Brooke's First Party


Scott had enjoyed Brooke’s young body already but seeing where he intended to go again tonight brought a slight rise to his groin. What was at the top of those sexy legs was even better than the legs themselves. Scott climbed in and drove away as Brooke asked what they were going to do. Scott told Brooke they were going to stop by Mr. Eric’s house, a friend of his whom Brooke had casually met before. Within a few minutes Scott pulled up to Eric’s house and they went in. Eric had some fresh pizza and cold beer waiting. Scott introduced Brooke and Eric to each other again and the three of them began to laugh and talk as well as drink some. Brooke liked the taste of the ice cold draft beer that Eric had on tap at his bar. Brooke had drank 3 or 4 glasses within thirty minutes and had started a new glass. Eric had been looking at Brooke’s sexy legs since she arrived. He winked at Scott and motioned towards the den where their was a huge soft recliner and a roomy leather couch. Scott eased the new glass of beer from Brooke’s hand and led her into the den. Brooke had drank enough. Scott wanted her a little tipsy to make the evening have an easier flow but he wanted her able to feel and function also. Scott sat down on the left side of the couch and Brooke sat against him.

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   Her creamy legs were crossed but there was still a lot to view in her short cheerleader skirt. Scott never spoke as he used a finger to tilt Brooke’s head up and towards him before kissing her. They began to french kiss as Eric sat down on the other side of Brooke. Brooke was just too innocent to know she was the planned party for tonight, all night! Brooke was kissing passionately with Scott. She had enjoyed making love with him that night in the pool and in his bed as well as the next morning. Brooke had been wanting to have sex with him again. Scott broke their kiss long enough to unfasten his pants, slide them down to the floor and slip his bulging cock from his boxers. He sat back down and they kissed again. Scott nibbled Brooke’s ear and used his hand to gently push her head down towards his cock. Brooke was not experienced at sucking cock but she had that bedroom sense that let her know what Scott wanted. Brooke didn’t think of Mr. Eric sitting next to her as her head lowered into Scott’s lap and her tongue flicked out to swipe at the cock in front of her. Brooke kissed the proud pink head of the cock that she knew would soon be bringing her intense pleasure when it became buried in her cunt. Brooke held the strong shaft of meat with her small open fingers and licked up and down the shaft several times. Each time she came up she let her tongue circle the head of Scott’s penis before licking back down again.

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   Brooke soon opened her lips that were all glossy with candy gloss and took Scott’s cock into her mouth. Brooke peeled her lips back and forth across the spearhead several times like it was a candy sucker. Brooke now took the shaft of Scott’s cock into her mouth and slid down as far as she could take it into her throat. Brooke heard her prey moan and knew she was hitting the spot for him. Brooke concentrated on her sucking as she felt a hand on her bare thigh. Scott held his hand on the back of Brooke’s blond head as he watched her little pig-tails wiggle as she sucked up and down the shaft of his dick. Scott motioned for Eric to prepare himself. Eric lowered his pants and boxers and sat with his meat prong at full attention. Scott was enjoying Brooke sucking his dick but he had more and better fun in mind for tonight. Scott gently pulled Brooke up from her sucking. Scott kissed her forehead and whispered in her ear that he wanted her to suck Eric’s dick for him. Brooke looked at Scott unsure of what he was saying. She had forgotten that Eric was even in the room. Brooke looked at Scott and asked did she have to? Scott whispered back in her ear, yes baby, suck him all the way off for me and eat his sperm. Brooke wasn’t eager about it but wanted to please Scott so she would get what she wanted tonight.

