Emma: The Wife's Story


Emma exhaled slowly stretching her body forward, her muscles relaxing as his cock slid into her from behind. Through the window she could see the taillights of her husband’s car glowing red in the black night as he pulled out of the parking lot below. Her petite fingers encircled the cock to her left and she closed her red lips over the cock to her right, grabbing him by the ass and pulling him closer. With her eyes closed she could still see the red lights but pushed thoughts of her husband from her mind and concentrated on the pleasure sliding between her lips and cunt. It wouldn’t take long for him to run home and find her migraine medicine, but she was hoping he might get delayed and allow her time to explore her three new friends.
Emma loved her husband and their two beautiful daughters and had never planned on living this kind of life. She had wanted to be faithful to him but everything seemed to conspire against her, especially the insatiable lust that seemed to permeate every inch of her body. Every nerve craved physical contact and she soon forgot her guilt and accepted the demands of her sexual appetite.
Emma had been brought up in a strict Christian family. The closest thing the young girl had to what one would call sex education was a brief yet stern lecture from her mother informing Emma of her "no zone", an area that extended from the neck to below her knees, where no one but her future husband was allowed to touch, including Emma. Despite her parents’ insistence that sex was an act of procreation between husband and wife, Emma’s body seemed to regard it as a basic human need on a level with food and water. Though she fought her shameful urges over the years, her entire being ached with some indescribable emptiness that only the occasional breach of her no zone could ease. By the time she was seventeen Emma could no longer resist and her small fingers invaded her no zone nightly, in the dark, stretched out beneath her quilt, with her little sister snoring across the room. Then Mr. Johnson came to visit.

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   Johnson’s brother was a member of Emma’s church and when he got married Mr. Johnson and his wife and three girls came to stay for the weekend. The bride and groom both had large families, so even though Emma’s parents had never met Mr. Johnson and his family, Emma’s father offered to put them up while they were in town.
They arrived Friday night in time for dinner. As Mr. Johnson climbed out of the car Emma’s eyes took in the sight of his long, lean body. He was her father’s age but he had a full head of thick, dark hair streaked with gray and hard, muscular arms that she guessed were the result of his work; he told her father he was a carpenter. As Emma followed them up the front porch her eyes moved up his body and she blushed deeply when she met his eyes smiling back at her.
Emma helped her mother bring the food out. Her father was telling Mr. Johnson he had built the long dining room table himself and had chosen to use benches at the sides to give it more of a church hall community feel. Mr. Johnson lifted the lace cloth covering the top to examine the woodwork and complimented Emma’s father on his effort. Emma placed the gravy next to Mrs.

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   Johnson and her blush returned when she realized the only empty spot for her to sit was at the far end of the table next to Mr. Johnson.
Emma sat down and they said Grace. Immediately following, Emma’s father began talking of Jesus and his work as a carpenter. Emma stared at her plate but from the corner of her eye she could see Mr. Johnson nodding in response to her father. He picked up his napkin, spreading it over his lap, and as he sermonized with her father, Mr. Johnson’s hand lifted the hem of Emma’s summer dress and came to rest on her bare knee.
Emma’s back stiffened and her heart nearly stopped in her chest. She might have jumped except for the soft but firm pressure of Mr. Johnson’s hand squeezing her knee. She looked quickly at the man but his head was turned toward her father. As he spoke of his love for the Book of Matthew his hand, in tiny circular caresses, moved higher up Emma’s thigh. Her thoughts a blur and the conversation drowned out by the beating of her heart, Emma exhaled slowly and found her legs falling open to receive his touch.

