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It was a normal saturday night. I got ready, called up a friend, and I was on my way to his house. My friend Johny, Mike, Dannielle and Alex were there. Alex was Johny's little brother, 16 and Dannielle 15 . Dannielle, Alex's long time girlfriend was the only girl there. When I arrived, Danielle answered the door. She had one hot body, very tight and fit. She was wearing a tight white shirt, that showed some nice cleavage of her c cup breasts, and some pink, skin tight night shorts. They were so tight, they showed every curve, and made it obvious she wasn't wearing any panties. She had such an innocent face, one that seemed like the girl next door type. She was 5'4'', petite, but like I said, a very athletic tight body that was plump in the right spots. She opened the door, standing at the end of the door only allowing me little room to enter in between the wall and her body. I grazed my front side along her's, feeling her plump breasts run against my chest, and my crotch across hers. I looked back to see her shut the door and was fixated apon her tight, heart shaped ass, showing her nice camel toe at the bottom as she leaned into the door to shut it. She immediately turned towards me, almost like she was expecting to catch me starring at her ass. And that she did, but I just got a devilish smile, "They're downstairs.

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  " She says as she walks into Jareds room to continue watching her movie. As I go downstairs, I get my usual welcome, and a beer. Alex and Johny are both playing a computer game on two different computers, and Mike in the basement living room watching hbo. I sit around and wait my turn, then jump on for a few rounds. After  awhile, I give up my spot and go back to watching them play. I'm then asked to run upstairs and grab a beer. The fridge with the beer is right infront of Jareds room, so I got a glimpse of Dannielle lieing on the futon watching some movie. I peak in the room and smile, she smiles back. "What cha watching?" She responds with some movie I've never heard of before. "Oh, well that sounds interesting. " I lie, giving her a reason to explain the plot to me. I listen and nod my head as I smile, all the while I'm just up there to grab some impumiscuous looks down her shirt at which she is lieing in a really revealing angle. Before I start to head back, she says, " You can come in here and watch it for me, if you want. " I nodded, " I'll just go drop off these beers". I do so, noticing that Alex and Johny are both started a new game and will be quite occupied for a little while.

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   I hurry back upstairs and notice Dannielle scoots to the left end of the footon, bringing her knees to her chest, and patting a spot for me to sit down next to her. So sit down, crack open my beer, and look over to her with a smile. She goes on about how lame they are, playing video games all night and so on. . . I had already drinked several beers by this point, so my horny mind takes over, and I often find my eyes wondering up and down her beautiful, tight body. Then something fantastic happened. . . she got quiet, and I looked into the tv to lay witness to a "softcore" love scene. Just at that moment, she murmers that she wants to get a lil more comfortable, and sends her legs over my lap, giving me a great view of her love section! That and the movie just started getting me all worked up, and with the added pressure of her under thighs, my cock just started to heed all the blood headed it's way. Dannielle started to get a little figidy, moving slightly, and making my hard-on grow at an alarming rate. I just kind of played it cool, but I knew she noticed by her pressing down, and shifting her ass closer and closer to my side. . .

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  all the while her legs getting further apart centemeter by centimeter. By the time I had grown to almost full mast, my cock was very noticable, and pressing sooo hard into her legs. I looked at her, getting ready to apologize. She smiles, and whispers, "Well, I better do something about that before Jared comes in here wondering why you have a huge hard on. "I chuckled quietly, "And what did you have in mind?" I asked. She maneuvers herself onto her side, pulling down my pants, letting my huge cock spring to it's full potential. Her eyes widen, "Oh my god, I never knew. . . you. . . you were so big!" A smile comes across her face, knowing she's in for a little more work than she bargained for. Her sexy full lips wrap around my cock head and she devours it into her warm, suculent mouth. I gasp at the contact of her warm, wet tongue start to glide down my cock, deeper into her mouth, it decends into her tight little throat.

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   My head flies back at the deep throat, and she returns to my tip, swirling her tongue around my sensetive spot, then glides smoothing back down balls deep. With every second passing, her pace increases until she is at full speed, deep throating my cock like it's a piston at full speed inside the engine of a viper. The sucking, swallowing, squishy sounds of her mouth fill the room as her expert deep throating abilities are shown at full glory apon my very lap. I keep thinking to myself, God how lucky Alex is!I've always wanted to fuck her, so I conjour up a way to get her nice and horny, to the point where she is pratically begging me to stick my cock in her hole. But at this pace, with her expert deep throating, I was sure to bust any time now. She maneuvered into a better position and started bobbing her head up and down the length of my cock faster than before. I felt the ergancey of an erruption coming close, but I must enjoy this as long as possible! Her new position gave me access to start rubbing her pussy through her shorts. But it was too late, I couldn't take it anymore. . . I whispered to her, "I'm cumming. " She instinctivly started bobbing up and down in short spirts on the tips of my cock, working the base of my cock with her soft hand, pumping my huge, from a week of abstenence, load into her mouth. "UUUUGGHHHH!" I came hard, depositing huge white, sticky loads into her mouth. One after another, filling her cheeks full. She somehow managed to hold it all in her mouth, showing me the abundance of cum that was starting to run down her chin.

