Driving Test


Lee could sense the young girl looking at him and duly returned the favour. Miss Kathryn Robins was a petite brunette with jaw length hair, her eyes were a ball achingly beautiful brown and by all accounts she was a pretty young woman. His eyes moved down and he took in her body. Her small bouncy breasts and her incredible little ass drew a smile, he was going to enjoy the morning. The test began well and Kitty handled the car confidently, she was happy with herself and starting to enjoy the prospect of her own car when Lee waved her in to stop in a near by industrial estate. "Right Miss Robins, its time for your highway code test" As the words escaped his lips her heart sank, this was the moment she had been dreading. After getting all but one wrong Kitty was mortified. Lee sensed the time to move and spoke softly "Miss Robins, Right now I regret to inform you that you have failed your driving test, but under new measures just brought in, I am able to give you a chance to earn some bonus credit to perhaps turn the tide of this test"As he spoke Kitty smiled, "If I can assert myself I can get the next lot of pop quiz questions right" she thought to herself and promptly answered "Yes! I really want my licence, may I have a second chance?""You most certainly can!" he replied with haste. "You see, I am a Photographer, well I am striving to be one. And need model work for my portfolio, I thought you were a very attractive girl and wondered if you might oblige?" Kitty was taken aback at the suggestion but wasn't totally un-receptive, after all its most girls dream to be a model isn't it?"That doesn't sound too bad, I'm glad I wore my good suit!" she giggled thinking to herself that this was not only a good opportunity but it would net her a driving license too!"What time and where?, I’ll need to bring a friend with me" asked Kitty sensibly"Oh no, nothing like that, just a few shots here in front of that nice big willow tree would be great. . that is if you don't mind? I have one of my cameras in my bag. "Kitty thought for a few moments, weighing up the pros and cons of the situation. Her Mum knew where she was, He was a registered Tester who seemed nice and it was a good opportunity on two counts. The pros outweighed the cons and she answered "Yes that's ok, am I going to get my licence out of this?""You will, and you'd be helping me out alot" Lee replied, his innocent face not giving away his nefarious intent, with that he grabbed his bag and they walked over to the leafy green spot. Kitty stood, her shoulders hung loose in anticipation.

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  "Right just like that would be great" he grinned and Kitty responded by flashing him a beautiful innocent smile as the camera flashed "How about taking off your jacket and dropping it over your shoulder" he instructed and Kitty did so. "Right, lean forward a little for me" as Kitty did, her pert breasts showed from beneath the top she was wearing. The cleavage was all it took for Lee to feel his cock hardening in his trousers. He had Kitty posing this way and that, taking picture after picture of her baby brown eyes and delicious cleavage before deciding that it was time to make his move. "Right, now take off that top and show us your tan" he asked nonchalantly"Wh. . what?" Kitty stammered "I never agreed to that, I’m not a slut""Yes you are, this is just to decide whether you are a slut with a license or without" he respondedKitty was shocked and upset by his change of attitude, but she NEEDED this license, University was beginning in September and if she didn't have a license she couldn't go, so she decided to make the sacrifice and shyly began to shed her top. "That’s it darling, don't be upset, you look great just try and smile for me ok" he spoke wryly, knowing he had gotten his way. He approached her and moved her into the next pose, his confidence growing. Kitty knelt on on all fours, her small pert breasts hanging for all to see in the lacy white bra she had chosen. He approached her again, this time man handling her to her knees "Right, take that off now, lets see the goods"Kitty's cheeks reddened and she grudgingly agreed, thinking that she would be the first from her family to go to University, and her Mum, having raised her alone, would be so proud. This was a price she would have to pay, no matter what!Her hands felt the clasp of the bra and she tentatively undid it, exposing her round young tits for the first time to another person apart from her long time boyfriend, and that was as far as he had got in 3 years!Her small pink nipples stood to attention in the spring weather and her blushes grew as she knelt and neatly folded the garment up. She got back into the position Lee wanted her in and tried her best to smile genuinely. Lee was grinning like a chesire cat as he snapped shot after shot of this gorgeous young creature topless and incompetently trying to look sexy and like a model. He stopped and walked over to her, without warning he pinched each of her sweet, small nipples in turn.

