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It was at the very end of High School when we had to write exit essays for English. This would determine half of our final grade for the year, but I wasn't worried in the slightest. I was absolutely brilliant in English, it was my best subject. I was going to Notre Dame on an English scholarship even. I had a bright future ahead of me, but I felt like I hadn't gotten the most out of my High School years. I was 18 and had not had sex yet. Going into college, this was a problem.

One day, close to when we had to begin writing our essays, out teacher decided to lecture on the proper format for the essay for those that forgot the standard format they'd used throughout their High School careers. This information was superfluous repetition of stuff I already knew and I quickly stopped paying attention and allowed my mind-and eyes to wander. They drifted across the room, up and down the rows of students until they rested on a buxom Italian beauty. Her name was Emily, and she was the girl that I coveted most. I watched her frantically copy notes on subject matter that should be second nature. She had no hope of passing the class, and she didn't care either. The only reason she was "taking notes" was because she had been threatened with detention the other day. She would deal with the English exit the same way as she had dealt with all the other subjects so far-by having sex with the top person in the class in exchange for them doing her exit for her. For a moment I looked down upon her victims, but then I reconsidered.

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   Who could really blame them, they had no chance at resisting her. She was a cheerleader and a gymnast, and as a result had a very sexy, curvaceous, athletic body. Her legs and thighs were toned, and I stared at them zealously. I started at her ankles and then worked my way up, thanking God that our school's uniform required girls to wear skirts and stockings. I then gazed at the area where I knew those beautiful legs met with the most gorgeous ass I have ever seen on any girl. I suddenly felt the strongest urge to grab her ass, to have a handful of her amazing ass cheeks in my grip. I wanted to spank her. I wanted to see that gorgeously toned ass jiggle. I began to get a boner, and wanting to avoid the possibility of someone noticing, tried to return my attention to the class. I answered a couple questions about the essay format that no one else wanted to answer, and then once again, lost interest and tuned out, returning to my musings on other, non English matters. I looked back at Emily, but not at her lower body, but rather at her face. I loved her hair. It was the cutest shade of brown and was just the right length, right below her shoulder blades. It wasn't pure brown, but rather a lighter shade and what seemed to be subtle blond highlights. The shade went perfectly with her skin tone, a perpetual perfect Italian tan.

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   Even though I couldn't see them from my viewing angle, I thought of her eyes, her big brown eyes that her simply intoxicating if stared into. I was realizing how genuinely beautiful this girl was. However, being an 18 year old guy, i soon enough made my way to her chest, trying to catch a glimpse of the cleavage provided by a 38C rack and a slightly unbuttoned collared shit. She turned to look out the window, brushing her hair over her shoulder giving me a perfect view of the forbidden valley of breasts. It was the most beautiful sight that I could see in that classroom, and I savored the time I had in looking at it. In her youth, her bust was perky and upright, adding to the almost overwhelming sexual aura she carried. Emily was simply my dream girl, and I wanted her badly. Just then, the teacher cited me as the only competent student in the class in another of his frustrated speeches on effort. It was then that it clicked. I was saw my widow of opportunity, my ticket to ride. I was the head of the English class. Emily would be coming to me. However, determined not to be swindled like my equally intelligent peers, I decided that I would be the one to approach her. I would do it today at lunch-two periods from now. I counted the minutes.

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Lunch finally came, and despite my appetite for food, I chose to tend to another hunger first. I walked over to Emily's table, and saw her sitting alone for the time being, her friends having yet to arrive to the cafeteria. This was the time to make my terms known.
"Emily, could I talk to you for a second?" I asked.

"Um, sure Dave. In fact, I actually wanted to ask you something. " she responded, lacing the last part of the sentence with a seductive tone.

"Well, I'm asking you first. " I sat down next to her and looked right into her eyes. "I know how you've been dealing with our other exit exams. "

"And how have I been going about that?" she asked in an innocent tone.

