Family Friend - Part 9


Chapter 29
The next day, Steve pedaled down the path to the creek and found Michelle lying on her towel near the big oak. She turned her head and waved at him and he was once again captivated by her beauty and how awesome she looked in her bikini. It seemed like weeks since Angie had left and he was in dire need of some release. He hoped Michelle felt the same way.
He dropped his bike next to hers and walked over to where she was stretched out on her towel, her long hair fanning out around her head.
"Hey, gorgeous!" he exclaimed, sitting down cross-legged next to her and patting her upper thigh.
She smiled and looked over at him. "Hey, yourself, handsome!"
He looked up toward the path, then back to her. "So, come here often?"
She groaned and sat up, resting her hand on his, then moved it further up her leg. "Please, no more cheesy lines. " They kissed, long and passionately, his hand moving up her body to cup her ample breast, teasing it until her nipples were rock hard. She murmured into his mouth and he pinched it, causing her to cry out and kiss him even harder. He was about to move his hand to the tie between her soft mounds when they heard the sound of an approaching bicycle. They broke off the kiss and Steve sighed.
"Shit. "
Michelle giggled and gave him one last kiss before Artie came into view.

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   "Later, lover!"
Steve looked up. "Hey, Artie!" Michelle also turned and waved.
"Hi, guys!" Artie replied as he made his way over to them. Michelle got up and gave him a deep, wet kiss when he got there and his face was bright red when she finally released him.
"Where’s Jake and Kristi?" she asked him.
"Jake said they’ll be here in an hour or two. Something about her wanting to get something at the mall . . . I dunno. "
Michelle looked over at Steve and he could see the mischievous look in her eye. She addressed Artie, but continued to hold Steve’s gaze. "You say they’re gonna be at least an hour?"
Artie unfolded his towel. "That’s what he said. "
She winked at Steve and turned back to Artie.

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   "Hmmm . . . now what could the three of us do for an hour?" She placed a finger on her chin and tried to look pensive, then brightened up. "Hey! I know!"
Without a moment’s hesitation, she turned Artie to face her, gave him a quick kiss, then dropped to her knees, her hands grasping his shorts and pulling them down.
"Hey!" he exclaimed, glancing sheepishly at Steve. His cock was already growing because of her passionate kiss and drooped half erect between his legs.
Steve couldn’t help but look at Artie’s massive tool. Holy shit, Michelle wasn’t kidding! As he watched, she began to stroke it, looking up into his face.
"Hey, what?" she asked, grinning devilishly at him. "Are you shy just because Steve’s here?"
Artie shrugged but made no move to stop her.
Michelle took his hand and pulled him down to his knees, then pushed him back so he was lying on his back on her towel. She continued to stroke his now rock-hard cock, then lowered her head to it and gave it a long, slow lick. Artie gasped and closed his eyes. Michelle turned to Steve, who was watching this transpire with a look of mild amusement.

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   A week ago, this would have seemed wildly unbelievable, but now it was just another day in his life with Angie and Michelle; and now, it would seem, Artie, too.
Michelle licked her lips and wiggled her bikini-clad ass at him. "I wonder what it would feel like to have a cock in my mouth and pussy at the same time?" she asked, as if talking to herself.
Steve grinned and moved over to her as she lowered her mouth back to Artie’s raging hard-on and began to suck and lick it. He moved behind her and slowly pulled the skimpy garment over her beautifully curved hips, extracting it from between her wet lips. She lifted one leg at a time so he could remove it without breaking her oral rhythm on Artie. He quickly dropped his shorts and placed the tip of his own stiff prick to her puffy lips. With a muffled "mmmph", she pushed her tiny butt backward and his cock easily slipped into her tight, wet tunnel. He pushed it all the way in, his eyes closing as her tender warmth enveloped him.
He began a slow pumping motion, trying to put the fact that she was sucking on his buddy’s dick out of his mind. Every once in a while she’d release Artie’s cock and moan or tell him how good it felt. They kept this up for a few minutes until Michelle indicated that she wanted to switch.
Steve and Artie exchanged positions, awkwardly trying to avoid any physical or eye contact. Michelle watched them with an amused smile, but said nothing as Steve lay back on the towel. She knelt over him and took his wet cock into her mouth, slurping noisily on it.

