Heather, My Blackmailing Eurasian Cousin


I go to Auntie Jayne's house three evenings a week to do my homework and have dinner, before my mum finishes work and come to take me home. "Mom, I'm home""Hi kids, how was school today?" Auntie Jayne calls from the kitchen. "It's such a hot day and I'm sweltered. I'm going to take a shower before homework. " Heather dumps her schoolbag on the dining table and heads for the bathroom. "You want some orange squash, Tom?""Yes, please. "The thought of Heather, now stripping down to nothing just yards away revives my erection. Sipping the cold drink, I lay out today's homework on the dining table but am in no mood for it. I picture that at this very moment, Heather is probably soaping and caressing her budding teen breasts; that her pink nipples are hardened and erect like my dick. I wonder if she would pleasure herself while taking a shower. "I'm finished you dozy pig. Guess you need to use the loo like you normally do?" The voice of Heather brings me back to earth. "Why do you always take so long?" and under my breath I add, "bitch!"Feigning desperation, I run to the bathroom. I am in fact desperate to get there before her body scents dissipate. Once inside, I am greeted by the sensual sweet smell of Heather. I quickly lock the door and begin to work.

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  She is unusually messy today, leaving her white pleated school dress, a tiny white cotton bra and a matching pair of bikini knickers drape by the side of the laundry hamper. I pick up Heather's bra which is still warm and a little damp with her sweat. As I breathe deeply from it, the sweet smell of her puffy teen tits greets my senses. I kiss the thin cotton 30A cups and swipe them across my cheeks; my dick twitches to life!Time is short. Reluctantly, I let go of the bra and with trembling hands pick up her knickers. There is this unmistakable musky scent of Heather's virgin mound coming from them. A pale yellow strip divides the white gusset in the middle. I lose my self-control and lick hungrily at the piss stain, dreaming that I am eating her pussy. It has this slightly salty taste that I have become so addicted to. My bulging dick throbs painfully and I have to let it out, otherwise I would cream in my pants. As I unzip my flies, a strange desire overcomes me. I strip myself completely and slowly pull on Heather's knickers. They fit nicely over my bum, except my hard dick nearly rips the front apart. Next, I pick up her bra and hook it behind my back. It feels so tight around my chest that I can hardly breathe.

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   Poor Heather, she has to wear this thing all day long!I have never dressed in girls' things before and my heart pounds madly. I turn my torso from side to side, inspecting my bikinied body from the mirror. Too bad, I look flat chested but with this funny bulge below. I have never been so aroused before. I am sure that Heather would look gorgeous in this bikini set. Then I notice her white ankle socks just behind the hamper. I pick up the pair and again inhale deeply from them. I am pleasantly surprised that they are not smelly like mine, but with that same sensual fragrance like the rest of her clothing. To be fair to Heather, she really is a very sweet girl. Perhaps I shouldn't be so shitty to her and may be we can have something going for us. With that thought, I pull on her socks and they feel sensually warm and soft on my feet. Finally, I step into her school dress and zip up at the back. It comes to just above my knees, same as if it were on Heather. Again, I inspect myself from the mirror. I look just like a cute schoolgirl in uniform and white socks.

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   My excitement mounts and I must finish myself off. I raise the hem of the dress, pull down Heather's knickers just a little and my erection quickly springs out of its confines. Then it all happens so suddenly. There is a blinding flash and a low singsong voice coming from the half opened window. "Gotcha!"I look up to find myself gazing into Heather's hazel eyes. Hers is a look of contempt, with a smirk on her usually timid lips. My horror is complete when I see her waving a digital camera triumphantly at me. I wonder how long she has been hiding out there, watching. What I stupid jerk I am, in my excitement, to have forgotten that window. Blood drains from my dick, that was bulging and throbbing just a few seconds ago, into my now scarlet face. "Heather. . . I. .


  . eh. . . ""I know, you are just going to jerk off with my knickers like you do three times a week here, aren't you?""How d. . . ""Shut up, you sick fuck!" she orders in a very menacing tone. I have never heard Heather use swear words before and I am stunned. "Now, take off my clothes. ""I am sorry Heather. It won't happen again. Please don't tell Auntie Jayne. " I try to close the window but she stops me. "Shut the fuck up.

