First Orgasm


Topic: First Orgasm After briefly visiting my boyfriend, I headed off to the store. I received a call about 20 minutes after I left. It was him, asking me where I was. I told him that I was in the store. About 10 minutes after that, I saw a familiar body in the mirrors around the jewelry section. I turned around and greeted a very happy boy.       
We milled around the store for a while, just messing around. Every time I would stop, he would come up behind me and grind his hips into me and nibble on my ear. I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter the longer we were in the store. In my ear, he would whisper “I love you” which naturally, turned me on even more. My panties were damp with anticipation, so it was time to leave.
By the time we got back to his house, I was practically dripping. My clothes were immediately ripped off of my body as were his. It all went so fast. One minute we were clothed and the next we were both naked and ready for each other. He put his head in between my legs and lapped up some of my wetness.

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   He kissed my lips and let my juices flow into his mouth.
It was time to get down to business. He took my legs and put them around his neck and thrust his big, hard cock into my tight, wet pussy. It felt amazing having him take advantage of me. He took my hands and pinned them to the bed with my legs still on his shoulders. Pounding into me, I was having a hard time not screaming. While he was screwing me, he would kiss me passionately while using my throbbing vagina.    
We were both extremely sweaty and he looked so hot. It excited me to see his dark, curly hair stick to his forehead. I then laid on my stomach and he took me from behind. I couldn’t believe it. I felt like I was going to explode. He told me that it was the best sex he had ever had. I felt the same way as I dripped from my opening right on his hard cock. I crossed my legs and tightened my butt up so it was even tighter for my lover.

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He got out a pink, swirly vibrator for me to play with. I put it right on my swollen clit while he watched me with his tongue in me. The feeling of him eating me out while I used the vibrator was euphoric. I managed to gush some of my juices right into his mouth and he loved it. Then, while I was still using the vibrator, he slid inside me. The two feelings made me shake with pleasure. My pussy was throbbing from both excitements which lead to my very first orgasm.
It felt so good. It was everything that I had ever heard. The feeling was overwhelming. After my orgasm, I just smiled and giggled. I looked at my lover and told him that he helped me achieve my first orgasm. He was so pleased with himself, that he fucked me harder. He turned me over and took me from behind again which lead to another screaming orgasm.
I wanted to be in control this time, so I made him lay on his back.

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   I slid right on top of him. His erect penis felt amazing in my shaved pussy. I love the feeling of him deep inside me. He pushed me up, supporting me on his cock with his hands. I started to grind myself into him, moving his penis around inside me. He moaned with pleasure which made me want to do him harder. He thrusted hard and I fell forward. He grabbed my ass and pulled me up a bit so he could thrust. He thrusted into me with short, fast movements and the quickness of it all lead to yet another orgasm.

                We continued like that and I was dripping with sweat and my juices. I squeezed my muscles and he thrusted even harder. I had another orgasm. My muscles clenched and my whole body was shaking. A short time after that, he released his cum in my throbbing opening. He put himself deep inside me and I felt his member, swollen and twitching letting his salty semen into me.

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       We were both exhausted, so he just stayed on top of me, letting himself go soft while he was still in me. He whispered “I love you so much. Please, never leave me. ” I felt like I could cry. I told him that I never would and then asked him if he would clean me up.
    There was a lot of cum in me and it was dripping out of my pussy. He stuck his tongue in my puss and licked out his cum. He got some on his tongue and kissed me, sharing his salty juices with me. He finished licking my swollen lips. There was cum in his mouth and he let it drip off of his tongue into my mouth.
    We got dressed and I went home. I was very surprised thinking about how I had had four orgasms in one day. I saw him two days after that. He stuck his tongue in me and pulled out some left over cum and ate it. We were both impressed because of how deep he had gotten his semen.

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       After he was done eating, he refilled me.
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