Charlotte at School


The classroom was unbearably warm he thought, staring at his students huched over their desks studying. Well, most of them were studying, all bar one. Charlotte was passing bits of paper and whispering to her friends. The heat had stopped him from confronting her already, but the sight of her openly flouting his authority was beginning to grate on him, he realised as he loosened his tie. Just give me a reason he thought, eyeing her. . . 2 minutes later, she turned to pass a note again. "Charlotte, bring that up to the front please. " She flushed bright red and stammered. "But sir, I . . . " "But nothing, either show it to me or its detention" "But. . .

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  " "Detention it is. See you after school" He was slightly embarrassed at the thrill he got from exercising his authority, and how he had just sacraficed a nice warm evening to effectively babysit one of his students, but he was sated by the knowledge that he had re-established the teacher-student dynamic. If only there was a more effective way of disciplining her though, she always seemed to take detention on the chin. . . After school, Charlotte showed up on time, and took her usual seat. They were on their own in class, but this didn't bother him. In fact he realised that he enjoyed being able to take long uninterrupted looks at Charlotte. Her blonde hair seem to be recently cut, and seem to cascade onto her school shirt. The hair seemed to emphasis her chest, curves of which stuck prominently through the thin material. Taking in the rest of the body, he noticed that her shapely legs were crossed in such a way as to cause her skirt to ride up, exposing her thighs to the warm air. Their milky whitness complimented her hair perfectly, and seemed to hint at hidden depths. The flurry of thoughts that this view provoked, coupled with the heat of the day provoked a uncomfortable reaction from his groin. This was added to by the looks that Charlotte was giving him every time she caught him looking. There was no embarassment on either side, instead the still air seemed heavy with the promise of sex.

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   The thoughts of this 16 year old's tight cunt sliding up and down his hard cock was causing the material of his pants to strain, and the knowledge that they were alone in the class began to play on his mind. He got up to "inspect" Charlotte's work, and walked to the desk. Standing behind, he looked at her copy. "So Charlotte, what was so important in that note that you were willing to sacrafice your evening?" "Well sir, its kind of private. . . " "Don't worry about that, I've been a teacher for a while, and I've been exposed to one or two things in my life!" "Well, I was passing a note to Meg 'cos I know she has given oral and I haven't and my boyfriend wants me to but I'm worried I won't do it right" By this stage she had turned to face him, and did not seem at all embarrassed about this revelation. The air grew heavier with the promise of sex after each word she pushed out, and he didn't for one second believe that those sexy lips of hers had not graced some lucky boy's cock. Slowly inching his groin towards her face, his cock's distinctive outline becoming quite apparent with each word she spoke "Its not that big a deal Meg, its just a matter of practice" "Really Sir? Do you think you could show me?" A wicked glint appeared in her eyes as she stared at his fully erect penis, trying to break free of its shackles. The better angels of his nature took flight, and the room blurred slightly. To say he was weighing up his options would misrepresent his thought processes, he knew what he wanted. "Something could be arranged" he said, undoing his zip. His cock sprang out, stiffening even more coming into contact with the air. She examined it closley, the proximity of her mouth and her hot breath causing the penis to swell and pulse, turning a deep purple as he resisted the urge the grab her hair and fuck her mouth. .

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  . . She took her time, enjoying seeing him squirm as she came close to taking him in her mouth. Her desire for his cock soon overcame her though, and her delicate tongue darted out, and gently licked the underside of his cock. A long unbroken lick soon followed, the tip of her tongue used to make his cock throb further. These delicate licks had their desired effect, he moaned each time hr tongue traced their patterns over her mouth. As he lookded down, he saw that she was staring back at him. Her deep green eyes and hot mouth excited him, as he realised that she was deliberatley teasing him. The sexy bitch was playing with him, as if daring him to do something. His hands reached down to her head, and grabbed it, forcing his cock into her mouth. She moaned with please, and this noise almost made him come straight away. He eased his cock further into her mouth, she gagged slightly but he kept going. She had taken half his cock when she started having trouble. She couldn't stop him from fucking her mouth, but she had never taken someone this deep before. The penis soon went be her gag reflex, and she began to relax.

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   He was more relaxed now, and started to enjoy pulling his member out, seeing it coated with her saliva and his precum before sliding it back in. "Charlie you're such a good cocksucker. . . Hmm I love the way your mouth feels on my hard cock, its so hot. . . " He gave her the chance to respond on occasion, pulling it out and using it to rub against her face, leaving a trail of precum from mouth to cheek. "Oh sir, your cock is so hard and thick, I love sucking on it, I'm getting so turned on. . . " she said, as she tilted her head back to guide his dick to her throat, while sliding her hand towards her groin. She hiked up her skirt, and slid a finger into her pussy. She must have been very horny, as she offered him her finger to suck. It tasted of her juices, of the sweetness of a 16 year old.