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   She then quickly shut her mouth and took a deep swallow. Wiping the remaining cum from her chin and sucking it down off her finger. I was still rock hard as she assumed cleaning my cock with her tongue. Her phone rang. . . it was Alex. "Get me some beer women!" He says over the phone, loud enough for me to hear. She shrugs and get's up going to the fridge. She bends over gracefully, showing me a nice view while grabbing her man some beer. She turns and smiles, "I'll be back. Don't you go anywhere. " That was enough to keep me hard, the thought of fucking her tight little twat was sending me into a crazy state of lust. My best friends little brothers girl, the one who's been teasing me for 2 years. She had always had a crush on me, and I always wanted to fuck the shit out of her.

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   She was quite a little slut. We had always told Alex that she was quite a tease, and we were sure she had cheated on him several times with multipul guys, but he never listened. As she came back upstairs, I was still on the futon, my cock standing at full attention. She shut the door quietly behind her and slipped down her shorts in a sexy manor. Before I could blink she was climbing a top of me, spreading her legs and getting into position for what was next to come. I felt the tip of my cock meet her warm, juicey opening. She slipped down, gasping for air as she hits rock bottom. I grab ahold of her hips, and help her move up and down until we have worked our way up to a quickend pace. I reposition my hands, grabbing tightly to her perfect little ass, spreading her cheeks and helping the little vixen fuck me in a see saw motion. She lifts her shirt, revealing her firm tits to my mouth. I smother them one at a time, sucking hard on her nipples that seem to get harder and bigger with every second. Leaning forward, she allows me to reposition my ass below her for the plowing to begin. I take a deep breath and start to jack hammer upwards into her tiny pink pussy. The room is now filled with the slapping of my mid section against her ass combined with our panting breaths of lust. She's quite the dirty talker, filling my ears with her whispers.

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  . . "Ohhh, fuck me, fuck my little pussy. . . fuck me harder. " I truely experience her great ability to fuck hard as she jolts her ass down into every hard thrust I send into her. If I hadn't of cum already, this would be the time! So I decide, time to chance positions. I lift her off my cock, and stand up. She leans over the top of the futon and sticks out her ass. At this moment I'm faced with a dilemma. Her pretty pink, puckered anus or her juicey tight little pussy. I look over on the counter, and she see's I'm looking at the lube. "You wanna fuck my ass don't you. " I've heard Alex bragging about how much Dannielle loves to be anal fucked, and so I grab it, lube up, and start to push into her little asshole.

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  I see her biting her lips as I push into her ass, deeper and deeper until I fill her up completely. I move out to the tip, then back in. I work out most the friction and start to go beserk. I hold tightly onto her hips as I drive my cock deep in and out of her ass. My rampage continues, working my hips to slam her ass harder and harder, sending her body jolting forward, only for her to return with her own effort. Her cute innocent face looks back into me, our eyes connect, and the lust boils over as she whispers, "Fuck my ass, oooh fuck it hard. " I just started to go crazy, fucking with such intensity that has never emerged from within before. I swear we were being a little too loud at this point, but I was lost in lust, and all senses other than my organ being thrusted back and forth, deep within her bowels was on my mind. It seemed like eternity, but a position change was in my mind, and she rolled over, letting her legs over my shoulders. My cock seemed to find her pussy this time, and I was quick to start jabbing it into her cunt with the same intensity as before. I pressed my body hard against hers, her ankes now behind her head and my cock pounding furociously into her pussy. Her panting became little squeaks, trying to supress the noise, but too much was being let out to control. It sounded so sexy, so innocent, I just pounded my meat harder and faster. My body was much larger than hers, and for some reason my mind traveled behind me, thinking of what it'd look like if someone were to walk in on us at this very moment. .

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  . all you'd see is me jackhammering towards the futon with two little legs behind my shoulders, and her little hands holding tightly ontom my shoulders. I don't know what I was thinking at the moment, but I wasn't thinking about cumming in this girls pussy, which is exactly what started to become a reality. She came with such intensity, she had one sharp intake of air, and looked into my eyes with the "i'm cumming soooo hard" look. It made my cock flow so much faster and harder, I soon joined her, sending load after load of my seed deep into her pussy. The earthquake orgasm hit us both hard, we were sweating perfusely. I shoved up into her cunt, sending another shot of cum into her, I moved back, and again slammed hard, pushing her entire body upwards as I unloaded yet another gooey load of my jizz inside of her. I then went into a spasm type fucking motion, letting her pussy milk the rest of my cum into her. The phone rang, it was Alex again. . . She answered it with my cock still deep inside of her. "Yes honey?" She says sweatly while looking into my eyes, smiling with a lustful avengence. "More beer, bring more beer!" He shouts. Just as she was about to answer, I jolted another couple of thrusts into her pussy, stopping her from responding.

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   She looks at me, almost amazed I would do something like that. . . then replies, "Alright already. . . I'm cummin!"Well, this was a true story, one that I changed around the names for ofcourse. . . and basically, we fuck every chance we get now. Alot of the times, it's a very close call. . . like that night, he was just in the basement. .


  . The fact that he's around make's our crazy affair seem just that much more exciting. . . I know it's wrong, but I can't help it. . . she's such a sexy little slut! I'd have many more stories of our encounters after this night, one that was the day after infact. Let me know if you wanna hear more!.
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