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   Artie moved up behind her and pressed his thick meat to her wet pussy.
Steve’s cock had felt great, but this was what she was waiting for. She was more than ready and despite his large size, he easily spread her wide open and pushed half of it into her. She moaned loudly and began to pump back and forth on it. She wanted to see just how much she could handle.
Steve lay back and allowed Michelle to swallow most of his dick. She was getting better at this. Still not up to Angie’s expertise, but definitely improving. He heard her grunting and couldn’t help but look up at Artie’s massive tool pushing into her. She released his cock and lifted her head.
"Oh, fuck! More, baby! Go deeper!"
Steve watched as Artie pushed a little further into Michelle’s tight pussy. She groaned and lowered her head, her hand still caressing Steve’s prick. Her hair brushed across his stomach, tickling him and adding to the sensations her hand and mouth were creating. He longed for her to take him back into her mouth again, but understood why she was a little distracted.
Artie had more than half of his long, thick cock inside her and she craved more.

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   He was already deeper than he had been before, but she was prepared for him this time. There was some pain, true, but it was a good kind of pain! Could she take him all? Only one way to find out!
"More," she gasped, and began to suck furiously on Steve’s cock. Artie slowly fed another inch into her and she cried out, her voice muffled by Steve’s cock. He stopped and began to with draw, but she quickly lifted her head and looked back at him.
"No! Don’t stop! I want it all!" He could see the animalistic look in her eyes. "Fuck me with that monster!" she growled and pushed backward, taking in another inch.
Artie continued to feed his cock into her and her cries grew more and more urgent. He was certain he was hurting her, but if he let up, she would just push back against him. She had abandoned Steve for the time being, concentrating instead on the huge phallus filling her womb. He watched in amazement as his cock slowly disappeared into the tight, wet confines of her tender pussy.
Michelle couldn’t believe she was doing this! Two guys at once, out here in the open, and with ten inches of the biggest cock she’d ever seen buried to the hilt in her! The feeling was incredible! It hurt - hell, yes! But the pain was good, too! It was something she never thought was possible, but she certainly couldn’t deny it! Artie began to withdraw, then pushed back in.
She gasped and lowered her head. She felt the start of an orgasm and soon she was cumming hard on Artie’s huge cock. She jerked and moaned, then lowered her head to Steve’s stomach as she slowly came down, her body tingling and Artie still buried inside her.
Steve’s cock brushed her cheek and she instinctively grasped it and took it into her mouth.

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   Artie began a slow fuck as she alternated sucking on Steve’s cock and crying out as he moved in and out of her ultra-sensitive pussy.
While it was amazing to watch Michelle take all of Artie’s monster cock, Steve was getting more than a little frustrated by the constant interruptions of his blowjob. When she seemed to be taking Artie a little easier, he reached up and placed his hands on her head, holding her in place. She didn’t resist, and even appeared to be trying to swallow more of his cock. He started lifting her head up and down; in effect, fucking her mouth.
Michelle gagged a little as Steve pushed her head up and down on his cock. She really didn’t mind him doing it, and it was actually a bit of a turn-on having him treat her like that. She felt like such a slut - and she loved it! They worked into a bit of a rhythm - when Artie drove in, Steve would lift her head, then push it back down when Artie withdrew. Before long, Steve’s cock was going well into her throat and she could feel his pubic hair tickling her nose.
Artie was moaning louder. "Oh, shit!" he gasped. "I’m gonna cum!"
Michelle tried to lift her head and Steve released her so she could. "Not in my pussy! Pull out and cum on my ass!"
Artie pumped a few more times while Michelle watched, then pulled out his long cock and stroked it a few times before closing his eyes and groaning.
"Arggghh!" he cried as his hot jism splattered all over her creamy ass and halfway up her back. He stroked his cock until he was finished, then sat back on his haunches, breathing deeply.