"By finding the top person in your class and then getting them to do your exit for you by having sex with them. "

"Dave! That's a very serious, and very true accusation. " she said with a sly smile.

"Ok, then we both know what we want.

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   I'll make you pass English, and you'll have sex with me. "

"No. I'll show you tits and maybe give you a blowjob, thats it. "

"Do you take me for a fool? I know I'm the only competent student in that class. If you have any hope of passing that exit essay, you'll do what I want. Full blown, 100% nude all-the-way sex. I fuck you,then I do your essay. "

"Who the hell do you think you are? I'll just get someone else to help me that's more enthusiastic at the offer of me giving them head. "

"Oh please, the closest person to my average is Tom Sillenger, and he's carrying a 78. That's not exit essay passing material. However, a 98 average is, which I have So if you plan on graduating, you'll let me do what I want". I saw in her face she knew that I was right.

"Damn it, Dave. You're such a bastard. .

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  . fine. I'll let you fuck me. " Those words leaving her moist red lips put a smile right on my face.

"All right then Emily, I believe we have a deal. When do you plan on upholding your end of the bargain?"

"Well, today's Friday, so I guess tonight would work. "

"Works for me" I couldn't believe my luck.

"Ok, after school ends, follow my car and we'll go back to my place. I moved out of my parents house a couple months ago, right after my 18th birthday. "

"Sounds like a plan. See you later sexy. " I said with a smug smile as I left the table and headed to join my friends for lunch.

The next two periods of the day seemed to drone on forever. Spanish was near torture, and I finished my Geometry test ear;y and waited 15 mins until the final bell rang. Time to claim my prize.

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   I went to my locker and got my books an then proceeded to go to the parking lot. As I exited the building, I saw Emily enter her Toyota. I nearly sprinted to my old Mustang and praised the Lord when it started with out a problem. She pulled out of her spot, and I followed suit. We drove away from the school and off to her apartment.

In about half-an hour we pulled into the lot of her complex. we parked next to each other and got out.

"Okay, follow me Dave. " Emily told me

"Whatever you say. " She didn't have to tell me twice. We entered the building and walked up two flights of stairs until we reached her room. She took out her keys, unlocked the door, and we entered. She closed the door behind me and locked the door and closed the bolt.

"Come on, into the bedroom so we can get this over with. "she said impatiently.

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   I followed her into the other room and took it in for a second. Their was a full size bed with a blue comforter and some pillows, a dresser and closet, shelves with some books and DVD's, a TV, and a chair. We took off our coats and draped them over the chair.

"Ok then, Emily. 100% nude. Get with it. " I asserted.

"Ughh. Fine. " She began unbuttoning her shirt, revealing a dark-red laced bra. I gazed at her chest, still not believing what was happening. Then she pulled down her skirt and took off her stockings, leaving her in nothing but underwear.

"Wait. " I said. "I'll take the rest off.

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  "She rolled her eyes, unable to protest. I took off my shirt and my pants, leaving me in nothing but my boxers. Now, I trained in the Martial Arts, so I had a decently ripped body. By this point I also had a major bulge in my boxers. I noticed Emily's eyebrows raised after I got undressed. " You like what you see Emily?"

"Yeah, I do. This might not be so bad after all" She glanced over me and stopped at my crotch. "Not bad at all. " I smiled and when over to her. I took her in my arms, an kissed her for the first time. It was great. We broke away, and then kissed again, giving each other tongue. As we made out, I reached behind her back and found the hook to her bra. I felt her breasts pressed against my muscular chest, soft skin pressed against hard muscle, separated only by the linen of the bra. I unhooked it, and let it fall to our feet.

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   Her tits barely moved at all. Those 38C melons were just as perky as before. They were all I imagined and more. I grabbed her right breast and began massaging it. Emily let a small moan escape into my mouth. We broke the kiss and I shoved my face right into her cleavage. Her hands wrapped around my head, keeping it buried against her rack. She wanted me now. I began to lick her chest, gently caressing her boobs with my tongue, eventually working my way to her nipple I sucked hard and long, loving every millisecond that I held her tit in my mouth. She flew her head back and moaned freely.