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   Now don't be shy. I've already seen your silly little prick and I want to see everything, now!""Come on, Heather. Give me a break. "I have only dreamed of her naked body but never seen her in the flesh, save when we went to the beach when we were five or six. Now she has already seen my dick. It ain't fair!"Do it!" She prompts, "or do you want me to call mum to take them off for you?"I make no move but plead with my humblest eyes. "Mom. . . " she yells but keeps staring at me with cold and calculating eyes. "What is it, Heather and what are you doing out there in the garden?""Okay, you win. Please don't shout. " I beg her in a hush voice. "Oh, nothing mom. " She shouts towards the kitchen, then quietly to me, "now do it slowly, the dress first.

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  "I unzip her school dress and let it fall from my shoulder, landing on the floor. I find myself standing in front of Heather, dressed in her bra and kickers set. Instinctively my hands cover my chest and groin, my knees pressed together, just like a sissy. I have never been so embarrassed in my life. There comes another blinding flash. "How very cute, Tom. Now my bra. ""Please, Heather. Please don't do this to me. I am sorry. " To add to my shame, tears well up in my eyes. "Of course you are sorry, but I promise that you will be sorrier if you don't do it. I am waiting and am getting very impatient. The bra!" comes her demand. Slowly, my hands go behind my back and fumble with the hooks.

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  "Look at me while you are at it, Tom. You look reeeally sweet in the viewfinder. "I glance up but can't bear to look at the camera. Instead, I avert my gaze pass Heather to the garden. After I unclip the bra, it clings to my sweat drenched body. I have to bend forward to shrug it off my shoulder. At that very moment, there come three successive flashes when she captures the entire sequence. I look up at Heather who just smirks at me whilst motioning me to carry on. I try a final plea but know that it would be futile. I take a deep breath and hook my thumbs under the elastic band of her knickers. With one last pleading look at Heather, I lower her bikini knickers to my ankles and kicked them free but quickly cover my dick with both hands. "That won't do, Tom. Now slowly move your hands away then stay still until I tell you. Oh, make sure that you smile for the camera. "I am completely defeated.

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   With another deep breath, I hesitantly move my hands aside and my deflated dick is now in plain view of Heather. I force a smile from my beetroot face as she instructed. In my rage, big teardrops roll down my cheeks. Then I begin to count one, two. . . five flashes. After the camera flashes, she keeps leering all over my nakedness for a whole minute before delivering the final humiliation. "Just look at you. Your silly little prick must be the smallest in school!" Heather smirks, sending a chill to my groin. "Now cover your sorry self. I warn you, don't try to look for my camera because you won't find it. From now on you do exactly as I say without question, okay? Hurry up, I need you to work out the mathematics for me before dinner. "I am lost and am totally humiliated by Heather. I look down and find to my shame that in my anxiety, my dick has shrivelled to near nothing.

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   And that wicked bitch has just documented the scene!I quickly put on my own school uniform, wipe the tears from my face and brave the world outside. Heather is already sitting by the dining table pretending to be busy, except that her exercise books now sit on top of mine. Her camera, of course, is nowhere in sight. She doesn't even bother to look up, as I sit down and begin to do the homework for her. Dinner comes and I am in no mood to eat. "Tom, Heather told me something that you should never have done. " Auntie Jayne looks sternly into my eyes after dinner. I look at Heather, then back to my aunt. Blood pumps to my face and my head starts spinning. I begin to apologize when Auntie Jayne cuts me off. "Tom, you should do your own homework and not try to bribe Heather do it for you. It is for your own good, you know. I shall not tell your mother this time but you must apologise to Heather and promise that this won't happen again. "I sigh with relief but a sudden rage hit me. The wicked bitch is playing games with me.

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      "I am sorry, Heather. It won't happen again. Please forgive me. " I glare at Heather with pure hatred in my eyes. "It's okay. Don't worry about it Tom. " She says nonchalantly. My mum takes me home just after eight. It takes me nearly two hours to complete my homework. I can forget about the soccer match. When I go to the bathroom for a shower, I realize that I am still wearing Heather's socks. As I take them off, they no longer give her sweet scent. "Morning Tom," comes Heather's loud greeting when I enter the classroom the following morning. I ignore her. "Hi, Tom.