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  . . Emma!" It was her mother, "Are you alright? You’re not eating. " Emma looked up to see all eyes in the room on her, including Mr. Johnson’s. The thrilling movement of his fingers over her naked thigh had stopped but his hand stayed where it was, half way up her skirt, hidden from view under the table cloth.
Emma excused herself and went to the bathroom. On her way back to the table her body was a torrent of nerves and excitement and she marveled at the physical sensation caused by the absence of something. Her slip and damp panties where still in the bathroom, tucked neatly away in the bottom of the clothes hamper, and every step reminded Emma of her nakedness beneath the thin cotton dress.
She slid back onto the bench, this time inching closer to Mr. Johnson, this time bunching her dress up around her thighs. But her heart sank when he continued his conversation with her father, hardly aware of her presence. She very nearly gave up and began to push her hem back down her thighs when something in her changed. She gave a quick look around the table to see that everyone’s attention was on her father, then she reached into Mr. Johnson’s lap and took hold of his hand, pulling it back to her waiting thigh.

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Emma could tell she was affecting him. He still spoke casually to her father but his voice seemed dry and thirsty. When the small finger on his right hand finally brushed against her bare slit with its damp curls of dark hair and heat she wanted to scream out from anticipation, but her interest in his reaction kept her calm. His hand froze. His eyes fell to his plate. Then Emma watched from the corner of her eye as he glanced at her quickly with the corner of his mouth curled up. She felt his fingers fan out over her swollen lips and slowly, teasingly pry them open. She heard him moan.
"Emma! Sit up and eat your dinner!" There was no slouching at the dinner table and her mother’s words hit Emma like a glass of ice water. As she shot upright in her chair, Mr. Johnson did not jerk his hand back but kept still, and suddenly it was resting at mid thigh again. She wanted to cry. When she looked up she was staring across the table into the eyes of Mr. Johnson’s oldest daughter. Emma was certain she saw a look of recognition there, that she knew what Emma was letting her father do beneath the table, but surely the girl was too young to be aware of such things, and when Emma looked again she knew she had only imagined it.

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The hand stayed put on her thigh until dessert was served and he moved it away as Emma’s mother drew near with their slices of pie. As everyone settled again, Mr. Johnson reached back into Emma’s lap but this time grabbed her wrist and pulled it to him under the table. His legs were spread wide and as Emma’s hand came to rest on his thigh she felt the thick lump extending from the crotch of his jeans. Her hands instinctively wrapped around the bulge and began squeezing and rubbing it. Mr. Johnson didn’t say a word in conversation as everyone consumed their pies.
Mr. and Mrs. Johnson took over Emma’s room for the weekend while the three girls slept in the guest house out back. Emma was stuck in the small bedroom downstairs and was washing her face in the bathroom across the hall when the door swung open. Before she could react Mr. Johnson was behind her pushing her forward over the sink and her pajama bottoms were in a pile at her ankles. Bent at the waist, Emma gasped as she felt his lips and tongue against the cheeks of her naked butt. His hand pushed up between her thighs, his fingers igniting her sensitive lips.

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   He was standing again and through her bangs she could see the reflection of his chiseled, muscular chest in the mirror, his shirt unbuttoned and hanging open. She heard the grinding of a zipper then felt the hot flesh pressed against her inner thigh. Both hard and soft at once, it danced between her legs before he took hold, one hand on her ass, the other guiding the hard-on.
Emma clutched the sides of the porcelain sink as she felt the tip of his cock prying open her virgin slit. Her back arched and she pushed her hips back to meet him as the walls of her cunt hugged their first cock. He was stuffing a rag into her mouth while he filled her aching pussy inch by agonizing inch with his meat. She bit down on the terry cloth and let it swallow her cries as tears flowed over her cheeks and he began taking slow, short strokes in and out of her. Her knees shook as his strokes became longer and deeper.
She was suddenly aware that the water was running in the bathtub next to them. The gushing faucet was loud enough to hide the sounds of their fucking and she let the wash cloth fall from her mouth. His cock was quickly finding the pleasure inside her and she listened to her own voice moaning back to her in the echo of the sink basin. His rhythm was hard and fast now and his balls slapped playfully against her exposed clit sending jolts of electric pleasure through her body with each thrust. His hand was at her cheek and she sucked his fingers into her mouth looking up at him in the mirror. There eyes locked and she new she had found what her body needed. She squeezed her cunt around his cock as he lifted her t-shirt over her breasts and covered them with his rough palms.

