Comforting Devie Part 2


Breakfast finished, we headed out the door. My sisters walked with us the first couple of blocks, then turned to make their way to the elementary school. As we walked our hands touched several times and each time it felt as though electricity was shooting up my arm. Nothing much was said, but several times I caught her looking up at me and smiling. When we reached the middle school, she grabbed my hand to stop me and then rushed into me with a hug that felt like she would never let go. Without thinking I bent and kissed her on top of the head then looked around in embarrassment to make sure no one had seen. The hug seemed to last forever and I was beginning to feel uncomfortable. This closeness to a girl was just something that I wasn’t used to. Devie finally let go and took a step back and looked into my face. “Thank you for last night and for letting me walk with you. ” “I know it probably embarrasses you to be seen with a sixth grader. ” She ducked her head and in an almost whisper said, “I really like you, Mike. ” Did I just hear right? This cute little thing who had stolen my heart was telling me she liked me? Without thinking I pulled her to me again and said, “I could never be embarrassed being around you Devie, you are a sweet girl and I like you too. ” I took her face in my hands, tilted it up and placed a gentle kiss on her lips. The kiss probably lasted a couple of seconds but it felt like forever. When I pulled back, she looked at me with a smile and turned and ran into the school.

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   I never would have thought that a kiss would affect me like that one did, but my little man in my pants began to stand up and wave at the world. Good thing I had on a long sweat shirt that covered it. I willed it down to no avail as I walked the last block to the high school. Geez it was going to be a long day. Finally last hour was over and football practice began. That kiss had been at the front of my mind all day and had kept me from paying attention in most of my classes. Out on the field I was a force to be reckoned with. I played harder and hit harder than I ever have before, all because up in the stands watching was Devie. After practice, in the showers, I had a semi-boner but it didn’t really bother me because I noticed that a lot of the guys would have one when we were all in there together. Must be something about being a bunch of horny teens. Darrin, Devra’s brother, was under the shower head next to me and asked, “What got into you today Mike, you were unstoppable. ” “I hope you keep that up Friday night, cause you know how I hate to be sacked. ” If only he knew the cause of it all. He would probably kill me if he knew it was his sister that brought out my aggressiveness. To change the subject I told him that my mom wanted him to come to dinner at our house if he wanted, so he wouldn’t have to eat his own cooking. 

   He looked at me and ducked his head, “Nah. I think I want to be alone and wait for moms call to let me know how dad is, tell your mom thanks though. ” “I will Dar, and hey if you need anyone to talk to, give me a call. You know I am here for you. ” I stepped out of the shower, dried off and dressed. When I stepped out of the locker room, Devie was outside waiting on me. I had forgotten about her after my talk with her brother, but felt a warmness in my belly when I saw her. We headed to the house and seemed to read each others minds after getting out of sight of the school and held hands. We talked about what had happened at school and other nonsense, then she said, “Let’s walk this way,” as she pulled me down an alley. I followed her holding onto her hand for dear life. About half way down the alley she pulled me behind some trees that grew next to a 6-foot privacy fence. From here you had to really look hard to see the alley. She stopped in a little clearing and looked up at me. “Will you kiss me again Mike?” She closed her eyes and waited expectantly. I bent down and gently kissed her waiting lips and she immediately locked her arms around my neck, mashing my lips to hers.

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   She began moving her lips around mine and a couple of times I felt her tongue against them. Wow, where did she learn to kiss like this. My whole body was warming and my cock started pressing against my jeans. I let her take the lead and began imitating her actions. It didn’t take long for our tongues to touch and I was sure sparks flew. It felt as if my heart stopped and my dick jumped for all it was worth trying to bust through my zipper. She moaned and pushed her body against mine. I instinctively moved my hands down and cupped her cute little ass and gently squeezed. She pulled away from me and looked me in the eyes. What I saw in those eyes confused me for a moment. Gone was the sadness, replaced by a look of wanting, needing. She took her hands from around my neck and put them under my sweat shirt. The feeling of her cool hands against the burning hot skin on my stomach, nearly made me cum right then. We began kissing again and she moved her hands over my stomach, working her way up to my chest. When she grazed one of my nipples my knees buckled and we fell to the ground, never letting the other go.

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   I moved my hands from her ass and worked them under the back of her shirt. The skin on her back felt so smooth and as hot as my skin felt to me. I ran my hands up her back and discovered that she wore no bra. I was nervous. I wanted so badly to move my hands to the front, and feel her little breast. Devie came to the rescue. She reached down and pulled the front of her shirt out of the confines of her jeans giving me access to what I desired. Taking it slow, I moved my hands to her sides then around to her stomach. I felt her breathing stop for a minute and began to wonder if I had gone too far. She relaxed and moaned a little as she wrapped her tongue around mine and began to use both hands to caress my nipples. I took this as a sign to move on and slid my hands up her stomach until I reached her very erect nipples. Her breast felt not much different as mine, with just a slight swelling to them. She nearly sucked the breath from me as I began to circle her nubs with my hands. She dropped her hands down from my chest and back onto my stomach, then while pulling them out from under my shirt they brushed across my rock hard cock that was straining to break its way from the confines of my jeans.
    I heard her suck in her breath again and then pause as if she were thinking about something.

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       Then it was my turn to gasp as she began to rub my dick through my jeans. Oh God, it felt so good. She continued to stroke me, following the contours of my hardness, down to my balls and back up again. I moaned out loud and she increased her ministrations. I wanted so badly to unbutton my pants and feel her hands directly on my cock. Better judgement took over as I remembered where we were. I slid my hands down her stomach and to the waist of her jeans, then lower. I knew I had found the right place when as I placed my hand on her crotch, she arched her body pressing her denim covered pussy against my hand. I could feel some moisture through her jeans as I continued to rub up and down, hoping I was doing this right. It’s a good thing no one was walking down the alley because our moans were getting louder as we clumsily did our best to please the other. My cock began to jump uncontrollably as she worked to make me come. It felt so good but hurt like hell shooting in my jeans and creating one hell of a wet spot. I continued stroking her as she pushed herself into my hand and in her own way showed me where it felt best. With a loud moan and the stiffening of her body I knew something had happened, but wasn’t exactly sure what. She fell back against me as we caught our breath.

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       I removed my hand and brought it up to my nose as discreetly as possible. If I had thought that her panties this morning had held a heavenly scent, I was wrong. Thoughts of never washing my hand again went through my head, then I stuck a finger in my mouth wanting to taste her. Nothing ever tasted so good. “Mike, are you all right?” she whispered. “Oh yes, Devie, how about you?” She just sighed and leaned her head against my chest, then said, “I love you Mike. ” We got up and straightened ourselves as best we could and walked out of the trees hand in hand. Things had changed for both of us, some of them we were yet to understand. All we knew at the moment was that everything would be all right as long as we had each other. We walked onto the back porch and I paused at the door to the house, I looked around to make sure no one was around and bent and kissed her passionately. “I love you too, Devie. ” I said as I turned and went down the stairs to my room. I went straight to my dresser, opened the drawer and took out the panties I had taken from the bathroom floor that morning. I wouldn’t be needing them because I had the real thing. I placed them in the hamper and laid down on my unmade bed, inhaling the scent from where my little Devie had slept the night before.

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       I fell asleep to dreams of future times with Devie and woke up with a start as I heard Mom calling me for dinner. So did I do better or worse. Part three is in the works and will be posted if you, the readers want it. .
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