Daddy's Girl


I woke up in 3 in the morning and ran to the bathroom i had to pee so bad. As i washed my hands i looked in the mirror at my long dirty blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes and smiled. Even at 3 in the morning rolling out of bed i still looked hot! I tip toed on my way back to my room as to not wake my father when i heard noise coming from his room. This is strange because i know he is the only one in there. My mother left when i was three and ever since its been just me and him. I stepped closer to the door to hear a little more clearly. He was grunting and i could hear a smacking sound. He began to moan and i could feel the moisture building up inside my panties i was wearing under my pink nighty. I leaned in the door way to see my father layed out on his back stroking his massive cock. It was the most delicious think i had ever seen and i slowly eased my fingers down into my sopping wet pussy. My fathers sexy, strong masculine face was scrunched up in pleasure and i could tell he was getting close to cumming. He began stroking his cock faster and i began stroking my clit just as fast. I thought back to when i really started having feelings for my father. I was 13 and i accidentally saw his cock when i walked in on him in the bathroom. since then i have wanted nothing more but for him to pop my cherry. But i knew that that would never happen.

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   I couldnt fuck my dad even though i wanted to badly. As i stood in the doorway watching my father stroke his thick cock my mouth began to water and all i could think about was stradeling that huge thing and riding him untill is cum was oozing out the sides of my pussy. I wanted him so bad and as these naughty thoughts raced through my head i forced myself to leave the doorway befor i squealed in pleasure. i quickly made my way back into my room and as soon as i hit the sheets i pulled off my panties. I lifted up my night gown top and set my 36 D's free. I began to slowly play with my nipples fantasizing about my father licking and sucking on them. My other hand traveled down my body past my navel and straight to my pussy. I bit my lip to keep from yelping as i slowly stroked my clit. I imagined my father ontop of me stroking his hard dick before he entered me and this thought took me over the top because at that moment waves of pleasure captured my body and i had a mind blowing orgasm. After about 3 minutes of recovery my body relaxed and i slowly drifted off to sleep.
The next day i woke up and went down stairs. My father was sitting in the kitchen with a cup of coffee and his newspaper. I gave him a kiss on the cheek and said by daddy while breifly slipping my hand across his crotch. I got in my car and drove to school. When i got home i decided to get on the computer to chat with my friends.

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   When i got on i smiled in excitement when i saw HotDaddy212 name popup as online. He was this hot older male i have been talking to for a month. He sent me his picture and ive masterbated to it twice already. He was tall with tan skin and a muscular build. He had salt and pepper hair and washboard abs. He didnt mind tha fact that i was only 17. In fact he had always told me he fantasized about being with a younger woman. I would joke with him and tell him if we were ever together id wear pigtails and my school uniform for him. I clicked on his name and said "hey sexy lol" he replied immediately with "hey sweetheart, feeling a bit down today" i asked him why and he said " me and the mrs. going at it again, she is just impossible to deal with" at this i rolled my eyes. I hated his wife not only because she stood in between me and him but because she also treated him like shit. If i was his girl i would do anything for him just as long as he took care of me. i typed back to him " well if you were with me i would make you feel better" there was a long pause and then finally he responded with " Well, maybe we can arrange that i'm only 15 min away from you maybe we can hook up" . I almost lept out of my chair with excitement " really, you wanna meet me?"  was so shocked he responded " hell yeah but only if you promise to wear those pigtails and uniform for me" i smiled so hard and typed " anything you want baby!" he told me he'd pick me up in a half an hour. I went up stairs and got ready.

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   I took a shower and put on my blue and grey plaid skirt with my white button up shirt and blue neck tie. I tied my blonde locks up into two girlie pigtails and needed no make up because i had no need for it. I looked in the mirror and then rolled the top of my skirt up to make it shorter. I put on some knee highs and some mary janes. I looked remarkebly younger and extremely sexy i skipped wearing a bra or panties they would just complicate things. I had every intention of losing my virginity to this hot 30 something lawyer. He would be the replacement for my daddy.
A half hour on the dot and my door bell rang, i opened the door and smiled cheerfully as i jumped into the strong arms of my hottie. He smiled and looked down at me and said " you look so fucking amazing" He kissed me hard on the lips and slid his hand under my skirt squeezing my buttcheeks. I could feel myself getting wet instantly i loved having his fingers so close to my freshly shaven pussy. He smiled confidently " i see someone isnt wearing any panties, what a naughty little girl" I pushed him towards the outside and turned around to close and lock the door. We got into his car and we drove to a nearby camping spot. He parke the car in a secluded  area and i turned to him in the car seat and smiled.
    I would see him checking out my breast through my shirt that was buttoned extra extra low. My nipples were so hard i knew they were poking out my shirt and it didnt help that they were the size of pencil erasers.

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       He looked at me in the eyes  and i could tell he was being serious when he said " you are the first girl to ever make me even consider cheating on my wife. I am a faithful man but i just cant pass you up" I smiled and leaned over and kissed him. I slid my tongue in his mouth and played with his as i felt his hand begin to grope my breast. I began to kiss down his chin then his neck when he whispered into my ear " i know this is your first time but im going to make it the best thing you have ever felt in your life". At that point i could feel the juices running down the side of my smoothe thighs. I undid his pants and pulled down his boxers. His 8 and a half inch dick flew out thick and veiny. I licked my lip and leaned over to slide the head in my mouth. I heard him above me sucking in are quickly as i swirled my tongue around his dick head. I squeezed the base of his cock lightly and began massaging his balls. I took him slightly deeper into my mouth and heard him begin to moan. His hand eased its way to the back of my head. He slowly began to make his hips rise coaxing me to take him deeper and deeper. I gagged a few times almost puking so i stopped. He pushed me softly back in the seat and spread my legs.

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       I must have been one hell of a site to see, he unbuttoned my shirt and my tits came tumbling out. I was layed out for him with my legs wide open wraped in my skirt. My white knee highs slightly sliding down my calves. He placed his head in between my legs and gave my pussy a sniff. He moaned and said " Ive always wondered what a virgin tasted like. He smiled as he slowly stroked my clit once wit his toungue. My body lifted from the seat but he eased me back down with his hand. He looked up at me and winked before diving in once more this time licking me from my clit all the way down my slit. I was shaved completely bald and the sensations were intense as he slid his tongue in my hole. As he ate away at my pussy i could feel the orgasm coming. I closed my eyes and coaxed it further and before i knew it was was cumming hard. He quickly removed his face from between my legs and replaced it with his dick. He lined it up and pushed it inside of me while i was in the middle of my orgasm. My body spasmed with pain and pleasure as our bodies lifted from the car seat. My nails dug into his back and i was screaming into his mouth as he kissed me deeply.

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       I collapsed in the car exhausted and we sat back in the car just staring at eachother. I coudlnt wait to find out what was next.
         to be continued