Camping with the boys; a big sister's point of view.


Living in a mountainous region, camping has always been a favorite of mine, so when my younger brother, cousin, and a few of their guy friends were planning a weekend trip I asked to tag along.   They had all just graduated from high school and so they had no problem letting their 21 year old sister come - I mean what if they needed more alcohol, right? Besides I knew some of these boys for a few years and could tell that now that they were getting older and actually knew how to use their dicks, I was the object of their lust when I came around.   I'm 5'6" and slim, with long dirty blond hair to my waist with big green eyes and a bright white smile.   My breasts set up nicely at a 34C, but my nipples are what the boys seem to like, standing 1 1/2" erect. In other words I've never had a problem with looks.

My brother, a few of his friends, and I arrived to a secluded camping spot that was about 2 miles into the woods, thick with pine trees and a river that swished past our camp fire only 5 feet away.   Some of the boys were already there, including Justin, one of my bro's long time friends who was really growing into a fine piece of man.   As soon as I got out of the SUV, his eyes made contact with mine and I knew something naughty was bound to happen this weekend.   We set up camp, and the drinking began. Hours flew by and next thing I knew, Justin and I were the last ones standing.   I needed to get up and move around so I grabbed his hand and pulled him behind me.   He followed me up to the top of a hill where we could see the beautiful August sky with millions of stars.   He stood over me by about 1 foot, and had this crazy blond mess of hair that I wanted so badly to run my hands through.   His muscular arms and shoulders swallowed me as he pulled me in for a taste of his sweet pouty lips. Our lips met first, followed by our curious tongues as we explored each other softly at first, and our tongues started to dance, and I could feel my pussy heat up, and just a drip of juice moistened my panties. He pressed his body into mine and I could feel the pressure of his pulsating cock against my belly.

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   I pulled away and could see in his eyes that he was just as excited as me about doing something that has been held back as long as possible, until now.   I mean, my brother and I are real close, and I know it would hurt him to find out about this, but maybe I couldn't hold myself back now.  

I grabbed Justin's hand and led him down to the a small river beach where the sand was almost as wet and as soft as my pussy.  I was leading the way until Justin grabbed my shoulder and spun me around, and I was ready. Ready for the aggressive way that he kissed my mouth, my neck at the same time he was rubbing his thick hard man meat against my still clothed cunt.   We were each pulling, pushing, feeling, racing to get down to what we both really wanted. . . a good fuck. He pulled my pants down just below my knees, and before I could take off my shoes and pants, he picked me up and dropped my body right onto all 10 inches of his wonderfully thick cock. I could feel his mushroom tip slide past my bare, shaven lips, and slam into my body over and over.   Every thrust sent his balls slapping into the crack of my soft supple ass. Meanwhile, the river rushes noisily past us, covering up the moans and slaps that our bodies can't help but make.

Justin then laid me down on the soft sand while looking deep into my eyes, and both of us smiling as though we had waited almost too long for this to happen.  I was now almost naked except for my lacey red VS thongs, which were positioned off to the side of my pussy for easier access. 

    He started kissing my mouth and worked his way down tracing his tongue ever so sensually down my neck to my breasts, where his mood changed and he sucked my large tits hard and rough, paying extra attention to my rock hard nipples with nibbles that turned into bites. He continued down my body, until he reached the top of my panties.  He grabbed them and ripped them right off of me and dove his tongue into my slick cunt, which was aching for his cock but the boy new how to work more that one of his sex muscles. He thrust his tongue in and out and in and out and. . . I could feel him move up onto my clit, circling it and then flicking it with the tip of his tongue. Oh, I was almost over the top when he quickly pushed his self on top of me and sank his wonderful hard fuck stick, ball-deep into my pulsating twat. "Oh. . . fuck, fuck me, fuck me like I'm not even here!”, I screamed to him. And he did. He rammed me over and over as I came, my juices coating his shaft as I could feel it deeper than I have ever felt a cock. I reached down and grabbed a hold of his massive meat stock and proceeded to take over pushing and pulling his dick in and out of me however I pleased.

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I started to slow things down a bit.   I knew he was about ready to blow his load but I wanted him to wait.   The night sky was beginning to turn to morning, as we continued fucking right there in the middle of a forest, on a beach next to a river. We looked into each other’s eyes, both realizing how crazy things had just become. "Are you OK with this?” he asked.

"More than you know. " I smiled a half mischievous smile. "Are you OK with it?” I asked as well, already knowing the answer. He almost became shy, as he looked at me in the early dawn.

"Wow, I can't believe it. Ryan's sister. . . ” was all Justin could say.

Well, just hearing that was enough to let him fuck me anyway he could request.

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    I pushed him off of me, rolled him onto his back and now it was my turn to take over.   I laid on top of him with his dick pressing between my pussy lips and pulsing against my love button.   I kissed him hard on the mouth and reached down to his balls, which I started rubbing ever so gently.   I started rubbing my pussy up and down the length of his huge shaft, which was leaking his fuck juice onto my belly.    I wanted to taste him. I moved down to his nether region, and slowly beginning at the base of his cock where his balls meet, dragged the tip of my tongue up the back of his veiny rod until I reached the tip.   I licked the thickness of it and slowly moved my tongue around his head while his precum strung from my mouth to his penis.   I was taking my time, enjoying the fact that I was responsible for the moans he was making.   I grabbed his dick with my hand and held it straight up, licking the tip, and watching him watch me and then I did it.   I took all of his thick, wonderful cock into my mouth right down to his balls.   I really had to try hard not to gag on his dick because it was so big, but I didn't, it was too tasty.   I ran my mouth up and down him with each thrust sending his dick to the back of my throat. "Ohhh, god, Ryan's sister!" he yelled out.   I could feel my pussy dripping juices just from him referring to me as his best friends sister, as if he had been fantasizing about this forever.   I had to feel his dick in me again.

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    I turned myself around and straddled him with my back facing him.   I positioned his cock and slowly slid down it, hesitating for a moment once all of his manhood was in me, and then I started fucking his brains out. I leaned forward a little so he could watch his own cock slide in and out of my pretty pink pussy.   "Megan, your cunt is so tight around my fuckin' dick, your fuckin' me good, baby. I want to cum in you and feel you cum on me. " He flipped me over and got behind me.   Once again he gave my cunt no mercy as he shoved his loaded sex pistol into me, doggy style.   He reached one hand down and grabbed my tit, squeezing my nipple.   I could feel his balls banging against my clit with every thrust.   I reached my hand below me and rubbed my clit feeling myself getting closer and closer to ecstasy. Justin grabbed my long hair with his other hand as he pulled my head up and back.

"Are you ready for this? I'm gonna fuck you good you naughty slut!", Justin yelled.

"Do it. . .

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  I've been so bad. . . Fuck my little snatch, spray your hot young cum into my cunt. . I'm gonna let mine explode on your cock. . . NOW, NOW, NOW!!!"

"Fuck, ohh. . . god. . . fuck yeah, your pussy's eatin' up all my love juice.

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  "  A few more thrusts and we both collapsed onto the sand, him on top of me with his long dong still hard as glass and leaking so much cum, I couldn't keep it all in me.  

The sound of rushing river struck my ears again, along with the chirp of birds, and the sun began to his the very tips of the giant pines.   We snuck back to camp, and into the tent with all the other guys still fast asleep.   The best night of sex in my life, but it could never happen again. . . or could it?