Chat room part 1


My name is Mike a made up story (or is it real) I'm 14 years old and in year 8 in high school.
One of my faverite past times is the internet. I love the chat rooms. I was in thestudy chatroom one afternoon. I was trying to get some help for a school project. I started chatting to a lady. She was very helpfull with my project. She asked me "I see you have a web cam on your computer, please turn it on so I can see the face of the person I'm chatting to" I turned it on and she turned hers on. We continued chatting for ten minutes. She told me I had a cute face. I thanked her and told her she looked pretty. She told me she was a single mum of 32 years old. She had a daughter who was 15. I told her all about my school, me and even my pet dog.
She asked me to stand up so she could get a better view of me. I stood up and she asked me how tall i was.

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   I told i'm 172 cms tall. We then started talking about my faverite sport, which is swimming.
"Do you have the swimmers body" she asked. I replied with I guess so. "Stand up and remove your school jacket and tie" she askes. Been the silly 14 year old I was I stood up and took of my school jacket and tie. She asked me to turn around and step a little further back from the camera. We were chatting on mic. She asked me if any one else was home. I replied that both of my folks would be at work for another few hours. "OK lets see the swimmers chest, lets see now fit your chest and arms are" I asked her what she meant. She asked me to take of my shirt. I undid my shirt and tossed it on my bed. She liked my chest and arms.
"whats the blue band I can see" she askes. 

       I look down and notice the top of my underpants waist band showing slightly. I tell her what it is. She askes to see what a boy looks like in his jocks. I tell her I shouldn't. She says "ok"
    I sit down and we start to chat about other topics, i'm still top naked. "please show me what your legs look like" she explains that it would be just like her seeing me in swimmers. She had a point i thought. I said ok. I stood up and walked back a meter or so. I undid my belt and pulled down my zipper and my shool pants dropped to my ankles. "nice" she giggles as she looks at me stood there in just my bonds blue bikini briefs. "you have a great body and a nice bulge in those sweet undies" she tells me. I feel embarrashed and cover my bulge with my hands.
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