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   Brooke turned on the couch to see Eric sitting there with his cock shaft in his hand waiting for her to take him. Brooke lowered her head to Eric’s lap now and licked the lips of his cock head to remove the dew from them. Eric moaned at the touch of young Brooke’s tongue on his cock. Brooke licked up and down the outside of his cock feeling the bulging size of his cock and the veins that ran through it all swollen with blood and cock juice. It had a salty yet sweet flavor to young Brooke. Brooke’s lips opened wide around her massive meal and she sank it halfway down her throat. Eric watched Brooke’s head bob up and down as he held her blond piggy tails in his rough hands. Brooke used her tongue to caress the cock in her mouth even as she slid up and down the cock-shaft sucking with all her might. Eric and Scott could both hear Brooke slurping on her meal as she fed on the diet of hard dick. Brooke came up to the top of Eric’s cock and held her lips locked around the spear-head as she flicked the lips of his penis back and forth with her hot tongue. Then suddenly Brooke plunged Eric’s cock back down deep into her throat and held it there as she felt his hairy balls on her chin. Brooke continued to plunge the cock down her throat as her sucking intensified. Scott reached over and ran a hand up inside of Brooke’s gold cheerleader top. He met with no resistance in unfastening her bra. Scott had Brooke’s strapless bra unfastened and laying in the floor before she knew it! Brooke was now on her way to sex with two men who planned to ravage her sexy body! Brooke felt Eric’s cock swell in her mouth.

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   She tried to pull up tp catch the spurts of sperm when they shot out of his cock but Eric held her head down on his cock so Brooke had to swallow each load of hot sperm into her belly as he pumped it into her mouth and throat. Brooke swallowed it all only gaging one small time on his cock juice. Brooke then licked him clean of every drop of cum drizzle. Brooke leaned back into Scott’s arms who gently kissed her head and told her how sweet she was. Eric stood and walked out of the room as Scott held Brooke in his arms. Scott asked Brooke was she in the mood for some good fucking? Brooke excitedly turned to Scott and asked if they were going home now? He explained that no, they were going to be fucking here tonight, here on the floor and then in the bed. Brooke expressed her worry that Eric would see them. Scott smirked and explained to Brooke that she was going to fuck both of them tonight! Brooke protested that she didn’t know him that well but Scott countered by telling Brooke that he wanted her to fuck Eric for him and he wanted her to give Eric the first piece tonight. Scott explained to Brooke that he wanted to watch her making sweet love to Eric. Brooke sat on the couch and pouted as Scott stood and removed his belt. Scott told Brooke to go to the hall closet and get some blankets to make a pallet on the floor that she could use to lay on while she gave Eric her- pussy. Brooke responded angrily that she didn’t want to fuck Eric. Scott jerked Brooke up by her arm and took the belt to her ass and sexy legs leaving 2 strips on her calves. “You will make a pallet to fuck on! You will invite him to have your pussy when he comes back and you will give him the best pussy he’s ever had! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME BROOKE?” Scott exclaimed. Brooke was nearly in tears as she responded “ yes sir”.

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   Brooke went and retrieved 4 big quilts and made her a soft bed on the floor then sat back by Scott leaning on his arm. He kissed her head and cheek and told her she would have fun fucking both of them, she just needed to relax and enjoy all the hard cock she was going to get tonight. Eric walked back into the room wearing only his house coat. Scott was holding Brooke as he nudged her. Brooke knew what it meant and she looked at Eric out of her tear-stained eyes and asked him if he wanted to make love to her? Eric smiled and said of course, who wouldn’t want some pussy from you Brooke? I bet a lot of men would love to fuck you baby, me included. Scott used his hand to gently urge Brooke to stand up. “Go ahead Brooke, take his hand and lead him over to your love nest baby!” Scott encouraged. Brooke weakly held her hand out to Eric and he accepted it as they walked over to the pallet she had made on the floor. Brooke knelt down on her knees and then laid down on her back, still wearing her cheerleader uniform. Eric stood over her and untied his housecoat. He slipped it off and tossed it over on a chair as he stood over Brooke naked. Brooke saw his hard cock and gasped “Oh My God!”. Eric was well hung measuring at least 9 inches and he had a thick mass to his long cock as well. Brooke realized she was in trouble and tried to flee. She got as far as raising up on her elbows and hands before Eric was on her and forced her back down on the floor.

