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Topic: Just Another Chance EncounterBefore i want to start, just like to say thanks for reading.
Basically, I felt bored so i wrote this to pass time away, sorry if you don't like it :D. It all started with that chance encounter. Due to my far apart classes, i found myself having to walk quickly to make it to classes on time, but upon cutting a corner, i bumped into her, Maddy. God she was pretty, i couldn't even attempt to put it into words.
She had long, flowing red hair figure of a godess, breasts that wern't to big or to small (my personal preference,) and eyes that successfully melted through me. Once i had returned to my senses, i realized my obligation to help her up and did just that, fallowed by the quick verson of the "i'm sorry" speech, and quickly parted. One lesson i can give to you, if any, is to never overlook a chance encounter like i did that day, because you never know what may come of it. Fast forward to next week and two days, making it a thursday. She noticed me sitting alone, as i always have, and walked up to me. She asked me but two things. "arn't you the guy i bumped into earlier, but more important, why aren't you sitting with anyone?" i replied, choosing my words wisely "i have no one to sit with," and just like that, i had her.
Maddy was always a kind person, even in elementary school, so she, being the good person she is, litterally took hold of my arm and forcefully dragged me to god knows where, barally giving me time to grab my lunch. We arrived at a table full of people. A quick observation - they were all girls. Finally sitting down, i asked already knowing why she took me there, and she explained how they were her friends and now mine, fallowed by the small talk.

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   A quick note about myself, my friends left me for the popular crowd the last year of middle school, leaving me to fend for myself, and during the summer, my dad was killed in a bus accident, which all totaled up to me hating everything. To my suprize, whoever, I actually began to enjoy myself, even if it was just for a second, it felt like i actually had friends again.
For the rest of the year I would be sitting at a girls table, which, although, i did not know at the time, didn't concerne me the least bit. As time marched forward, my life soon turned gray again, i still had no friends, i was still struggleing to keep my grades at a B (although i was getting a lot of A's) and i still found myself sitting home alone as usual, until that december day, when Maddy appered at my doorstep. My mom, who unfortunately answered the door, called me and gave me the "your a player look," but i didn't mind, becuase i knew better. Maddy made up some lie about a project we had in honers science, it was quite a spectacle. My mom reluctantly agreed, but was angry for she had planned a doctors appointment ironically enough in a half an hours time span. I wasn't quite sure what Maddy had in mind, let alone how she found out where i lived, but whatever it was, i was fine with it. We worked on random homework for the half hour mom was present, and finally the clock ticked 4 and she had to leave, giving me a final "you better be on your best behavior young man," before she left.
    We both laughed, then her face turned serios.
    Because Mom was hovering over me prior to now, i hadn't gotten a chance to ask her why she was hear, and how she found out where i lived, so i asked her just that. She gave me a look that i could only assume meant read the atmosphere you idiot, but i thought it to be imposible. After a short delay, she finally spoke, "That day you bumped into me, I was really exited. " I was now staring into her her green eyes as she continued, "you were always a kind person since elementarry school, but your dumb friends left you for the preps. " She paused, "then, I heard about your father, i was horrified, because the kind kid in my class from all that time ago was now alone, and no one was reaching out to you.

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      " I, myself, was well aware of that, as i had often crawled up in my bed in demise while snuggling with my outrageously comfy pellow. By now our eyes were fixated, as another long pause in her speech arose. Finally, she continued, "Well, I had always kind of been watching you, from the sidelines, you know. I never built up the courage to say anything, but then i bumbed into you that day, and i knew i had to bring you out of it, i just didn't know how, so i planned it out, and finally came up to you during that lunch period.
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