Billy's Sister Sally




By Dick Inkum


Billy's sister Sally would fuck for ten dollars if she liked you; twenty if she didn't.

Billy was my ninth grade classmate, and Sally was in tenth grade though she'd been held back a year. Sally wasn't very bright. She wasn't retarded (clinically), she was just stupid.

In those days, ten dollars wasn't insignificant to a kid and no one though "stupid" was culturally insensitive.

Sally was almost seventeen. She'd been knocked up when she was fourteen by older kids who found her easy prey. She'd aborted and had her tubes tied. She wasn't a bad looking girl. I'd seen her often and while she wasn't pretty, there wasn't any particular physical defect apparent.

Billy and I were playing baseball on the junior high team one day when Billy asked if I had twenty dollars. Of course I didn't. He asked if I wanted to fuck Sally. I thought about that a bit. I talked like I wanted sexual experience, but when it came down to it I thought it was a little scary.

Sally didn't like the younger boys who were Billy's friends until we were ninth graders.

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   She'd been getting fucks from her present classmates and those who left her behind in school.

Her parents were lax enough or absent enough that she could fuck just about every day after school if she wanted.

Billy pimped a little more.

"If you want her cunt, you'll need twenty dollars" he proclaimed.

That would be a Saturday's worth of lawn cutting in those days. I said I'd work on it.

What financed my adventure was my birthday. Grandma gave me twenty-five dollars! I was going to fuck it away! I told my grandma I needed a new tire for my bike.

I told Billy about my new-found wealth and he said he'd try to get me an appointment. Two days later the deal was made. I would ride my bike to his house after school on Thursday.

Both Billy and Sally were there when I arrived. Billy said he was taking off for an hour.

Sally said "Hello Jimmy. I like you more than Billy's other friends".

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I thought that was a good start. She asked for the money. All twenty.

Girls wore dresses to school in those days and Sally was so attired. She led me to her bedroom, unbuttoned her dress and took it off. I stared at her in just bra and panties.

"Take your clothes off, Silly!" she ordered.

"Oh. . . yeah. . . sure" I stuttered.

She removed her bra and I was staring again.

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   She had a lot more development than any girlfriend I'd ever had and they'd barely let my fingers slide under their bras. In cock rose in my shorts. Sally noticed and squeezed her tits for me.

"You can play with them" she said, " it feels good". I was still speechless.

She took her panties down and showed me her patch of black hair. She spread her pussy to show my day's target and rubbed her cunt.

"You can make this feel good too" she said.

I certainly hoped so. She drew me closer.

"Let's see your dick" She said.

    Sally got it in her hand and gave me a few jerks. I thought i might shoot off right then.

    "You'll like this" she said, and sucked my dick!

    God! I was going to die! I grabbed at her tits. She lay back and spread her legs.

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    "Come on, get on me! Now stick it in!" She guided me as she spoke.

    Man! My dick was in a cunt! Her hands and legs got me moving and I was ACTUALLY FUCKING !!!

    Not for long. I came right away. Oh, damn!

    "That's too bad" Sally said sympathetically," We'll try again in a little while. Would you like me to suck it again?"

    Damned right I would! She told me to put two fingers in her cunt while she sucked. I'd just shot my load in there. I thought it would be all gooey. It wasn't, or at least I did'nt notice if it was. I played with her tits too.

    She giggled when I squeezed.

    She had me lay on my back next and got passionate about sucking. She wanted my finger-fucking intensified too. I was surprised by how rapidly I got another hard-on.

    "Oh, that's nice now" she cooed, "I want it in me".

    She got me remounted and I was really fucking this time.

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       Sally wrapped her legs around me and bounced her ass to my pumping. She babbled. In a while she squealed. Suddenly her cunt clamped on my dick and I exploded in her. She held me tightly and sighed and moaned.

    "That was a good one" she opined.

    I thought so too. We kissed.

    She rolled me off and jerked my dick. She sucked it a little more too.

    "OK, get dressed" she said a few minutes later, "next time it will only be ten dollars".



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