Drunken Madness: My Mate's Little Sister


I lay there trying to sleep for a couple of minutes and as I began to nod off I heard a noise coming from the stairs, I slowly rolled over and tried to focus on the figure badly manoeuvring their way down the stairs, after a couple of seconds I came to the conclusion that it was Ashleigh and she was carrying a beer in her hand. Where did you get that beer from, I thought I told you that you had drunk enough for one night. I have loads in my room, so I have been drinking them ever since you sent me there, she replied as began to stumble towards me. Once she reached the sofa I was lay on she tripped and landed on me. We met face to face and for the first time I realised what an attractive young lady she had become, her face was basically perfect with her cute small lips and her long brown hair and a certain innocence to her expression that was extremely arousing to me at the time and I am sure her childish two piece cotton pink pyjamas may have further added to the erotic exhilaration I felt. I knew that no matter how much I tried to resist I wouldn’t be able to stop myself in this state from kissing her and at that time she must have been thinking the same thing as me because at that exact moment she lent forward and started to kiss me and despite my high sense of morals, I kissed her back. We kissed for a few minutes with each moment being more passionate and arousing than the last, she stopped for a second and stood up so that she could climb under the sheet I was lay under and then the kissing recommenced. We continued to kiss for awhile longer our lips became moist for the others warm saliva, at that point I realised that this was going to go further than the alcohol induced kissing rampage that we had been having and I knew that I had no choice but to take it further. I slid my hands down from her waist where they had been perched throughout our snogging and under the back of her pyjama bottoms until the lay rested on her small toned ass. I slowly caressed her ass as I cupped both of her cheeks in my hands whilst I continued kiss her. She slowly started to breathe heavier, I realised that she was really getting into what we were doing and she was becoming aroused, which was something I could also admit to as I have no idea how she had not yet noticed my bulging rod inside my boxers. I continued with this action momentarily until I decided to push my luck a little further, I withdrew my left hand from pyjama bottoms and slowly moved up her back and brought in round until I had a small pert breast in the palm off my hand. For a second my mind wandered off the job in hand to briefly say to myself thank god she wasn’t wearing a bra, as I am one of those guys who could sit there for hours on end just trying to unfasten one. I brought my mind back around to sex eventually and continued to work away at her breast. I started off like any inexperienced guy would, just squeezing away at it without any consideration of his partner but eventually I got to grips with what pleased her through a method of trial using her breath rate for judgement. I took her erect nipple in between my forefinger and thumb and began to rub at and from her movements I could tell that this was her favourite action I could perform on her breasts although just stroking them with the back of my hand and flicking her nipples also had a say in the matter.

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   All of a sudden Ashleigh lent back and took of her top giving me a perfect view of her twins, although they were rather small they were very toned and her nipples were very long and hard, they didn’t look like the typical women’s with balloons hung from her chest they looked hard like they were being forced away from her chest because they were held up so tightly. She sat there on top of me as if she was waiting for me to do something and I’m not the type of guy you need to ask twice. I moved my head towards her breasts and took one of her nipples into my mouth whilst I continued to fondle the other breast with my free hand. I started off heavily sucking on the end of her nipple and yet again I decided that flicking through I few techniques would be the best plan. To my surprise I began to feel her delicate small hands running down my back deeply massaging it along the way which felt nice having her finally touching me in the way I had been to her and took the weights of my shoulders knowing that she really did want to do this. Returning to the thought of breasts it was time for a change, so I took tongue and began to flick her nipple the way I had been with my hand, saliva began to run down my chin and her nipple grew even harder. Her nails dug into my back as she began to massage harder and deeper into my muscles, this was an unexpected action but I added a kinky element to what we were doing filling with more lust and will for her perfectly sculpted petite body. I swapped my head and my hand around so that now my face was level with her other breast. I closed my mouth around the end of her breast and begun running the tip of my tongue around her nipple in a clockwise motion. At first I only gently brush her nipple whilst maintaining this motion but eventually I pushed into it trying to stick to it as closely as possible, I was almost flicking at and caressing at the same time. I felt an uncomfortable feeling all of a sudden as I realised that the front of my boxers had become extremely wet. At first I was terrified believing that something was wrong with me, either that I had wet myself or that I had cum already. My attention remained fixed on this for a while until I discovered what it was. I was extremely sensitive from being so hard and very wet and the same time and I noticed the slight grinding motion that was being performed by Ashleigh on my lap and through further concentration and thought I realised that the area rubbing me wet spot was her pussy, the moisture hadn’t been from me all along she was just so turned on that her juices had soaked my boxers. I grew bored of frolicking around with her breasts and with this new piece of information that had come to light I knew that it was time to go in for the kill.