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   He grabbed her head again, forcibly sticking all his throbbing length into her mouth and fucking her mouth until his testicles were bouncing off her chin. Suddenly he stopped, pulled out and stepped back, while stroking his cock. "Stand up Charlie" She looked confused but obliged as he started to take off his shirt. "I want you to bend over the desk away from me, as if I'm about to frisk you". Curious as to what was coming, she bent over. He approached from behind, stepping out of his trousers socks and shoes, wet cock in hand. She felt his hand on her shoulder, reaching forward to the buttons of her shirt. She could feel his hard member press against her ass as he unbuttoned her shirt from behind. He slowly grinded against her, popping each button deliberately before letting the shirt fall to the floor. His hands roughly grabbed her breasts, kneading and rubbing them, feeling the nipples begin to harden through the flimsy material of the bra. She could feel herself getting wetter as he manipulated her nipples, and arched her neck back in an unspoken invitation to his mouth. His mouth found her neck, kissing, sucking and gently biting as her bra feel free, allowing her beautiful tits to stand proud with pert nipples. Her moans increased with the strength of his touch. Feeling his hand drop away, she moaned in protest, but was quickly silenced when she realised that his hand was now slowly sliding down her back. He cupped her ass, grasping it firmly, feeling her body travel forward with the force of his grope, before travelling down to her thighs.

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   She pushed her body back to his, her young pussy demanded attention, however he was willing to wait. His hand slid up her thigh, lifting her skirt up around her waist, revealing her tight, pert ass. Slowly tracing shapes on her tighs, he felt her legs widen, and the heat began to attract his fingers. His finger gently traced the outline of her labia, finding it slick with her juices. Finding this, he proceeded to rub his palm against her crotch. Feeling her stiffen up, and moan. "Please Sir, I can't take much more of this, I need you inside me" "Really Charlie?" he asked, taking his cock in his hand and rubbing it against her wet slit, retreating as she moved back to allow him enter. "Do you really want it?" "Fuck me, oh please fuck me I'll do anything you want, you can come on my face just please I need your hard cock in my wet cunt now!" Hearing this hot teenage slut beg him for cock pushed him over the edge, and he inched his cock into her. The sensitive head almost exploded in delight as it entered her hot pussy. Oh it was tight, he pushed in inch by inch with each trust until he had fully entered. She threw her head back "Oh fuck that feels good sir, oh, you feel so big in me ughhh it feels like you're stretching my cunt out!" she moaned as he thrust in and out. His cock felt bigger than what it ever had, as he looked down to see his throbbing member slick with her juices glide effortlessly in and out of her pussy. His fingers reached down to scoop some of them up, and when he offered them to Charlie to suck, she eagerly accepted. Sucking hard on his fingers, she felt him chanethe pace, now he was fucking her with deep thrusts with a pause, before another deep thrust Using the wet from her sex, he used it to trace a pattern around her asshole. She was so enraptured with his cock and his other hand kneading her breasts that she didn't feel this until his finger inched into her ass to his first knuckle.

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   Caught unawares, she stopped momentarily in surprise as he incrreased his tempo of fucking, while reaching his finger in all the way. Initially surprised, the feeling of having her two holes filled at the same time only increased her lust, and she flopped on the desk, her nipples hardening with contact with the cold desk, giving in to him, and her impending orgasm. "You like that Charlie? " he gasped, feeling her body's acceptance. "Oh yes oh God it feels good please fuck me harder please, I feel I'm going to cum soon. . . " "Good babe, 'cos I'm going to fuck you even harder until I cum, and when I cum I want you to turn around and take every drop of cum on your fucking face!" Passing the point of no return, she moaned her acceptance loudly, as she felt his balls slap against her ass as he increased the tempo again. Getting progressively faster, she felt his cock saw into her like a machine, and her orgasm welled inside her. "oh yes sir OH OH I'M GOING TO CUM!!!" she cried as the room swam and her clit pulsed. As she thrashed against his cock in the throes of orgasm, he felt her pussy clench his cock in a grip that would herald the beginning of his orgasm. He felt the orgasm began in his cock, and knew it was only a matter of moments before his cock erupted its jizz onto her sex-crazed face. He slapped her ass hard and she squealed "I'm going to come Charlie, your fucking hot body is too much for me, and I want to see it covered with my hot cum!" he managed to gasp as he felt the orgasm buid. Charklie, insensible with her own orgasm, lacked the ability to reply and could only moan as his thrusting increased in ferocity and pace. He quickly pulled out, and grasped her shoulders, pulling her off the table onto her knees. She grapped his pulsing cock and began to stroke it into her mouth, just as he erupted.

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   A loud groan filled the class as the first string of cum landed on her cheek. He grabbed his cock, and directed the rest of his rapidly leaving load onto her face and mouth. He hadn't come liek this for a while, and it seemed that there was half a litre of come flowing out of his cock onto her face and tits. Shattered by their efforts, both fell backwards away from each other, exhausted. A wicked smile soon appeared on Charlie's face, as she began to lick offer his sum, before cleaning his cock in an attempt to tease it back to life. . . . .