"ooooooooooooooo yeah Dave. OOOOHHHH that's nice. Don't stop sucking my titties baby!" How could I argue with the lady? I sucked and grabbed and massaged her enormous perky titties, until I moved on to her ass. I knelt down and slowly pulled her panties down, revealing her luscious ass along the way. She stepped out of them and I tossed the wet garment aside.

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   I stared at her ass. This was her most sexy feature, and my face was right in front of it.

"Looks like someone likes my ass. " Emily said looking down. "Let me give you some more of it. " She arched her back and popped her ass out, providing me with the sexiest view of any butt I would ever see. Unable to resist any longer, i grabbed her cheeks, trying to grasp as much as possible.

"Oh yeah baby! Work my ass. Spank me, I've been a bad girl doing all those naughty things. " I couldn't believe that she was asking me yo do exactly what I had longed for. I quickly obliged the lady's request.

"Yes, Emily, you've been a very naughty girl, letting all those boys fuck you so you could pass class. " I smacked her ass, watching her cheeks jiggle. I spanked her again, and again, and again. She moaned with encouragement.


   I was loving it. I was able to feel her ass up, to spank it, lick it-I was in heaven. The only thing that could tear me away was the needs of my cock. It needed attention, and was rock hard. I stood up and pulled down my boxers, setting my 7 inch dick free from it's containment. It sprang up to full attention. Emily's eyes grew wide and her mouth gaped.

"Holy shit Dave your cock's huge! It's so thick and long! I underestimated you, this is going to be a lot of fun after all. " she said with a smile.

"Glad you like it- it's all yours. " I replied, flattered. "Now, you wanted to give head earlier?"

"Fuck yeah! Come here baby and lemme suck that huge cock of yours, I'm gonna make you feel good. "
I came in closer as she got down on her knees. Now level with my dick,Emily stared at it for a second, admiring it's size up close, and then grabbed my shaft. She started working her hand around it, and began jacking me off.

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   Up and down moved the cheerleaders supple hands, caressing my cock, sending waves of pleasure through my body. I groaned a little, she was good. Emily looked up at me, lust in her eyes.

"Ready for the best blowjob of your life Dave?"I groaned in approval, and she licked her lips, bringing her face closer against my crotch. Her lips touched my head. They felt moist and warm, welcoming. She opened them, and I slid my dick into her mouth. It felt amazing, her mouth wrapped around my dick. I moaned with approval.

"Oh yeah baby, suck my cock. Harder!" Emily responded by increasing her pace. Her head moved faster and faster up and down my cock, Her head was bobbing back and forth so fast, that slurping sounds started to occur. I couldn't take much more. "Baby, I'm gonna cum soon!" Emily just kept on going. I was about to blow.

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   I reached for the back of her head, and used it as leverage to face fuck her, sliding my dick in and out between her lips. "UUUUURRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!" I Grundy. "Here it comes!!!!" Right then, I blew my load into her mouth, shooting a good four or five times. She swallowed every last drop. She released my cock with a pop, and regained her breath. "Jeez baby, that was amazing!"

"Your telling me!" she panted. Now the real fun began. I got to fuck her. We went over to the bed and I told her to bend over the edge. I was taking her doggystyle. "Oh yeah Dave, get ready to fuck me shitless. I'm counting on it. " And I planned on it. I was ready to fuck the brains out of my dream girl. She bent over and I lined my dick up with her ass.

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"Get ready girl. " With that, I slid my cock into her pussy and felt her tighten around it. Despite her history, Emily was still decently tight.

