Christmas Present


I sat up in my bed and gazed around my room sleepily. My TV and computer had been left on and my dog, named Iverson by my sports-nut brother, was sleeping on a large pillow in the corner. After several minutes I managed to haul myself out of bed. Even in my room it was freezing and I hugged myself for warmth as I removed the covers and stood up. I walked over to where Iverson was curled in a ball to wake him, but he jumped up as soon as his powerful dog ears heard my feet hitting the floor. “Hey, boy!” I greeted him, still very tired. He stood up on his hind feet and rested his front paws on my thighs. I bent over and petted and kissed him and he gave me friendly licks on my face and neck. I then stood up and went into my bathroom. I was still barely awake and I had to concentrate hard just to remember what I was doing. As I slid my panties down my legs to get in the shower, I caught a whiff of my own scent. I lifted my underwear to my face and buried my nose in my crotch. My own fragrance told me exactly what I had done last night. “Damn it,” I said as I walked over to my bed where Iverson was licking the tremendous damp area that last night’s dream, which I could no longer remember, had created. I picked up Iverson and put him on the floor. Then, I pulled the covers over my bed hoping that my mom wouldn’t try to change my sheets for awhile.

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   I took my shower and got dressed. I put on jeans and a long-sleeved tee-shirt in preparation for going out into the snow. As I left my room, I saw my sister, Becca's, door cracked and decided I should peeked in her. She was standing naked next to her open window, kissing a guy who crawled outside and said "See ya tonight!" 'Just as I predicted!' I giggled to myself and went downstairs to eat breakfast. Downstairs, my mom was in the kitchen preparing for tonight's Christmas Party. As usual, she was dressed like, well, a teenager in tight, form-fitting, low-cut jeans and a tank top that she couldn't get half way down her stomach; most likely trying to impress my step-dad. The top hardly covered her tits. "Morning sweetheart!" she said, "and Merry Christmas!" I responded with my own 'Good morning,' and grabbed a box of cereal out of the cabinet. I ate a bowl of cereal and told my mom that I was going to go play in the snow with Trevor. Trevor was my super-sweet boyfriend. At school, he was a big-time jock. He was huge for his age, 14, at 6-2, with 210 pounds of shear muscle. He was a linebacker for the football team, a forward on the basketball team, and a shortstop in baseball. Trevor was really popular; all the guys wanted to be him. But, he was kind of shy around girls.

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   Probably because of the locker-room rumors about him being, well, "small. " Trevor and I haven't done anything yet, so I can't claim I've seen it, but when I get really close to him I can tell he's not much for size. But, other than that he's really hot. He has, short brown hair with blonde highlights. He is real muscular, with big biceps and calves and a rock hard stomach and real pecks, not manboobs. But his looks aren't what got me; when you talk to him, you could see he's more than a jock; you realize how sweet he really is. I called Trevor's house and his mom picked up and said that he had just left for my house a few minutes ago. It was not long before Trevor arrived at my house. Before he could ring the doorbell, I had opened the door. We walked up my street togther, talking. As we were walking, a snowball hit me on the back of the head. I turned around to see that Trevor had stopped walking to make and hit me with a snowball. "Okay, you wanna go?" I said. "Bring it on!" he replied. I scooped up a handful of snow and packed it together, but not before getting hit by another one of Trevor's.

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   I lobbed mine his way as hard as I could. He had no idea it was coming. It caught him right in the face and caused him to slip and fall to the ground. I rushed over to him to see if he was hurt. "I'm fine. Damn, you should play softball! You got a rocket arm!" We spent the rest of the day throwing more snoballs, making snowmen, rolling in the snow, whatever we wanted to do. Finally, I told him we should go get ready for my parents Christmas party. Trevor walked me home. I took a shower and put on the cutest outfit I could pull together. First, I put on a sexy red Victoria Secret thong and then pulled on fishnet pantyhose over it. Next, I wore a red velvet mini-skirt and a red tube top that really put my twins on display. I topped it off with a Santa cap. When I showed my parents they said it was cute, but I was really hoping Trevor thought it was better than cute. I wanted it to look hot. It wasn't long before Trevor's family showed up.

