense to the horny siblings as well. “Well,” Peter finally reasoned, “I guess it’s OK, but if you’re gonna watch us, we get to watch you. What’s fair is fair!”Traci didn’t need to think long, but in her haze of passion she took a bold step that neither Nikki nor Pete had anticipated. She nodded her head, unbuttoned her shorts and dropped them to her ankles, then squated in the grass while she shoved her hand down her panties and fingered her hot little hole with wild abandon.

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  “Fuck!” Peter remarked, stunned by this display. “Unh, unh, don’t swear, Peter!” Traci managed to get out, then leaned back and really started to get into her groove. Her brother and friend continued there own masturbations, watching as Traci’s pink panties became drenched with pussy juice. Nikki deceided to one up her friend and demonstrate once and for all who really was the prude in these woods. She pulled the crotch of her shorts to one side, completely exposing her pouty little cunt, then turned to face Peter. He looked down and started to pump his dick faster. There it was, a real live pussy not more than a few inches in front of his dick. He debated leaning forward and sticking his cock head into her sparse little bush, but it was Nikki who made the first move. “Just don’t put it in me. I don’t wanna lose my cherry, OK?” the little sex pot explained, then took Peter’s cock in her hand and started to rub her glistening pussy lips up and down it’s length. Each time it touched on her throbbing clit, she thought she was going to pass out. Peter groaned and grab one of her butt cheeks in each hand. He thrust forward, nearly past the point of self control. Nikki grunted with passion and jerked her hips back and forth as fast as she could. Traci watched the rutting teens and lost herself in a dreamworld of her own.

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   She imagined it was her instead of Nikki humping up and down on her brothers rod. She knew these thoughts were wrong, but she just couldn’t help herself. She wanted cock, and she knew one way or another, she would get one this summer.
    All three were rapidly approaching orgasm, but something unexpected happened. Peter ended his downstoke later then Nikki had anticipated, and as she jerked up, his hard cock pushed down and poked inside her cunt. Nikki let out a squeal and jumped in fright. As she came down, the head of Peter’s cock landed firmly on her tiny pink asshole. All three became aware of the situation and froze for several seconds. The only sound was their panting breaths, but it was finally Traci who diffused the tension. “Oh God, do it, please do it! I wanna watch you two do it, it’s gonna make me. . . cum. ”Peter couldn’t believe his little sisters words. The kids had taken things this far, he figured, why not complete the journey.

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       He looked pleadingly into Nikki’s eyes, not saying a word. His left hand moved off her ass and began to massage her left tit. Nikki moaned and squirmed, loving the feel of the hot cock head pushing against her ass ring. Her chin dropped to her chest and she rocked her hips in tight circles. The decision on what would happen next was clearly in her hands. She made her choice. “I sure hope Jesus isn’t watching. . . ” she said underneath her breath, causing Peter to grin broadly. Slowly, tenderly, she shifted her weight downward. After several seconds of tension, Nikki let out a deep sigh and relaxed. It was all it took and Peter’s pussy juice slicked cock head popped past the shiny ring of her butt hole. Watching from below, Traci couldn’t take it anymore. The spectacle before her was beyond anything she had ever imagined.

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       A mere few feet in front of her, she watched as the rosy asshole of her friend stretched out lewdly and accepted the slim shaft of her brothers throbbing cock. The two began a slow pumping action, Peter’s balls pulled up and pulsed with semen, Nikki’s slick cunt drooled girl cum all over the top of his shaft. With a little girl shriek, Traci pulled down the front of her panties and gave herself over to the first orgasm of her life. “God! God! Oh. . . Fuck!” She screamed. Peter and Nikki looked over and watched in awe as the little blonde shot a thick stream of girl goo out of her twat and onto the grassy ground. Her blonde pony tail jerked back and forth as she shook her head and released her pent up heat. She hadn’t expected that juice would erupt out of her when her climax hit, but there it was and felt so good she couldn’t have cared less if God himself was watching right now. Nikki reached her peak at this point as well. Her juices came pouring out her pussy in a light stream, her cunt lips pryed apart by the long cock pistoning in and out of her stretched out asshole. She grunted like a bitch and slammed her ass down on Peter’s hips. The teenage boy could hold back no longer and gave himself over to his first assisted orgasm, and it sure as hell beat busting a nut by himself in his bedroom before school. His jizz erupted and shot into Nikki’s overheated ass in several strong jets.


       The thick ropes of cum took her by surprise, and she sailed forward into another orgasm right away, her eyes wide as saucers and staring at Peter as he irrigated her rear. Feeling the hot boy cum blasting into her rectum was unbelievable, and she could do nothing other then milk his dick for every last drop, her arms now around his neck, holding on as if life itself depended on the searing hot cream flooded her seventh grade ass. Her eyes were screwed shut in pleasure and little tears crept out to roll down her cheeks. Peter cried out as his balls emptied their load, each shot feeling better then the last. He looked over at his little sister, squatting on the ground, blonde fringed cunt pouting open and the last trickles of clear cum dripping down onto the grass. He loved the feeling of this hot little tramps ass clamed around his dick, but his thought drifted somewhere else. As his balls finally stopped pumping cum, he and Nikki let out a long sigh and leaned against each other. He held her close and slowly pulled his still hard shaft from her pink puckered hole. When the head cleared the opening, it jumped out with a little pop. A thick stream of cum poured out behind it. Nikki sighed and squatted down, relieving her bowels of the gigantic load. Traci watched and licked her lips, then her eyes moved to her brother. The looked at each other for several seconds, both totally exposed and relishing the afterglow of a tremendous climax. The knew they had to get back under control, return to camp and make preparations to return home. They both also knew that this may be the last time either of them saw little Nikki.

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       It was a sad thought, but they also knew something else. From this point forward, things between them would never be the same. .
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