"OOOOOOOOoooo SHIT Dave! It's so big!!" she gasped with pleasure. "Fuck me with it!" Eager to please, I began to thrust in and out. I pumped slowly at first, savoring the feeling of her warm pussy. "OOOOH yeah baby, that feels nice! But I want it harder, faster! Fuck my pussy harder!!" I pumped faster, quickening my pace. Her ass slapped against my crotch. "OH MY GOD!! YESYESYESYESYESYESYESYES!!! THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT BABY!!!!! FUCKING GIVE IT TO ME!!!! HARDER DAVE, FUCK ME DEEPER!!! DON'T STOP FUCKING ME!! I grabbed her hips and drilled her as fast as I could. "OoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOohhhhh!! SSSSSssSHHHHHhhhHHiiiIIITTTT!!!! OH GOD I'M FUCKING CUUUUMMMMIIINNNGG!!!!!!!MOOOOOOTTHHHHEERRRRRRRRRFUUUUUCCKKKKKERRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Her voiced vibrated from the speed of my fucking. Her screams of ecstasy filled the bedroom, rivaled only by the sound of her ass smacking against me. She clawed at the bedsheets from the intensity of her orgasm. "HOLY SHIT!! That was fucking amazing Dave! Your the first guy to make me cum!"

"Well we're not done yet. " I said as I pulled out of her. I laid down on the bed and said, "You're gonna ride me now.

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  " I saw an enthusiastic smile come across her face, and I knew she was game. She straddled me cowgirl and guided my cock back into her.

"oooooooooooo. It feels good to have you back inside me Dave!" She then started to grind me. It felt fantastic to have her pussy grind my cock. She started to get into it. "OOooooohhh SHIT!"

"Oh baby, don't stop! That feels great Emily!" I moaned. She put one hand behind her head, holding her hair and gave it all she had.

"Oh FUCK! Baby, you like when I grind your cock? she asked me.

"Oh yeah! I panted. Sh stopped grinding me, and started bouncing. She brought her ass up and down on my cock, and I watched it slide in and out. "Don't stop baby!"

"You like me riding your big cock? I know you do baby!"

"Fuck yea I do!" I started to return thrusts, and soon the smacking sounds of ass on cock pervaded in the air and her bouncing breasts seized my view. We picked up speed, moaning and panting the whole time. She rode me faster and faster.

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"oH SHit Dave, I'm gonna cum agaaaAAAAIIIIIINNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!" Again, her piercing screams of sexual climax filled my ears. I loved her screams, I dreamed of hearing them. Her breasts rose and fell wildly. It was a sight to behold, having a gorgeous woman straddled over you, hair disheveled, boobs bouncing, screaming your name in orgasmic ecstasy. "YEAH!! YEAH!! YEAH!! OH YEAH DAVE, MAKE MY BIG TITTIES BOUNCE!!MAKE 'EM BOUNCE!!!!!!! MAKE 'EM BOOOUUUUUNNNNCCEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was too much for me to take.

"EMILY!!I'M GONNA CUM!!"I warned her, not wanting to chance a pregnancy. She shared the same sentiments, despite her pleasure, and dismounted and laid on her back. Now I straddled her over her stomach and put my cock in between her tits. She pressed them together around it, and I began to pump.

"OH YEAH DAVE!! FUCK THOSE BIG TITTIES!!FUCK 'EM HARD!!! I watched my cock disappear and reappear in her cleavage. I was in her forbidden valley. . . it was now mine. I screamed in pleasure.

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"Yeah baby!!! Gimme that cum! Emily shouted. I blew my load all over her titties as we stared at ear others lustful eyes intensely. Some even got on her face. She laughed and licked me clean. She got up and went to take a shower and told me I should stay for dinner. I waited for her to come out, and then we got dressed. We went out to eat and got cheeseburgers. Then we went and saw a movie. Over dinner and a movie, we really got to know each other, and by the time time we drove back to her place to say goodnight, I had a girlfriend. I kissed my new girlfriend goodnight and drove back home wondering when the next time we were going to have sex would be.
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