Hide and seek


Back in my early teen years, one of my best friends was Dave.   His parents both worked and he was left at home to babysit his little sister.
On the one occasion, it was raining out side heavily.   Just pounding outside so it was hard to hear foot steps and since it was a dark and gloomy day, the three of us thought it would be fun to play hide and seek.
Well, all started good.   We did the rock, paper, sisors thing to find out who would be first to the seeker and the other two would hide.   Dave was the first to seek.
 Now you have to understand that their house is huge.   I mean, it is 3 levels and a basement.   We all decided that the dining room with all the expensive collector plates and china was 'off limits', his parents room was also 'off limits'.   Anyway, Dave had to stay in the rear entrance bathroom while we hid.   And he had to count to 100.
How were we to know that it would take almost an hour to find one of us.   I could hear him talking and when he was far enough away we would make noises.   Once he was only a few feet from me when his little sister Jenny yelled out and he left the room.   Dave found Jenny first, so she would be it next.

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    But they still had to find me.   Dave must have went down stairs, but Jenny must have seen what level of the house I had hid on.   Ten minutes later, as I hid in a huge closet, laying down along the back under a number of boxes, blankets and comforters, I heard the door slide open.  
I heard someone rummage around the huge closet for a bit and then I heard something I'll never forget.
"Don't move" she said, "I'll check to see where Dave is and then come back and touch your peter"
Trust me, a lot of things went through my head and I got a bit freaked out by what she said until I heard her say "I found him, he's in here"  She returned to the closet and quietly said "hide as far away from Dave as you can, I'll do it when I find you"  then she says out loud, I found you come on, now it's my turn to count.
 We all went down to the main level of the house, stopped to get a quick drink of juice before we started again.   Dave went into the rear bathroom to do his business and that's when she said it.  
Listen, I want to see your peter and I'm willing to kiss it if you let me see it so hide as far away from Dave as you can.   And once you know where he is come to the bathroom and tell me where each of you are.
I really didn't get a chance to answer as Dave came out of the bathroom.   Now, in goes Jenny and she starts counting.   Dave and I move into the next room and he says: " I'm going upstairs, where are you going?"  Basement I reply.   Okay, that way, once she finds one of us, we can get it over quicker to start again.   Ok I said and watched him go up the stairs.   I kept an eye on the shadows up the stairs to see that he went to the third floor and west toward his own room.

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    I waited there for some time, then I heard Jenny say 80 out loud.   As we were supposed to call out each ten loudly.   I ran to the bathroom door and said "Basement" and ran downstairs.
She came right to the basement and found me in about 5 minutes.   Listen she says, I want you to hide so that I can see your hips and you can't see me.   Where is Dave?  I tell here that I think he's in his room.   Ok, I'll go start upstairs and try to find him but I'll pretend not to see him and pretend I'm working my way to the basement.   But I'll come right back.
She must have been ten minutes or more and I had found a real good place to hide.   Only the top of my Jeans and zipper were showing.   I heard her in the basement saying things like: "ok, where is that peter of yours" and "I'm gonna kiss it for you" then, I felt her touch me.
Wow, I had never had anyone touch me before.   Well, except me.   I am a young boy and the darn thing gets hard all the time.
She undid the button and zipped down the zipper.

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    Her cold hands made me shiver as she reached in under my briefs.   She was touching me.   Oh my gosh, my heart was racing, my penis was so hard, and she was pulling it up out into the cool air.
You have a nice peter, and now I'm gonna kiss it.   I felt a warm sensation on the end of my stiff cock.   Then another, and another, and still another.   Then, I felt the sensation all around my cock.   She must have put it in her mouth, yes she did, it was so awsome, I just can't tell you how amazing it was.   Then I got all tingely.   I began to shake and then I came.   I made a few wierd moan noises and came right in her mouth.   I could tell that she began to suck on my cock even harder.   The sensation was unbelieveable.   I had never made myself feel that good.
Then she stopped.

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    I heard her say: " hide again and I'll be back in a few minutes"  Okay I thought. She ran off and came back in about 15 minutes.   She no sooner came into the basement and said, now I'm gonna find ya and suck you again, then we find Dave and you're it okay?  Stupidly I answered Ok.   Ha she says, comes over to where I was in the corner where they had the washer and dryer.   She took my pants down again and sucked on my cock again.   This time, she sucked it in and out and played with my balls with her hands.   Well, it didn't take long before I came in her mouth again.   This time when she pulled away I heard her say someting like " mmmm mmmm that tastes good, I like your peter "
Then she says, found ya, your it, and off we went to find Dave.
There were many more adventures with Jenny like the Friday night I stayed overnight at Daves and. . . . well. . .

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  . that's another storey.   Look for ' A night at Dave's house '

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