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Steve turned Michelle back to his own little problem and she immediately resumed sucking him off with even more enthusiasm than before. She took him all the way in, willingly fucking him with her mouth. Steve just lay back and enjoyed it. She didn’t need him to move her head anymore. Before long, he felt his cum rising and was soon unloading a huge load into her throat. Michelle murmured contentedly as she swallowed every drop before falling onto the towel next to him, her body tired and aching, but very satisfied.
Steve looked over at Artie and grinned. Artie managed to grin back, then fell backward onto the grass, completely spent. Michelle crawled over to him and began licking and cleaning him off, causing him to moan and twitch.
When she finished, she looked up at him and winked, then jumped up and ran over the bank into the water, leaving her bikini bottoms next to them on the grass. Artie and Steve both watched her go, then flopped back onto the grass, content and exhausted. Finally Artie turned toward Steve, carefully focusing his eyes away from his naked lower extremities.
"Holy shit! Can you believe this?!" he exclaimed, looking up into the hot summer sky and shading his eyes against the sun.
Steve grinned and let out a short laugh. "Yeah, I know.

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   Who would have thought Michelle would ever act like this!" He pulled himself to a sitting position and reached for his shorts. Artie groped around until he located his and began to pull them on. Steve stood up and watched Michelle splashing around in the creek. "You know you can’t tell anyone about this - ever," he said, glancing at Artie as he got up and adjusted his shorts.
"Fuck, no!" he said. "Think of what would happen to Michelle!"
Steve smiled to himself, pleased that Artie’s first thoughts weren’t of himself, but of Michelle and the consequences to her reputation if word got out what she was doing with them. His face remained somber. "Exactly. We don’t want her or Angie to get hurt. So just keep this very hush-hush and we should have a very interesting time at high school!"
Artie nodded and picked up Michelle’s bikini from the grass. "No problem, bud. But if Jake finds out, he’s really gonna be pissed that we didn’t tell him!"
Steve grabbed his arm as he started toward where Michelle was climbing from the creek, momentarily startling him. "Do not - under any circumstances - tell Jake about this!" He locked his eyes on Artie’s until Artie looked away.
"I said I wouldn’t tell anyone," Artie replied, his voice becoming very serious as his eyes once more met Steve’s. "I know how much of a dog Jake is.

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   He’s the last person I would ever tell!" They held each others eyes for a few seconds, then Steve eased his grip on his arm as Michelle strode toward them, wet and naked.
"Sorry, man. I just wanted to make sure," he said quietly as he released Artie. Artie nodded understandingly and passed Michelle her bikini. She watched the two of them while she dressed, wondering why they were being so quiet.
"Are you guys ok?" she asked, fearing jealousy may have reared its ugly head.
"Sure," Artie said with a shrug, then gave her a quick kiss as she retied her top on. She looked over at Steve, who merely shrugged and offered a slight smile.
"No problem," he said. "We were just discussing the importance of keeping this arrangement confidential. " Artie nodded in agreement. Michelle breathed a silent sigh of relief. She was afraid she may have gone too far doing both of them at once, but they apparently had no problems sharing her. Things would be better when Angie got back.
"When’s Angie coming back?" she asked Steve.


He shrugged and sat down cross-legged on the towel, pulling his stash from his backpack. "I’m not sure," he replied as he sprinkled some weed on a paper and began the meticulous task of rolling a perfect joint. The others watched silently until he was satisfied and stuck it between his lips.
"I hope it isn’t too much longer," Michelle said, leaning in to light it. "I really miss her. "
Steve took a long toke, squinting as the smoke swirled around his eyes, and passed the joint to Michelle. He nodded, then exhaled. "Yeah, me too," he said sadly. He thought back to the day she’d left and how they didn’t get to say a proper goodbye. Was it only four days ago? It seemed much longer.
Chapter 30
Three days later, Angie was excitedly tossing some clothes into her suitcase. Her and her mother were going back to Mason to do some house hunting. Her father would be busy wrapping up his business affairs in Williamstown so when her mother asked if she wanted to come along, she jumped at the chance. They would be staying at Steve’s house again and she couldn’t wait to get him alone!
They had only spoken once on the phone, two days ago, and at that time she didn’t know they would be coming back. She decided not to call him, hoping to surprise him.


They finished packing the van and left for Mason before dawn the next morning. It was a nine hour drive and Angie managed to sleep for a few hours, but it felt like the longest trip she’d ever taken. She thought about her and Steve’s last love-making session and how beautiful it had been. Michelle also occupied her thoughts and she hoped the three of them could get together for some fun as well.
It was almost four in the afternoon when they finally arrived at the O’Connell’s and Angie could barely wait until her mother stopped the van before jumping out.
"Hey! Take something in with you!" her mother called as she got out. Angie was halfway to the door and turned around, trotting over to the back of the van as her mother opened the back door.
"Sorry, Mom. I’m just anxious to see Steve and Michelle," she said as she lifted a suitcase.
"There’ll be plenty of time to hang out with your friends," she replied, picking up her own luggage.
Just then, the door of the house opened and Karen came out to greet them.
"Hey! You guys made good time!" she exclaimed, giving Cathy a warm hug and smiling at Angie.
"Sorry to impose on you like this," Cathy began as they started toward the house.
Karen laughed. "You’re not imposing! Remember, I insisted you stay with us.

