Birthday Fuck


I worked as a virginity taker at birthday parties for girls who wanted to experience sex for the first time. Now I was on my way to a girl turning 16 today. As I reached the driveway, I could see girls peeking through the curtains and muttering to each other excitedly of my arrival. As I knocked on the door, it was thrown open revealing six petite teenage girls, 3 dark blonde and 3 brunette. The skinny, brunette with the blue paper crown was obviously the client I would be serving today.
‘Can we see your dick?’ One of the girls asked.
‘Sure can. ’ As I ripped off my pants revealing my 8 inch erect cock.
‘Holy shit its huge. I don’t think it’ll fit,’ the birthday girl, Abby said.
‘Who’s ready to get fucked!’
Suddenly a blonde was knelt between my legs and started sucking my cock as her hand rubbed her pussy in her pants. Like a herd the other girls knelt around me as the blonde kept on sucking vigorously and licking my shaft until Abby pushed her away.
‘This is my cock. ’ She said before gripping it with her soft hands. ’I can’t wait to be fucked today. ’ Before my cock disappeared in her warm wet mouth, her tongue wriggling around my knob.

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   I grabbed her head and started ramming my dick into her mouth, my cock jabbing her in the throat until I felt like ripping her head off. As Fast a I could, I jammed and slammed my cock into her small mouth, pre-cum shooting into her throat. She took her mouth back to hold her hand over her mouth as if vomiting before taking a big swallow and smile.
‘I think I’ve turned into a cum slut. Now fuck me hard. ’ She demanded, taking off her clothes revealing her tight pussy. I was already licking and probing her cunt before any girl knew what happened. She was moaning as her pussy juices leaked out into my sucking mouth. Other girls tried shoving their pussies into my face until I came out of Abby’s legs and sucked every other girls virgin pussies. Around me the girls were sucking and fucking each other as I grabbed Abby’s legs and dragged her towards me as I roughly pumped my cock into her pussy. Blasting through her hymen I thrust hard and fast, into her tight cunt who’s walls stuck to my cock as I pressed in and out. After a while a girl would take my cock out and suck it. It wasn’t long as I kept fucking until I started shooting sperm into her gaping vagina. She exploded too after shouted out loud orgasms. After that, the birthday party had turned into a teenage orgy.

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   Girls would bend over in a line with their cunts out for me. Each having a go, I pumped my cock into their pussies until cum exploded out of their clits. I couldn’t take it, I wanted to fuck more and harder. I then had a blonde riding my cock while another one rubbed her pussy into my face to lick. While two brunettes sat their cunts on my fingers to probe their love holes. I grunted loudly as I withdrew and all the sluts gathered as cum was pasted over their face and in their mouths. Going in a circle I would fuck each girl’s mouth until my cock was clean and dry. I was in heaven, fucking fresh cum sluts straight out of school. So far this is the best birthday fuck I’ve ever been to.

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