Carolyn in the Morning pt.2


CAROLYN   2First Date and Fuck:After a series of recent failures to go further than some very heavy petting with girlfriends, I had started dating Carolyn.   As well as being horny as hell, there was the added advantage that she lived only two doors away.   Our first date was to the cinema, where after finding a deserted area, we started kissing and stroking each other over our clothes.  Later, during a seriously exciting bout of French kissing, she had taken my hand and placed it under her skirt, and onto her sodden gusset.   I was at first taken aback, as all my previous girlfriends had at least made some attempt to play it coy and taken any attempt to touch their cunt as going too far - at least initially - before ‘reluctantly’ allowing further petting. I started to gently stroke the front of her panties.   A groove appeared and my finger probed her, pushing the damp cotton into her as far as it would allow.   Carolyn moved forward on her seat and put her hand up her skirt.   I thought that she was about to stop any further stroking, but instead she pulled her panties off and pushed them into the pocket of my jeans.    Her legs were open and I had free reign of her cunt.    Now I had no barrier to my finger fucking her.   Carolyn was now making moaning noises and her breathing quickened.   Her hand reached towards me, resting it on my zip and slowly pulled it down.   Her hand then found its way into my boxers, and started to wank me.    My cock was already hard, but it became harder.   Carolyn was now pushing herself onto my hand and whispered into my ear that she was coming, at the same time her body stiffened briefly and her vagina gripped my fingers tightly, whilst a copious flow of sticky fluid drenched my hand.

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    I removed my fingers once her cunt relaxed.  Carolyn continued stroking my cock.   I now eased a hand under her t-shirt and into her bra and pushed it over her breasts.   Stroking, and squeezing her breasts, along with gently pulling of her nipples soon had Carolyn moaning again.   I told her I was about to cum, Carolyn increased the pace of her wanking and when she felt my prick start the pulsing, which proceeded the jetting of my spunk, she moved her hand so that it collected most of my ejaculate.   She removed her hand and licked her palm and my cock cream.   My caressing of her breasts and stiff nipples caused her to have another orgasm.   We continued kissing and shortly the film ended and we made our way home. Outside our houses, after some more kissing, I told her that my parents were to visit my aunt in Derby at the weekend and were staying overnight.   Carolyn said that she would call as soon as she saw that my parents had left. Saturday morning could not come soon enough.   I returned home, and in my bedroom realised I had her panties in my pocket.   I found a zip-lock plastic bag, then quickly undressed.    Getting naked into bed and with a rapidly stiffening prick, I inhaled the female scent of her knickers, whilst using a towel to wank myself.   The new stimulus of the smell of a girls used knickers soon had me coming.


    I put her still damp panties in the bag and sealed it to keep them Saturday arrived, I woke early and while my parents made final preparations before leaving for Derby, I took a bath and made my own preparations for Carolyn.   I took my stash of condoms from their hiding place and into my bedside table.    I was lucky  as I had a moderately large bedroom and I had a double bed of my own.   Time seemed to pass slowly and I willed my parents to hasten their departure.   At last they departed.   Surprisingly soon there was a ring on the doorbell, and I rushed down stairs and let Carolyn in. I kissed her then I led her into the living room.   We were now stretched out on the couch and starting to loosen and remove clothing.   Carolyn had kicked off her loafers when we had started to kiss in the hallway and I was now undoing her white shirt.   She was pushing my t-shirt up and soon I raised my arms and she threw it onto the floor.   Soon her shirt joined it.   As I undid the side zip of her denim skirt, she was unbuttoning and unzipping my chinos.   I then removed her skirt and then my trousers.   As I was expecting her I was ‘commando’ and Carolyn was surprised not to find boxers.   So, seeing that my cock was already pointing upwards, she moved so as to lick the tip. 

    She started to give an excellent blowjob - lots of saliva, firm pressure to my glans and long strokes along the full length, before she engulfed as much as she could into her mouth.   I reached down and released the catch of her delicate, white, lacy bra and this was soon on the floor with the other clothes.   As I could not reach them I asked Carolyn to take her knickers off, which she did.   I soon felt my balls tighten, and let her know.   This had her increasing her wonderful ministrations and I sent several jets of man milk into the back of her throat.   Some Carolyn managed to swallow, whilst the rest seeped down the side of her mouth and onto her breasts, which I massaged into her firm plump globes. I now wet a finger and ran it along her pubic furrow.   Her cunt started to open and her own lubrication made my fingers slick and they slipped easily in her.   With my hand palm upward I stroked the front wall of her love tube.   I felt a series of ridges and pressing more firmly rubbed this area.   Carolyn exclaimed, “Oh yes, that’s it!  Yes, that’s so good; keep going I’m nearly there!”  Then she arched her back and then groaned, “Oh fuck I‘m cumming. ”  Milky cunt juice flooded out onto the sofa.   Years later, I would realise that by luck I’d found her ‘G spot’.   I looked at the damp patch and hoped that it would not stain, or that I could clean it up before Mum noticed it?Slumping back, Carolyn’s rapid breathing slowly returned to normal.   Once it had, I suggested we go up to my bedroom.