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   You’re pretty much family and you’re not staying in a hotel!"
Angie looked over at Karen. "Is Steve home?"
Karen shook her head. "He’s at work. He gets off at five. " She held open the door so they could go inside. "I know he’ll be happy to see you!" she added with a little smile. Angie lowered her eyes and followed her mother inside, wondering if she suspected what Karen already knew about her and Steve.
She carried her bags downstairs and to the room she’d stayed in on her last visit. As she unpacked, her mind once more drifted back to the wonderful times her, Steve, and Michelle had shared here. She was getting wet just thinking about it. Come hell or high water, she and Steve were sleeping together tonight!
She finished unpacking and went upstairs to where Karen and Cathy were chatting over coffee in the kitchen. She sat down at the table and glanced up at the clock. It was four-forty-five. Steve would be here in less than half an hour.
"Angie? Did you hear me?"
Startled, she looked over at her mother, who was eyeing her.

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"Huh? I’m sorry, Mom. I guess I was day-dreaming. "
Karen grinned knowingly, but said nothing.
"I was asking if you wanted to come with me to look at houses tomorrow," Cathy asked, taking another sip from her cup.
"Uh, sure, I guess," she replied, then looked over at Karen. "Is Steve working tomorrow?"
Karen smiled and nodded. "Tomorrow afternoon, I think. But I could be wrong. You’ll have to ask him. "
Cathy watched this exchange with interest, wondering why her daughter was so preoccupied with Steve. The look on Karen’s face told her she knew something about it and made a mental note to ask her about it.
The subject changed to the houses they were looking at and what neighborhoods they were in. Angie was half listening to them, but her real attention was focused on the clock. Only ten more minutes.
At five past five, she excused herself and went back downstairs, claiming it was hot and she was going to watch some TV.

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   The women watched her go, then Cathy looked at Karen.
"Is there something going on with our kids I should know about?" she asked. "Angie has been moping around the house ever since we got home. "
Karen finished her coffee before replying. "You mean she hasn’t said anything?" She took Cathy’s empty cup and went over to get them a refill.
"No," Cathy said slowly. "But I have my suspicions. "
Karen sat back down, sliding Cathy’s cup across the table. She nodded. "Yeah, they’re dating. I suspected it right away. I guess boys are a little easier to read than girls when it comes to this sort of thing. "
Cathy sighed. "Well, at least she picked a good kid.
    " She took a sip and sat thinking for a moment.

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       "Just how serious do you think it is? Should they be sleeping next door ro one another in the basement?"
    Karen pursed her lips. She was pretty sure Angie and Steve had already had sex, but wasn’t sure how to tell Cathy; or if she should even tell her at all.
    "I think," she began, her eyes moving from her cup up to Cathy. "That if they want to have sex, they’re going to, no matter what we do. Short of locking in their rooms, that is. " Cathy’s face took on a worried expression and Karen reached out and took her hand. "Look, Cathy, they’re teenagers. You were young once. All we can do is warn them of the consequences. If they’re going to do it, they’ll do it. " She paused, then added, "I already spoke to Steve about it when I first suspected they had hooked up. I . . . gave him some condoms, just in case.

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    Cathy’s eyes grew wide and her jaw dropped. "You did what?!"
    "I figured it was the right thing to do. At least they’d be protected!" Cathy closed her mouth but continued to stare at her friend. Karen managed a smile. "And from the expression on Steve’s face, I think he was more scared than anxious!"
    Cathy continued to stare, but she finally let out a sigh. "You’re right. I’m sorry. I just couldn’t imagine my mother giving me condoms and telling me to be careful. " She smiled wanly at Karen. "It’s just so much more nerve-wracking with a daughter. "
    Karen patted her hand. "They’re good kids, Cathy. They’ll do the right thing. "
    They were interrupted by the door opening. Steve came in and dropped his backpack on the floor.