      " Then comes an unusual cheerful chorus from Sarah and May. Instantly, I know that things have gone terribly wrong. I am deeply troubled by what Heather might have done with our secret and I just cannot concentrate during classes. Others think that I must have been watching the football match again and again on tape. "Tom, carry my schoolbag. " Heather gives the order after school even before we are out of the school gate, with Sarah and May watching approvingly. I glare at her but comply obediently. "Heather, you have not said a word of what happened yesterday to anyone, have you?" Anxiously, I ask under my breath whilst following two paces behind her. "I would be lying if I tell you that. ""Oh come on Heather, you are kidding me, aren't you?" I pray that she was. "Sarah, May and I don't keep secrets from each other. ""Are you crazy, those two nosy cows would have told everybody by now. " I am angry and I raise my voice at her. That's a big mistake. Heather stops in her stride, glances at Sarah and May as if for guidance, and then slowly turns around to face me with a couldn't-care-less look.

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       Then in plain view of the two girls and without a warning, she slaps on my left cheek with a loud crack. The sudden pain brought by the sheer force of her assault stuns me. "Don't ever talk about my best friends like that. They know all about it and they want to see it for themselves. That's why we are going home together. Now say sorry to Sarah and May and get moving. "Again, I discern a look of approval from the two girls. "Like hell I am. ""Tom, the situation is very simple. We are all going home now where you shall put on the same show for us. You are to wear the same outfits you put on yesterday. You can forget about the socks, you thief! And if you don't, I shall e-mail the pictures I took yesterday to everyone in our class. Of course, uncle and aunt will hear it first hand from mum. Sarah and May will also tell mum things about you at school. ""What things at school.

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       There never was anything at school?" By now I am shaking with fear and anger. "Don't you worry, we can think of something. Now be a good boy and carry the bags for Sarah and May, will ya?"Defeated, I shoulder the extra schoolbags like a mule. "So you didn't tell anyone else did you, Heather?" Again I pray. "Who else shall I tell? Oh, you mean Vicky?" she pulls the trigger. "You didn't!"For weeks I have been chatting up Vicky, the cutest prettiest girl who sits in front of me in the class. Vicky seems impressed by my prowess in the sports-field and stories of my vacation in the U. K. last summer. "Now, I wouldn't do something so nasty to you. But, I'm afraid that Sarah and May already told Vicky during lunch break. " Heather said without humour as she looks over my shoulder and shouts, "You don't have to hide now, Vicky. "I turn around and there is my sweet girl smiling coyly at us. "What are you doing here Vicky?" I ask but already know the answer. "They say that you are going to show them your.

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      . . eh. . . thing. I just want to see it. " Her face suddenly turns scarlet. I turn and glare first at Heather and then at Sarah and May but the trio just smirk at me. I am too angry to say anything. "Take it easy, Tom. Up to this moment, only the four of us girls know about your secret. It can stay with us if you do exactly as WE say," Sarah explains and then asks, "Vicky, is your bag heavy? Do you want some help from Tom?"With downcast eyes, Vicky shakes her head, not daring to meet my eyes. "Oh, we forgot to mention. Vicky heard that you jerk off with Heather's knickers.


       She wonders if you would mind showing us how that is done. I told her that it would be your pleasure. It's such a brilliant idea, don't you think, Tom?" May quips. "No way," I summon my courage. "No? Do you really think you have a choice? We shall cut you a deal. We won't take pictures; this stays amongst us; and there will be no e-mail. How about that? It's your choice, really. " Heather knows that she's got me by the balls. Utterly defeated, I realize that I have no choice. In a daze, I begin my long and humiliating trail to slavery. About half an hour later, I strip away the last garment before four pairs of young leering eyes when I make a pledge to myself: - "One day I will pay you back in full, all four of you, no matter what it takes or how long it takes. "Despite my predicament, the thought of revenge suddenly gives me a massive erection!(To be continued in Heather, The Moment of Truth).
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