   I moved her away from me so she was sat on the armrest of the sofa and I put my hands on her hips and slowly slid her pyjama bottoms down around he ankles where she kicked them off. She moved towards me but I held her off and but her back on the armrest, I parted her legs and slowly ran my fingers along the inside of her legs gently caressing her soft skin until my hands reached her pubic region. I used my thumbs to gently massage the exterior of her pussy lips. I started to stare at her pink paradise, it was extremely wet already and continued to get worse as more of her juices continued to seep out and glimmer in the few strands of light that hit us. I ran the tips of my thumbs along the edge of her pussy lips and then folded them back so I was able to see inside her perfectly. My thumbs continued to work they forward and now their tips were just inside her massaging away at her entrance walls, momentarily I glanced up at her face to see her biting her lip and squinting her eyes in expressions of pleasure. I tried to ease my thumbs further inside her but despite how wet she was there was still not enough space for both of my thumbs to gain entry. I moved my right hand onto her thigh and began to caress it whilst I began moving my other thumb inside her. I slowly pushed my thumb towards the back of her warm velvet tunnel in a spiral motion caressing her wet walls along the way, once my thumb had plunged to the back of her hole a large quantity of her juices bulged out her cunt and ran towards her ass. I withdrew my thumb from her mound and the same spiralling motion and continued to finger her in this fashion for a few minutes. Seeing all her juices flowing out of her made me feel like I was missing out on something so I moved my hands away from her dripping quim and moved my face towards it for a closer inspection. I stared blankly at her pussy for a few seconds admiring her juices running down her lips then I pushed forward forcing my nose along the length of her slit, as my nose made contact with her clit her body briefly jolted and she realised a quick quiet gasp which made me smile at the thought of having control of physical feelings. I moved my tongue onto her pussy lips and ran it around them in a clockwise motion collecting her juices that had began to stray from there original source and then slowly moved my mouth towards her clit which I took into my mouth sucking at it and rubbing at it with my tongue. After a couple of seconds of this i couldn't resist the idea of allowing my finger to join in the action so i gently slid it into her hole which had so wet that i almost lost my arm. The heavenly harmony of her groans came to a stop as her hand slipped into my boxers and grabbed a solid hold of my meat squeezing it releasing a blast of my pre cum, I was rather glad that it hadn't been the actual thing because I was very close to shooting my load there and then from the surprise and the exhiliration of her touch.

