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She pointed at my head. I realized that I was still wearing my cheesehead and started laughing with her. After a few minutes we had both checked out and were outside of the store, and she asked me, “Why are you wearing that?” The only response I could think of was “Because I feel like it, by the way I’m Dave. ” She responded by saying “Oh, I’m Heather, nice to meet you. ” My reply was a little rude, a somewhat upset “Yep. ” Sensing my angst, she asked me “What’s wrong?” “Nothing, I guess I’m just a little upset the Packers lost. ” She said “Oh, big football fan huh? Do you play?”“No, I have bad knees Heather, do you play any sports?”She shook her head while looking down, at that point I realized I had gotten a hard on. Trying to hide it I said, “Oh, um. . I’m sorry. ” “Don’t be, I think you’re cute. ” she said. I asked her what she did for a living and she told me she was a junior in high school, and asked what I did. I told her I was a Freshman in college. “Wow, what’s college like, I’m so worried about it. ” I laughed, “Don’t be, it’s not too much different than high school.

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  ” After about 15 more minutes of small talk she asked if I’d like to go to her house. Having nothing better to do I said, “Okay” and followed her a couple blocks to a small brick house. She got out a key and unlocked the house. “Come on in” she said. After a while of looking around, she asked me “Would you like any thing to drink?”“No thanks, I’m fine. ” I say holding up the drink I got at the store. “Okay, how about we go to my room and play a game?”“Sounds good, what do you have in mind?” “Well from your reaction to me, I was thinking strip poker. ” she said with a coy smile. “Alright. But I’m not that good at poker. ”“It’s okay, neither am I. ” A few hands went by, and I was down to my boxers while she was only wearing a black lace bra and leopard skin thong bikini underwear. “Close game. ” she said. I nodded in agreement as I dealt the next hand.

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   I won the next two hands and after she revealed her beautiful shaved pussy I started gathering my clothes. “Where are you going?” she asked. “Well the games over you have nothing left to take off. ”“Oh, well how about if I lose I’ll do whatever you want?”“Okay. ”I dealt the next hand and she won with a royal flush, we were both down to nothing. As she dealt the next hand the tension grew, I got a full house ladies over duces, but she was smiling too, I thought it was a bluff so I kept my cards. She put down one card and revealed 2 pairs. I put my cards down, and she looked disappointed. “Okay, how about you give me a blow job?” I smiled. She smiled back and slowly licked up and down my 5 inch shaft as she caressed my balls gently with her silky smooth hands. She then engulfed my cock gently sucking the shaft as she licked the tip. She moved her head up and down on my rock hard cock. I was moaning in pleasure as she continued sucking harder and harder. After I came she smiled up at me “Your deal “ she said licking my milky cum off her lips. Exhausted from the best blow job I’ve ever had, I told her “Why don’t I just do whatever you want?” “Fine, eat me out” she replied.

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   I gave her a deep kiss and proceeded to kiss down this gorgeous girls body till I reached her beautiful pussy, I inhaled the wonderful aroma of it and buried my face into her pussy. Moving my tongue in and out gently massaging her clitoris and fingering her ass. She was moaning in pleasure as I massaged her clit more vigorously. Suddenly her body tensed up and she had an intense orgasm. “Wow I didn’t know I could cum that much!” She exclaimed. “Yeah, that was quite a load Heather. ”We both lied silent and still for about 20 minutes, until she broke the silence, “Dave, fuck me. ” she demanded. All I could muster was “huh?”Louder, she said “Fuck me!” In shock, I stood up and looked at her and immediately got hard again and decided it was the right thing to do. So I held my rock hard cock at her entrance and slowly slid it in. About half way in I felt a barrier, I could see she was biting her lower lip, I could tell she was a virgin. “Are you okay?” I asked. “Yeah, go ahead. ”I pulled out and rammed my cock in breaking her hymen, I pushed my cock in and out developing a rhythm the tears in her eyes faded and she started moaning as I pumped my cock faster and deeper into her tight pussy. I was moaning as I pounded into her wet pussy.

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   It was clamping on my cock, I felt as if I was in heaven with Heather’s hot pussy wrapped around my cock, her meeting my every thrust. I was about to cum, when she screamed in orgasm. This pushed me over the top as I sent string after string of sticky cum into her hot pussy. “Heather, you are a goddess. A sex goddess!” I told her, as I rolled to the side “Thanks Dave,” she said, grabbing my cock “but I want more. ” I was instantly hard again, and she slid her pussy down on to my cock and slowly started bouncing up and down on me. After a few moments she found a good rhythm, sliding up and down my pole at a feverish pace. I realized her rhythm, and grabbed her hips, and met her thrusts with my own. Her beautiful breasts were bouncing as she rode me like a pro, had I not popped her hymen half an hour earlier I’d have never believed this was her first time. After three more minutes of heated fucking she came on me. I rolled her back over and pumped my hard cock into her pussy for a few more minutes and came long and hard in her. I must have fallen asleep, because the next thing I remember I was face to face with a double barrel riffle, and a deep voice say, “You have ten seconds to get the fuck out of my house or I start shooting. ” I nearly pissed my pants, but then I realized the man behind the gun was my fathers best friend. It seems he recognized me as well as he put down the riffle. “Dave?” “Yeah, Fred, it’s me.

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  ”I gathered my clothes, grabbed my drink, and walked home. I had many more encounters with Heather, and she only got better. .
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