Brandy and Ms. Baker


The sun shone bright through the bus windows as it rolled along the dirt road. Brandy pulled her jacket tighter as she stared at the passing landscape. She was starting the first day at her new school, and didn’t know what she should expect. Being in seventh grade was tough, let alone for a new kid. The bus screeched to a halt, and the kids poured out. Brandy could feel eyes moving toward her as she set out to find the teacher. Her long brown hair fell around her shoulders and she kept pulling on her jacket. She was very insecure, because of her large breasts. The boys at her old school would constantly either laugh or stare at her, and it was very uncomfortable to have them focusing only on her looks. She saw a short lady waving at her and walked up to her.
   “You must be Brandy!” she smiled. “Why don’t you come inside and ill find you a seat. ”
    They walked into the large brick building, with the other kids still outside. The lady kept talking as they navigated the halls. “I’m Ms. Baker, and im your homeroom teacher.

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  ” She said. “I teach math. It must be so tough to be a new kid. ”  Ms. Baker was an attractive woman, Brandy thought. About 5 foot 6 and beautiful 36E breasts. Maybe 30 years old. Brandy couldn’t help staring at her as they entered the room. “here’s your seat. ” She gestured toward a set near the front of the class. Brandy dropped her bag by her seat. “my, youre a quiet one” she giggled.
     “Im sorry, im just a little nervous. ” Brandy started to take her things out of her pack.
     “I understand, I really do.


   Would you like some help with your things?” Ms. Baker bent down to grab the pack and Brandy couldn’t restrain herself from looking down at her half open blouse. Her pussy was aroused at her massive tits. Brandy was very good looking herself, 13 years old, 5 foot 2 and the larger side of C cups already. She had long brown hair down to her waist. She couldn’t not know why boys adored her, but she also liked girls.
      “let me lead you to your locker. ” Ms. Baker smiled and started down the hallway, her butt swinging as she walked. They stopped at a locker and Brandy was given her combination. She finally took off her coat and shoved it in. As she did so, she noticed Ms. Baker look over her body. Brandy glanced at her and Ms. Baker gave her a flirty smile.

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   Brandy was getting very excited about this new teacher.
     The next few weeks went by uneventful, and Brandy was getting the hang of her new lessons. She kept receiving sexy looks from Ms. Baker, and almost every day would get home quickly to masturbate before her parents came home. Everything would boil up inside her all day and she needed to get it all out. Boys still constantly stared at her tits, and it was making her become something of a slut. At least once a week she would wear something revealing to get past the insecurity. She started giving blowjobs, and even went all the way with one boy. Her favorite outfit was a pair of extremely short shorts and a tight blose that exposed a lot of cleavage. But she still would cum, thinking about Ms. Baker. She was getting very hot with Brandy, and she was getting tired of just leeting herself stream cum. Brandy wanted her.
     The snow started falling, and she coulnt keep her eyes off Ms. Baker.


   She finally came to school one day in tight jeans and an almost see-thru button down, determined to seduce her teacher. The bell finally rang, and she was about to make her move.
      Kids were streaming out of the classroom, and Brandy packed her stuff and walked up to the desk.
   “Hello, there Brandy” she said with a wide smile. She bent over just enough to reveal her bra. “Can I help you?”
   “yes, I think you can, Miss. ” Said Brandy sa she sat down on the desk, showing off heer thong. “I cant help but notice your looks during class”
   “youre a very, very sexy girl, Brandy” Said Ms. Baker, as she started to unbutton her shirt, “its very hard to ignore you. ”
      Brandy crept around to the other side of the desk, locked the door, and started to unzip her jeans.
   “I want you, Miss Baker. Ive wanted you so long…. ”
    “Shhhhhh…. . call me Courtney.


   Ive also wanted you. I want those huge teen breasts. ”
    They were both naked now, and Ms. Baker reached into her drawer and puled out a  huge green dildo.
   “youre not a virgin, arre  you sweetie?”
    “I didn’t expect so. Lie down on the desk. ” Brandy did as she was told and Ms. Baker got  on her knees and licked Brandy’s pussy as she stuck the dildo up her ass.
     “Ohhhhhhhhh… OHHHHH. Ms. Bakerr!!” Brandy yelled as Ms. Baker shoved her tounge into her slit. Brandy sqeezed her boobs hard and Ms. Baker stood up and placed her pussy on her face.
    “Lick me!” she said and Brandy ate her like it was the last on earth.

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     “YES! YES!!!!!!!!” Ms. Baker yelled and Brandy moaned with her. “Brandy, im gonna cum!”
      “Oh! Me too! YESSSS!” they screamed in unison as cum splattered all over the desk. “O my, god. That was so good!”
      “Its not over, yet Brandy. Grab the strap on  in my desk. ” Brandy  handed it to her and Ms. Baker said, “give me your ass” Brandy stuck her ass in the air and shoved the strap on in it while she fingered her pusy. “you like that, you little slut? Huh?”
      “Oh, fuck yes!” Brandy replied as Ms. Baker sped up “yes, YES! YESSSSSSS! OH MY GOD FUCK ME MS. BAKER! FUCK ME LIKE AN ANIMAL! YES! YESS! DON’T STOP!” It hurt, but felt good at the same time as Brandy fingered herself and was rammed in the ass with a dildo by woman of her dreams. “IM GONNA CUM! YESSSSS! YES! AHHHHHH…. . !” A water fall of cum shot from Brandy’s pussy, like none before.
     “oh, my god Brandy that felt better than ive ever done” said Ms.

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   Baker as she climed onto a wet, dripping Brandy, and started squeezing her tits. “I think we need to do this more often, girlfriend”
    Brandy cleaned up and dressd, grabbed her stuff, and stood in the doorway, looking at her teacher/ girlfriend. “see you tomorrow, baby!” and ran down the hall with joy.
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