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   Her thumb covered my head and slowly rubbed my love juice all over my end which made me fall back into the seat from the rush of this touch, she beated my penis back and forth for a moment or two as we stared each other with huge smiles on our faces, this was a good thing as she could tell that I enjoyed and appreciated her touch and in return I could tell that she was enjoying herself and allowing me to know that she would go further. I moved towards her ear and gave it a quick nibble and asked her for her hands, she looked at me unsure of what I was about to do but still innocently nodded. I took her hands and held them behind her back which sprung my ever eager cock out of the flap in the front of my boxers and then whispered into her ear "I bet that you can't please me without the use of your hands", she sat there with a clueless expression on her face momentarily then smiled. She brushed her hair aside delicately then lowered her mouth over my throbbing truncheon and gave it the briskest of licks, then a few more and then to my suprise she edged open her jaw and deepthroated the whole thing down her slender throat giving me a feeling of extascy, with this i lay back and smiled smugly. I was just lay there staring at the roof enjoying vast amounts of pleasure more than enough for any man when i caught a glimpse of something moving on the stairs. I stared at the movements for awhile out of the corner of my eye and eventually realised that it was Jocelyn. She was sat there parked upon the stairs in a tiny t-shirt and a pair of little white cotton panties that were hitched up around her knees, i couldn't believe my eyes she was sat there hidden away masturbating of me and her best freind doing it. I sat there watching Jocelyn as she pleasured herself on the stairs, she began by rubbing herself inbetween the legs and then suddenly collapsed on the stairs and moved her hand up her top slowly groping herself. After awhile her top hand riden up her body and finally i could get a good view of her breasts, there were very small infact she basically didnt have any breasts just nipples on her chest, this turned me on as it showed how young she really was and to have someone that young fantasising and masturbating over me was like a dream come true, that thought set off a giant surge inside me and i almost came which reminded me that Ashleigh was munching down on my aching pole, I was so heavely aroused at this point that i just took a grip of the back of Ashleigh's head and started to thrust away inside her mouth mildly choking her, this obviously did it for Jocelyn who was fidgiting about in a frenzy of orgasm and then suddenly fell back in exhaustion since she had cum, after this point I lost interest in her and returned to the girl in my lap. I cupped Ashleigh's face and she rose to see what I wanted but she seemed different from the girl that i had begun this night with she appeared alot less with it than before, which led me to believe that the alcohol hard started to seriously kick in, so i took her and began to move her but her actions seemed uncontrolled and odd, I postioned her down on the sofa in missionary position and crawled inbetween her legs. "Shouldn't You use a condom" She asked, her voice flawed by her delayed groggy speech. "I'll put it on towards the end when I need to" I replied, I was so close to entry and a little too drunk to be thinking about that at this point. I began to slowly ease my swollen cock into the depths of her soaked well, but my whole seven inches just slid right in as she was so aroused that no matter how amazingly tight she was a group of guys could have got in there because of how efficiently her juices lubed up her hole, it was like in cartoons were someone slides straight through a room from stepping on oil. Since Ashleigh was clearly so ready for my meat i decided that there was no point the gentle crap and just starting pumping. Within a couple of minutes her walls began to contract and strangle my blood engorged love saber, I was in total heaven and knew that it would only be a few more minutes before I did some interior decorating.

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  All the time that I been screwing Ashleigh I had been staring into the distance, finally I fixated my attention towards her, then I realised that she had passed out. I stopped for a brief second and looked at her gentle innocent face, my cock still held vice like inside her tunnel. I thought to myself 'could i really take this girl's innocence this way, its not fair that she should have to lose one of most important things, her virginity, in a paraletic state being treated as nothing more than i blow up toy'. I struggled with this for only about a minute and then I just couldn't hold back, since my body was so heavily aroused and drunk it just began naturally rubbing itself inside her perfect orifice, I probably wouldnt have screwed her if I had taken myself out of her hole once i had realised she was out cold although I must admit that the thought of screwing an unconscious innocent angelic child like Ashleigh did push the right buttons in my perverse mind. I lifted her legs over my shoulders and started pumping away, screw ing her as hard as I could basically crushing her against the side of the sofa. I was only fucking her lifeless limp body for a few minutes when I felt that ever familiar feeling, I was going to cum. My manhood began to throb with the need to unload and my balls were so far up inside my body that they were basically shagging me too. All of a sudden I realised that I didnt have any protection on, I tried to pull out but I couldnt my meat was just too strongly drawn to the warm wet hold that her cunt had on me. So I just stopped thinking about it as my breathing rose and I prepared for my inevitable climax. It hit me in such a wave that it almost paralysed me, I made one last hard thrust and shoot my hot spunk inside her and collapsed onto her slowly thrusting inside her in a whimpersih manner making sure that I had fully dumped my seed. After I climbed off her I was very much awake and scared at the fact that filled up a minor with my love juices, not only was it illegal but I could have pregnated her. I didnt know what to do so I just grabbed my stuff and shot out the door. After that night I never had the guts to talk to my mate Edward ever again or Ashleigh infact, you may think that may have been a little difficult but not when I moved out of town within a week, which is kinda fortunate as Edward did find out and infact the whole town did or at least thats the impression im getting from the constant threatening phone calls I get from everyone. .

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