GirlHunt Part 1


The party was over but Evan, his sister and her four friends were still at the party. Evan's sister Ashlee had planed a sleepover after the party with her four friends Alicia, Paige, Ali, and Emily. It didn't look like there was going to be much of a sleepover because Ashlee's boyfriend Sidney was over. They went upstairs 15 minutes before the party ended and all Evan could hear was moaning and screams coming from the floor above. It seemed like Ashlee was enjoying herself a little to much. Evan was 17 and Ashlee and her four friends were all 16. Alicia was Ashlee's closest friend, she had olive skin and a tight ass, her breasts were a firm, round 34c. She was wearing boyshorts and a football jersey that barely reached the top of he ass. Paige the cheerleader, was a blonde she was the most petite of the group, but also one of the sexiest. She had tanned skin, long wavy hair that reach the bottom of her butt, firm tiny breast that look so juicy. She had a tiny white tanktop that revealed her flat tight abs and a tight tiny short bikini bottom that squeezed her ass tight. Ali was the sluttiest of the group Evan had dated her once, she was great in bed she gave great blowjobs that drove Evan crazy. She rode like a cowgirl and was a screamer. Dark black hair that went on forever, long slender legs that were too juicy for their own good, great firm breasts that were amazing. She was wearing a Halter Tie Top bra that was just big enough for her boobs, along with that she wore a pair of short shorts that slightly revealed her tight ass. Emily played sports and it showed she had a tight body, she was a bit flat chested but her boobs were just big enough, she was a bit more conservative, rumors were she was a virgin.

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   She had a see through white top on that revealed her tight petite breasts. Evan could still hear the screaming coming from upstairs, he wondered how long they would go on for. Evan decided that he didn't care anymore mom and dad were back tomorrow and that meant that the week of partying was over. Just as Evan was about to head upstairs he heard giggling a laughing, he decided to go over a listen in on what the girls were talking about. . . . . . .
"O MY GOD! All that screaming is making me so horny!" Ali laughed  
"Well, why don't you get Evan to help you. " Laughed Paige  
"You're just jealous that I slept with the captain of the soccer team, and he he made me cum oooo SOOOO HARD! Ali said he a snickering voice
"OK ALI,Evan is cute but I'm not That jealous"Laughed Paige
"I AM" yelped Emily
"ME TO" laughed Alicia
"Ok, well since all you girls agree that you would love to fuck Evan I have an idea! Evannnn!!!" Ali yelled
Evan walked into the room with a rock hard-on, wondering what Ali had in mind.
"HEY. Evan you've played manhunt right?"Ali asked
"Yea, of course. " Evan said questioningly
"Well since all of us has a little crush on you and it all seems we want your body then lets play Manhunt but with a special prize if you catch us Evan.

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"And whats the prize?" Evan asked as his boner almost bursted out of his pants.
Ali stood up and suggestively walked over to Evan. . . . Grabbed his crotch and said. . . . .
"You can do what ever you want to us. . . . "
Evan nearly collapsed as he heard those words.

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"So how bout it?" Paige whisperd
"Sure why not, I'd loved to fuck you girls. "
They all headed outside Ali, went left, Emily went straight, and Alica and Paige went right.
Evan waited until he couldn't see them anymore.
He set out to find he first girl. He almost couldn't walk because of the blue balls Ali gave him back out the house. He was eagerly searching until he heard brushes in the bush nearby. He slowly walk toward the bush, every step he took his boner got huger. He saw a foot sticking out he slowly reached for it. . . . . He out his hand on it and slowly rubbed it.
Whoever it was started moaning, she stop and came out of the bush it was. .

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  . . . . .
"Take me now, rite hear!"
Evan started making out with Alica she moved her tongue in his mouth, it was getting intenser and intenser until she grabbed in crotch. She lifted up his shirt and slowly licked her way down his body, licking his tight six pack. She slowly removed his pants then boxers, she grabbed his cock and started blowing moving up and down licking the head. It was driving Evan crazy he forced her away and pulled her up, he pushed her against a tree and pulled off her shirt. Licking, sucking on her firm olive colored breasts, his worked his way down to her boyshorts and pulled them down. He picked her up and mounted her on his cock. He forced his dick in her tight virgin pussy, fucking her like he would never fuck again.
He felt her tight pussy twitch and tighten around his dick. .

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  . . .
Evan felt something wet hit his feet. She cam hard and he followed.
Her body twitch on top of his she fell on him. . . They continued to make out. Evan knew he couldn't stay with her any longer so he needed to leave and get the other three girls.
Evan knew it was going to be a long night. . . . .

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  . . . . .

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