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    She picked the clothes up and started towards the stairs, I chased after, and giving her bum several playful slaps as we ascended quickly.   I pushed the door of my room open and Carolyn jumped on the bed.   She moved so that she was sitting in the middle; throwing the clothes on the floor.   I joined her and we were sitting facing each other, with my legs stretched out, hers over the top of them.   We started kissing, and I soon squeezed her breasts, then I used my mouth and lips to tease her nipples.   They stiffened and I flicked my tongue over them rapidly.   Carolyn moaned; I was pleased that I seemed to doing OK - so far - in fact my ego had had quite a boost.   I continued working on her breasts, and returned to some further kissing.   My penis was stiffening and nudged Carolyn’s pubic hair, as I moved, the tip of my cock slipped into her wet cunt.   I nearly pushed forward to enter her completely, but Carolyn moved her hand down and slipping the tip upwards and using my pre-come and  her fluid that had soaked my glans, lubricated my cock as she wanked me.   As she did so she asked me to pass her a condom.   Luckily, I could reach the side table with my stash of rubbers. I passed one to her and she opened it and rolled it down my stiff rod.   Now she lowered my cock so that it again nudged her labia.   As her legs were over mine, she slipped forward and I slowly entered her.

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    I was glad she was controlling things, as I could have easily rushed and it would have been over too soon.   We rocked to and fro and we reached around each other, holding each other tightly.   In doing so I lifted her by her bum and I was now fully imbedded in her warm, wet cunt that was gripping me with surprising tightness.   Carolyn leaned forward and I lent back so she was kneeling over my now prone body. Carolyn was moaning with pleasure, as she pumped up and down on my prick.   I held her by her arse and helping her movements (I hoped), as I started to stab my cock into her.   I was near to ejaculation and I told her that I was cumming. My movements speeded rapidly and with one final thrust I spurted forcefully into her several tiAmes.   Carolyn had not yet cum, and shouted out, “Keep going, keep going, I’m nearly there. ”  I was still hard and having recovered slightly, I started thrusting back to meet her now rapid movements.   Sweat was covering both of us in a fine sheen.   Carolyn came several times, her cunt gripping my cock tightly, which stopped my thrusting.   Groaning loudly, she eased off my cock and rolled onto the bed.   I took the condom and tied it, before throwing it in the waste bin. Carolyn rose from the bed and went into the bathroom.

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    I heard her pissing, and water running.   When she again sat on the bed, she asked my to lick her.   I lay down as she opened her legs, and smelt the fresh smell of lemon soap, over which was the scent of a sexy girl.   I used my finger to open her up and noticed her sticky love juice, which had coated her pink lips.   My tongue moved over them, tasting her femaleness.   It had a very pleasant sweet-sour taste.   I now pushed into her depths, and used a thumb on her clit.   Soon she was moaning again and was having a series of orgasms.   My face was wet with her juices as she pushed hard onto my tongue, before relaxing back onto the duvet. I reached for another rubber and quickly rolled it on.   Carolyn had her eyes shut.   I put my tip to her entrance and firmly pushed so that I was fully embedded in her.   She let out a loud grasp, and as I rapidly pumped into her she shouted encouragement before we both came to a noisy mutual climax. I put a pair of boxers and a t-shirt  on and went down stairs to prepare some food and drink.   Carolyn soon appeared just wearing her white shirt - no panties.

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    The refreshments were ready, but seeing her without panties had given me another erection.   I lifted her on to the kitchen table. She lent back, supporting herself with her arms.   Her shirttail was open and her cunt was visible.   I moved between her legs and kissed her.   My erection was lying against her pubic hair.   I took a risk and thrust my bare prick in her.   Carolyn told me to be careful, and added she wanted to see me soot my load.   It was better and slicker as I moved it and out of her. Carolyn squealed with delight, and luckily came shortly before me.   I felt my sperm start to rise, and letting out a cry of pleasure, pulled out and shot several arcs of spunk over Carolyn.   The spurts hit her breasts and belly, which she rubbed to her skin and then  licked her hand clean. “That was much nicer than with a rubber,” she said, “I’ll have to get on the pill, or an IUD.   I want it without a rubber as soon as possible, so I can feel that blast of spunk inside me, I could also feel the ridge of your bell end, fantastic“.   Great.

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    What a girl, I thought. We had our snack, and went back upstairs to bed; soon we were dozing.   After the nap, we continued making love, before Carolyn went home late so as sleep at home, so as not to worry her mother.   To be honest, I needed a good nights sleep. Next morning Carolyn woke me at about 10am and I was delighted when she suggested  breakfast and a bath.   A soapy Carolyn soon had me hard and we made love in the bath.   Then we had some breakfast and again make love till late afternoon, when we dressed and made the house tidy for my parent’s return and ourselves neat and tidy.   What a great weekend. .