blowup doll


when I was 15 I was best friends with a guy from school we used to hang out do everything most guys do. Talk about sex and all that. we were both virgins at the time. One night we were playing truth or dare and he had taken dare one of his turns so I dared him to have sex with a blowup doll. Funny because I knew my dad had kept one in the basement hidden I guess from his single days lol. My friend didnt beleive me so I snuck down and got it. He first refused but I talked him into it. He thought I would leave but I said no I have to see this. So I watched as he took his pants off then put the doll on top of him with his boxers still on. I said no all the way. He took of his boxers trying to hide his hard on but I saw it like 6" cut, same as mine. He put his dick in and started moving the doll up and down on his dick, I guess he saw my hard on through my shorts and asked if I wanted to try. He watched as I did the same when I got my dick out and put the doll on top and started fucking it. It felt amazingly good. He went behind it and said Im gonna use the other hole, I was in its pussy and he was in its ass. Our dicks were basically rubbing together with a little plastic in between.

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   we didnt last too long the bed was shaking and then I told him I was close he just groaned loud and I felt his dick throbbing and then some of his jizzcame out onto my balls then I came hard, we had coated the doll in cum, we were both pretty embarrased but ried again not too long after. .

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