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   The sensation was too much when. . .
"You okay in there Emma?" her father called out wrapping on the door with his knuckle. She wanted to scream. She wanted him to hear Mr. Johnson’s hips smacking against her ass. She wanted him to hear her moans of lust and pure ecstacy. She wanted to tear the door open so he could see his perfect daughter getting fucked. She imagined bouncing up and down on Mr. Johnson’s cock in the middle of her parent’s useless bed while they sat in horror watching her devour him with her cunt.
"I’m just gunna take a bath, I’m not feeling well," she called out. Mr. Johnson did not miss a beat and actually fucked harder as she carried on a conversation with her father not five feet away. He squeezed the firm cheeks of her ass and the sensation overcame her.

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   As she called out goodnight to her Dad, her voice cracked and her first orgasm ripped through her body making her shudder and moan. Mr. Johnson was not far behind her and soon she felt his cock slammed deep inside her filling her with his scalding seed.
He lifted her into the tub before sneaking out of the bathroom. She sat there in the hot water washing the blood from her thighs, her mind trying to grasp what had just happened. Her body ached and she desperately needed to sleep as the images of her first fuck swirled before her eyes. It would not occur to her until the following night, sitting on the edge of her bed staring at Mr. Johnson’s throbbing hard-on, that she had lost her virginity without actually seeing a cock.
The wedding had kept them all busy throughout the day and Emma had to be satisfied with staring at Mr. Johnson in his tux from a distance. When the parents went off to the reception, Emma was charged with watching after the three Johnson girls at home. She had no idea what time it was when the lamp on her night stand clicked on but she had been deep asleep, the girls put to bed hours ago. It took a moment to register the sight before her, but as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes she made out the form of Mr. Johnson standing next to her bed unzipping the pants of his tuxedo.
He pulled his cock free and it hung softly from his open fly.

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   Emma sat up, her eyes wide, taking in the sight. She licked her lips and a soft whisper from above told her to touch it. It filled her small hand and grew hard in her fist as she moved her delicate fingers around it. She was mesmerized by it, and as the whispers from above continued to coax her, she felt it slipping between her full red lips and tasted the salty bead waiting at its tip. She loved the feeling of his prick in her mouth as she worked her lips and tongue up and down his shaft.
    She sucked his balls swirling her tongue around them before pushing her lips as far as she could down his thick pole. His cock swelled and his hips locked and she felt the hot gush of liquid filling her cheeks and coating her tongue. She sat nervously with her mouth full of cum until he suggested she swallow it.
    He pulled her down onto the floor and lay back as she straddled his cock. She liked the position. She was still soar from her first time and she was glad for the chance to control the rhythm. She found her second orgasm just before his cock burst inside her dripping snatch.
    Emma spent the next day at church with her family and the Johnson’s. After lunch the girls were bored and Mr. Johnson said he would take them home while his wife stayed for Bible study with Emma’s parents.

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       Emma said she would help Mr. Johnson with the girls.
    He must have had the silk scarf hidden in his coat pocket. Emma was blindfolded before she could say a word to Mr. Johnson. She had fucked him twice now yet they had hardly spoken to each other. He closed the door to the guest house and assured her the girls were playing and would not miss them. Under the blackness of the silk scarf, Emma felt her clothes falling to the floor. She stood shivering, nervous and scared, anxious and excited. His hands and lips covered her body, teasing her and exploring every curve and crevasse.
    He pulled her by the hand and she stumbled blindly forward until he pushed her back onto the mattress. He held her hands above her head, his lips at her breasts, and just as quickly as the blindfold had appeared, there was suddenly silk binding her hands to the metal head-frame of the small bed. Emma jumped, confused and lost in the darkness, but his words calmed her until her feet were tied in silk, one at each corner of the bed. She was scared and almost started to cry when she felt the lips covering her left nipple, then the right. Her cry turned into a moan and her fear melted away.


