Finding Meg 2


Mike led Meg, naked, into the steamy showers, running his hands over her glistening body as he did. He couldn’t wait to get into her hot pussy again. He walked under the hot water jetting out of the tap with her, letting it run over them. He couldn’t believe his luck to be standing naked in the shower with a sexy girl who was insanely hot for him.
Meg was already turned on again. She’d just had amazing sex with Mike, sex for the first time in over a year. She was hornier than she’d been in what seemed like ages to her. She could feel Mike’s hands playing with her tight body, running over every inch of her. His hands were slowly climbing up her thigh. “O god Mike” she moaned as his hand ran over her pussy. She was surprised herself at how horny she was after just having sex. But she was ready for him again.
“You’re a horny little thing aren’t you Meg?” Mike teased, pushing a finger into her hot wet pussy. She was going to be great to have around. She was already humping against his hand like a dog in heat. “We’ll have time for that soon enough” he said, reaching a bar of soap.

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   “Right now though, lets get cleaned up. ”
Meg smiled at him and, taking the soap, rubbed it into a rich lather. She lather up Mike’s broad, muscular chest, running the soap and her hands over him, enjoying the feel of a man. She rubbed and kissed his entire body, massaging the soap into his tanned skin. When she reached his cock, she rubbed the soap between her hands, covering them with foam, and knelt in front of him, with his semi-hard cock in her soapy hands.
She gently rubbed his hardening cock, enjoying the feeling of the hot flesh in her hands. She felt it growing harder and bigger as she stroked it. “You like that Mike?” she asked, her hand rubbing over the head of his cock. She didn’t wait for a response as she took the head again into her mouth, the soap having rinsed off long ago.
Meg’s tongue played skillfully over his cock, quickly bringing Mike back to his full erection. She heard him moaning above her while his hands ran through her wet hair. She began fucking his cock in and out of her hot mouth slowly, savoring the taste of him.
Mike was in heaven. Meg was sucking his cock like a pro. He started pushing his cock deeper into her mouth, reveling in her warm wet mouth, her tight red lips, her hot tongue.

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   “Yeah Meg,” he groaned “yeah, you‘re so good” he said as his level of arousal climbed with each second. He felt himself getting ready to cum, and ordered Meg to stop. He wanted to feel his pussy milking his cock again.
Mike pulled Meg up, and began the task of cleaning her sexy body. He lathered her up, pinching and rubbing her taunt body, rewarded with Meg’s moans of pleasure. He ran the soap over her body, playing with her. He ran the soap over her hot ass, pushing the bar down her crack, drawing a loud moan from Meg as a corner hit her little ass hole. He drew the bar up and down her crack, Meg pushing her ass against it. But Mike moved on.
She felt him finally reach her pussy. He ran the soap over her puffy pussy lips. She was whimpering in pleasure in need now. She was ready to explode from Mike’s teasing and touching. “O god Mike” she whispered. “Just do it.

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   Fuck me. Fuck me”
Mike didn’t need to be asked twice. He pushed Meg against the shower wall, and roughly shoved his cock into her soaking pussy again. Meg moaned as he filled her hot pussy, arching her back against the cold tile wall. Mike grabbed her thighs, pulling her thin frame off the shower floor. Meg was panting as wrapped her legs around him, slamming her pussy onto his rock hard cock.
Mike carried Meg over to the table in the adjoining room. He sat her down on the edge of it and started pounding into her hot slit. Meg was gasping as Mike’s cock roughly fucked her pussy. She was so turned on by his rough handling. She never felt so full before. “Fuck Mike” she moaned, running her hands though his hair “Yes, fuck me, fuck me hard”
He was pumping his cock furiously into Meg’s dripping hole, his hands playing over her tight ass, running over her taunt cheeks. He loved fucking Meg. She was so horny, she really needed to be fucked, and he planned to give her more than her fill of that. He ran his fingers up and down her ass crack, remembering her pleasure from his doing that with the soap.

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“O yes Mike. Mm. . That feels so good” Meg moaned between heavy breaths as he continued his thrusting. She loved his hands playing with her ass, she loved his cock thrusting into her needing pussy, she didn’t want him to ever stop fucking her.
Mike got brave, he gently pushed a finger against Meg’s tight ass hole. He’d always wanted to fuck a girl up the ass, and as Meg was so hot he thought he’d try and feel her out for it. Mike was shocked when not only did Meg not offer protest, but pushed against his finger.
Meg felt Mike’s finger pushing against her ass. She was surprised at how hot it made her. She wanted more. She alternately pushed forward onto Mike’s impaling cock, and backwards, onto his probing finger. She was so horny as she felt his large finger wiggling inside of her.
Mike felt around in Meg’s smooth ass, fucking her up both her holes. He was so turned on by that fact.

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   He started fucking her harder up both ways, his finger being joined by another, stretching Meg’s tiny ass hole. She was panting like a dog in heat, fucking back and forth on his cock and fingers, feeling full and hornier than ever before.
Mike felt an orgasm growing. He pumped harder and harder into Meg’s pussy, taking her for all she was worth, grunting as he fucked her slit. Suddenly he came. His cum gushing out of his cock, filling Meg’s pussy again. He felt her body tense and begin shaking as his cum gushed into her.
Meg’s orgasm shook her wildly. “Yes Mike, yes” she moaned, her body shaking as orgasm after orgasm waved through her body. She feel against Mike, both breathing heavily after their orgasms. It was safe to say that this day was the start of Meg’s sexual awakening. It wouldn’t be long before the whole team get to share in her pleasures…
To be continued…

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