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“Hello?”“Hey, is Ben there?”“That’s me,” I said. “Hey, Ben, this is Carrie. ”“Oh, hey, how are you?”“I’m fine. I just wanted to see what you were up to. ”“Nothing much, now that spring break is here, just enjoying my free time. ”“I heard that you and Stacy broke up. ”“Yep. ”“So what’s your status now?”“Oh, we are completely broken up, so I guess I’m a swinging bachelor again!”“Did you wanna do something Friday night?”That question caught me by great surprise. I hesitated for second, but only for a second. “Yeah, sure. Let’s do something. How about a movie?” The rest of the conversation was pretty standard. We agreed on a time and place to meet. So, let’s skip ahead to Friday night. We went to the movie and had a good time. We were the only people in the theatre, but nothing happened.

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   To be honest, I was a little nervous about the whole situation. We laughed and talked and decided to go get something to eat. We stopped at McDonald’s and got our food to go. We tried to think of someplace else to go, and I thought of a small park I knew of, that not many people go to. We ate our food on the way there, as it was about a 10 minute drive. Since it was 11’o clock when we got there, it was empty. We sat in the car and talked and listened to some music. About 10 minutes into it, I got up my courage and reached for her hand. Stage 1 had begun! We held hands while we talked. Soon after that we both leaned the seats in my car back and relaxed while facing each other. Soon, I took my other hand and began stroking her hair. I rubbed it past her ear and on her neck for a few minutes. “This, I could get used to,” She said. She then leaned over and kissed me. When our lips met, it felt as thought we were both unsure, but only a moment into it, our uncertainty had turned into passion.

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   We began kissing and rekissing each other. Then I felt her tongue against my lips so I had mine meet hers. We rubbed our tongues slightly together teasingly. She took her hand and put it on the back of my head, pulling me closer to her. I took my hand and placed it on her waist, lightly rubbing her. The our lips parted, just long enough for her to say “Why don’t you come over here in my seat?” I nodded. She raised up and I awkwardly sat in the passenger seat. To my surprise she sat back down on my lap, facing me. She was straddling me when our lips met again. Being in this position with her, I began to harden. She obviously noticed because while we were kissing I felt her lips curl into a smile. She lightly moved up and down on my hard-on with layers of clothing between us. Now, both of my hands were on the back of her neck as we kissed. She took my left hand and moved it to the front of her neck, and slowly down her chest. She went even slower when my palm was touching the top of her breast.

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   After a few seconds, I had her left breast cupped in my left hand. This was as far as I had ever gone with Stacy, so I wasn’t sure what to do from there. But I knew, from the various porn I had seen, enough to get me through this. I lightly squeezed her tit and she let out a soft moan. She then took my hand that was cupping her and made me squeeze harder. Then she moved it up and down and started whispering “Yeah, like that. Ohh. . mmmm. . just like that. ” So she let go, but I continued the motion. I got the hint and began to do that to her other breast with my other hand. Now she arched her back and began smiling. “Yeah, oh that feels so good….

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  wait, hold on. ” I thought I had done something wrong, but she took her arms from behind my head and began to take off her shirt. She flung it in the back seat. I was in awe of her white lacy bra that obviously opened from the front. She took my hands and said “Touch me inside the bra…” I did as she said and she moaned. I moved my hands inside more until I finally found her hardened nipples. Right when I touched one, she flinched and gasped. I touched the other one and she gasped again. I took my hands out of her bra and she opened her eyes in puzzlement. I then undid the front and left her chest unrestrained. She smiled and closed her eyes again. I cupped her bare boobs and began the rib the nipple with my palms. She made the moaning sound again “Ooh, yeah, that’s it , right there. It’s soo good, Yes…” By now I was harder than ever and she began to really feel it. Slowly she began to rotate her hips on my crotch.

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   By instinct I began to bring my mouth closer to her breast, and she felt my hot breath on her skin. She pulled my head closer and I took a nipple in my mouth and began to suck on it. At this point, her moans got considerably louder. “Oh! Yes! Oh yeah…So good! Ah!” I knew I was doing a good job, so I moved my mouth to the other one, and instead of taking it in at once, I lightly flicked it with my tongue. I was watching her face the whole time, and that put a big smile on her face. With that, I engulfed her boob in my mouth and took as much as I could in. Once I had as much in my mouth as I could, I moved my tongue around over everything, and I felt her going crazy. “Oh!!, My Goodness! Ah! That’s making me so wet! Oh yeah!” I pulled my head back and she was smiling. She then scooted back on my knees and a little and moved her hands to my zipper. First she undid my button and then slid my zipper down. I could tell she was looking at my eyes, but I stared straight down. She pulled out my member, harder than I had ever seen it. (It was also bigger than I had ever seen it, but she didn’t need to know that). She stared at it for a moment and began to use both her hands to stroke it up and down. I saw pre-cum coming out the top and she just kept going faster.

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   Then she switched to where one hand was going up and down the shaft while the other was cupped around the head, rubbing it like crazy. It was driving me wild, as no one had ever done it before, and I wondered if it felt this good with everyone. I began to shift in my seat and felt the cum rising. I was holding back as much as I could, but then leaned over my cock and said “I want you to cum, baby. Cum for me. C’mon…” That’s when I lost it. My whole body exploded! It was incredible!! I shot spurt after spurt. The first one went right on her neck, and all the rest went on her boobs. I was moaning like crazy with my teeth clenched and she kept pumping. It knew right away that I’d never cummed that much when I had jacked off. She giggled as my orgasm subsided. She reached over and took the napkins from the McDonald’s food and wiped the cum off of her chest, as she did, I saw her nipples get hard again. We sat there for a bit, in silence, with my dick hanging out of my pants and her bra unhooked. Then of course, I started to get hard again. “Are you ready for another one?” She asked, smiling.

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   “Aww. . well, we have to go, I said I’d be home by midnight. ” “But. . ” I said. “ Didn’t you want me to do you?” “ You did, sweetie!” She exclaimed. “I came when you were sucking my tits!” “You mean, you can cum just from that?” I asked. So I didn’t know a whole lot, sue me. “Yes, and I really have to clean up down there, you know? So we need to go. ” I reluctantly moved back to the driver’s seat and started the car. “Don’t worry,” she said. “ You touch me down there next time, ok?” I smiled, “Ok!” I drove her to her car and she drove home. I went home to think about what had happened, still not believe it. I wanted to call her that very night, but I waited until the next day.

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   After all, I had all of Spring Break!.
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