Girls at the car wash. Part 1.


            I was driving on my way home from work when I saw one of those fund raiser car washes in the parking lot of a McDonalds.   Usually I just go to a  typical car wash but this one caught my eye because it was ran by the local catholic high schools’ cheerleading squad.   Now I’m 23 years old and in the prime of my sexuality.   So you know that I just HAD to stop and get my car washed by these young ladies.
            I pulled into the parking lot and sat in my car while I waited for my turn.   When it was finally my turn, I got out and sat on a bench while they went at it.   There was nine of them in all.   All with long blonde or brown hair (and one with shoulder length red hair) and amazing bodies.   There were two in particular that caught my eye.   One blonde and the other brunette.   The blonde had big, beautiful blue eyes.   she was about 5’4” and about 135 lbs. She was a little chubby, but a good chubby.   In the sort of way that just gives you bigger boobs but still makes you look like your not fat.   My perfect size for a girl. She had humungous breasts… at least 34 D.

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    She was wearing a blue bathing suit top and a pair of matching bikini bottoms.   She was on the side other side of the car so s he was facing towards me.  Every time she would bend over to wash my hood id get an eyeful of her wonderful breasts.   I knew she knew I was looking because in the middle of it she would look up at me and give me a wink.   Then she would adjust her top so it would all shake and jiggle for me.  
            The other girl, the brunette,  was a bit taller and skinnier than the blonde.   She was about 5’7” and had to be close to 100 lbs.   She had very small boobs, hardly B cups.   But she had legs that went on FOREVER.   And at the top of these long legs was one of the best asses  I had ever seen in my life.   She, too, was wearing a bikini bottom and every time she would bend over id get a beautiful view.   It was a dream come true watching these two girls wash my car.
            Everything was going perfectly fine until they were about done with my car.   I saw the two of them get together and start talking really quietly.   They then started to giggle and head my way.

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    The blonde spoke first.   “Hi mister, I’m Sara and this is Becca.   If you want, we can clean out the inside of your car too?”  I told her sure, and gave her my keys.   Her and Becca jumped into my focus and started to clean it out.   I was worried they’d find my dime bag of weed in my center console but I figured what would they do, tell their principal?
            I went into the McDonalds we were outside of to go get me some fries and a drink while I waited for the girls to finish up.   I couldn’t get the thought of Sara’s tits and Becca’s ass out of my head.   I couldn’t help but think they were both coming on to me. After I came out they were just finishing my car.   They hopped out and threw me my keys and told me in unison to have a nice day.   They then blew me a kiss and turned around giggling.   I got in my car and drove away back to my house.  
            It was a couple hours after I got home and took a cold shower when I decided it would be real nice to watch a movie and smoke the remainder of weed I had in my car.   I went into my car and reached into my center console to grab the bag but couldn’t find it.   I started moving things around and I found a folded piece of paper in it that I didn’t recognize.   On the paper it said “If you want your weed back pick us up after school tomorrow.

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    Love Sara and Becca. ”
            I was in shock.   These two little teenage girls not only stole my weed but now wanted me to pick them up after school.   I couldn’t believe I was being blackmailed by little catholic girls.   I would be lying though if I didn’t say I was intrigued…