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       He looked up at Cathy and Karen.
    "Hi!" His surprise at seeing Cathy there was evident. Karen hadn’t told him they were coming. She wanted to see the look of surprise on his face. He looked from Cathy to his mother. "I didn’t know you were coming back so soon," he said to Cathy as he got a glass of water and drank it in one long drink.
    Cathy glanced over at Karen, then studied Steve in a different light. She could see how Angie would be attracted to him. He was quite good-looking and had a lean, well-toned body. He finished his water and turned around. Cathy averted her eyes back to her coffee, embarrassed that she was thinking about her friend’s teenage son in that way.
    "We came to look at houses," Cathy said before taking a quick sip.
    Steve looked around. "Did . .

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       . Angie come with you?" He tried to sound casual, but both women could sense his hopefulness.
    Karen smiled and nodded toward the basement stairs. "She’s downstairs. "
    Steve looked toward the stairs, then very carefully set his empty glass on the counter. He was trying to act nonchalant, but he was doing a poor job.
    "Oh, ok," he said. "I think I’ll go take a shower before supper. " He went over to the steps and, with a quick glance at the two women, disappeared around the corner. They could hear his thumping footsteps as he practically ran down the stairs. Karen couldn’t control herself any longer and burst out laughing, covering her mouth so Steve wouldn’t hear her. Cathy’s face also broke out into a wide grin.
    "Did you see the look on his face?" Karen asked between chuckles. "He was trying to act so cool!"
    Cathy grinned and allowed herself a small chuckle. Karen was right, Steve was a good kid, and so was Angie.

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       She just wasn’t sure she was ready for her little girl to grow up.
    Steve nearly tripped over his own feet as he stumbled down the stairs to the basement. He reached the bottom in one piece and looked around. The room was empty. Just then, the door to the bathroom opened and Angie stood there, looking so beautiful he wanted to take her into his room and make passionate love to her right then and there. To hell with their mothers in the kitchen. He was in love!
    Angie’s eyes locked on his and a wide smile spread across her face. Her eyes sparkled as she ran over to him, leaping up and wrapping her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. They kissed long and hard, holding each other tightly. Angie started to move her hips, grinding her pussy against his already stiffening cock. They broke off the kiss and Angie hugged him, resting her head on his shoulder and continuing her warm embrace.
    "I missed you so much!" she breathed into his ear.
    "I missed you, too, baby!" he replied, his hands caressing her back. They kissed again, then Cathy’s voice from the top of the stairs broke the spell.
    "Angie! Could come up and help me finish unloading the van, please?"
    She let her legs drop to the floor, but continued to hold him with her arms.

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       "I’ll be right back," she told him. With a final kiss, she released his neck and went over to the steps, looking back until she couldn’t see him anymore. He sighed and pulled off his shirt, then his shorts. He went into the bathroom and turned on the shower, wondering when he and Angie would be able to make love again.
    When he came out of the shower ten minutes later with a towel wrapped around his waist, he expected Angie to be waiting in the rec room. But she wasn’t there. He went into his room and slipped into a pair of shorts and t-shirt, combed his hair, and went upstairs.
    Angie, Karen, and Cathy were in the kitchen, setting the table and doing the final preparations for dinner. Alan arrived home from work a few minutes later and greeted Cathy with a warm hug and a kiss on the cheek. They all sat down to eat and talked about the Delaney’s estimated moving date and whether they would be moved in time for Angie to start school in another month.
    Cathy frowned. "I don’t know. It depends on if we find the right house and can get a quick closing. That’s asking a lot and I don’t want to settle for a place that isn’t what we want just to move in quicker. "
    Alan swallowed a mouthful, then said, "You could always rent an apartment for a month or two.


    Cathy nodded. "That’s what we’re thinking we’ll do. It would be hard for Angie to change schools after only a month or two. "
    Steve spoke up. "She could always stay here. "
    Everyone turned to him and he felt a little embarrassed to be the center of attention. Angie sensed his discomfort and came to his rescue.
    "That would be fine with me," she said, trying to sound casual.
    Cathy turned to her. "I’m sure it would, dear, but it’s not nice to ask to move in with someone. "
    "I have no problem with that," Karen said, glancing over at Steve’s father. Alan nodded.
    "Sure. Angie’s just like family, anyway. " He grinned and gave her a wink.


