Getting Out of Detention


You are my teacher and you have given me a punishment for my absence of two days. I have to stay alone with you for two hours.
i go up to your desk and i say that i'm very sorry that i've been a very bad girl and that i would do absolutely anything to make up for it. while saying this i am showing you my cleavage by unbuttoning two buttons and leaning over the desk. Now you can see my white bra and you are getting hot. i walk over to your side of the desk, i kneel down infrond of you and start unzipping your trousers. You say 'ohh baby, you are so good'  I stand up, take off my tue and tighten it like a whip before throwing it on the floor, then i take off my thong but not my skirt and sit on your lap. then while kissing your neck i take off my blazer and shirt. You wrap your hands around my body while kissing me.
 I stand up, take off my tue and tighten it like a whip before throwing it on the floor, then i take off my thong but not my skirt and sit on your lap. then while kissing your neck i take off my blazer and shirt. You wrap your hands around my body while kissing me. I get off your lap and pull down your trousers and pants, i start sucking your cock. You're screaming, you're enjoying it so much, i just keep goig up and down. I'm circling my toung on your dick when you grab my head and push and pull it towards your cock. You hold my hair so tight and i am jerking your dick havily and i keep sucking and licking it.

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   You cummed a big load of cum shot right in my mouth, i swallow some and the rest drip on to my naked tits, i keep sucking until you are finished cumming.
 I beg you to fuck me 'fuck me please, i'll do anything' you pick me up and put me on your desk you tease my pussy by rubbing the head of your big cock along the slick opening. You get up and put my legs on your shoulders and start ramming your monstorous manhood into my tight pussy, my D size breasts are heaving and turning you on even more i am screaming 'i love your cock inside me, fuck me harder, make me your whore' You slammed your gigantic malenessin and out of my deep wetness so fast that my hips became a blur, your giant cock slashed in and out slinging my spewing juices flying all over the table.
 I clamped my vaginal muscles hard onto your penis and locked my legs behing your ass and pulled you deep so you cummed so hard screaming at me ' "OH, GOD, BABY, YES, YES, YES, OH FUCCKKKKKK,AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH FUCKKK ME HARDERRR YYESSSSSSSS OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH"" OH FUCK I'M CUMMING OOOOHHHHHHHHH AAAAAAHHHHHHH,"  You filled my pussy with cum and it felt so good.
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