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  "It will make them look pinker and sexier darling'" he informed herJust as he did car drove in their direction and Kitty grabbed her jacket to cover herself. "He's gone Miss Robins, don't worry he didn't see anything, we are almost hidden under this big old tree"Kitty took that as her signal to drop the jacket and resume the humiliating photo shoot. It was but Lee had other ideas. "Undo the buttons of your trousers Kathryn, may I call you Kathryn? And just stand, back straight"It wasn't even worth protesting in Kitty's opinions, and she dutifully undid her buttons. Lee's eyes widened when he saw the baby doll pink material of the thong peep into view. He took more pictures and wandered over to Kitty once more. He slid her trousers down around her thighs and took a step back to admire the fit teenager in front of him. Kitty stood, topless, with her smart trousers around her toned young thighs and the the tiny g-string struggling to contain her. Lee took a close-up of her face, he found the blushes a turn on and with her cute freckly face they did the job more than usual. He knelt and once again took a close-up of her chest, her small boobs, pink and goose bumped heaved as she breathed, then he went lower and snapped a final close up of her crotch, he could see her pouty flesh peeking out just a tiny bit and this excited him, he made the decision there and then that he had to have her. "Right Kathryn, lets go back to the car" Kitty felt immediate relief, and picked up her bra to re-dress. "Don't bother with that Kathryn, we haven’t finished yet, soon but not yet"He ushered her into the back seat and Kitty's stomach turned as he followed her in. She was instructed to take her trousers down once more, but this time to the ankles. Her fear was starting to get the better of her but she calmly did as she was told, all the while concentrating on her shiny new licence and freedom at the end of it all. She shed her trousers and sat there inertly on the back seat of the Ford Focus, she could feel Lee's breath on her neck as he moved and snapped with his camera, Taking close ups of her breasts and her crotch through her panties.

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  Finally he put the camera away, and Kitty began to dress once again, she was stopped by a strong grip on her wrist. Lee guided her hand over and placed it on his throbbing hard on. "Its time to earn that Licence" his voice sounded menacingKitty watched shyly as he undid his zip and released his cock, she had never seen a real one before, and was amazed by its size. It almost looked like it was made of plastic, black and hard and she could see the veins standing out. Her curiosity got the better of her fear and she spoke quietly. "Can I touch it?""What do you think its out for, I told you you were a slut didn't I!" He said leaning backKitty's small hand reached out and she ran a fingertip down the length of black dick in front of her, then two fingers, then three until she had her whole hand on it, she couldn't reach all the way around and played with it like a kid with a toy, watching it spring backwards and forwards. Lee sat back groaning with pleasure as the beautiful 17 year old found her way around his cock, her small hands tickled and played with his balls gently scratching with her nails. Lee leaned over and took one of her tiny nipples into his mouth, she cried out as his stubble scratched at the soft flesh of her breast but soon shut her eyes and begun to enjoy the new experience that was unfolding. His hand found its way down to her thigh and he squeezed feeling her toned muscle in his hand. Before long his hand was rubbing her pussy through the material of her knickers. Kitty felt herself involuntarily opening her legs, allowing this cruel stranger access to her most intimate areas.
    The soft pink material clung to every curve and fold of her virgin pussy and Lee reached over and took a picture, this time Kitty smiled, she felt like her body had his approval and he was paying her more attention than her boyfriend had ever done. This time she opened her legs a little more allowing him to take the picture, willing him to. He pulled the material to one side and was awed by the sight that greeted him, Kitty's pusy was totally hairless and the pouty pink flesh looked untouched. "You like it shaved do you?" he asked"Of course, I hate hair, I feel all sweaty and dirty if I don't shave, don't you like it?" she looked wounded"I don't like it sweety.