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   Brooke pleaded for Eric to let her go but he ignored the requests of this sexy young babe who would take his cock deep into her young pussy before she got off the floor. Scott angrily commanded Brooke to stop fighting it and to give her pussy to Eric! Eric had Brooke down and was kissing her cheek and neck as she softly cried to “stop, please stop. ” Her pleas were ignored as this night’s party had begun. Eric let his hands roam over Brooke’s sexy body as he found some lip to mix with his nibbling on her neck. Brooke could feel Eric’s hard cock on the bare part of her leg below her cheer skirt. Brooke knew their were little drops of pre-cum drooling on her thigh. Brooke’s resistance to fucking Eric was easing some so he raised her back from the pallet and he peeled her cheer top over her head and tossed it on the floor. Sexy Brooke was now topless with a man she didn’t know and headed for a good fucking. Eric took her back down on the pallet and kissed her lips again and then tongued down her cheek and neck, past her shoulder and arm, then across her chest before zeroing in on her 32-C breasts. Eric licked all around Brooke’s breast globes and between them before cupping a nipple with his tongue and sucking her dark areola into his mouth along with a large portion of the breast meat around it. Brooke moaned from within as soft tears dripped down her cheek. Brooke now knew she would fuck Eric and she also knew she secretly wanted it but consciously she had to fight to protect her reputation as a “good girl”. Eric fed on Brooke’s breast like a hungry animal as his hands played with her other breast and under her cheer skirt. Brooke dripped tears down her cheeks as she softly asked Eric to stop. Her blue eye-shadow was streaking with the tears and she looked over to where Scott was sitting on the couch.

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   Brooke cared so much for Scott and had enjoyed making love with him. Brooke saw Scott sitting on the couch with his cock in hand slowly pumping it as he watched her losing her fight to keep from fucking his friend. Brooke looked at Scott through her teary eyes as she felt betrayed in love. She wanted to keep her sex confined to only sleeping with her best friend’s dad. Brooke softly asked Scott to please. . . . . don’t make me??? Scott smiled as he continued to slowly stroke his own cock and told Brooke “ I want you to fuck his brains out Brooke, do it now!”. Brooke turned back to Eric as he dropped her breast from his mouth and began to french-kiss with her as his hand worked her blue cheerleader tights and panties down her sexy legs and tossed them aside. They landed across the room with a plat . . . .

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  . . because they were soaked with Brooke’s cunt dew. Scott urged Brooke to pull Eric in between her legs and make him fuck her hard! Eric needed no encouragement. He kissed his way down Brooke’s chest and abdomen stopping for a moment at her pierced navel to dangle her bellybutton attachment in his mouth. Eric continued down to the waistband of Brooke’s cheerleader skirt where he licked her waist. It was such a short and sexy skirt too. It was gold with a blue trim and a sexy split on the side that ran up to her now bare hip almost. Eric got a mouth full of it before flipping up the front of it. He slowly licked Brooke’s delectably creamy legs up and down before zeroing in on tonight’s meal. Brooke’s legs had opened for him now as she reacted to the passions he was stirring inside of her young body.
    When Eric licked the length of Brooke’s female slash she moaned her pleasure. Eric held Brooke’s clit between his lips and lightly flicked his tongue across it several times as Brooke gasped and pushed her hips to his mouth. Brooke was fast yielding to the lust in her own body now. Scott had showed her what an older man could do for her sexually and Brooke could hardly control the desire she was feeling for this man she hardly knew to molest and ravage her sexy young body.

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       Scott sat on the couch and smiled as he held his throbbing cock. He heard Brooke ask Eric to please eat her pussy. Scott had plans for Brooke. . . long range plans. . . to make her a party girl for him and his horny friends. Tonight was her first step in learning to please him and his friends with the tasty fruits of her body. Scott watched Brooke moan and gasp from deep within as Eric sucked her pussy lips into his mouth. Brooke’s bare legs were laid over her lover’s shoulders as he gobbled and slurped her pussy for several minutes. Eric held Brooke’s bare rear end in his hands as he enjoyed his meal of young cunt. He felt Brooke about to explode in an orgasm so he quickly withdrew his mouth from her now sex-crazed pussy. Brooke was now unable to deny Eric’s desires because she wanted him in her and needed him.

