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"Hey you," Jack said, while sneaking up behind me and wrapping his arms around my waist. "Hey yourself Hun. " With that, Jack moved his hands from my waist, to my beautiful 36c breasts, pinching my already erect nipples, and nibbling on my neck. "Come on, I have an idea," I said while leading him into the library, " This is my favorite place in this wretched school. " "Sounds kinky having sex where we can be caught at any moment" He said with a grin. "Don't you know it?" I turned quickly to him and kissed his lips, exploring his mouth with my tongue, and his body with my hands. He backed me into a far corner of the library, trying not to run into many chairs or bookshelves, as it was too dark to see much at all. When he had me against the wall, his hands continued to adventure around my breasts. He lifted my shirt over my head, breaking our kiss for what seemed like a millisecond, then slowly unsnapped my bra and dropped it to the floor. "Mmmmm, Stacy I love your lips, and your neck, and your nipples. " He slowly nibbled on the places while he named them off paying special attention to my hard, throbbing nipples. "Glad you like them, I said while smiling. I unbuttoned his shirt, and slipped it off his beautifully toned chest. He wasn't actually skinny, but not at all fat. Of course, neither was I. As I laid us down, I straddled him.

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   Then I started kissing down his chest and stomach. When I got to his crotch, I slowly unsnapped his trousers, and unzipped his pants, Exposing a gorgeous 8 inch cock. I looked at him as best as I could in the darkness and wrapped my full lips around this tamed monster. Jack moaned softly and placed his hands at my head, massaging my hair. My head bobbed on his cock, going deeper and deeper with every dip. “Oh Stacey, you are unbelievable!” he said between deep breaths. “I try my best,” I stated while slowly rising to my knees, seductively unzipping my pants, pulling them and my pink cotton panties to the floor. Jack then stands up and guides me to lie on my back. “There’s no reason for stopping there, Stacy,” Jack exclaimed in a heated, lustful tone of voice. He then pulled my jeans and panties off of my smooth, well-tanned legs. “Much better!” Jack leaned in to me when I spread my legs, revealing a short-haired pussy. He then buried his face in my warm, wet snatch. Breathing deeply, he parted his lips to accept my uncovered clit that was begging to be nibbled on. An audible sigh of relief and lust escaped my lips, making him look up and stop his wonderful clit sucking. “Oh, Jack.

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   You are the one who is unbelievable, not me. Please don’t stop. ”He continued to lap at my pussy, running his tongue teasingly over my clit, until I began to pant softly, moaning and whispering for him to suck on me harder, and faster. “Baby, please, don’t stop. OH! Right there!! YES Just like that!”As I sailed into orgasm, my moans got louder and louder, until Jack had to clasp a hand over my lips to keep us from getting caught. Two minutes passed and every second was filled with the most pleasure I had ever endured in my entire life time. **SLAM**“Stacey! Wake up or fail your final!” Mrs. Frame screeched from the front of the classroom, waking me up from my flashback. I was horribly placed in the very front row, making me the center of her hawk-like attention. “I already finished the final, Mrs. Frame. ”“Well, turn it in and take notes on chapter 7. That is what we will be studying next term. ”The bell rang the second Mrs. Frame finished her sentence.

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