       "The daughter we never had. "
    Angie giggled and lowered her eyes, then looked over at her mother. "Could I, Mom? I wouldn’t even have to go back to Williamstown with you. All my stuff is already packed except what I brought with me. "
    Cathy laid down her fork and fixed Angie with a hard look. "Angie . . . "
    Karen interrupted her. "It’s ok, Cathy. It’s up to you and Mark, but if she wants to stay, that’s fine with us. "
    Angie could feel her mother starting to give in. "Please, Mom? I’m starting to make friends here and it’s hard leaving them to go back home and have to say goodbye to everyone there all over again!"
    Cathy sighed. "Let me talk to your father about it. " Angie grinned.

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       "But that doesn’t mean I’m saying yes. We have to have a little talk first. " She glanced over at Steve, who ducked his head and concentrated on his dinner.
    Alan caught the exchange and looked over at Karen with a questioning look on his face. She mouthed, ‘later’, and went back to eating.
    The rest of the meal was relatively quiet, with only a smattering of conversation. Angie could hardly contain herself. She had to convince her parents to let her stay! Just the thought of being separated from Steve again was almost unbearable!
    When dinner was finished, Steve and Angie volunteered to clean up and their parents retired to the living room. Steve glanced over his shoulder as they stood at the sink doing the dishes, then whispered to Angie, "Do you think they’ll say yes?"
    She smiled and their hands touched as he passed her a plate to dry. "They have to. I don’t want to be apart from you again. Or Michelle. "
    He nodded and began thinking about Michelle and Artie. He hadn’t had the chance to tell Angie about the addition to their little group and although he didn’t know exactly how to tell her, he knew it had to be done soon.
    "Why don’t we call Michelle and ask her to come over tonight?" he said as he passed another plate to her.

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    She nodded. "Yeah, good idea. I can’t wait to see her again. " She gave him a quick sideways glance then nudged him. "Did you two get together while I was gone?"
    He looked over at her, expecting an accusing stare, but her eyes twinkled and she had a mischievous grin on her face. He felt his face getting hot.
    "Aha! Looks like you did!" she whispered, shoving him sideways with her hip.
    He grinned and looked embarrassed. "Yeah, we did. But really only once. We were, uh, interrupted the first time we tried. "
    She looked up at him as she hung the dish towel on the rack. "Oh?" She looked toward the living room to make sure they weren’t overheard, then leaned in closer. "What happened?"
    Steve took a deep breath. "It’s kind of a long story," he said, looking toward the living room.

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       "Why don’t we wait for Michelle and we can both explain it to you. "
    Angie gave him a questioning look, but figured he had his reasons. "Ok. What’s her number? I’ll give her a call now. " Steve recited the number. She dialed it, spoke to Michelle’s mother for a moment, then waited for Michelle to come on the line.
    "Hi, Michelle. It’s Angie. "
    "Angie!" Her enthusiasm was evident in her voice. "How are you? Are you back in town?"
    "Yeah, we just got here. "
    "Cool! Are you here for good?"
    "That’s kind of up the air right now," she replied. "But we’re hopeful. Listen, any chance you could come over tonight? I’d love to see you again. " She looked up at Steve and added, "And Steve tells me you and him have something to tell me, but he won’t say what. "
    The line was silent for a few seconds, then Michelle said, "Uh, yeah, I think I can come over.

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       What time?"
    "As soon as possible," she replied. "I’m dying to know what you need to tell me. "
    "All right. Give me a few minutes and I’ll be right over. "
    They said goodbye and Angie hung up the phone. Steve went over to the living room where his parents and Cathy were having a lively discussion about some vacation they’d once taken together.
    "We’re all done out here," he said. "We’re going downstairs to watch TV. Michelle’s coming over in a bit so we’ll get the door. "
    "Ok, honey," his mother said and watched as he disappeared back into the kitchen. She looked over at Cathy. "At least they’ll behave with Michelle there," she said with a smile.
    Alan gave her a curious look and she told him they were seeing each other. Instead of looking concerned, he sat back on the couch, smiling to himself. Steve had caught him a good one!
    Cathy nodded, feeling a little relieved.

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       She knew there was nothing she could do to prevent them from having sex, but she had to try.
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