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       Eric slipped his cock into Brooke’s steaming cunt canal as she cried with pleasure. Scott knew it was really time to party now. He took two pillows and eased them under Brooke’s shoulders so he could lower her head at an angle that allowed her to suck cock upside down. He pulled Brooke’s head down and kissed her lips telling her it was “party time baby” Brooke’s mouth opened and Scott sunk his cock into her throat as Eric rammed his cock deep into her cunt. Brooke held one hand on each lover as she stroked Eric’s back and Scott’s thigh letting both men fill her with their cock. Eric was slamming his big cock into this tender young pussy enjoying her tightness and soft vagina canal that caressed his hard throbbing cock inside of her. Scott had chills run up his spine as he watched his daughter’s best friend swallow his cock time and again as she sucked him and the sight of Eric’s big dick plunging into Brooke’s cunt was awesome. Brooke was moaning and pushing her hungry pussy up to meet her new lover each time he sunk his cock into her. Brooke was learning to experience the pleasure that men could bring to her body and soul. Scott swelled in Brooke’s hot mouth and knew he was losing it. He shot several heavy spurts of hot, sticky sperm into Brooke’s throat before she gagged on a massive shot and it drooled from her nostrils and mouth. Scott then pulled his cock from her mouth and wiped it dry in her soft blond hair leaving a cum residue to dry in it. Eric was pounding Brooke’s cunt now as he felt her explode in a massive orgasm around his bulging cock-meat. Brooke was holding him tight against her as she shoved her hips tight against his and felt the waves of pleasure shoot out of her belly and hips. Brooke was gasping for air as Eric rammed her deep and hard before he shuddered and blew a wad of cock-juice into the depths of her young pussy.


       Brooke lay on the floor in a fetal position as she still felt the waves of her orgasm rippling through her sexy body. Scott and Eric stood over her and decided on their next lust-filled action for Brooke. Eric had a camcorder over in the corner that had caught every moment of Brooke’s seduction on the floor and glorious fucking. They now helped Brooke up to her feet although she was weak in her legs and could hardly stand on them due to the lack of feeling not yet being fully returned. Eric unfastened Brooke’s cheerleader skirt from the rear and it fell to the floor. Brooke was now naked with two men. Scott walked up against Brooke and nuzzled his cock in her wet cunt before sliding it in fully. Brooke moaned her pleasure and laid on his shoulder with her arms around him. Scott picked her 5'5" 120 lb frame up into his arms and Brooke’s legs wrapped around Scott’s hips. Eric then brought his still sopping wet cock up against Brooke’s ass. Brooke suddenly raised her head knowing what the men had in mind for her. Brooke screamed “NO, NO!”. It was too late though. Eric’s cock slipped into Brooke’s virgin asshole part of the way as she cried out in pain. The two men pressed together to seal Brooke into their lust-crazed desire to make a sexual sandwich out of her 15 year old cheerleader-body.

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       Eric eased more and more cock into Brooke’s ass each stroke as Scott filled her cunt from the front side with his cock. Brooke cried for mercy but got none. She soon felt the pain in her ass subsiding as her rectum expanded and accepted the invader. It was a couple of more minutes before Brooke leaned back to kiss Eric’s cheek and acknowledge her love and acceptance for his sexual desires. Brooke also licked Scott’s ear and bit his neck as he drove his cock deep into her tingling pussy. Brooke moaned and groaned out of control as she broadcast the pleasure she was feeling. Brooke’s toes curled tightly as she felt a still larger orgasm sweep through her body. The men were pounding their cocks into Brooke over and over as she jiggled between them and took all they gave her. Both men finally released small jets of sperm into Brooke’s respective holes. They then let her crumble to the floor having finished with her for now. They sat back and each enjoyed a cigarette as they laughed about their beautiful sex slave they were creating. Scott rose having finished his cigarette and told Brooke to get up and get them some pizza and a glass of beer, then join them in Eric’s bedroom for some more fucking. It took Brooke a few minutes before she brought each of her lovers a plate of pizza she had warmed in the microwave and a cold glass of draft beer. Scott had Brooke kneel on the floor beside the bed and hold their beers in each hand while they ate. When they had finished their meal, Scott had Brooke to crawl in bed with them.

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       Brooke serviced both men several more times that night. Scott told Brooke she would start having sex with them regularly and that other men would also soon join them to enjoy her body. Brooke asked him if she was going to be a whore? “No Brooke baby. You are only going to be having sex with men that want you and you know you crave the sex anyway don’t you baby? But that doesn’t mean you’re a whore Brooke. Just a very horny young girl who likes fucking men, that’s all. ” Brooke’s next party will be arriving soon. Scott’s daughter, Mari, is about to get caught in bed, but with who and by whom. . . hmmmm ideas readers?.

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