Darwin's Birth Into the Sexual World


Abigail placed her hand on the side of Darwin’s cheek and softly rubbed. “I would love it if you came. ” After Darwin agreed to visit, the rest of the school day dragged on. He was walking around school with a constant hard-on, which for him is quite difficult to hide. Darwin was a lucky one with a cock that grew to a staggering nine inches with flaring thick veins that pulsed with every heartbeat. The bulbous head would turn an angry purple and swell to the size of a small plum as his walnut sized balls heaved with sperm that were eager to spurt out. Finally, as his dream progressed, Darwin found himself standing outside the heavy oak door of Abigail’s home. He imagined giving it a resounding knock as though warning her of the fucking she was to get, but instead, his self-consciousness poured over him and he instead gave it a gentle rapping. Seconds dragged on and as if he was being stood up, Darwin turned to leave only to hear the unlatching of the door locks. His heart thudded in his chest, his dick lurched forward as though knowing it would be freed and tonight he would become a man. In the opened doorway stood the most magnificent sight Darwin ever saw. Abigail stood leaning against the door in a white see through nightgown. Her rosy nipples hard and pushing against the fleeting material, her breasts pushed outward as she emphasized their abundance, her soft emerald eyes blinding as they bore into Darwin. Her ruby lips parted as her melodic voiced asked him to enter. As she turned away from him to lead them both toward the living room, Darwin got a sight of her ass. Body tanned as it took on the bronzed color, while her ass bounced; first the left cheek then the right.

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   Her beautiful ass only covered by the sparse white silk panties that look so adult, so feminine. Darwin stammered to say something, “You, uh, you look beautiful!” His cock was ready to burst as he sat on the overstuffed chair across from where Abigail sat. “Thank you. I wanted you to know how much I have liked you since the beginning of the year. ” Abigail’s right hand trailed from her big breasts, squeezing her nipples as she left, down passed her sexy tight stomach, over her pierced belly button and on top of her panty-covered pussy. An almost muted groan left her mouth as her eyes rolled back and her lower jaw opened. “I am so fucking wet!” Darwin watched this entire scene take place with the uncontrollable urge to yank out his cock and jerk it, but he was worried about moving to fast. Suppose she just wanted to masturbate in front of someone that wouldn’t try to take advantage of her? Maybe she didn’t want to fuck him, just tease him? All this self-defeating talk caused his erect dick to deflate. His attention was drawn back to Abigail as she let out a defining moan. “Oh, Darwin. I’m gonna cum!” Her face contorted as her ass rose off the couch and her fingers continued their assault on her pussy. Darwin could smell the sweet scent from her pussy; like a mixture of fine roses and the nectar of passion fruit. He could see that her pussy juice was soaking the lining of her panties. Her orgasm ceased, but her fingers never left her pussy. “Oh, Darwin, that was so good.

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  ” She stood from her spot on the couch and sauntered toward Darwin. His forehead broke out in a cold sweat. He could smell the melon-scented lotion that covered her luxurious skin. She now stood directly in front of him as she removed her fingers from her sopping pussy and placed them against Darwin’s lips. He could feel the wetness; the juice-coated fingers pressed themselves in and swirled around with his tongue. The slimy texture was like water to a desert stranded man, it brought a new found resurgence to Darwin’s cock as it sprouted against its tight jean captor. “Do you like the way my pussy tastes?” Abigail asked even though she knew the answer. Her pussy soaked even further as Darwin groaned over her taste. Abigail removed her fingers causing a slight displeasure from Darwin. She walked to the couch, placed her thin fingers under the waistband of her panties and seductively slid them over her ass cheeks and passed her knees until she stepped out of them. She grabbed the bottom of her nightgown and slowly pulled it up over her quivering stomach and passed her twin globes capped by eraser-sized nipples and finally over her head. There she stood in all her glory. Her shaven pussy outlined by a tan line shaped like a French cut bikini. The tight skin of her breasts was as white as her nightgown, her nipples becoming browner the more aroused she got. Her chest rose and fell rapidly as her body was exposed.

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   She sat down on the edge of the couch, extended a finger toward Darwin and called him over. “I want you to eat my pussy!” Her eyes seduced him the way no one else could. Her eyelids were half closed as though the orgasm she had earlier was still coursing through her body. Nervously, Darwin stood and tried to calmly walk over toward her spread legs without running. His cock was ready to burst, it needed to be released, and as though she was ready the mind of Darwin’s cock Abigail told him to stop. “I want you to get naked. ” Abigail let out a soft, mischievous smirk. “Yeah, I want to see your dick. ” Embarrassment ran through his face as it flushed. He thought about running out of there, but the sight of her opened pussy and the large clit waiting for his tongue made him think otherwise. He slowly took off his shirt. He was worried she would laugh at the absence of chest hair. But instead, she got up and walked around to the backside of Darwin and pressed her breasts against his exposed flesh running her hands along his chest, moaning into his ear. Darwin could feel her nipples jabbed him. He quickly kicked off his shoes and as he made a move for his pants, she stopped him.