    Emma was breathing heavy and disoriented beneath the blindfold, unable to move her arms or legs. Something felt different about his lips and his touch. It seemed softer, more delicate and sensual. Emma’s thoughts exploded when the tongue left her breasts and began snaking its way down her belly. She suddenly realized where his lips where headed and the thought, entirely new to her innocent mind, seemed both filthy and unbelievably sexy. The thought, however was nothing compared to the actual contact, as soft lips and a wet tongue covered her sex and racked fire over her clit. Her hips bounced and her legs vibrated, and through the electricity in her brain Emma could feel the bed rocking violently. The hands that held her hips as the tongue ravaged her cunt were different, something was not right. But before Emma could focus her attention away from her throbbing clit her body erupted in violent pleasure, her own cries echoing in her ears.
    Lips wet and musky pressed hard over Emma’s mouth and she realized this was the first time she had kissed her lover. His tongue slid into her mouth massaging her own and filling her with her own flavor. Emma felt drunk as the lips pulled softly away. Everything was still and silent but for a rustling next to the bed, bare feet on the wood floor. Then his weight returned to the mattress, much heavier it seemed, as he crawled between her thighs. Her feet were suddenly freed and he held her ankles in his grip high in the air, spread wide, his cock sliding perfectly into her open cunt.

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    Emma screamed with a cross of pleasure and pain as he fucked her unmercifully, his hips pounding her ass and inching the bed across he floor. Her arms stretched out over her head and blinded by the scarf, Emma was lost in time and space as if nothing else existed but her pussy and the exquisite torture of his cock. Her body rocked with one orgasm after another until she felt his cock escape her cunt’s grip. In the darkness she felt the wetness splashing over her tits, hot against her neck and chin, dribbling into her navel. Then the lips were there again, and a tongue so soft to her sensitive skin she shivered. Her senses were lost in the darkness and she tried to understand his mouth so sensual lapping up his own seed from her body. His weight left the bed and her body and mind swam with heat and confusion, the sucking and slurping still loud and clear though she could no longer feel the touch.
    Then the room was silent. Outside Emma could hear the girls running and playing and her body shook at the thought of what their father had just done with her. A door clunked shut, she thought, and Emma listened, nervous again. She tried to sit up but her hands were still bound. Her body was wet with sex and she started to shiver, but then his weight was there again releasing her at last. He said little as they got dressed and his two youngest girls ran past the window kicking a ball. He would leave with his wife and three girls the next morning and it would be twelve years before Emma would see him again.
    Less than a week later, Emma would meet and fuck her future husband for the first time.

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       A little over a month would pass before she discovered she was pregnant with Samantha. The wedding was rushed and Emma’s relationship with her family was in tatters.
    As her husband stood hunched over in the shadows of their house spying on their babysitter, Emma was not worrying about getting pregnant. She had received her sex education by now. She had met Jason at this very hotel where the wedding was taking place only a few weeks earlier when he came to her room to complain about the noise. He was the night manager at the inn, and when she opened the door completely naked with the young couple still fucking on the bed behind her, she made quite an impression on him. She promised to keep the noise down as she winked at the stunned young man with his jaw on the floor. After she finished up with the newlyweds, Emma went down to the front desk and apologized properly.
    Jason had provided the free room tonight, and as Emma leaned back against his chest with his cock buried deep in her ass, she let the cock riding her pussy provide the rhythm for the three of them. The piece of meat in her hand was spilling hot cum across Emma’s lips and dribbling off her chin on to her tits, while she studied its dark sheath in her pale hand, licking softly at the swollen head. She was glad Jason had hired extra banquet help for the wedding.
    Freshly showered, her bob hair cut fashionably teased, she made her way back to the reception in time for a drink before her husband returned. His expression was slightly shaken and she couldn’t wait to find out what her young cousin had done to return him so flustered.
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