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      . . . I LOVE it" he replied and sunk a fingertip between the soft folds of her virgin pussyShe let out a sigh as his fingertip probed her snatch, and wondered why she had never let her boyfriend do this before, Lee's thick finger pressed deeper and Kitty felt her pussy open as his finger sank inside her. She returned her hand to his shaft and resumed her playing, she watched his face enjoying his expression as she dragged her sharp nails across his nut-sack. Lee reached up and put his hand in Kitty's hair pulling tightly, she let out a squeak as he pulled her head towards his cock. Not knowing what to do she just opened her mouth as his head slipped into her mouth, she had to open her mouth as wide as it would go to allow the big dick into her mouth and she gagged as he pushed her head down forcing more of his meat into her throat. He looked down at the 17 year old, and she looked up at him with her big brown eyes as his prick slid in and out of her mouth. "Didn't I tell you that you were a slut" he musedShe fluttered her eyelashes. "Answer me!" he snappedThere was a loud slurp as she pulled herself from his tool and she answered. "You did, am I a good slut though?" she smiled sweetly and jerked his cock as she replied"You sure are learning fast" he said grimacing, trying to think of other things. Lee pulled Kitty from his lap and rolled her onto her back, he wrapped a hand in the material of her panties and tore them off before lowering his head and burying his mouth into her sweet juicy pussy. She tasted like apples and he relished the flavour as she wriggled around on his tongue loving the feeling of being licked. Lee decided it was time. He knelt up cock in hand and began to jerk himself over her, she watched intently loving the site of this large, attractive guy pleasuring himself.

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       He moved down and placed the head of his prick at her pussy. "No, I’m not ready for that" she spoke with wide eyes"Yes you are sweety" he pushed as he spoke and his fat cock began parting her virgin pussy lips, a tear rolled down her cheek as she whimpered. "Its hurting!" she groaned as he continued pushing, sinking the first three inches into her tight little cunt. Kitty screamed as his fat black meat popped her cherry. She looked down at herself ,amazed at how her tiny hole was accommodating all that cock. After 5 minutes of slow pushing Lee finally felt his big balls come to rest on her little butt, this was the moment he had been waiting for he looked down and saw the tiny, tight 17 year old girl, legs spread with her little pussy taking his length! he grabbed the camera and took a photo for posterity. Then he slowly slid his length out of her, noticing how her little snatch shrank back down to size. He began to fuck her slow and hard, taking his cock all the way out before forcing it all the way back in again, stretching her young cunt. And from the looks of it she was getting to love it. "Do you love a big black cock you little whore?!" he asked "Y. . . yes" she breathlessly replied"Say it baby!" he ordered her"I'm a. . .

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      a. . whore" she groaned"And what do you love?!!" he prompted"You! and your big black cock!" she screamed Lee could tell she was coming as juice flooded down his cock and she screamed. "I'm your whore. . . fuck me, hurt me" her teenage emotions flooding outHe obligingly quickened the pace and put one of his big hands around her throat as he pummelled in and out of her, stopping sporadically to gently slap her around the face. he felt his nuts tighten slowly pulled his cock from her body just leaving the head inside her and jerked his shaft shooting his thick spunk into her. "Noo I’m not on birth control" she yelledLee dragged his half limp tool from her dripping pussy and smiled, he reached over and took out his clipboard and signed off the form. "There you go,im pleased to inform you that you passed your drivers test Miss Robins" he said, passing Kitty the form"Please drive us back to the testing centre" he instructed her as they both dressedAS they pulled into the car park Kitty's Mother was waiting. "What am I going to do? What if im pregnant?" she stammered"I'll buy you a baby seat for your car" he laughed and strolled away, stopping to shake hands with her mother on the way. Kitty smiled insecurely feeling the cum running down her leg as her Mother hugged her. "I’m going to Uni Mum!".
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