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   “Here, let me help you with that. ” Abigail unlatched the button and slowly drug the zipper downward over the massive bulge. She hooked her thumbs in the waistband and lowered the pants to his feet. She took this opportunity to sink her teeth into the left ass cheek of Darwin, causing him to yelp in shock. Doing the same with his underwear, both teenagers found themselves naked and horny with Abigail standing behind Darwin. Abigail reached around and grabbed the base of Darwin’s cock, moaning as she did. “Mmm. This feels so good. ” The warm of Darwin’s dick permeated into Abigail’s hand. For the first time Darwin took the initiative and turned around. They looked deep into each other’s eyes before locking in with a deep passionate kiss that brought tears to their eyes. Abigail hurriedly fisted Darwin’s cock pumping it with everything she had, while Darwin dropped his hands searching for her wet hole. As he sunk two fingers into her, her body climaxed for the second time. This time her body was violently ravaged and her grip on Darwin’s cock tightened. As the second orgasm left her body, she whispered, “I just have to have you in me!” Abigail pushed Darwin to the couch causing his cock to stand like a large proud tent stake; she straddled him, clutching his cock as the fiery purple head kissed the drenched pussy.

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   Although he never had been with a woman before, he could feel the tightness of Abigail’s pussy engulf him as the first two inches pushed in. Abigail screamed in delight as the biggest cock she ever had was pressed into her. The next few inches entered her as she pumped herself up and down. She shook her head in thinking she would never get the rest of his cock in her. Her breathing deepened, her skin became clammy and her pussy poured more juice out as her third orgasm hit her. Darwin was growing increasing close to depositing his cum deep into Abigail when her orgasm started, and now as she rocked her petite body over his cock and swollen balls, his desire to have him fully in her before her exploded became his top priority. He grabbed her shoulders and pulled her body close to his and thrusted his tongue into her opened mouth.
    He could feel the vibrations of her moans in his own mouth. As they kissed Darwin continued Abigail’s trip down his shaft. With only a few inches to go, Darwin lunged his hips upward and drove his cock deep into Abigail’s pussy. “Oh, fuck!” Abigail screamed when her pussy was filled with Darwin’s cock. It seemed as the forth and fifth orgasm rocked her body that every time her body moved against the rock hard cock of Darwin’s, she would be thrown into orgasmic bliss. It wasn’t until after hours of orgasm after orgasm did Abigail look into Darwin’s eyes and tell him: “Cum in my mouth. ” Darwin reluctantly pulled out his dick and stuffed the thick head into her mouth and started to pump his cock. Her eyes were gazing into Darwin’s as though asking to be coated.

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       And just as the tingling sensation ran up and down his spine and he was ready to burst his sperm into Abigail’s sexy mouth…he was wakened by those soft cries of sadness. And that’s where we catch up with Darwin. He still sported an intense hard-on. At night he generally wears boxers to sleep in so as he walked out into the cold hallway, his hard nine-inch cock was standing proud outside his underwear. The cries were becoming louder the closer he got to his mother’s room. Through a small crack between the door and the frame, he could see his beautiful mother sitting on the edge of her bed slumped over with her face buried in her hands. He quickly tucked his softening penis back into its proper place and knocked on the door. Ivy quickly wiped her eyes and looked toward the door. “Yes dear, what is it?” Ivy was an attractive woman, about as tall as Darwin, but she carried a few extra pounds; about 140 pounds. She was thick in all the right areas, her ass was round and sexy, her breasts, while not large were prefect for her body, and her stomach was round but did not protrude out past the top of her pants. “I heard you crying. Is everything alright?” Darwin looked at his mother, the object of many night’s fantasies. Tonight she was still wearing her work clothing. On typical nights, however, she would wear just a plain white t-shirt and panties. “You are such a wonderful son, Darwin.

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      ” Ivy placed her arm around her son and welcomed the warmth of his body against hers. It had been only a few months since her husband, Darwin’s father, left them both for another woman. The pain still keeps her up at night. “Is it about dad?” Darwin asked as he deeply inhaled that familiar fragrance of his mother’s perfumes. A few nights ago, Darwin stole the perfume and placed it on a pair of panties so when he went to bed he could smell her. As Ivy cleaned his room of his own dirty clothes one day, she found the panties drenched in cum. She had been hesitant to talk to him about it, thinking it was a father’s duty. “Yeah, I just can’t get over the idea of him abandoning us. ” Ivy still held him close, not wanting to lose the last man in her life. Yet, the longer she held him, the more aroused he became by their close contact. Darwin loved the attention until he felt a cold brush of wind against his engorged cock. It was standing proud dangerously close to his mother’s elbow. “Look mom, stop worrying about him. It’s just the two of us now and let’s just focus on that, ok?” Darwin tried to will his hard-on down. It didn’t work.

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       Just as Ivy was about to reply, she broke their embrace and her elbow struck the purpled head of Darwin’s cock. “Oh, my. ” Ivy stood from the bed unable to remove her eyes from her son’s cock. “Mom, I’m sorry. It’s just that I was having this dream and then…” Darwin turned beet red. “Maybe you should go back to bed. ” Ivy still stared in awe at the length and girth of Darwin’s dick. “Yeah, you had better go. ” As Darwin stood to leave, Ivy watched as his cock bounced up and down and she could have sworn that a thick drip of pre-cum hung from the tip. Soon after he left, Ivy shut her bedroom door and dressed in her normal sleepwear. As she lay in bed, she couldn’t deny the slick wetness between her legs. ‘Have I sunk so low as to get turned on by my own son?’ Ivy thought to herself, still picturing that gorgeous cock as her pussy continued to drool. Please, as this is my first submission, give me your candid thoughts. You may e-mail me personally if you choose. tormentedwriter@yahoo.

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