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   He looked great. He was wearing a white button-up shirt with the sleeves rolled up and a pair of khakis. When he saw me he hugged me and laughed at my outfit. "Hey you better stop!" I said, "I did this for you, ya know? And if you don't like what's on the outside then maybe you don't need to see what's underneath it. " That got his attention. While everyones parents were talking. Trevor and I went down into the basement. There were a lot of kids there, playing ping-pong and watching TV. Trevor and I sat on a couch with Becca and the guy who had apparently slept with her last night and were mezmorized by them making out. Becca was a year younger than me, 12, but you would think she was a seasoned whore the way she worked that guy. Trevor and I contented ourselves just holding each other, although we did brusch against eachothers parts a couple of times. As people were leaving I saw my sister sneak her boyfriend up stairs with her. This made me a little jealous, that my little sister got to get it goin' with her boyfriend on Christmas Eve and I had to be alone. I asked my parents if Trevor could spend the night. They said, "Well, we don't mind having him, but doesn't he want to be with his family Christmas Morning?" Trevor asked his parents and they said he could stay since their family never started any opening presents or stuff until at least noon.

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   So Trevor and I retreated upstairs. As we walked by Becca's room, I put my ear to her closed door. Inside, I could hear fast breathing and small moans. Trevor and I went into my room and closed the door. Without a word from either of us, Trevor unbuttoned his shirt ad threw it to the floor. He ripped his undershirt a little as he threw that, too, to the floor. His bare stomach and chest started my juices. He yanked off his socks and shoes and pulled his pants down to his ankles before kicking them off. Iverson began a low growl deep in his throat. To prevent any disruptions, I put him in the bathroom with some of his toys and closed the door. Sitting on my bed, Trevor was now standing before me in only his boxer-briefs. Indeed, it appeared that the rumors were true. He saw where I was looking and blushed. "Look, it's not much, but. .

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  . " I put a finger to my lips to silence him. With that he removed his briefs. I almost laughed at the irony of it: this god of sports who was the coolest kid in school had a two-incher that you could barely see through his pubes. But I didn't want to insult him. Instead I smiled sexily. He came over to me and pulled off my tube top. My teenage B-cups bounced free, my hard, erect nipples showing my anticipation. Next I slid out of the skirt, the whole time watching the way Trevor's cock bounced when he moved. I was transfixed as it hardened to a 4 and 3/4 inch boner. Trevor knelt down infront of me, helping me with the pantyhose and the thong. My nude body was now on display for him. He sniffed my moist thong and gave it several licks before casting it aside. A small trickle of my juices was running from inbetween my things and onto my bed. Trevor began licking the spot on my bed before moving up my inner thighs finally reaching the source of the flowing wetness.

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   He inserted his tounge into me and licked every bit of my pink insides. Finding my clit with his tounge, he barely touched it at first, breathing on it heavily then starting to flick it with his tongue. My breath was coming faster now. Small gasps were escaping my lips. Tears formed in my eyes. Then he bit down softly on the clit. I could no longer stand myself. I wrapped my legs around his shoulders as pussy covered Trevor's face. He buried his head between my legs to lap up any stray cum. But the night was far from over. Trevor sat down on the bed and I kneeled on the floor infront of him. I took his 4 and 3/4 inch shaft in one hand and his ball sack in the other. Caressing his nuts, I put his small unit in my mouth and began to suck. He put his hand on the back of my head and let out a pleasure-filled "Ooooo. .

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  . ," every now and then. Finally I could feel his nuts shrinking in my hand and his shaft pumping his jism to his head. He let out a moan and shot his steaming load deep into my throat. He shot four more times before he was spent, but I kept sucking to get any stray cum. There was so much that his juice began to leak from the corners of my mouth. When he looked down and saw this he smiled. Trevor collapsed back on the bed and sighed. I crawled up next to him and we lay there and embraced for a long time. He began laughing at me and that is when I noticed I had had on the Santa hat the whole time. We kissed eachother, our tongues probing madly and tasted our own juices. It was not long before we fell asleep. .
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